Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take A Peek Behind The Silver Screen - A Guest post by Nancy White

Take A Peek Behind The Silver Screen - A Guest post by Nancy White
Movie buffs are a genre unto themselves. For them, movie is a religion. Movie buffs are self-taught experts on the movie industry and can spout movie facts and figures at the drop of a hat. They can tell you which was the highest grossing movie five years ago and who won the Academy award for best actor in 1990. Want to know when the next installment of the popular series “Pirates of the Caribbean” will be released? Ask them; they already know. How many of the facts mentioned in the info graphic below did you know already?

With the awards season well and truly underway we thought it would be a great time to to put together a graphic taking you through all the facts and stats we could find on the movie industry.

Everything from top grossing films, best paying job and even some info on those people whose name we see during the end credits that seem meaningless but must do something.

There are a ton of other facts and stats covering some of your favorite  films, directors and actors so let us know what you think and please feel free to share.

Infographic created by Meadows Farm Studios

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