Thursday, December 18, 2014

Clean Shave - Will you Shave?

Clean Shave
No matter Darwin's theory is right or wrong, our human thoughts and actions are more or less similar to monkeys. To be a proof for the civilization, men started to shave the unwanted hair that grows in his face just to make sure that he looks clean. Then after sometimes this changed into clean shave which makes a man look majestic. Among all other living beings, Men look good when he shaves unlike lion or peacock. The majestic look of a shaved man can me compared to that of the lion.

Let us see how a clean shave paves a clean way for men to achieve his goals. Every man would like to look and live like a James bond in terms of style. Bond always looks clean shaved. Even when a man goes to interview, the recruiters can find if he is fit to the job by seeing his face reaction. If he has a thick beard or no matter a light one, the recruiter cannot see his face reacting to the questions which results in a failure. The same failure occurs once again when a photo shoot is taken for the men when he subscribes for matrimonial sites because no women would like to see a man who hides most of his face with hair. Women feels good if a man discloses his smile with a clean shave which actually looks like a glitter in his face.

Confidence in a person would lit up only when he feels he is clean enough to face the world. Being a father a having his face rubbed with his little kid can be possible only if a man has done a clean shave. No man would like to see his kidding crying just because of his beard hurting them. A clean shaved person is just like a clean slate which everyone would prefer to write rather than writing on a unclean slate. Verdict is that face is the index of mind, how clean a man is determined on how clean he shaved his face.

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