Monday, March 12, 2012

Early Morning !!!

     Who doesn’t love, kicking the Phone which Snooze every 10 Minutes and sleeping till morning 11 (AM or PM??) on week ends and having a brunch? But Nothing can trade the happines of waking at 5 and delighting the morning Splender!!!

My Friends say, its effortless to seek Deepika in a Book Mall when lost!!! 
Because, it might me be a 15 floor LIC building with Pile of books comprising horror, fantasy, fiction, novels, short stories but stll I end up landing in Self help section. Hmmm tats the reason, I enrolled (Flattered) for the session even though it was a week end.

With a backup of alarm in 3 phones (Hoping, if one Fails, other might give me a hand!!) I slept, and got up before 6(Trust me!!I did). After a Shower with cold ice rain, I started to office. On the way i gave pose to Sunlight which kept flashing at me. Hey the sun is round and orange!!? I evoked my school day painting competition which I draw (okey!!Traced one Rupees coin for getting round shaped Sun) and painted it Orange.

The Shopkeepers were inaugurating with sincerity and offerings. Hot hot News Paper with fresh printing smells arrived. It would have been fulfilled, if a bird would sung a love song for me!!. Oops!!! I am in IT Hub which is sealed with big apartments??? But here comes a replacement with whistle sounds -Yes its milk Cooker sound!!! 

I dumbfounded whether it was bangalore, as it was Less traffice (Yes I cant quote No Traffice even at this early morning). After admiring, I stepped into bus accompanied by a School student. Oh!!She does the exact way i do when i was at school. She was recollecting her answeres by covering the text book with hand key got exicted when she was correct. Another kid with eyes full of tears and request of not going to school got into bus. Oh poor boy, He doesnt know the trick of taking leave with stomach pain or leg pain drama!!! Oh my stop came!!!

I finally got down with bunch of staggering memories. Rely me!! Get up once at 6 and start your tour in your city. You will find the other side of your life!!!