Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inidhu Inidhu - Happy Days

Inidhu Inidhu. . . My First movie in Hyderabad with my sweet friend Nisha. Tamil movies getting released in Hyderabad is "Once in blue Moon". Even you may get hike in your organization, but Tamil movies wont get released in Hyderabad. Since it was a remake of telugu's smash hit movie "Happy Days" we never had second thought. And also its my favourite Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies Production.Instead of going to INOX, the driver took us to IMAX and from there again we reached INOX.

The movie was completely shot in the campus of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore. The infrastructure of the college was really fabulous.The movie begins with Sidhu, Tyson, Vimal, Shankar, Madhu, Jiya, Umar and Appu who steps into their college life (oops Same Telugu movie name). Expect Sonia Deepthi (Shravs) everyone is new.

Defintely whoever has enjoyed their college life, this movie would be a treat.Atleast in one of the scenes, you would relate yourself to the movie. "Indhu Inidhu" songs lasts in our mind. Madhu is very beautiful with colorful costumes :)


  1. unga feelings enakku puriyithu.......

  2. nice movie..i enjoyed watching it

  3. imtiaz---nice movie n nicely written

  4. please say telugu movie is nice or tail remake is nice