Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tata Sky+ Transfer

“A Thousand fifty rupees excluding taxes” my dad shouted on seeing the current month mobile bill. He scrutinized my bill and found most of the cost was incurred for using the internet.
"Dad, Need 700 rupees to recharge my mobile" my brother pitched in without knowing the circumstances.
"700 for mobile recharge?” my dad eyes turned red.
"Dad, it’s the lowest recharge. Mobile without a data pack is useless. For 697 I just get 3GB data, which is not sufficient to download all my favorite cricket programs. You seriously don’t understand on how I refrain myself from watching all my favorite program because of your budget and pocket money"

My dad and brother had a severe argument that night and my brother took his bike key and went out of the house. Whereas, my dad slept without having his dinner.

Next day,

"Record the favorite TV program and transfer it to smart phones or tablets without wasting any internet data.” My read the headlines of the newspaper.

"But 9K seems to be bit costly" My dad put forward his opinion

I took the newspaper and read the article completely.

“It comes with a storage capacity of 500 GB. 500 GB hard disk will cost you minimum 3k” I added.

My dad face lighted up.

"I miss my favorite TV serials due to cooking..." ~~ Mom

"During office hours, I badly miss my favorite TV shows. After office hours, I miss my favorite TV shows because of my brother. He always watch sports and English movies" ~~ Me.

"I miss my favorite yoga program in the morning, since I go for a jog" ~~ Dad. 

Those above compliments will be stopped at my home after the New Tata Sky set-top installation. Because we can record our favorite program anytime and from anywhere and transfer it to our mobile without using internet data.

Below is the Tata Sky Transfer ad,

Did I say record it from anywhere. Yes, the app allows you to send instructions to record our favorite program by being anywhere outside the house. This is the best and interesting innovation.

How did I miss my brother's compliant? He always catches up fight with his girlfriend as he watches his favorite sports and not talking to her during that time. Either he would sacrifice his favorite sports or spending time with his gf. All our complaints comes to a climax with the Tata Sky Transfer.

With the Tata sky transfer, I can pause any program while watching and resume it later from my smart phone. No more worries about my face pack getting dried up. I can pause to wash my face, admire my face in mirror for long time and then resume my program later through my mobile.

The signals are clear, the price is affordable and the Tata Sky set-top box comes with WiFi dongle at just Rs 9,300.

Woooooo - Wowwww!!!

Tata Sky trasfer is definitely gonna be a super- dooper hit product. I am sure its gonna be the hat-trick success for TATA Sky after its successful products of Tata Sky+, Tata Sky HD