Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Stop People Littering on Roads.

How to Stop People Littering on Roads. 

Yamaraja calls out Chitragupta who tracks the human being actions of deeds and evils. Chitragupta calls out the first person and says, “Yama Raja. He has done lots of deeds to you. He is LitterEswaran and has littered India with all his saliva and paan. Bacteria and virus have spread a lot and killed many people. Most of your burden's of taking away people’s life has reduced. He in-fact played a vital role in reducing population and there by contributing more towards the family planning government program"

Yama feels happy and sends LitterEswaran to heaven. Chitragupta calls out second person and continues, "Yama Raja, he is Litterkumar and helped a lot in solving Cauvery Water Disputes. He has thrown lots of plastics into the river and have contaminated the water. Since the water is polluted, the Karnataka Government nor Tamilnadu Government never fought for the share of water later"

Yama again feels excited and sends Litterkumar to Heaven. There comes another person Litter-not-inghania, Chitragupta feels angry on seeing his profile. "Yama Rama, this guy Litter-not-inghania never littered so far. Because of him people ended up manufacturing dust-bins, that too 3 cycled disposable bins. Brooms, mops was also manufactured and thus he has caused a major financial loss to India."

Yama burst out into anger and sends Litter-not-inghania to HELL!!!

Wait. Did I have a hang over yesterday? What am I writing?Supporting Littering? Of course, there is one thing that makes me angry to the core. i.e Littering our Mother India. I hate people who spit and throw non-degradable plastics on the road. Whenever I see people littering, I could not control myself and convey them not to spit on road as much as politely I can. But do you know what kind of response I get from them?

“What’s your problem?”
“Fu**  Off”
“Was it your road?”
“Mind your Business?”
"Its my mouth, My paan, I will do anything"
“unga appa pota road ah?” (Meaning – Was it constructed by your dad, to ask this?) 

Okay, some people keep quite. But give the following expressions. 

There is third category people too. Who don’t scold me in return; never show any off those faces too. But Push lot of saliva to the mouth and spit it with full force. 

Most of the walls, Subways, Public Toilets are littered by people who chew paan and betel leaves. Only dog piss, when it sees a wall or pole. Are you worse than the dogs which have only five senses? Spitting it on seeing the walls and poles? 

Three out of one bus are spoiled because of littering. They don’t care about the people on road. All they are concerned is to offer a free paan shower from inside the bus 

No one loves to say, avoid me. But I do.  Please avoid me. I never die so easily and if you throw me on soil, I can easily migrate dangerous chloride, heavy phthalates and contaminate the environment. - Plastics

Why don’t you consider me burying inside the soil rather than spiting on walls? I am a good bio degradable item.  - Paan

I am the Co-Founder of Bangalore-Hikers and never urge Smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption during the trekking. There is one more point, which I follow strictly. That is “No Littering”

Img Source - Bangalore Hikers

Nature has gifted us beautiful places. But we are simply spoiling it. 

Img Source -

Though every body knows, littering is not a correct thing. People love to do it. So, how to stop others from spitting? 

I don't think so, on placing a board “Don’t spit Here" signs everywhere will help. Because you know what happens? People get curious to spit, whenever they see “Don’t spit Here board”, See what happens in the below picture. 

When I saw the above The Great Indian Litterbug image, I was never surprised. Because I know there are lot of people who is thoughtless and insensitive and take these as their new resolution pledge too. So, how to deal with them? here are few tips to reduce littering. 

  • When you find a person spitting on road, appreciate him.
“Wow, that’s a good spit. I simply love the color of your paan. I love the force you gave. It’s simply awesome. I need a favor from you. I hate a person. Can you please spit on him. Please…Please.. I will give you 20 rupees.”
  • Throw some sand on the place he Spitted and gave him a smile, which would embarrass him and the next time he may think before he spits. 
  •  Install announcement systems all over the places and the traffic police can appreciate the spitting people in mike. 
"Hello Red shirt, standing with a yellow bag, scratching his head now. I appreciate you for spitting on the road. We are looking forward for more supports. We are in sort of paints, so I request you to eat more betel and paint the walls with your art. Keep Spitting. Keep littering!!!" 

The people around him can clap for him and award him the most litter award.

This post is written as a part of The Great Indian Litterbug contest organized by TimesofIndia in association with Indiblogger

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P.S: Though this post is to write about in favor of Littering (humorous take on The Great Indian Litterbug! ), I willingly added the dangerous of Littering.  I love my mother India and I respect it as my mother. So, till my last breath, I will fight against littering and will work for a clean India. 


  1. You've covered quite a lot of examples... and some were hilarious as well. The post was anyway supposed to take the humour route.
    Can I suggest you not to clutter your post with too many images... I mean, why not keep only a few relevant ones and either place them all towards the end or strategically so that they aren't like Bollywood songs forced into a movie.

    But, I must repeat, the post had its high points and i loved reading it.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thank you so much sir.. yes, I agree, the post has to be on the humorous take on Litters.. but as I said, I love my mother India and will not write about humorous on litters :(