Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My sister my guide

"I have sent you one image in what’s app. Please check and tell me how it is." 
I called my sister and informed her as she did not check my what’s app ping for more than 10 minutes.
After 5 minutes, I got a ping from my sister. Color is good. Price is reasonable. But design is vague. Check for some other dress"
This is the usual conversation I have with my sister. It’s not only today and it’s not only for dress. But for everything under the sun. Be it a small toy I am ordering or the high end model mobile or life's major decision, I will not go without getting proper suggestion from my sister. People do say, Sister is a second mother. It’s true in my case. She has taken care, guided me from the childhood.
We both have a age difference of 10 years and that is another reason she always looks and treat me like a kid. When my parents were looking for kinder garden admission, they chose the one that my sister was studying. She used to make sure I finish my lunch properly.
During my graduation, I joined the same college where my sister was working. She guided me how to prepare for entrance exams. With me, she used to study and keep mock tests.
When she got married, I cried a lot and felt my heart was taken out from my body. It’s that point of time; I realized how much I was attached to her. But things did not change much after her marriage. She used to still call me and check how I am doing and ensure everything is going right in my life.
Whenever I have problem or I am not sure how to deal with a particular situation, I just make a call to my sister and ask her advice to deal with that situation. Sisters are the angles which are sent to earth by god. It’s very scary to think how my life would be without a sibling. Thank you so much my sister for making my life an organized and disciplined one. If my life is great, it’s because of your advice and guidance only.

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  1. unacquainted anonymousSep 28, 2015, 12:52:00 AM

    "During my graduation, I joined the same college where my sister was working"

    For obvious reasons LOL