Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Coffee Date and A Promise (A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 2)

A Coffee Date and A Promise
(A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 2)

Coffee & Chemistry

Deepika's phone kept ringing, a ringtone that echoed her mother's unwavering determination. It seemed her mother was well aware that simply agreeing to meet Karthik didn't guarantee an actual meet. Hence, the relentless stream of calls, a testament to her mother's unyielding commitment to ensure Deepika's whereabouts. However, Deepika adhered to a steadfast rule—never answer her mother's calls during these moments.

Her relationship with her parents had always been characterized by kindness and respect, a bond that stood unwavering. Yet, when conversations took a turn towards marriage, she instinctively concealed herself from those discussions and would often switch to an invisible mode. On the other side, her mother was driven by a sole purpose—to witness her daughter's happiness through marriage.

After years of unwavering determination, fate finally intervened, bringing Karthik's profile to her father's attention. He promptly forwarded it to her, setting a new course in motion. Upon receiving any matches on WhatsApp or email, her instinct was to swiftly reach for the delete button and move on.

However, when this particular profile was sent by her dad, her heart orchestrated a symphony of skipped beats. It was as if an invisible hand had firmly pressed the "Connect" button nestled deep within her, bypassing all rational reasoning. How could such a radiant spark of romance ignite in a mere fraction of a second? Especially within a soul that had, until then, resolutely resisted the advances of countless profiles.

*Screech!* .
The car arrived at the bustling coffee shop nestled in the heart of the city. Upon noticing the frequency of incoming calls, Curious, Karthik asked,"Was that your mom?"

Surprised, Deepika exclaimed, "How did you know?"

Karthik's smile broadened, "Why not tell her you are on your way to meet me?"

Deepika admired his quick understanding. As her phone rang again, she answered impatiently, "Yes, mom, I'm at Coffee Day already."


As Deepika disconnected the call and stepped into Coffee Day, a wave of surprise washed over her due to her own choice of meeting Karthik. "What am I even doing here? Run, baby, run," her mind screamed with urgency. 

"Alright! Go inside, grab a coffee, and hit him with the message that 'marriage isn't my thing'.

As they snail-paced through Coffee Day, her mind played its tunes once more, "Marriage? Nah, not my cup of tea. Act childish, and he might just decode your madness, leading him to abandon the whole marriage."

Yet, in an amusing twist, her heart carried on and blindly following its own curious path.

 After ordering coffee, they settled at a window-side table. The spot was a favorite among couples, attracting couples. The scent of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, and the sound of chatter and laughter from fellow patrons imbued the atmosphere with vibrancy.

Little did they know, their lives were on the cup of transformation in the following hour. Their conversation flowed openly and candidly, unafraid to expose their true selves. Deepika bombarded Karthik with a flurry of questions, and he responded patiently and sincerely. They delved into discussions about their families, remarkable experiences, dreams, and more. The conversation flowed effortlessly, revealing shared passions. 

The waiter brought their coffee, and as they sipped, Karthik's charm rendered him immensely likable to Deepika. She reflected, "Karthik is truly charming—his smiles and genuine concern are quite endearing. He's too good for any woman, believe me; he's a darling! If I were marriage-ready, I'd have hugged, kissed, and said 'yes' to him. But relationships begin well and eventually suck."

As they were about to leave, Karthik finally posed a last question to her. "So," he began, "what does beauty mean to you?" Without hesitation, she responded with confidence, asserting that beauty was tied to confidence and character.

When the bill arrived, Karthik was adamant about not letting Deepika pay. After settling they headed towards her office. As they reached her destination, Deepika hesitated briefly before stepping out of the car. 

She then shared her wish for a bit more time to ponder over the decision for marriage. With a friendly tone, she proposed the idea of them shedding the roles of potential bride and groom and instead embracing a friendship built on openness and companionship. Karthik readily agreed.

Deepika continued, her voice carrying a mix of sincerity, "I mean 99.99% let's hope this relationship sails smoothly and ends on a positive note. But, you know, there's that teeny tinny 0.01% chance that things might not work out exactly as planned," she quipped, a playful glint in her eyes. "So, how about this? If that tiny fraction comes into play, let's promise to stay friends."

Karthik nodded enthusiastically, affirming, "Absolutely, I'm on board with that." he said, extending his hand with a grin.

With a giggle, Deepika shook his hand, sealing their agreement with a gentle handshake. "Deal," 

He then turned more serious, his expression softening. "But, honestly, No need to rush your decision. Take all the time you need to figure out what feels right for you."

Deepika's eyes met his, "Thank you for understanding, Karthik.."

He smiled warmly. "It's the least I can do."

As a comfortable silence settled between them, Karthik's eyes sparkled mischievously. "Hey, Deepika," he began, his tone light, "Since we are on the topic of spending time together, would you consider having dinner with me tonight?"

Deepika's cheeks flushed slightly, and she couldn't help but return his smile. "I would love to,"

Karthik's smile widened, and his eyes crinkled at the corners. "Great! I'll pick you up around 7 PM?"

Deepika nodded, a soft glow of anticipation radiating from within. "Sounds perfect."

As they shared that moment, the sun cast a gentle glow over the surroundings, as if nature itself was blessing the new chapter they were embarking on.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Expressing Love Beyond Mother's Day

As I greeted my mother with a warm hug and a thoughtful gift on Mother's Day, I couldn't help but reflect on the significance of this special day. It's a time when we come together to show our deep affection for our mothers. However, I firmly believe that our love for them should be expressed every day, not just on this designated occasion.

On that particular day, my mother was bustling around the kitchen, simultaneously preparing dosas and cooking curry. Amidst her busy routine, she hurriedly dashed to the bathroom to attend to the laundry, promptly placing it in the washing machine. Without skipping a beat, she efficiently retrieved the dried clothes and began folding them.

I was taken aback by her sheer ability to juggle multiple tasks effortlessly. Was she human or some kind of superhuman? How did my mother manage to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? Mothers are truly skilled at multitasking, a talent that I often marvel at.

Admittedly, I can't multitask like my mother. Even with practice, I've come to accept that it's just not my strong suit. Multitasking requires a special talent, one that only mothers seem to possess.

Lost in my thoughts, I decided to relieve my mother of the task of folding the clothes. I took charge and confidently proclaimed, "Mom, I can complete this task in 30 seconds!"

This declaration elicited laughter from my mother, who responded, "My dear child, I can finish this task in one minute. If you join in, it will take you at least an hour."

Perhaps she was right, but I wanted to take on the challenge.

I swiftly gathered all the washed clothes and spread them out on a mat, ready to be folded one by one. Choosing the mat allowed me ample space to neatly arrange the clothes once they were folded.

I began with the T-shirts, focusing on the collar before proceeding to fold each sleeve. Although my folding technique may not have been perfect, I remained confident that with practice and consistency, I would improve and complete the task seamlessly and efficiently.

After swiftly folding the majority of the T-shirts in 30 seconds, I moved on to folding the pants.

To illustrate my newfound skills, I even recorded a video of the task, which I've attached below. Take a look!

My mother burst out into laughter.
Without giving her another chance, I quickly took all the washed clothes and piled down on the mat so that I can easily fold one by one. Another reason for choosing mat is that I get enough space to keep them once I fold properly.
I started with T-shirts first and concentrated on the collar and then folded both the sleeves.
I have attached the video of the task.

While I acknowledge that my folding technique may not have been flawless, I'm certain that with consistent practice, I will become adept at folding clothes quickly and flawlessly.

Since that day, I have made it a habit to fold the laundry each night. Previously, I had procrastinated, assuming that folding clothes would consume a significant amount of time. However, this experience taught me that folding clothes can be accomplished swiftly and efficiently, as long as we approach the task with love and determination.

Now armed with the knowledge that folding clothes takes mere seconds, I no longer allow washed clothes to pile up. By folding them promptly, I maintain a clean and organized living space.

Remember, expressing love for our mothers goes beyond a single day of celebration. Let us strive to appreciate and show our love for them every day, cherishing their unmatched skills and the endless tasks they effortlessly undertake.

Happy Mothers day

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