Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sanju

Today is my Sweet Sanju Kutty Birthday :) :) :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inidhu Inidhu - Happy Days

Inidhu Inidhu. . . My First movie in Hyderabad with my sweet friend Nisha. Tamil movies getting released in Hyderabad is "Once in blue Moon". Even you may get hike in your organization, but Tamil movies wont get released in Hyderabad. Since it was a remake of telugu's smash hit movie "Happy Days" we never had second thought. And also its my favourite Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies Production.Instead of going to INOX, the driver took us to IMAX and from there again we reached INOX.

The movie was completely shot in the campus of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore. The infrastructure of the college was really fabulous.The movie begins with Sidhu, Tyson, Vimal, Shankar, Madhu, Jiya, Umar and Appu who steps into their college life (oops Same Telugu movie name). Expect Sonia Deepthi (Shravs) everyone is new.

Defintely whoever has enjoyed their college life, this movie would be a treat.Atleast in one of the scenes, you would relate yourself to the movie. "Indhu Inidhu" songs lasts in our mind. Madhu is very beautiful with colorful costumes :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day – Its time to celebrate

Today marks the sixty Third anniversary of India's independence...

Of almost all the independence day, This year was a most remarkable one. It was my pleasure to be a part of United Health Group and that’s the reason I had a chance to be a part of Freedom Ride 2010 which was conducted by "Hyderabad Bicycling Club" in association with the Atlanta Foundation.

I got up at 5:30 today (Mid-Night) and reached Novotel & HICC Complex at 6:15. I was the first person in my company to reach the venue.

This was my first Cycle ride with a team of 250. I realesed ballons with Tri-colors and stared my ride. It was a pleasent ride and I have to be bit consicious becaused My cycle was not having breaks ;)

Happy happy independence day to all. .
       Freedom in the Mind,
       Faith in the words..
       Pride in our Souls..
       Lets salute the Nation on 64th Independence Day. . .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miracle or Coincidence ?

What you would say this? A Miracle or A Crazy Coincidence?

Today was the day I Joined IBM before 3 years, and today is the day I got Full and Final Settlement from IBM.

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Month @ Hyderabad. .

Hooray. . I have completed 1 Month in Hyderabad and in United Health Group. .

The first day  I stepped into Hyderabad, I asked myself a Million times "whether I did a mistake?"
Now, I Feel, This decision is one of the best decision in my life.

All these days I find myself very happy and comfortable. Foods are really yummy here. (Not my hostel Food). Mid-Night Briyani. . Bowling in SVM. . Week-Ends with Nisha in Hyderabad Central and KalaNikenthan. . .Enjoying the events Conducted by UnitedHealth Group. . .Relishing the taste of Tamil Nadu Food @ Anjappar Hotel. .  Lots and Lots are there.

The above sentence does not mean there is nothing negative in HYD,
Here goes the other side,
  1. Only Sun TV is tele-casted here. Rest all are Telugu channels.Though all my Room mates are Tamil people, we are Punished to watch all the programmes in Sun TV.
  2. Very tough to get into Auto  or Buses at Peak time.
  3. At some Places, Its tough to manage without Telugu or Hindi.
  4. Miss my home Badly . . I get a chance to go once in a month only. Travel is really hectic
Still . . . I enjoy Staying at Hi-Tech city more than Garden City . . .