Friday, January 2, 2015

Valentine's day Special with Baggout

Valentine's day Special with Baggout

Due to our busy Schedule, office deadlines, work pressure we tend to forget to express our love. That's the reason Saint Valentinus has dedicated a special day to express our unconditional love to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day itself is a special day when we are with our loved ones. When Planned properly, that's would be the best day of the year.

Procrastination and Plans at the last minute always results in the messiness and that's the reason, I wanted to plan well in advance before a month, so that everything goes very smooth. I don't believe in those emotionless cards, costly bouquet, cakes and gifts. This gives just a temporary happiness.

I feel a candle light dinner, long walks on the beach are out-dated too. I wanted to surprise my loved one in a very special way, which he can remember for life long. I know Paris is the most sexiest and romantic city in the world. But taking my love to Paris in just short span is impossible. Tourist Visa, Passport in just one month of time is difficult. When I was walking with these thoughts,
Suddenly I stepped into Aladdin Lamp. I heard a lot about this in movies and stories and hence wanted to test it. So, I simply rubbed it and the Sorcerer appeared the next moment grating for a magical wish.

Real happiness lies in living for others and hence I requested him to take to take me and my life partner to Paris the most beautiful amalgam of Europe country. The next moment, we are in the City Of Lights - Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower - The Signature of Europe.
I covered his eye and took him to the 5th level and made him to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.
We enjoyed the point knife, pont Alexandre III bridges, glorious Russian Cathedral and the Boulevards urban landscape, Since we traveled  a lot we were feeling damn hungry and we had a lot of cuisine option. After a mouth-watering breakfast, we enjoyed the sidewalk at Paris Cafe.

He loves adventurous hence I took him to the most adventurous Disneyland Paris. We had a fun fulfilled time over there and in the Evening the Sorcerer took us to the  most famous monuments and buildings of Paris. I heard that at night visiting the Montparnasse Tower-the tallest skyscrapers in Paris and witnessing its dazzling beauty was a perfect eye catching one. So, after our day at Disney land, we went to the Montparnasse Tower, which was a 210 meter skyscraper. We went to the 56th floor and enjoyed the outstanding monuments of  Paris.

The car sound disturbed and I was back to the reality. Jan 3rd, still 1 more month to go for valentine. I realized it was a dream. Dreamed a while and then I felt, being with him for a day would be the best gift for our loved ones. After all, spending time with our loved ones is always special.

“Being with him made me want to make my own dreams, discover my own path. I was my best self when I was with him.” 
― Heather Anastasiu, Glitch

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This above post is purely Fictional. 

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