Monday, March 23, 2015

#ChooseToStart with Moto E

#ChooseToStart with Moto E

It was in 2010, people were migrating to Smart Phones and I was the only odd women out who was genuinely contented with a basic version of phone.

“Phone is meant only to attend the call. Whether it’s a high-end smart phone or Nokia 1100, the purpose of accepting/receiving the call is going to be fulfilled.” This was my fixed answer when someone ask, “Why don’t you upgrade to a Smartphone.”

Well, I am a typical hi-tech software Engineer and you could easily make out people’s expression when an extravagant software techie use Nokia 1100. What’s app group was created for my team and they share team updates in the group. But every time, they send updates for me via normal messaging system. Even after repeated request for sharing picture, videos and files I never bothered to upgrade.

One day my Aunty asked in a concerned tone, “Is Software industry down?”

“No Aunty. Why?”

“Then why are you still using basic Nokia 1100?”

Other day, my sister son who is 8 years old was looking out for my sister’s Smartphone to play a game. I offered my mobile and asked him to play. He rolled out on the floor and said, “Do you have games in the mobile”

“Well Sanju, I have a Snake game”

“But my mom’s mobile has Temple Run, Candy Crush, Talkie Tom…”

"Enoughhhhh." I replied him and left the place immediately.

There was another incident which I could still remember. I got invite to attend my friend marriage. The marriage was in remote location and hence I note down the address in a paper and was wondering whether Auto drivers would know the address. I called out an auto driver and showed my paper that contained the address.

The auto driver took out his Smartphone, typed the address in Google maps and placed the mobile in the mobile holder and said, “Madam Ji, Just 12 KMS from here. Sit” He followed Google Maps directions and took me the exact place without any troublesome.

90% of the world including my entire family members got migrated to Smart Phone. But I never bothered to upgrade. When people see my phone, they treat it as if it’s something to be kept in museum. Unfortunately, spare parts for my phone had stopped and it’s not available in market too.

My friends were so speedy that they kept upgrading their Smartphone’s instantly when a new version of phone was launched. When they show their latest mobile for my review, I just flip it front and back ( as if I am looking at a groom), blush and say “Nice”

On the other end, there were many advantages in using this Nokia 1100. If I miss my phone at any place, no one takes or steals it. Even after a week, the position would be still the same.

December 2014...

I got promoted as a Team Lead and was offered with two year on-site opportunity. March 1st I was supposed to travel Australia for two years.

February 2015...

I took a break from work to spend my time with my family, since I can’t see them for the next 2 years. One day, when I got up, I saw a gift packet on my bed.

“To our lovable daughter Deepika” was written on the gift packet and I opened the box and found Moto E mobile. My parents entered my room and said, “Best wishes for your promotion and on-site opportunity and  #ChooseToStart your Smartphone journey AT LEAST from this year”

I flipped front and back and said “Nice” in my usual tone.

“We will miss you a lot, when you move to Australia. We would like to have Video call when we miss you. That’s the reason I gifted this smart phone” my dad replied.

 “I don’t want to gift you a black color. So, White color. Hope you liked it” My mom gave her justification for mobile color.

“Soon, install what’s app. I will search toy items online and will be send you the pictures of it through what’s app. You should place order it to my address” my sister son replied from his side.

“I know giving something to you is like giving it to a Monkey. That’s why we chose a display that has corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection with oleophobic coating.” My sister teased.

My sister second son who was just 3 months old was the only one who was left without giving the reason for choosing Moto E.

I turned towards the baby and asked, “Baby ma, do you have any reasons?.”

He drooped and giggled. I immediately opened camera and started to record the baby actions. Since the internal memory was build with 1 GB RAM, it was quick to process the operating system and the camera opened in Nano seconds. The video got recorded with high quality and with good audio. The baby voice was sweet at its best. I realized that I began to enjoy my Moto E smartphone journey.

I turned towards my family members and said, “Thanks for gifting this. I absolutely love it. After going Australia, this video will be cherished when I miss him”.

“At last, Deepika migrated to Smart Phone” my family members roared with joy. I took the camera to capture that moment and when I was about to click their snap, my sister’s son shouted, “My God, you are still behind the era. Join with us. Let’s take a Selfie.”


  1. I retained the same attitude towards mobile phones, until touring and the GPS bug caught me so gifted myself a reliable gps friendly smartphone. Helps to find the untraveled routes at odd hours without the worry of getting mugged. Eh.

    -unacquainted anonymous.

    1. Thanks for the comments. It would be nice if you publish your real name...

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    3. Well, I will find and sue you :P

    4. Yes, navigation assistance and location services are very useful feature built into most smartphones.

    5. Every smartphones have them built in, but very few brands have sensitive chips for them. Earlier Motos had accurate hardware, don't know about it now.

      -u a

  2. Nice post. These kiddos are unimaginably advanced. So, got to watch live ICC? :)

    1. Very true Nandhini :P OMG!!! Those kids are teaching me the rules of all the games :P
      Guess, you are having good time with your kid :)

    2. What do you mean by "got to watch live ICC?"

      I guess u meant to say ICC world cup.. :/

  3. It's a great phone! Nice article, good luck Deepika.