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Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal

Book Review : Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, robotics and medical advancement, it’s no wonder that the humans might be under the hands of Homo sapiens in the future. Many times, I have imagined what would happen if the world is taken control by AI and the human become slaves to AI? This book throws some visual towards my question.

Silver Hair Sins Book
If you are a big fan of thriller and fiction stories, then you will enjoy the book "Silver Hair Sins"

On the first look, I was impressed with 2 facts:
  1. Its visual narration (Yes, the story is narrated by cinematic photographs.) This is one of India’s first visual-fiction book.
  2. The appealing easy-to-read font.

Silver Hair Sins is one of India’s first visual-fiction, with more than half of the thriller narrated by cinematic photographs.

It is set in the future, at a time when religio-politico divide reaches its tipping point, and technology steps in to save humanity. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) merges All Religions to create One God AI.

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"I want my own silver circle....." When I read the first line of the book I realized that there should be something unique in this book and it never failed till the end.

When you read the first page of the book, 3 facts are revealed. The story takes place in the year 2088, Akbar is a single parent for Meera and she suffers from leukemia. These 3 facts make us to read further and get hooked to the story. 

While reading the book, you are tempted to see a world that is free from religious conflicts and political influence.

There are numerous books printed on thriller and Artificial Intelligence, but this book stands out because of the fast-paced read, lovely picturization. 


Yes. It's an easy read with innovative twist and a great food for your imagination. Its also recommended when you are bored of reading love stories and want to try a different flavor.

More about the book:

Book Title- Silver Hair Sins
Author - Saumick Pal
Publisher - The Write Place
Book - Paperback
No Of Pages - 166
Genre - Thriller

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