Saturday, December 6, 2014

Value of Food

Value of Food 
Me, my friends Vineetha and Induprabha went to “Thiruvannamalai” temple in Tamil Nadu. It was believed that when a person circumambulate the mountain on a full moon day their wish will be fulfilled. We all decided to fast and circumambulate the mountain which is approximately 16 KM. Vineetha prayer was to get a very good husband. Induprabha was in love with a guy for almost 8 years and she is badly fighting for her parents to approve her marriage. Her prayers was for her parent’s approval for her marriage with her lover.

After 4 hours of walk, we started feeling very tired and weak. We felt some one pinching the stomach. It stared to rumble and realized that we all damn hungry. It started to pain and experienced head ache and vomiting sensation. With god's grace we reached the temple, but found a big queue. We could clearly sense that it will take minimum 2 hours for the queues to move out. Neither we could come out or move further. We got struck between the queues. We all wanted something to eat at that moment. But, didn't had any other option other than starving. The queues moved very slowly, we finished Dharshan after few hours and then we had food. It tasted like heaven.

At that point of time, I realized the value of hungry. All our problems of being single, not getting married, for not being in relationship vanished. We in-fact changed our profile picture to the below.
 So, hungry makes a man weird. We must have all realised atlest in one point of time, the pain of not getting food when th Imagine, how many people are starving every day and A child dies every 5 second as a result of hunger.
How can we eliminate class room hunger?
  1. Childers beg, lie or steal due to hunger. If you find a child showing their tiny hands towards you or knocking your car window shield for money just don’t neglect. Call 1098 and inform them. They take them, offer education, food and stay. 
  2. Teach the kids about their rights. 
  3. Offer them a quality education, which will help them survive in future. 
  4. Creating more employment opportunity in rural areas, so that parents have enough money to offer good food for their kids. 
  5. Reduce Population. Improve the awareness of family planning and encourage 2 kids per family. 
  6. Severe action against owner for employing child, when they appoint kids for work. 
How can we contribute to eliminate hunger?
As an individual let’s try to follow this:

  1. Dont waste food. Wasting 1/4 idly a day may not be a big deal. But wasting everyday 1/4 amount of food affects a lot. It is proved that one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is wasted. Its okay to pack to left overs in restaurants and at least give it to a dog, instead of throwing it into dust bin
  2. Instead of spending thousands in parties and pubs, spend those money for kids food. Donate those money to charity for offering lunch/breakfast for them. At least during your special occasions
  3. Order only what you want, and cook only what you need. 

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  1. Occasional Fasting and hunger is good for health. For adults, I mean.