Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The moment that filled me with hope for the future

The moment that filled me with hope for the future
Life is an unpredictable journey; sometimes it’s showers with memorable incidents which we desire to treasure and sometimes it wraps us with painful incidents which we don't like to re-collect.
Few years before, there was one incident that palpitated my life. I was not ready for the worst. Like every other person, I stepped up only with positive hopes and not even in dream I thought it may go wrong.
Have you ever imagined the irreparable damage that occurs to a sprinter who runs at a fast pace collide down. Similarly, I was running towards my aspirations and goals with wild speed and since I was not ready for the worst it broke me down. When I turn back now and look at those days, it’s surprising how I got up and survived.
Life is always good when we run in a same pace and reach the finish line. Life is even tastier, when you fall down, rise back and still manage to reach the finish line. Just like the famous athlete Christian, who proved the real winning is when you rise up during the fall and win the game.
When a person is undergoing a tough times, it’s always a moment or small incident will bring back the ray of optimistic hope and change. Same way, it was “that” incident which brought my confidence back.
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Even though, I tried to take help from friends and tried to engross completely in some activities I was not able to come out of the incident. I nurtured aquarium at my home when I read it would reduce trauma. But, it did not help me. I involved in gardening thinking it’s a good relief for stress. But those seemed to be just a temporary relief.
Aug 2012, I wished to celebrate my birthday in a different way and decided to celebrate with kids. I opted to spend my day with a home or trust that was for mentally challenged kids. That day, that incident and those kids changed my life. I went to Arima Society Trust Rehabilitation Center for mentally challenge and there were among 76 Children in the home, whose parents could not afford for their treatments. It was a Rehabilitation Center for the mentally challenged kids. There were kids with different stages. Few of them were completely ill and few of them were recovering and few countable kids already recovered but were kept under their home guidance for few more months.
The kids were so innocent and their positive vibes were so strong. They undergo intensive motivational and recreational classes and their attitudes towards life are awesome. There were few kids who were in recovering stage and one among them asked me, "What do you do?"
When I replied I work in a Software firm the small kid replied, "One day, I will be like you sister."
There was another kid who came with his dad (who recovered completely, but was advised to stay for few more months) was crying and pleading his dad not to leave him at this home. His dad almost cried and convinced him. I am short of words to explain the pain I saw in his dad’s eyes. It was a slap on my face. The kids taught me how lucky I am. They taught me to live for the moment. They made me to realize, my pain is nothing when compared to others. Their will power taught me to fight back during our tough times. 
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  2. Good one Deepika ,,
    inspiring story ,, I liked it and i have experienced it
    Hold On Pain Ends :HOPE :-)

    1. Our pain is zilch when compared to others.. Instead of looking at the painful part, lets realize how thankful we are...Instead of screaming about a tough job, let us be thankful for having a job that makes us realize how capable we are to work in a tough environment. That’s my point :P

    2. Well Said Deepika ,
      I totally agree on your point

  3. My pain is nothing when compared to others :) This sentence means a lot. Good post keep posting on with different positive thoughts.