Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Book Review : Letters to My Ex by Nikita Singh

Letters to My Ex
Open a word document and type whatever comes to your mind until it reaches 134 pages.  Now you are all set to publish a Novel. Yes, that’s what Nikita Singh has done in her Novel Letters to My Ex

Thank you, Nikita, for being honest. In her Author’s note Nikita indicates that this book was not planned at all and she had no idea what’s going to happen to the story. She herself admitted that she started writing this book without a plan and it was a new kind of challenge to her.

Believe me, it was challenging to read the novel as well. 134 pages? Hah, must be a easy-read and I will complete it in 2 hours. That's the main reason I chose this book. But it took 2 weeks to complete.

Letters to My Ex, From the title you can guess that it’s a book consisting of letters. Either the female or the male protagonist would be writing letters to his/her Ex.

Open Communication is a must to any relationship. Nidhi, an immature girl (That’s what I felt while reading the story) falls in love for no reason. Instead of communicating her concerns, she runs away from the engagement. We get to read her side of the “reasons”(which seems so childish) from her these letters.

I really wonder how Harper Collins agreed to publish the manuscript. Even if I imagine the protagonists are in their early 20’s, the reasons and the thought process of Nidhi and the story plot doesn’t not seem to be convincing.

Do you remember our school days? When we don’t know the answer to a question we just fill the answer sheet randomly.

What is Quantum gravity?
Quantum gravity is Quantum gravity. Quantum gravity is also called as Quantum gravity. Quantum gravity will be always Quantum gravity. Gravity is Gravity when it joins with Quantum it becomes Quantum gravity. But the question is Quantum gravity, hence Quantum joins with gravity and becomes Quantum gravity.

The novel is ditto the same. Just to fill the pages the author scribbles something meaningless throughout with no emotion and no logic.

I liked the idea of letters but it’s not impressive though. Believe me, read first few pages and directly come to last page and you won’t skip a bit of story line. The letters are cribbing and repetitive as well as the story gets dragged a lot.


If you want a simple and quick read, then go for it.

More about the book:
Book Title- Letters To My Ex
Author - Nikita Singh
Publisher - Harper Collins
Book - Paperback
No Of Pages - 138
Genre - Romance


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Monday, January 28, 2019

Book Review : The Promise by Nikita Singh

“To Everyone who has gone through something they never thought they would survive but emerged out of it stronger” 

The book starts with this beautiful quote at the beginning of the dedication page.

The protagonist Shambhavi is just twenty-three and she have all the time in the world to try everything her heart desires. She just enjoys today without a worry about tomorrow. She believes work is not everything.

Whereas our hero Arjun is kind of reserved. When he was seventeen his mother and sister die in an accident. He could not save his father, due to insufficient money for treatment. So Arjun decides to becomes a businessman and making money is only his only motive. He fears to have an emotional attachment with anyone, since he has been betrayed by his lover.

But when Arjun meets Shambhavi, he falls in love instantly. Initially Arjun hold back and tries not to get close to her. But eventually he fails. Typical love story. They fall in love, break up only to fall in love again at the climax.

This book has total 5 chapters.
Part One  : She 
Part Two  : He 
Part Three  : She 
Part Four  : He 
Part Five  : They 
So, from the Part Five title "They" it’s very much evident that Shambhavi and the Arjun will reunite at the climax. No twists and turns. A plain love story.

Shambhavi character was handled with extreme maturity. She is not a typical person who blames fate or a person for the hurdles she is facing. In fact, When Arjun pulls off the relationship, Sambhavi is mature enough to understand his reasons and tries to work on what needs to be done next. She is ready to fight her tough time and prepares for it.

The best thing about this book is that each chapter starts with a unique quote.

“The world seems a better place with that one person by our side”

"Sometimes we get so blinded by our grief that we do not see the pain others are going through. Sometimes, we get so blinded by the grief of others are feeling that we do not see our own pain.
The latter is something only someone who loves truly and completely is capable of. That is the purest form of love."

At times I felt the story is dragging. Even if you skip 10 pages, the story line does not change or nothing new happens. Like the typical Serials, where you don't watch it for a month, you'll be still able to grasp the story. 

If you are at the initial stage of reading book or if you need a light reading and like romantic novels then go for it.

More about the book:

Book Title: The Promise
Author: Nikita Singh
Total Number of Pages: 226
Publisher: Penguin India
Language: English
Genre: Fiction / Romance


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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ordinary Vs Extraordinary People

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Hanging out Vs Building Relationship:
Ordinary people love to gossip. They spend most of their time discussing about other’s life. They are more focused on short-term pleasure of hanging out with people and having fun.

Extra ordinary people also spend time with people, but they focus more on building relationships. They love to spend their time discussing about their passion, dreams and they always carry a vision for a better tomorrow.

Spend Vs Investment:
Ordinary people are more concerned on self-identity. They invest lot of time in buying things, branded cloths to impress others.

Extraordinary people are not concerned on the self-identity. But those self identity are automatically created. They spend most of their time and energy in creative fields, improving their talents. They know the difference between spending time and investing time.

Pleasure Vs Pain:
Ordinary people always wanted pleasure and fun. They are more concerned about feeling good at that moment. They don’t look at long-term result.
Extraordinary People Vs Ordinary people

Extraordinary people always look at the big picture. They always carry a fire and never look into the short-term pain. They always work towards their better tomorrow.

Fun Vs Knowledge:
Ordinary people spend most of time in games, serial, movies and restaurant which don’t lead any value to them.

Extraordinary people spend their time in books and videos to gain knowledge. They always look for valuable conference in the city and make their presence and time to attend the seminar.

Luck Vs Hard work:
Ordinary people believe success is based purely on luck and hence they never put effort in trying something new. They always find 1000 reasons why it failed and why it will go wrong. Ordinary people will not have a plan or a goal.

Extraordinary people believe in sacrifice, hard work and focus. They will have a clear short-term goal and a long-term goal. They know what they want to be in the next year, next 5 year, next 10 years.

Follow Vs Leader:
Ordinary people follow others. If everyone joins Engineering, they will join Engineering too. If Everyone says, that Modi government is bad, they acknowledge it.

Extra Ordinary people create their own path and make others follow them. They are not scared to choose a new path and fail.

Live to Eat Vs Eat to Live:
Ordinary people don’t care about their health. They love to eat junk, sleep till 11 in the morning and waste their night in smart phone and movies.

Extra Ordinary people value their time a lot. They sleep early and wake up early. For them health comes first.