Monday, April 29, 2019

Conquering Chaos: A Bachelor's Wardrobe

As I finally arrived home, utterly exhausted from a grueling day at the office, I sought solace in the comforting embrace of my humble abode. Cradling a steaming cup of night coffee in my hands, I found myself drawn towards the open window, yearning to bask in the enchanting coolness of the evening. A gentle breeze caressed my face, whispering secrets of impending precipitation. Memories of childhood rhymes flooded my mind, and I couldn't help but reminisce, "Ah, the timeless words of 'April showers bring May flowers'."

Suddenly, my neighbor aunt who lives in front of my home rushed to her balcony to collect the clothes that has been dried out. On seeing her, I remembered the good time I had with my mother while doing the laundry the last week. While I was thinking about her, I got a call from her.

As I was about to utter a response, my mother's voice thundered through the phone from the other end, declaring her imminent arrival in Bangalore on Sunday. Startled, I could only manage a frantic exclamation, "What?!"

"Yes, and this time I won't be staying at Aunt's place. I'll be staying with you in your own home," she announced, determinedly.

"Mom, you won't be pleased. The house is in disarray," I retorted, my annoyance evident in my voice.

With unwavering authority, she countered, "You have the entire Saturday tomorrow. You can tidy it up."

"Hmm... Okay," I reluctantly responded, lacking conviction.

"That's my son," she cheered before abruptly ending the call.

I pitched in to my room and opened My wardrobe. All my clothes were hanging off the hangers and a heap of clothes was lying all over the room. 

This past Saturday, I made a bold decision to dedicate the entire day to a task I had never attempted before: cleaning my wardrobe. Now, hold on a moment, please don't misunderstand me. Any bachelor will tell you that we have an innate aversion to tidying up our wardrobes. It's a common struggle we all face, right?

Who doesn't enjoy rummaging through a jumble of clothes and settling for a random shirt and pants combo when rushing off to the office? Sure, the sight of heaps of clothes on the floor and the frustration of missing accessories can put a damper on our mornings, but I never found the motivation to tackle the daunting task of organizing my wardrobe. Besides, let's be honest, even when we do clean it, it somehow manages to turn into chaos within a day. But now, I find myself with no other choice.

It took my entire day to clean my room, but I learned 3 important things in my life. Thank you #BlogAdda and #ShareTheLoad movement for the Contest. 

Valuable lessons learned from #ShareTheLoad Contest

  1.   #ThinkTwiceBeforeIShop : I realized most of my t-shirts & shirts I brought have not even used once. Now they become outdated and not fitting me any more. I have wasted lot of money in buying those junk. From now on, I will be more conscious while purchases new dress. Will think twice before buying. 
  2. Fresh and Clean Mind:  Cleaning the Wardrobe makes my mind Fresh. I just loved it. Now, I know what I am going to wear for the next 2 weeks and its going to save lot of my time
  3. Save Money : Was thinking of buying a new Wardrobe due to lack of space. But throwing out the chunk has given me lot of extra space in your wardrobe! 
Also now, I know how to maintain my clothes for longer duration by washing with Ariel
This is the picture I clicked when my mother visited my home this Sunday..

My Mom while visiting my Home 
‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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