Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Retirement Dad. .

A special dedication to my dad. . .

I honor my dad who is getting retired from his 37 years of service. . . 

We are always a child to our parents.Likewise, We always feel our father as young hero. I could not believe myself that he is getting retired.

He started his career immediately after his graduation and got government posting within a month. 

My dad always believes “Silence is more eloquent than words”. He is a Miser, but yet spendthrift in love.As George Herbert said "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters" I learnt to speak, walk, eat , etc, etc from you. .

The commitment you show towards your work, the patience you show towards a situation, the love you show on us is always admired by me.

Dad, Retirement is
“A chance to do the special things

You always wished you could.

Retirement is a special time

For is good.”

Today, there was a farewell in his office and all his colleagues and friends came to our home evening to give sendoff.
They asked my mom to take "aarthi" and welcome him. It was a heart touching moment and it was touching moment when everyone wished him. we arranged a dinner party at home and all his colleagues gave him adieu.

My grandma, sister, sanju everyone welcome him with a warm smile. I could see a small feel on my dad's face. :) :) 
I wanted to say, Dad you enjoy your life, I am there to take care of you. But I remembered "puli pasichaalum pulla thingaathu". You feel more happy only if you are not dependent on any one.

Here are my few words for you. .

you are a simple man with simple are my are very smart..

Congratulations on your Retirement. . .

I love you Muthus. . .

Friday, July 9, 2010

Joined UHG . .

Joined UnitedHealth Group today.

Fear in my heart and dreams in my eyes I got up at 6.00AM. My parents was also ready by the time.I touched their feet and received their blessings. Ramya akka Said "All the best".

My Sanju kutty Kissed on my cheek and said bye bye.

The company cab came sharp at 8:00 to the hotel.

To my surprise, I met a Tamil person in Quality Inn working for UHG. He helped me in getting Temporty ID card and properly guided the direction to the HR.

Hmmm, Another suprise, I met an IBMer(I dont want to add EX-IBMer) from bangalore who is staying in Quality Inn. Both our Client, Last working day, Building was same. !!!
Everything was comfortable. Since, it was Friday they said my induction Will start from Monday.
We both roamed all over UHG, and meet another Ex-IBMer.

I remember the next day I joined IBM was a national holiday(Independence day). Similarly, Its a holiday tomorrow :) :)  as it is Saturday :)

Planning how to spend the weekend in Hyderbad with my family members :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My First Flight Journey

People say "First love is always unforgettable." What about First journey in Flight? That too First Journey in Flight with our parents, Sister and sisters son???

July 7th I was in a hurry to get blessing from my periyamma,Meet Sharmi, Shopping and Packing. Yes.. I am moving to Hyderabad tomorrow.Its my first Flight travel (Coimbatore to Hyderabad) with my Mom, dad and sister.

The flight was scheduled at 10:45AM. We reached Coimbatore airport and was busy in check in formalities. During the security check, the bomb detector was shouting when they checked my DAD. He kept removing Mobile Phones, key chains. still It showed Red-light and shouted "Bee,Bee" . The security officer gave a look and said something is wrong sir!?. Then we started scanning him and found a metal token (an acknowledgement given when bike is parked in bike stands)

Then we waited in Boarding room. I kept answering Sanju's repeated questions, "when will the flight fly?" Oh god I must have answered him at lest 500 times :(

Luckily my sister and myself got window seat but they were above the wing. So the view was quite restricted.I made my mother to sit beside window as my dad has already explored the window view twice in Kingfisher and Jet Airways. I was not excited much as I was wondering whether I am stepping to the right path (Re-locating to HYB). My mom and sister were excited about the flight journey. Crap sanju slept during the flight take off :(

My dad was instructing us on how to put the seat belt, as he travelled twice.When the flight accelerate up the runway, I felt quite nervous and holded my fathers hand. We landed up Rajiv Gandhi international airport. We collected our bags and stated moving out as the CAB driver was waiting for so long time.

The cab driver was holding my name in name plate as if i was the boss for the company. My eyes focused on "Muthusamy" rather than "Deepika". I showed my dad his name. Opps Mother name should also include in our name.
Overall, its was nice to see my parents enjoying the journey. My dream is to take my periyamma in flight once

Here are my few clicks while travelling

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last day at IBM . . .

"A journey is best measured in
Experience rather than miles"

14th August 2007, the day I joined ACE gang (IBM). Lot of dreams, passions in everyone's eyes. Damn sure, the excitement towards IBM logo and the BOOM gifts received from IBM are preserved like diamond @ everyones home

Today is my last day of employment at IBM.

Why should I say "Its My last working day at IBM".. Hmmm... Rather I would love to say "Going on long vacation"... who knows I may be back to IBM as a CEO ;)

2 years 10 Months, , Lots of cries, RCM exams, Dis-appointments, fight with managers, Initial Bench period, , was this my experience in IBM????

Yup, I need to think a year to write my happiest moment @ IBM.

Its not the experience, The lesson learned in each pain. I should definitely thank IBM sorry sorry , My team for giving me such a wonderful lesson.

Its always the First job leaves lasting memories. . . Yes, Still I feel a Feather in my cap when I say "I was an IBMer".

Finally, Thank you Reshu and Suchitra for everything. I can definitely say that if you both were not there, I would not be in a place where I am today.

Santhosh, My little brother, Mr.Perfect, gave such a wonderful send off.

Oh god!!! How can I forget my friend Abitha. What I am here is only because of her.

Stepped into IBM with a dream of Deepika M.S., But signing off with Deepika MBA.,

The only only only happiness I had these IBM period was my MS mates and PESIT College.I never even had a dream of studying in one of the TOP institutes in KARNATAKA .

Fighting, comments, advices, class room sleepizzzing, Break time chats. My eyes wets with memories. Anitha, Aabitha, Ramya, Swathi, jayashree, Layanya, Malar, DeepaShree, I must have not got those good friends without IBM. Thanks IBM!!!

And also,Today is my last day in Bangalore. I am moving to Hyderabad. A Completely new state, New language, new job,etc etc,,, Nothing is old apart from me.

I have been in Bangalore for 2.10 years.

I wish myself for a new world , , "All the BEST DEEPU"