Monday, December 8, 2014

Pledge not to waste the food - A guest post by Vignesh

Pledge not to waste the food

A common man eats food thrice a day. Drinks tea, coffee, juices and snacks. This cycle goes for 5 working days and the weekends treat begins for him right from Friday or Saturday night. In this same world, there are some other people residing with empty stomach and gets food randomly like how a common man gets a treat randomly and  the most painful part of the above statement occurs when these are kids, who has a small stomach, liver, lungs, body which starves to get grow up. It is very known fact that the rich man's shampoo contains more fruits than a poor kid’s lifetime food. In no way the kid is responsible for their poverty and their hunger. They might have never born in this world if they knew that the consequences of hunger which they are going to face once they land to the earth.

May be it is not a good habit to donate money to the kids who beg probably their parents might not use it in a proper way and would suggest them to beg for more. But it is fair if these kids are given a proper food at-least the left overs in big party or marriage events. If you can call the child care and tell them that you have left over food in a function then there are representatives who can collect it at your door steps. Everyone is aware of the big deals in online and knows for sure that they would deliver it at the door step but not all are aware about the above quoted point.

The increase in the number of restaurants in the city makes people happy this decade developed a habit of eating at the restaurants in a daily basis which was not the case years ago. We can see people who would love to taste each restaurants food and sometimes they even rate them. And people enjoy the ambiance of the restaurants. It is said that "If everyone gives a thread then the needy will have a shirt".

If people can sponsor child for their food at-least on the day they party, then it is for sure that every day at-least most of the hungry child gets fed and more of them during the weekends. We all can pledge not to waste the food. At-least give the left overs to someone who is really in need of it. And these children when they grow up will definitely not waste any food because they knew the value of it.

This is a guest post by Vignesh Kumar, Pushparaj and is post is written as a part of “Blog to Feed a Child” organized by BlogAdda.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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