Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tata Sky+ Transfer

“A Thousand fifty rupees excluding taxes” my dad shouted on seeing the current month mobile bill. He scrutinized my bill and found most of the cost was incurred for using the internet.
"Dad, Need 700 rupees to recharge my mobile" my brother pitched in without knowing the circumstances.
"700 for mobile recharge?” my dad eyes turned red.
"Dad, it’s the lowest recharge. Mobile without a data pack is useless. For 697 I just get 3GB data, which is not sufficient to download all my favorite cricket programs. You seriously don’t understand on how I refrain myself from watching all my favorite program because of your budget and pocket money"

My dad and brother had a severe argument that night and my brother took his bike key and went out of the house. Whereas, my dad slept without having his dinner.

Next day,

"Record the favorite TV program and transfer it to smart phones or tablets without wasting any internet data.” My read the headlines of the newspaper.

"But 9K seems to be bit costly" My dad put forward his opinion

I took the newspaper and read the article completely.

“It comes with a storage capacity of 500 GB. 500 GB hard disk will cost you minimum 3k” I added.

My dad face lighted up.

"I miss my favorite TV serials due to cooking..." ~~ Mom

"During office hours, I badly miss my favorite TV shows. After office hours, I miss my favorite TV shows because of my brother. He always watch sports and English movies" ~~ Me.

"I miss my favorite yoga program in the morning, since I go for a jog" ~~ Dad. 

Those above compliments will be stopped at my home after the New Tata Sky set-top installation. Because we can record our favorite program anytime and from anywhere and transfer it to our mobile without using internet data.

Below is the Tata Sky Transfer ad,

Did I say record it from anywhere. Yes, the app allows you to send instructions to record our favorite program by being anywhere outside the house. This is the best and interesting innovation.

How did I miss my brother's compliant? He always catches up fight with his girlfriend as he watches his favorite sports and not talking to her during that time. Either he would sacrifice his favorite sports or spending time with his gf. All our complaints comes to a climax with the Tata Sky Transfer.

With the Tata sky transfer, I can pause any program while watching and resume it later from my smart phone. No more worries about my face pack getting dried up. I can pause to wash my face, admire my face in mirror for long time and then resume my program later through my mobile.

The signals are clear, the price is affordable and the Tata Sky set-top box comes with WiFi dongle at just Rs 9,300.

Woooooo - Wowwww!!!

Tata Sky trasfer is definitely gonna be a super- dooper hit product. I am sure its gonna be the hat-trick success for TATA Sky after its successful products of Tata Sky+, Tata Sky HD

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My sister my guide

"I have sent you one image in what’s app. Please check and tell me how it is." 
I called my sister and informed her as she did not check my what’s app ping for more than 10 minutes.
After 5 minutes, I got a ping from my sister. Color is good. Price is reasonable. But design is vague. Check for some other dress"
This is the usual conversation I have with my sister. It’s not only today and it’s not only for dress. But for everything under the sun. Be it a small toy I am ordering or the high end model mobile or life's major decision, I will not go without getting proper suggestion from my sister. People do say, Sister is a second mother. It’s true in my case. She has taken care, guided me from the childhood.
We both have a age difference of 10 years and that is another reason she always looks and treat me like a kid. When my parents were looking for kinder garden admission, they chose the one that my sister was studying. She used to make sure I finish my lunch properly.
During my graduation, I joined the same college where my sister was working. She guided me how to prepare for entrance exams. With me, she used to study and keep mock tests.
When she got married, I cried a lot and felt my heart was taken out from my body. It’s that point of time; I realized how much I was attached to her. But things did not change much after her marriage. She used to still call me and check how I am doing and ensure everything is going right in my life.
Whenever I have problem or I am not sure how to deal with a particular situation, I just make a call to my sister and ask her advice to deal with that situation. Sisters are the angles which are sent to earth by god. It’s very scary to think how my life would be without a sibling. Thank you so much my sister for making my life an organized and disciplined one. If my life is great, it’s because of your advice and guidance only.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

Right Advice at Right time

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

What I am today is only because of my dad. My dad always used to preach one little proverb. 
“Study and work hard now; that’s the best gift you can gift yourself”
 I really could not imagine a life without his guidance. His support and advice was not in one area of my life. He molded at every aspect of my life. The best part was he analyzed what I need and guided accordingly. There are certain incidents in our life, where choosing one path would take us to huge success whereas taking another path would trash and spoil our future like anything
It was right after my graduation, I was put into one such situation. 
I got placed in a multinational company with a good offer; whereas my passion was to purse PhD in management.  Those days, this particular company in which I got placed has a good brand name. Like everyone, I was tempted for those flashy offers they were offering. Employees of that company had god future as well. Whereas, adding PHD after my name was my dream and I could not sacrifice that was well. 
On discussing this dilemma with friends their advice was, it’s your life, so you need to decide or take a decision. That night I reached home with a heavy heart and confused mind. I did not have my dinner properly. 
My dad was keenly observing my body language from far and understood that I was mood off. When I went to my bed room to catch sleep, II heard a knock at my door. I saw my dad waiting at the bed rom door. 
He entered my room caressed my head and said, I know what’s running on your mind. “You are confused whether to choose employment offer or higher studies.”
Yes dad and its number one IT Company in the world. Getting a Job in that company is the dream of many people. Whereas I can’t miss my higher studies. 
My dad advised me to accept the offer and work for few years, gain working experience and purse my passion of doing higher studies. With his right advise, I sent an email that night accepting the offer and joined the organization. After 3 years, I went for higher education. Now, My future is so secure and I am loving the life which I love the most. One right advice at right time changed my life

Friday, September 18, 2015

Funny Profile in Matrimony

About my son
Did my B.E from Govt College and Masters in Business Administration(Govt College )
PresentIy Iam working as a ceo of a leading software company which has branches in india and abroad..

In future Iam more interested to settle in USA and taking care of USA operations and visiting india often.
Traveled across dozens of countries ,but still value indian culture.
Respect elders very much ,God Fearing,Do not Drink or Smoke .
i love pets like birds and animals and have lots in my home :)
CEO of a company does not mean i work all 24/7 :)
i do have plenty of time for family and friends .
love to spend my Free time with family and close friends or take a long drive in the weekends.
I drive 2015 Carbon Black BMW 530D M Sport. This Rs 80 Lakhs BMW Beast is my latest dear friend who accompany me during weekends.So i can assure u my future wife that weekend will be full of fun and adventrous . Those who explore new places n visit

exotic destinations are welcome...ill be husband cum Driver cum free tour guide :)

Apart from BMW ,i own Black Honda Accord and silver Color huyndai .

i have a younger brother,who is the most amazing person with brilliant attitude also into software field.

Both are taking an annual Salary package of more than Rs 1.5 crore a year.

my dad and mom are retired and supporting us and taking care of us .

so we all are born and brought up in middle class smoke,drink :( (sad isnt it ?)

we are a zero debt highly profit making and fast growing software company in india :)
our company is mainly into asp/php/.net and cloud computing software programming solution.
My dream is to beat my great granddad and take our company public and provide job to 1000+ of engineers and to have branches all over the short a big MNC all during my life time..
Very soon by 2015-16 we are planning to expand globally with offices to be opened in USA and UK.
This all are possible..only if i get a understanding girl and at the same time humanistic wife..and i need her moral support :) other wise ill end up dying by running a normal company..

Being wealthy does not mean..iam dad's family is a normal middle class family.
my grandpa earned thru we all grown up with middle class values..

Going to temple,Respecting elders,Do not waste food..Tolerance,forgiving character n kindness are the core value of mine.

Infact i implemented this middle class value system in our business...and that's why we are able to grow big in short span of time..

ill be the last one to show, public display of wealth..

I do party hard with friends .

If you are more into health and fitness...then you have to be in my home .

I have a 1000 sq feet private gym. Equipped with Precor Treadmill,Precor Stepper,Home Gym,Cross Trainer n many stuffs.

Also iam a reebok certified aerobic and personal fitness anything in fitness and food i can guide my future wife on par with any international star gym trainers.

i had six pack until 2010 but now iam not that hard working out like before :) but still i run everyday 10kms and spend close to 2 hrs everyday in my gym.

About my hobbies:

i love spending my free time in gym

iam not into heavy weights .

i do cook..all south indian dishes and after marriage i dont mind cooking everyday for my family

i like tennis and big fan of roger federer....since he won his first wimbledon.

one of my dream is to take my wife n family to wimbledon to watch roger federer playing live

i love movies..mostly english movies...

kind request : after reading my not brand me as hifi , wifi guy n all

iam just yet another normal&simple attitude guy whom u see next door in ur neighborhood.

thank u for reading my profile..

all the best.

Note : Iam really not sure how to search for a girl on net or how to contact and initiate...bcos so much of profile and no idea where to begin ...iam very poor in promoting myself and not the best to market myself in this marriage market.

iam second to none interms of education,intelligence,job,career,wealth,health,fitness or smart personality..but iam too lazy and bored to promote myself here...

Having some fear that,a Girl may Simply reject my profile without even reading it fully n give a heart break

If somebody has enough time and patient ,then reach out to me..ill be very sincere thru all my life to my girl and her family.

most important thing is our family do not believe in DOWRY SYSTEM
work hard,earn more,create more jobs,love and help others

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Unakenna Venum Sollu

Recently, there was one song which has made me crazy. No, Crazy is not the right word. Some kinda feeling that made my soul soothing on listening to its lyrics and tune.

It’s "Unakenna Venum Sollu" from the movie "Yennai Arindhaal" There are lot of movies that projects Father - Daughter relationship and those movies will be always close to the ‘daddy girls’. This movie is not a devoted movie about daughter father sentiments or love rather it’s an action film. But there is one portion of the film which beautifully conveys the love of a father towards his child.
As per the song situation, a five year old child ISHA's mother dies and the child is heartbroken. To divert her mind, Isha dad Ajith takes her to new places. Only daughter on the earth could understand the depth of love a dad has. Dads are always the strength for the women. If they have a dad beside them, they would face the world with courage.

Unakenna Venum Sollu....Ulagathai Kaata Sollu
Puthu Idam Puthu Megam, Thedi Povoame.....

(Meaning - What you need? Request me to show the world, let’s go in search of new place, new horizon that’s besides the clouds)

Ulagenum Paramapatham
Vizhunthapin Uyarvu Varum
Ninaithathu Ninaiyaathathu
Serka Porome

(Meaning - Life is like a Snakes and Ladder game, success come after lot of obstruct. Every failure in our life is the source of inspiration. It’s the pillar that provides the path to greatness)

My favorite line, "Nee Adam Pidithaalum Adangi P√łgindren" 

All girls would agree to the above point. Father's act as a stubborn dad, rules master, Strict dad mostly,  but when their naughty daughter plead for something they unwrap all those “FIRM” mask and fulfill the daughter's wish. Right from childhood's ice cream wish to major life decisions of choosing the partner.

"Kanavugal Theinthathendru
Kalangida Koodathendru
Thinam Thinam Iravu Vanthu

(Meaning - Sleep every day to get dreams and chase those dreams the next day. )

Whenever I listen to the song, I feel my dad is always besides me. It’s an encouraging song that is wrapped with love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tidbits about Life..

In a cloudy evening, my wife and me were taking a walk to the nearby shopping mall, we stopped by a flower shop to get flowers to my wife.There was a lady who welcomed with a hearty smile.We got flowers from her but we did not have a hairpin handy so that my wife could decorate her hair with the flowers.Witnessing the scenario the lady picked one of the hairpin from the bundle she had(seems that she offers it to everyone in the same scenario) and gave it with a smile to me.We thanked her and went to the nearby shopping mall.

After an hour we finished shopping and came to the billing counter, there was another lady at the counter who billed all the items I got from the shop and with a smile she asked me would you like get a carry bag sir? It is charged at RS.5 she added.

I replied stating that how else would you think that I will carry all these items.......

This is a guest post by Vignesh Kumar, Pushparaj

Friday, September 11, 2015

My dream travel destinations

My dream travel destinations

Though I live in  “Bangalore" - the third largest city in India that has an amazing weather and have a satisfying job it does not invigorate me. My social life is also pleasant, surrounded with energetic friends.

But none of these things vivify as much as traveling and exploring new places. I am proud to say, I am an avid trekker and co-founder of Bangalore Hikers and that’s the thing lifts my energy.
Travelling is the best thing to do and that’s the best thing you could gift yourself. It energizes your body, mind and soul.
The memories of your trekking/travelling will last forever. Not the appreciation or the hike you received in your job

Today, I came up with a list of Top 10 Highest peak in Karnataka.
Below is the list in order from 1 to 10:

  1. Mulayyanagiri 
  2. Baba Budangiri
  3. Kudremukh
  4. Biligiriranga Hills
  5. Tadiandamol
  6. Kumara Parvata
  7. Pushpagiri
  8. Brahmagiri
  9. Madikeri
  10. Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta,

I love to explore the top 10 highest peak of Karnataka before my marriage. After marriage I am not sure whether I would get time. There is a specific reason to choose Karnataka rather than the Peaks in TamilNadu. Because I stay in Karnataka and the second reason, “let me first explore the top peaks in Karnataka and then let me think about TamilNadu.” 
When it comes to trekking there are few check list and mandatory items that is needed for a peaceful and comfortable trip. Below are my check lists.

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Water bottles (Minimum 2 litres)
  • Torch Kight.
  • Trekking Shoes with extra socks. 
  • First Aid Kid.
  • Toiletries like Towel, Toothbrush tooth paste, 
  • Sun screen lotion. 
  • Rucksack

When you buy all these items it may cost you around 10,000. Many people hesitate to opt travelling because of the cost it incurs. Even If I explore all the places through some clubs or tourist companies, definitely it will cost me lot of money. What is the most effective ways to travel with less price.
Below are the suggestion to save money. The best way to get the above offers is through
What is is a leading distribution online platform in India that offers various discount coupons that is available in Indian Ecommerce websites. Yes, You heard it right. All Discount coupons and deals in one Platform. Its user friendly and you don’t even have to remember all the Ecommerce websites names. For example, I am looking for travel discounts. I am aware only of the travelguru
But the easy search option lets you to find the deals in an easy way. When you type "TRA" the website displays all the Ecommerce websites that is associated with

Its absolutely free of cost and no hidden charges. I don’t have to visit hundreds of website to get to know about the discount coupons available in their respective website. If I am looking for Flipkart, Snapdeal offers, I would  check whether there is any offer available for sports accessories and will visit the website from there.
If you are a frequent traveller, i am sure this would help you to grab all your mandatory items at great discounts and offers.