Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IndiBlogger - A Special Thanks & Dedication

Men are addicted to Cricket and Women are addicted to Shopping.

They are addicted to IndiBlogger.

It was in December 2009, I started a blog with no purpose.  What to write about?

Cooking? Oh no, I am good only at eating.

Fashion? I am known for outdated styles.

Technology?  Oops. I am yet to find the answer for the question "How am I surviving in this software Industry?"

Photography? I am good only at posing for photos.

Parenting? I myself still a baby :P

Relationships?  Excuse me !!!

So, What to scribble about?

My sister's son was born in 2007 and even after 8 years, I always reminisce the baby’s first touch, his first whoop, his first roll-over, his first kiss. It flash in my mind like it happened yesterday. Penned about the excitement of his birth and posted my first article in my blog.

"My Fun, My Memories, My Life..." I added the title for my blog and decided to capture my opinions and thoughts. I am choosy and very bad at networking. Those days, I was not in social networking sites too. So I hardly had Zero readers. My mom and dad were always busy and never even looked at the link I mail them. My sister's automated recorded reply when I share my post link would be, "Will read later". Unfortunately, all my friends have an aversion to reading too.

But to be honest, I never bothered about getting readers. I feel content, when I complete an article and I loved that feeling.

Months Passed.. 

All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy. 
Same way, All writing and No readers made me a dull blogger slowly. . .

I don’t remember how I landed up in Indiblogger. I registered with Indiblogger and my blog was approved after few days. I remember the silly mistakes I did after signing up. I posted my blog link in a forum for which I got a warning from one of the fellow bloggers. As days passed, I learned the rules of the forum.

When I was a newbie with IndiBlogger (ie, one week old), I got an invite for The Surf Excel Matic IndiBlogger Meet (#SoakNoMore.)

The word “Bloggers meet” persuaded me. Since its on a Saturday, I did not give a second thought to register for the meet. It was the first meet in my life, that I was facing a big crowd. I have never been for a get-together too. It was a thrilling moment to see all bloggers at a place. When the Blogger meet kicked off, Anoop triggered his first question to the crowd, “Do we have any Bloggers celebrating Birthday’s this week.” I got goosebumps when I heard the word "Bloggers" and August 10th was my birthday, hence I got up from my seat.

“These birthday babies get a gift hamper from Surf Excel and Indiblogger” He announced and handed a big gift. Since I came with empty hand, I was concerned about carrying the gift back to my home. (Took an Auto to carry the gift back to my home :) )

Dear Indiblogger, 2011 was a dreadful year and hence I was hoping 2012 would be a good start. When I received this gift in front of 200+ people, I felt myself as a lucky charm. All the bloggers conveyed their advance birthday wishes. One will not understand my emotion, But that moment gave me a confidence for the future

Someone captured this beautiful picture of me.

@IndiBlogger meet
This picture gave me guts to upload my picture in Facebook. Till that time, I was not confident to display my face in social media and hence one could see Jyothika or Dog photo as my profile picture.

Each and every second I spent in that meet was spectacular. Not only our first bicycle ride, first love, first holiday trip with family, first smart phone experience are treasured(IndiBlogger's know, the reason for this mention :P ). But, first Blogger meet experience would be remembered by every IndiBlogger.

I must mention a point here, after a big tragedy that happened in 2011, I cornered myself at my home. This blog meet made me to come out of that. I decided not to Soak more in my problems.

After that meet, with full fledge I started writing more post, and promoted it Via Indivine.

Every month there were lot of competitions launched and I never fail to take part in it. Though I never bag the title, (one day I will) I love participating in it. I realized that my writing is getting better day by day and my creativity quotient is fostered.

Coming to happy hours. Before few months, the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night is to check my What's app and mobile. After the Happy hours launch, the first thing and the last thing I do is to check IndiBlogger website for HH contest.

I failed in HH too. My first 3 entries were continuously terribly rejected by Indiblogger. Then I learned my mistake and surmounted. When I won, 1500 voucher in Happy hours for the first time, the happiness I felt was phenomenal. I researched a lot to buy an item that I can keep as a momento for my IndiBlogger triumphant. I brought a photo frame and kept it as a memory. My parents feel so happy when I call and say, "Today’s happy hours also got approved."

Crazy Happy Hours
There were days, where I stopped my car in highways to submit my entry...
There were days where I rushed to nearest Airtel tower to get faster internet access.

My sister who was observing all these from long got motivated to start a blog. We never knew she was a good writer too. When we were kids, you were giving tough competition in academics and discipline. Now in IndiBlogger contest too. ITS NOT FARE!!!

Just kidding! All the best Sweetie :)

Thank you Indiblogger, for such a wonderful opportunities and memories..

You cheered my mood during my tough times...

You made me to believe that I have the capacity to scribble something...

You made my family members happy...

You blessed me with lots of blogger friends...

You gifted me with lots of prodigious readers...


  1. "hence one could see Jyothika or Dog photo as my profile picture" LOL at that.

    'The day I discovered the extrovert in me' would deem fit to be an alternative title to this post.

    -u a

    1. But this is a dedication to Indiblogger who made to discover that "extrovert" person in me .. hence the title :P

    2. The alternative title is an introvert(u a)'s title, indeed!

      -u a

  2. I see your transformation day in day out. You are extraordinary!