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How to keep a Baby Happy

In the journey of life, a couple's love initially binds them together, while the joy brought by their baby solidifies their bond and happiness. Witnessing a baby's innocent actions, such as crawling and babbling, has the power to alleviate stress and bring immense joy. The sheer cuteness of a child's laughter and their adorable drooling is unparalleled. In this blog post, I will share my personal experience in keeping my sister's son happy.

During the different phases of life, a couple's love evolves and takes on new dimensions. In the initial stages, it is their affection for one another that keeps them united. However, as life progresses, the love they have for their baby becomes the pillar of their happiness, fostering a strong and content family bond. Regardless of the level of stress one may be experiencing, the sight of a baby crawling and cooing in the most melodic voice has a remarkable ability to dissipate those worries. There is nothing quite as enchanting as a child's laughter and the endearing sound of their excited cheers. Even their drooling, which may seem ordinary to some, is an unequivocally heartwarming sight. In this blog post, I will share five tips that have personally helped me bring happiness to my sister's son.

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Sing a song:
Sing a Rhyme for the baby. "Ding Dong Bell" was my baby's favorite rhyme and when I sing that song he gives back a belly laugh. Body language and modulation is equally important. The first two words "Ding and Dong" has to be sung very slowly and the last word "Bell" should come with a rapid force. While singing, bring the forehead close to his forehead and smile at the baby.

Play peekaboo:
They go crazy for this game. I play this game, when the baby is in my sister's arm. I will hide behind my sister and pop up every 5 seconds and will call out his name. Every time, I pop up he giggles loud and I go weird on seeing his giggle.

Give him Attention:
Whenever the baby feels hungry, it will cry loud to get attention. The time taken for the milk preparation might be four minutes but since the baby is not aware that milk is getting ready for him, it will keep crying aloud until he gets milk.
In order to stop his cry, I take him to the kitchen and show the farex bottle and the feeding bottle. He immediately stops crying and observe calmly, understanding that the milk is getting ready for him.
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Be Around and make the baby rest next to the mom.
Since the baby is just 3 Months old, it sleeps well for almost 16 hours a day. When it wakes up, we make sure we are around him and play or chitchat with him. The baby feels so excited when it sees all the family members around him. It loves to be with the mother. One could actually make out the difference in the baby’s face when it sleeps in the cradle and when the mom sleeps next to him on the bed.

Pampers Baby Dry Pants:
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Though everybody loves rain and welcome with warmth we feel uncomfortable when we get our clothes wet. We look forward to reach home, change the dress and get dry as soon. Imagine how the baby will feel when it feels wet. Dry diaper helps a lot in keeping the baby happy.

Family Mood:
A family’s mood plays a major role in keeping the child happy. It’s impossible to avoid arguments, fights at home. That’s the reason, we made a rule not to fight or shout in front of the baby. If any one of our family members feels the argument is getting heated up, they leave the place. But the baby is extra smart and giggles looking at them. Do I need to mention that the baby’s smile made that person’s temper evanescent?

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