Monday, January 12, 2015

Follow your Heart

Follow your Heart 

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"One Matcha Lattea and for you?"
"Hot Choco Latte," Rohan replied.
The waiter took our order and left the place. My face was brighter than usual and he was puzzled.
"Tell me, you said you wanna discuss something important?"
"Yesssssssss Rohan," But he interrupted. "Heyyyy, between that we received the joining date from Intel. They want us to join next month". His eyes scanned the file which was lying on the table.

Rohan - We knew each other since childhood. Both our parents were good friends and so we are. We studied together for XII board exams, prepared together for IIT JEE entrance, and joined B.Tech Computer Science in Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Things went well, because we possessed a similar set of interest.
As soon as I joined B.Tech, I found Engineering is not my cup of tea. Rohan topped in academics, where as I scored pretty decent score. I was the R.J for my college. All staffs, students appreciated that my voice was mesmerizing and it has the capacity to hold the audience spellbound. Soon I realized Anchoring was my passion.

Three months before, we faced the most integral part of every college student’s life- “College Placement”. Intel came to our college for campus recruitment. I had no interest to attend the interview, but on Rohan’s request, I attended. We both got placed in Intel at a whopping annual salary of 14 lakh. In-spite of my academic score, Intel gave me an offer, because of my extra-curricular profile. The very next day Rohan proposed and after a week of show off I accepted his love.
"What the heck," he screamed as soon as he saw the call letter from Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media. He continued, "I thought you are joking about your interest towards Anchoring. I never believed you will apply for post graduate Diploma in Media & Mass Communication"
"Rohan as I said Anchoring is my passion. I love it whenever I do" I replied him returning to the present.
"Following your passion is a bullshit decision. Dropping high-profiled salary job and going behind a profession which pays you roughly 12,000 per month would result in disastrous"
“Money is not everything. If Barkha Dutt, Menaka Doshi and Cyrus Broacha had thought the same then there won’t be any good anchors existing today."
"Okay, leave about money. I don’t like to say my wife is working in television"
"Are you so conservative...?
Our arguments went into heat and luckily it was stopped by the waiter who served us the cold coffee. I took a sip and continued, "Rohan those computers, coding, debugging are not my area of interest. I would just live an ordinary life. Every month end, I would be getting a big digit salary. But, I won’t be living a meaningful life. I love doing research on the social issues, politics and economic concerns and collecting anecdotes. It will keep me lively."
"I agree you have the qualities of Anchor. Observant, Creative, good looking and good sense of timing. But talent alone is not enough to succeed in this field. You need to be thick-skinned, should have good contacts in the industry and…and"
I stopped him before he says something nonsense, "Rohan, Our heart is like a magnetic compass. Once you listen and follow, it will take you to the heights. In an interview, the journalist asked A.R. Rahman how he feels about Oscar Awards. He said, he never works for money or awards. His love for music always motivates him to work harder. And that fetches him award. It’s very important for everyone to not get bored with the work we do”

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He gave an expression of groan and warned, “What if I say in that case you will end up missing me?”
I was silent. He continued, "Follow your heart, chase your passion can be good to read and watch in movies. But for practical life, its not going to work out. I too have lots of dreams about my Future. Onsite travel, luxurious lifestyle... Anyways… you still have 5 days’ time to accept the Intel offer. If you don’t accept that offer, I think I need to reconsider our relationship"
I heard his footsteps go to the end of the exit and a door open and close sound.
Days passed. . .
I joined Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media to pursue my dreams. And Rohan?. .
Hmm..No contact after that. Heard he went to Australia for a long term assignment.

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Once in our lifetime, we are in a position to make a choice. We need to compromise one thing or the other. When you are confused to choose the path, it’s always better to follow your heart. Because in the future you will not have regrets. And when you fix your eyes on the goal and follow your hearts, no one can stop them from reaching the zenith.

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.

Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’
Your story of how you took charge of life and made a choice, not a compromise. When you refused to choose one thing OR the other, and instead followed your heart.


  1. Well written and the choice made was definitely the best...
    I absolutely agree one should follow heart and especially women should come forward, take a stand and make their own choices..

  2. Congratulations on publishing this

  3. Super dialogues, nicely written. It is a very strong message, hope it changes in the future.

  4. very well written.. nicely framed story..

  5. In Life situation comes where we have to Choose between Love and Carrier , hope it's better to go with Carrier b'cos people come and go in life But carrier always stays constant & its our Dream...

    1. Very True Anil.. I would rather call it as a Passion instead of career.. cos sometimes, we may be in a career that we dont like.. and passion is something like a breath.. its very much necessary for a person to keep it alive...

  6. Lovely tale. I have to agree with you on the importance of following one's heart. :)

  7. Nicely written Deepika