Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ala Modalaindi My Favourite Movie

Movies like Maghadeera, Arya, Orange, Happy days makes one stumble upon Tollywood. And now the romantic comedy movie Ala Modalaindi (a Crazy love story) creates a Positive feel to telugu industry. 

The movie stills are Peppy and bubbly which will definitely excite the youngsters to watch. The unique thing about the movie is, it was shot by a female director Nandini Reddy.

The best part of the movie was the cute Mother-son relationship. Nani 's (hero) best friend was his mother that he even tells about his girl friends and his love stories to her.
On the other side, Father-Daughter relationship. A dad who happily sends his daughter to the guy whom she love on the day of marriage for the complete happiness of her daughter.

Two things to learn from the movie,
  • Take the life as it is!!!
  • Mutual understanding in relationships