Monday, March 9, 2015

Start A New Life

When we are contented in a place, we never think of taking risk or try something new. Even when a good opportunity flows in, we tend to reject that offer thinking that the new opportunity may be risky. Everyone loves their first job. It's so true in my case. I was damn crazy about my company. My first company was a safe place for women. Work life balance could be easily managed. Whenever a person needs leave, she would be granted. If you want to take a break from work, yes can take minimum 6 months of break (without salary) and then join back. It had work from home option and more. Above all, it had that “brand name” that one person could feel proud about.

Three years went smooth. There was a challenging project which came to my team. My seniors had a fear to take up the project. I raised my interest to work individually on the project. Though my manager heisted to give that project, he had no other option left. I literally worked day and night for that project. I used to login at morning 10.AM and leave office the next day 7.00 A.M. My room was near to my office, so I used to go home just to take a nap, bath, get ready and reach office again at sharp 10.00 AM. There are no weekends for me. Every day was a week day. I forgot my home and dedicated my time for work for those 4 months. The project was developed by 9 people where as I was the only person who tested it single-handedly. The project went live into production. I got many appreciations from my onshore and higher officials. I felt happy. But during the June review, my managers said, blah blah reasons and did not offer me a good rating. In anger or frustration, I just told him that I will put my papers soon and came out of the meeting room. My manager felt that I will not leave the company at any case, for the love I had on that company.

The same weekend, I got placed with 180% of hike in another company. I felt happy but the happiness did not last for more than 4 hours. I was worried for leaving my adorable company. I got scared that I would be missing work from option and much more flexibility. But the rating which my manager gave was a slap on my face. So, I thought for some time and decided to resign from the company. It was tough decision to do so but I would say it was the bold step I took and it brought a big change in my life.

The new company was an excellent place to work for. No politics and employees were respected for what they are and for the work they do. Every day when I leave from office, I had a sense of satisfaction. I got an US opportunity within 1 year of joining the company. The company gave importance to work as well as extracurricular activities. They are a package of innovation. Since I was interested in sports, I participated in all the events and it kept me lively. Soon, I was nominated for a core committee member for the sports club. One decision at right time changed my life.

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