Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Bucket List

What are the 10 things you want to do before you die was the popular post in Today's IndiSpire and here is my list. Click here to read my Top 5 things on my Bucket List 
  1. To take one inspirational Video that would change few people’s life.  [Reached more than 3 lac views]
  2. To start my Second Novel and get it published by one of the top publishing house. 
  3. Leave all the Gadgets and Stay one month in Ashram
  4. Take up Chadar Trek
  5. Run a Marathon without Snail pacing.
  6. To start a business. 
  7. To Start organic/Terrance gardening at my home
  8. Take my parents for a long vacation. 
  9. To Bag the winner title in at least one of the Indiblogger contest.
  10. Educate a Child. 
I am so happy to see this post displayed in the Home page of Indiblogger website with maximum voting. 


  1. Good luck with your list Deepika... I especially love points 5 and 10 :-)

  2. Nice interesting read...congrats on your author status too!

  3. Your bucket list is Inspirational for others too. Bookmarked your blog; so don't disappoint me! Keep writing.

  4. The bucket is getting bigger and bigger it seems.

    1. I actually have 100 in my personal journal :P 50% of it has been already achieved :P