Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Book Review : Letters to My Ex by Nikita Singh

Letters to My Ex
Open a word document and type whatever comes to your mind until it reaches 134 pages.  Now you are all set to publish a Novel. Yes, that’s what Nikita Singh has done in her Novel Letters to My Ex

Thank you, Nikita, for being honest. In her Author’s note Nikita indicates that this book was not planned at all and she had no idea what’s going to happen to the story. She herself admitted that she started writing this book without a plan and it was a new kind of challenge to her.

Believe me, it was challenging to read the novel as well. 134 pages? Hah, must be a easy-read and I will complete it in 2 hours. That's the main reason I chose this book. But it took 2 weeks to complete.

Letters to My Ex, From the title you can guess that it’s a book consisting of letters. Either the female or the male protagonist would be writing letters to his/her Ex.

Open Communication is a must to any relationship. Nidhi, an immature girl (That’s what I felt while reading the story) falls in love for no reason. Instead of communicating her concerns, she runs away from the engagement. We get to read her side of the “reasons”(which seems so childish) from her these letters.

I really wonder how Harper Collins agreed to publish the manuscript. Even if I imagine the protagonists are in their early 20’s, the reasons and the thought process of Nidhi and the story plot doesn’t not seem to be convincing.

Do you remember our school days? When we don’t know the answer to a question we just fill the answer sheet randomly.

What is Quantum gravity?
Quantum gravity is Quantum gravity. Quantum gravity is also called as Quantum gravity. Quantum gravity will be always Quantum gravity. Gravity is Gravity when it joins with Quantum it becomes Quantum gravity. But the question is Quantum gravity, hence Quantum joins with gravity and becomes Quantum gravity.

The novel is ditto the same. Just to fill the pages the author scribbles something meaningless throughout with no emotion and no logic.

I liked the idea of letters but it’s not impressive though. Believe me, read first few pages and directly come to last page and you won’t skip a bit of story line. The letters are cribbing and repetitive as well as the story gets dragged a lot.


If you want a simple and quick read, then go for it.

More about the book:
Book Title- Letters To My Ex
Author - Nikita Singh
Publisher - Harper Collins
Book - Paperback
No Of Pages - 138
Genre - Romance


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  1. Hi Deepika! I loved your review specially, the Quantum gravity part! The specific part gave me a sneak peek into the writing and content part of the book and in an odd sort of way invoked the itch to go read it! I will someday and will come back here to discuss.
    Keep the reviews coming, girl! :)