Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Takeaway level: Singapore Short Stories.

Winner Announcement 

We are happy to announce top the 3 winners of  Takeaway level: Singapore Photo contest

The first prize goes to 

Second Prize 

Third Prize 

Top 3 winning stories of the Takeaway level: Singapore

Takeaway level: Singapore and the Pandavas

In Mahabharata, Kunti Devi instruct his five sons to share all the things among themselves. Pandas brings Draupadi to their home and without seeing the women Kunti says "share among yourself" and hence all the five end up marring same women Draupadi. All the people goes for honeymoon to Singapore. They heard a lot about Singapore cuisine they don’t want to order a single food and divide it among themselves. All wanted to try different flavours of the foods. At the same time, they don’t want to break their mother's order too. Hence they ordered the 5 interesting versions of Parta. Everybody relished and enjoyed the Roti Tissue, Roti Plaster , Chicken Floss Prata, Red Bean Prata, Prata Benedict. Their purpose was solved. They obeyed their mother order too and the same time, they fulfilled the wish of tasting different flavors.

Takeaway level: Singapore and Ghatotkacha hunger 

Ghatotkacha is a food lover and his taste buds was not satisfied with any of the foods. He is known for eating tons of laddu. This resulted in scarcity of food and hence the people went and complained to his dad Bhima. Bhima decides to sort of this issues. He suddenly thinks of an idea. He immediately applies Tourist VISA for his son Ghatotkacha and sends him to Singapore. Ghatotkacha visits Chomp Chomp Food Center and orders Grilled fish served with a tangy chilly sauce. The brilliant taste makes him fluffy and he gets lost in the taste. His taste buds gets satisfied for having mesmerizing food. Ghatotkacha hunger for taste rectifies and the people are happy.

Takeaway level: Singapore and Deepika's world. 
"Whale & Cloud" @Niven Road
Inside Whale and Cloud

Nothing could replace the taste of Tea offered in the glass at a road side tea stall. The only problem I face when I travel to Singapore which is the most innovative country in Asia and is famous for technology is the road side tea shops. To my surprise there is "Whale & Cloud" coffee shop at Niven Road (near to Rex cinema). This coffee shop is kept secretive and only few people knows about this shop. They don't have a website, Facebook page and they are open only on Saturdays. The ambiance gives us a homely atmosphere and you feel like you are in our mother India.

"Laurent Bernard Chocolate" is my favorite. The tempting aroma of chocolate dessert cafe filled with exquisite creamy chocolate with smorgasbord of cakes, pastries and ice cream is my all time Favorite.

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