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A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 1

A lot can happen over a coffee - Chapter 1

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The Wednesday morning was cheerful, with the leaves swaying to the sounds of children's laughter in the park. The sun peeked through the clouds after a heavy rain the night before.

Karthik thought to himself, "It's a perfect day for jogging," and began his slow jog. He didn't focus on his feet or the running track. Instead, he smiled to himself, reminiscing about his conversations with Deepika. He smiled gracefully at the group of elderly people participating in laughter therapy. He noticed a beautiful swan in the lake. Despite running on the same track for three years, he had never before noticed the swans. Today, he felt a new surge of energy and completed 5 kilometers in 32 minutes. It was his personal best. He felt elated, took a selfie with his forehead sweat-covered and shared it on his WhatsApp status. He was not an active social media user and disliked taking and posting pictures on WhatsApp, but he knew Deepika would check his status and wanted to get her attention. 

Karthik received a reply from Deepika on seeing his running status: "Wow, that's impressive." 
This gave him the motivation to go for another round, but he realized that he was already running late.

Today was a special day for Karthik. He had asked Deepika to meet him for coffee, and it would be their first time meeting in person.
☕❤ ☕

As Karthik entered his house, he remarked, "The room smells good."
"It must be love," Naresh, his roommate, replied sleepily.
"Stop teasing, Naresh. I haven't even met her yet. She has to like me, and I have to like her. There are a lot of factors at play," Karthik responded with a bright smile.
"I've been observing you for a week now, and you're already head over heels for her," Naresh said as he pulled the bed-sheet over his face.
"Naresh, it's only been five days, and we've only spoken on the phone. We haven't even met in person," Karthik replied.
"The point is, you've been super excited every time you talk to her, and for those five days, you haven't been in your right mind," Naresh retorted.
Before Karthik could respond to Naresh, he received a WhatsApp message from Deepika.
"Hey, I can't wear a saree or salwar. I have to go back to the office, and I don't want to give my colleagues the pleasure of gossip. Is it okay if I wear jeans and a casual t-shirt?" she asked.
"Come on, be comfortable," Karthik replied, although he suspected that she might wear a salwar.
"I'll meet you at Coffee Day. Bye, take care :) " she replied.
"I can pick you up from your office," Karthik offered eagerly, not wanting to miss the chance of meeting Deepika early.
"Sounds like a good plan," Deepika responded, sharing her office location with him.

As Karthik got ready, he felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. He was about to meet Deepika for the first time and he wanted everything to be perfect. He wore a blue shirt and formal pant, hoping that it would match Deepika's casual outfit. 

As he stepped out of his house, he felt a cool breeze on his face. It was a beautiful day and Karthik felt grateful for it. He ignited the engine of his car towards Deepika's office. 
 ☕ ☕


Deepika rummaged through her wardrobe, feeling frustrated that she couldn't find anything suitable to wear. Her clothes were outdated and ill-fitting, and she had never been one to care about impressing others with her appearance. In fact, she lived in a house without a single mirror, and in college, she had always judged people based on their character and positive qualities, rather than their attire.

But now, she found herself wanting to make a good impression on Karthik, and the thought made her consider investing in some new clothes. It was a strange feeling for her, as she had always been against the idea of marriage and had turned down countless proposals in the past. She believed that a successful marriage required more than just falling in love; it was about compatibility, shared goals, priorities, and above all, mutual respect. She was fiercely independent and comfortable in her own skin, and didn't believe that she needed a man to complete her.
☕❤ ☕

Karthik arrived at the location that Deepika had shared with him. He parked his car and waited eagerly for her. He felt a mix of nervousness and excitement, as he was about to meet her for the first time. He checked his appearance in the rearview mirror, hoping that he looked good. He wanted to make a good impression on her.

As he waited, he looked around and took in his surroundings. He spotted a thin skinned girl wearing a simple dark blue silk salwar, standing in front of the gate with her eyes fixed on the road, searching for his car. Her hair was let loose, flowing freely in the breeze. Karthik was able to recognize her from the photo - this must be Deepika. She was more beautiful than he had imagined. Her pants, top, and shawl were all in shades of dark blue. Her tops were so long that they touched the floor, which seemed quite funny to Karthik.
"Sheikh-style" thought Karthik and he couldn't help but smile at her simple attire. Love, he thought, doesn't require perfection. It only takes a moment to connect with someone. He appreciated the elegance in her clothing and style. In fact, he had already started liking her since the moment the proposal came. Karthik drove the car slowly towards her and motioned for Deepika to get inside the car. 

As soon as Deepika saw Karthik, she recognized him instantly and stared at him for a moment. Karthik rolled down the window on her side and unlocked the car door from inside. With a warm smile, she got into the car and tucked her shining hair behind her ear.
As she got into the car, Karthik couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He had only talked to Deepika over the phone and through text messages. He wasn't sure if they would have the same connection in person. 
With a glimpse of her beauty, Karthik offered his hand and introduced himself, "Hey, I'm Karthik."
"Oh, Really", Deepika blushed at his charm but tried to hide it as she leaned forward to shake his hand. Karthik held her hand for a moment before releasing it, leaving Deepika surprised and feeling a shiver down her spine.
"He's charming," Deepika thought to herself, impressed by his smile. As Karthik drove the car towards Coffee Day, he teased her, "Someone said they would wear T-shirts and not a salwar."

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