Saturday, March 21, 2015

What does happiness mean to me

What does happiness mean to me

Image Source - Coca-Cola
I am a person who keeps me energized and happy always. The happiness keeps changing based on time and situation. 
When I was a small kid, I was happy when my dad returns home from his duty with snacks. 
When I was in higher education, getting century in Mathematics gave me happiness. 
When I was in college, going to a movie by bunking the class gave happiness. 
When I am in office, if the code I develop runs without any bug, the happiness I get is uncontrollable.

For me happiness always comes in two forms. 
  1. when I help and make others happy 
  2. when I do something for myself.
Above all, there is one thing that snaps out my soul with cheer and bliss. That’s driving. It’s the only thing that makes me feel paradise and it’s never fails to bring my motivation back during my tedious days.
I still remember my first Car drive. It was in a straight road and one could hardly see any vehicle passing by. My dad gave the car to me and asked me to drive. When I turned the key on and the engine started, a thousand watts smile stretched on my face. I felt as if I had manufactured the car. I caressed the steering wheel with love, held the gear with passion. When I pressed the clutch and switched the gear from neutral to one and released the clutch slowly, the car moved. I immediately turned off the car keys to stop the car and got down. I started dancing on the road with pleasure.
Just for an inch movement, I felt so happy. “Oh my god, I drove the car” I shouted in that empty road. Then I joined driving class and learned car driving. I brought a car for myself. The car, brand name, registration number, everything was of my choice. Since It was through my hard earnings and savings, I love it when I see it. It gives me a great joy when I drive in highway. I don’t like rash driving or neither going beyond speed. So I always drive in 80KM per speed in highway. The dividers are always fostered and nourished with plants. The roads are constructed well, and I love that smooth ride. I love it, when I swift the lane from left to right and from right to left. In particular I love the Bangalore to Pune highways.

Every week-end, one or the other friends call me to Nandhi hills. My trekking friends call me for trekking and my photography friends invite me to capture the sunrise in the early morning. We all start at 4.00 AM from Bangalore and drive towards Nandhi hills to capture the Sunrise. In a month, at least once we go to Nandhi hills, enjoy the sun rise and spend some time over there. It gets rejuvenated for the entire month. I also love to take a long drive at night-time.

Coca-Cola is celebrating International Day of Happiness, so why dont we join hands with them. Share what does happiness mean to you in the comments sections. 


  1. No minor/major accidents till now? Car metal surface is without any spots? :P

    1. None of your acquaintance, i assure.

      So i take it that you have a sob story to tell about the car metal surface. Now, time to make a new post? "though my car got her first dimple, i did not smile'.

    2. Ha ha.. I am a good driver.... :P touch wood