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Flipkart IndiBlogger meet Bangalore

Flipkart IndiBlogger meet

Adventures in Wonderland

The sky was the bluest of blue that I had ever seen and the grass was the greenest of green. There were strawberry creepers all around the footpath I was walking on and I could see chocolates hanging from the trees in shiny wrappers.

I was staring in amazement; when suddenly, a white rabbit, dressed in striped waistcoat and black pants, ran past me. He was muttering to himself, “Oh dear. Oh dear. I shall be late!” Burning with curiosity, I started running after him.

The rabbit was way ahead of me and soon, I lost him. There was an intersection of two roads in front of me and I didn’t know which way he went.

I was looking around when I saw a huge mushroom growing, on the field on my right side. I stood on my tiptoe and peeped on the top of the mushroom. There, I saw a big caterpillar smoking a hookah.
“What are you doing here?” said the caterpillar.
“I was running after a white rabbit. If you saw him, can you please tell me where he went?”
“Oh yes, I know where he went. But I will tell you about something else first” said the caterpillar.
“Okay”, I said hesitatingly.
“You gotta fight
For your right
To Party…
You gotta fight
For your right
To Party...

The caterpillar began to sing a song from Beastie-boy. I had no mood to listen to it, hence I made a move.
“Wait. I have fascinating news to share with. The most thrilled Flipkart IndiBlogger meet happened in Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore last Saturday. It began with a small presentation by Flipkart that beautifully conveyed the need for the ‘Image search’ feature on its mobile app. That video enlightened the mood of all the bloggers. Yet, to make it more memorable for the bloggers who made it to the meet on time that too on a Saturday early morning, the Indiblogger guys played  “You Gotta Fight For Your Right” and “Love yourself'".....
“Hey wait. Bloggers meet? Flipkart? Image search feature? Hard rock cafĂ©? I am a blogger too. How did I miss that?” I interrupted the caterpillar.
Yes, it’s an event only for the bloggers with a special invite. That’s the trending news among the bloggers now”
“Trending topic?Which one? Image search!? or Bloggers meet!?”
"Both." Here, the caterpillar stopped, smoked for some time and said, “Now, find the cat.”

“Cat? I am trying to find a rabbit, not a cat. And you said you knew where the rabbit went. Above all, my curiosity arose now. Tell me what happened in the Flipkart IndiBloggers meet”, I said angrily.
“Keep your temper and find the cat” said the caterpillar. And I couldn’t get anything else out of him.
So, I looked around and found some cat paw prints and started following the track. It led me to a big tree. I looked up the tree and there, on one of the branches, a Cheshire cat with a big grin started appearing slowly out of thin air.
 “How are you getting on?” said the cat with the big grin.
“I was running after a rabbit. If you saw a rabbit passed by, can you please tell me where he went?” I asked.
 “I did and I shall” said the cat. “But first, I will tell you about an extempore game that was played in the bloggers meet last Saturday. After the stupendous drinks, the bloggers were divided into a team and was assigned with an “Image search” task. Two people from each team have to volunteer for captain and Vice-captain. Each team has to come up with an innovative name for their teams. I remember the teams naming, "Vyapam", “FlikRock” i.e a portmanteau of blending the words Flipkart and Hard rock cafe.

Cheerful bloggers...

The game goes like this.. The bloggers have to go around and click a picture of other bloggers fashion accessories on their mobile. It could be anything but related to fashion category like belts, handbags, tops, shoes, earrings. This new image search feature had amazingly displayed the similar product in the Flipkart App.

The team who finds the maximum products within 10 minutes with the same color, pattern or style would be declared as the winner. Team 5 with a maximum of 32 exact match has won the game. There is no chance of cheating/bribing/corruption here since the results were cross checked by the Flipkart team.

Best tweet contest were happening simultaneously and the tweets of all the bloggers were projected in a big screen. The best tweets grabbed Flipkart vouchers too.

The Big Screen that displayed the Bloggers tweets... 

Then, a song began to play loudly and the Hard Rock Cafe's staff start to dance and it mesmerized the entire bloggers.

All the bloggers were then cheered with a photo session and an autographed copy of "Ten Love Stories: An IndiBlogger Selection"  a book which is a collection of short stories of some of the best writers registered on the IndiBlogger platform."

After completing his story, the cat started disappearing; his grin remained visible for a second longer than his body.
“Oh, this is just getting curious and curious’er!” I cried out in surprise.
Suddenly, someone shouted behind me. “There is that cat! Off with his head! Off with his head!”
I looked back and saw the Queen of Hearts running towards me, or rather the disappearing cat, and her soldiers of Hearts were following suit.
The Queen of Hearts, who had stopped running and was standing next to me, said, “Who are these awful Oompa Loompas? Off with their heads!”
“Hey, you can’t do that. Oompa Loompas are not awful. They are very nice little people in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory” I said.
After hearing what I said, the Queen first blinked in disbelief that someone could talk back at her like that and became so angry that I could almost see a vein throbbing in her paper face.
“Soldiers, arrest her! Off with her head!” shouted the Queen, pointing her flat finger at me.
The soldiers charged towards me but I stood my ground.
“I am not afraid of you. You are just pack of cards” I said swinging my hands around at them.
Then, my right hand hit the wall at the side of my bed and I woke up. My phone alarm was ringing
“You gotta fight
For your right
To Party…
You gotta fight
For your right
To Party...

I hit the alarm and it hurt to think that it was a dream. Hey WAIT!!!
I found "Ten Love Stories: An IndiBlogger Selection"  book on my bed next to the teddy bear. I realized I dozed off last night reading the book. Indiblogger can make the dream of bloggers come true!!! I reminisced the past Indibloggers meet that happened in the luxurious places like Hard Rock cafe, Big Pitcher, The Zuri, ITC Gardenia......
I thanked Indiblogger and Flipkart gratefully for making another memorable event. I washed my face and opened my blog to pen my Flipkart Indiblogger experience.

Hell Yeah!!!

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