Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"I am making memories, not assets", Says Shruthi BP

Travel is the best way to gain energy. It gives us meaning and inspiration to our life. Wilderness, Mountains, beaches, wildlife, isolated forest would give an unique experience which one cannot experience again.

Here is an inspiring interview from a Shruthi BP, who travels and lives according to the quote, "Get Back to What You Love". I’ve been surprised by the new places she explores every now and then. Let her interview be the power to inspire people. 

Welcome Shruthi!!

When did you start Trekking/Travelling?
I spent my 23 years in Chitradurga. My first step towards adventure was in 2010 after joining my first IT job at Cognizant. There was this group called Adventurizants and they were so passionately sharing about things they do in mailers. I couldn’t stop myself from taking that plunge and join them for a trek to Mullayangiri.

What was your inspiration to start trekking/travelling?

I was like a fish taken out of her comfortable aquarium and thrown into a rough sea when I moved to Bengaluru after spending 23 years with my family. Everything felt difficult – managing time, money, communicating in English, choice of clothes and even crossing roads. I realized there is so much more out there and I need to be strong. I am a movie buff - esp. Into the Wild & The Motorcycle Diaries were kinda inspiration to take a step ahead and explore life beyond education and job.

How do you manage time and money for travel?

I love my job. I have no interest in quitting everything, selling everything and head for travelling. My motto is simple, outta everything a part goes to savings and a part goes to travel fund, rest is for day-to-day expenses. During travel no luxury accommodations or fancy foods, I usually stick to basics. Above all its a conscious choice to spend money on passions and not to invest on gold, car, home loan or a car loan. Basically I am making memories, not assets.

Which is your memorable experience?

Himalayas Himalayas Himalayas - Forever & Always.

Did you ever face any pain points/bad experience?

Like everything in life, traveling also has both sides – the good and the bad. Some places you absolutely find no facilities, some places people aren’t helpful, some places are overrated, some places tend to be freaky expensive than you thought, and it goes on. But the whole point of travelling is not just about finding everything rosy, it’s about embracing everything and growing as a person.

Have you ever faced problem due to food? How to deal with food problem during travel?

I grew up in a typical south Indian household with rice, sambhar, idli, chapatti as my staple food. Now I definitely wouldn’t find similar things that taste equally similar in other parts of India or while travelling abroad. I carry ready-to-make soup, oats, upma etc. packets while travelling, so that after weeks if I feel like having some familiar taste, I cut open a packet. Plus every place will have its own version of street foods and variety of fruits/vegetables/bread etc. So it is not so difficult to manage food unless you aren’t expecting similar luxury you have at home. And if cost is not an issue, every big city has Indian Restaurants, but what’s the point of travelling if you can’t get out of your comfort zone?

What would be your advice for the people who has passion to explore places but not doing it due to reasons like fear, money, or family?

If you are afraid, start your first step with your best friends or cousins or even family. Don’t expect miracles from that travel, just go with the flow. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go as planned. With time that fear will go away. Travelling is not just about spending lakhs and going to Rome or Paris. It is about starting with places around you. Trust me one will be surprised when one realizes they can go on treks/travel just with 200 INR a day and there are beautiful places worth exploring all around us. But if you are interested in international travel and long travels, then you need to make a choice. You cant get an apartment, car, luxury things and yet have time/money for travel.

What specific advice would you give for the ladies? What should be taken care by them?
  • Be aware of the local tradition and culture. And respect them.
  • Wear comfortable attire, ditch heels and other attire which hinders your movement.
  • Travel light and carry only those things which you can handle on your own.
  • Do not keep too much money on hand. Keep excess in your baggage.
  • Do not take anyone or anything for granted. Be cautious. Do not give personal information easily to anyone.
  • Be friendly but be guarded.
  • Generally places are safe, as long as you are street smart and not over confident, its gonna be just fine.

What’s your bucket list when you started trekking and what’s your bucket list now?

I had no list to start with, and now I still do not have a bucket list. I believe in doing things as and when possible. This keeps me happy.

Since you found your better half through travelling, any advice for woman who stopped travelling/trekking due to their husband or family?

Well yeah, we met on a trek, became best friends and then got married. We both have similar interests and respect our differences. My only priority was marrying the one who understands me and who I understand completely. If not for that, if I had to go by typical marriage norms, I would have gotten married like 5 years back. So for those who aren't married, the only thing I wanna say is the most important thing in marriage is understanding, if you don't have it, don't get married. For those who are already married or facing issues with family, sit with them, talk to them, tell them how you are feeling, and keep trying till they understand. There is a subtle difference between cribbing, arguing and expressing, you have to express.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hello Techie.. Are you worried about layoff?

A few years before when I was with an organization, they announced that there would be layoffs. 90% of my batch mates were fired. They were too young to handle this termination. Layoffs are common when the market goes through a dark phase.

No one’s career journey is perfectly smooth. At some point, one must have faced either a lay-off, low-rating, delayed promotion or stagnancy in a role for several years. Always remember, a career path will always have lots of bumps in the road. One cannot expect their Career graph to have an increasing trend throughout. It will have ups and downs in a cyclical fashion. At some point, everyone feels they are struck.

Like up-skilling or re-skilling, we should learn to face these struggles with grace and resilience.  Cultivate a habit to accept the reality. Remind yourself that this is part of one's Journey and this situation is not a permanent one. It’s just a chapter along a journey. Always contribute your best effort and focus the learning and experience. This will help you to take your career to the next step.

Always remember:
  • Invest in your networks and your skills. You know that you’ll use them to make your next move. These actions will also make you better at your current job.
  • Avoid emotional pitfalls. Nothing in life is permanent, yet because you see your colleagues on a daily basis, it can be easy to think of them as a second family. However, work relationships should be only one of many sources of companionship.
  • Keep perspective. Your job is not the whole of who you are, nor does it determine whether you are successful in life. The happiest, most productive employees don’t rely exclusively on their jobs to give them purpose. They lead fulfilling lives outside work, too.