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A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 1

A lot can happen over a coffee - Chapter 1

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The Wednesday morning seemed exceptionally happy. The leaves danced as they heard children playing joyfully in the park. The sun peeped out of the clouds after an abundant rain on the previous night.

"It is a perfect day for jogging", thought Karthik and began to jog slowly. His focus was not on his toes neither on the running track. He often smiled for no reasons, relishing the conversation he had with Diyaa. He smiled gracefully at the group of elderly people who were involved in laughter therapy. He saw a beautiful swan in the lake. He was running on the same track for 3 years, but never observed those swans. Today he felt a new energy and finished 5 kms in 32 minutes. It is his personal best. He got delighted, took a selfie ensuring the sweat beads on his foreheads covered and shared in his whatsapp status. He is least active in social media and never like taking and posting pictures on whats app, but now he knew Diyaa would check out his status and wants to get her attention.

“Wow, Thats impressive” received a reply from Diyaa on seeing Karthik’s status. That gave him stimulation to go for another round, but he was already running late.

Today is a special day for Karthik. He had asked Diyaa for a Coffee and he is going to meet her for the first time.    
☕❤ ☕

“The room smells good.." Karthik replied as he entered his house.
“It must be Love” his roommate Vikas replied half sleep.
“Vikas, Please stop teasing. I haven’t even met her. She has to like me, I have to like her. Well, lot of things,” Karthik replied with a bright smile.
"I am observing you since a week, you are so strong into her", Vikas replied and pulled the bed-sheet above his face.
"Vikas, its has been one week. Hey wait, not even one whole week. Just five days and we just spoke over the phone and not met in person"
"Point is, you were super excited every time when you spoke to her and those five days you were not on your senses" 
Before Karthik could reply Vikas, he received a message on Whatsapp from Diyaa.
"Hey, I cannot wear a saree or Salwar.. I have to get back to the office. I don't want to give my colleagues the pleasure of gossip. Hope Jeans and a casual T-shirt is fine?"
“Hey come on... be comfortable...” He replied, but Karthik knew she might wear Salwar.
"Meet you at Coffee day. Bye take care :-) 
"I can pick you up from your office" as he doesn't want to miss the chance of meeting her early.
“Sound like a good plan” Diyaa replied and shared her office location.
Karthik picked up his formal clothes and rushed to have a shower.

 ☕ ☕


Diyaa was looking for the perfect outfit to wear. All she could get from her wardrobe was some outdated styles and clothes that no longer fit her. She never cared about impressing anyone before. Infact she live in a house where there is no mirror. Even when she was in college, she just cared people with respect to their characters and positive motives. She never believed in dressing the way to get people's respect or attention. Somehow, she found blissful in surrounding herself with books rather than makeup kits and adorable clothes.

I should really think about investing in dress, she thought. But why? Why now? She had a feeling to impress Karthik.

She was always against marriage, and “No” was the steady answer to any proposal. But why is she super excited about this proposal. According to her, a marriage means more than falling in love. She believed a successful and peaceful marriage purely depends on compatibility, sharing same goals, priorities and above all respect for each other. She firmly believed she doesn't need men to complete her. She was more independent and was comfortable in own skin.

☕❤ ☕

Karthik halted his car in front of Diyaa office. She saw a slim-fair girl, in a simple dark blue silk salwar, standing in front of the gate with her gaze constantly searching for his car. Her hair was open, flowing freely into the air, and she carried a pink purse. She must be Diyaa, Karthik was able to recognize her from the photo.

“What a bad dressing sense” he smiled. But love doesn’t seem perfection. It just takes a moment to connect with someone. He loved the simplicity in her clothing and her style. Well, he liked her not at this second, but from the moment the proposal came. He snail paced the car and stopped in front of her.

Diyaa kept staring at him for a moment and recognized instantly. Karthik lowered down the window of Diyaa’s side and pushed the door from inside. She got into the car with a confident smile and clutched her shining hair behind her ear.

“Hey I am Karthik”, he offered his hand, taking a glimpse of her beauty.
“Ahaan as if I don’t know” She blushed, but preferred to hide it and leaned a bit forward to shake hands with Karthik.
He is charming thought Diyaa and his smile never failed to impress her. Karthik immediately held her hands and left it in a second. She couldn’t assume what just happened, her hands were cold, and the gentle touch gave her shivers down her spine.
"Some one said they will wear T-shirts and not salwar," Karthik teased as he drove the car towards Coffee day.

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