Friday, December 28, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday number 3

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...

It’s an eye-catching sensation to watch thousand Dove flying around you. As we all know, Dove represent "Peace" what is needed in the world that would give us peace?

I feel, “Positive Approach”

If everyone starts looking only the positive side of other people/society definitely it would result in "World Peace"

Just a Small Test. Could you list out 10 random people name and write down their positive and negatives?

I guess, when you pen down the positive column, you stop, hesitate and re-think to put down in words. But just like a flow of river, you fill up the negatives. we are not ready to appreciate people's positive behaviour.

Just for one hour, look everything around you in a positive way and do post a comment how you felt it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Landmark Forum Review

One of my colleague encouraged me to attend a three-day weekend Landmark Forum. I was impressed by the tag line which quoted, “Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love”. On receiving upon positive testimonials like “it changes the way you think”; I decided to attend the Introductory course.

I searched in Google for Landmark Education review and my cup was filled with both Positive and negative feedback. Some reviews even said, it was a cult and spam. While few said, it enlightens the lives. Whatever it is I decided to give it a try and get my doubts answered by attending the “Special Introductions to The Landmark Forum”

The session started well by the graduates of Landmark who shared their experience of how they overcome financial problems, failed relationships, mommy issues after attending the Landmark Education training.

Definitely our behavior or attitude which was molded due to the influence of people, society and circumstance cannot be changed in a 3-day program. But they explained with a story.

Assume it’s Friday evening 8.00 P.M and you are about to start from your office. You are in Friday fever and have booked movie tickets at 9.00 P.M with your friends/family. You are passionate to watch the movie from almost a month and were dreaming about this outing/movie from morning.

When you are about to start from office, your Boss/Manager calls you. Definitely thousand thoughts will pop up in your mind. Why does he bugging me when I was about to leave? Will this guy spoil my mood by giving some crap work?

With these bombarding thoughts you step into his cubical. To your surprise, he appreciates you for the work done in the past month and offers you flight ticket to Hawaii. The offer also states that you are take 3 members from your family. Suddenly, you will be excited for the trip more than the movie outing. Even, while you are watching the movie, you will be dreaming about the Hawaii trip.

That’s what the Landmark people do say. The negative influence can be overcome with the positive thoughts.

PRONS Landmark gave people an opportunity to look at your issues from a different point of view.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to forget someone Death

A Boy & A Girl Loved Each Other Very Much….
Unfortunately The Boy Died………
Girl Was Upset Too Much & She Couldn’t Stop Her Tears….
She Kept On Crying Every Day……….
Many People Gave Sympathy But No Argument Could Stop Her Tears…………
One Night She Slept & Had A Dream……….
She Saw The Guy In Heaven With So Many Guys Of His Age…….
He Felt Relaxed…….
But She Noticed That Every Guy Was In Fairy Dress……&
Had A Lightened Candle In Their Hand……..
But Her Guy Had A Candle Which Was Not Lightened……..
She Asked Him:;”Why Your Candle Is Not Lightened?”……
He Said:-”Whenever I Lighten My Candle My Candle Your Tears Falls On It”

Please Don’t Cry For Whom You Really Love”
“Because They Dont Want You Too”♥

Monday, December 17, 2012

J.K Rowling - Secret of Success

My favorite motivational words from J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default."

The author didn’t miraculously become richer than the Queen of England overnight. Despite of her divorce and raising a child on her own, she wrote the first Harry Potter book on an old manual typewriter.

Twelve publishers rejected the manuscript!!

A year later she was given the green light by Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury, who agreed to publish the book but insisted she get a day job cause there was no money in children’s books.

What if she stopped at the first rejection? The fifth? Or the tenth?
The measure of success can be shown by how many times someone keeps going despite hearing only no. Lets take a pledge that we will succeeded despite failure and rejection.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pages from my Diary

January 2011

Everything beneath the cosmos is beautiful. Birds preening, a puppy licks, Twilight, A Blooming Flower, a Child’s Genuine Smile . . .Above all, I admire one thing the most i.e. "LOVE".

I am Dakshanya. 24, Slim Fit and Fair. My ambition in life is to love my life partner so intensely, truly and honestly. I don’t believe in Love which comes before marriage. I trust, the love which comes after marriage and the one arranged by our parents are True and last for ever.

January 2012

I hate a Blooming Flower, Child's Genunie Smile, Birds Preening, Twilight, . Above all there is one thing which I hate the most. And that is "LOVE"
Can Likes or Opinion change in a year? If so, Why? What went wrong?

Coming Soon.....
 "Pages from my Diary"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary to My Lovable Parents

“One of the greatest awards in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.”- Jim DeMint

Our parents are eventually responsible for nurturing us and bringing us into the world, so celebrating their precious wedding day that they determined to couple together is a move that will mean a lot to them.

I was jaded in gifting a Sari to mom and shirt to dad which I and my sister do every year. Like the Hutch dog which follows the boy in all unlikely locations, my corporate world too asks us to follow a 10 letter word in all circumstances and in all projects. And that 10 letter word is  “I*N*N*O*V*A*T*I*O*N”

Does that magical 10-letter word is meant only for my corporate world? Why not I try for my parents wedding day? And because of the so and so thought, I got a very innovative idea (Not exactly, atleast its a innovative idea in that small city Erode)

I carefully choose a good-looking greeting card from Archies Galleries, Bangalore a month before and was in process of enhancing the card with expressive and sentiment words for a life time remembrance.I was sort of leave and hence could not get leave to be with my parents.

Erode does not have facility to deliver at the time we specify. My only criteria, the cake and Bouquet should reach my home before 8.00 AM (i.e. before my mom leaves for school) and my parents should receive the gift in couple. When checked with the Bouquet and cake shop, they said they can’t give any commitments on delivery time. I thought by sitting on sofa, while at desk, while attending my daily status call, travelling in cab and a bright idea clicked. I thought of delivering the gift first to my friend well in advance on Wednesday and I requested my friend to deliver it to my home on Thursday morning 8.00 AM.

Everything went well as planned.
It may be just a small gift, but the happiness they received on that was enormous. Just copy, paste my idea for your parents wedding day too. The result and happiness you get on that is .................
A very true touching moment.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Live and Let other Live

A few years ago at the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all with special needs assembled at the starting line for the 100-metres dash. At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win. After running a little distance a boy stumbled on the asphalt, fell down and began to cry. The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and looked back. They all turned around and went back. Every one of them.

One girl with Down’s syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, “This will make it better.” All nine linked arms and walked across the finish line together.

Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes. People who were there are still telling the story.


Because deep down we should learn one thing, "More than winning or living for ourselves, what truly matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course."

We need to learn and change the world to make it a better place for everyone

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life is to Live

Book Blurb:

In a world where everything moves at a rapid pace, Reena and Gowtham's story unfolds with a speed that takes them by surprise. "Life is to live" delves into the tumultuous journey of two individuals whose lives collide unexpectedly, leading them down a path of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

When Reena and Gowtham's eyes meet by chance, an undeniable spark ignites between them. Fate weaves its intricate web, drawing them closer until they find themselves deeply in love. But as quickly as their love blossoms, the cracks in their relationship start to show, stemming from their differing attitudes and perspectives.

As their bond shatters, Reena and Gowtham are forced to confront the painful reality of their separation. Will Reena succumb to the depths of despair, or will she find solace and love in the arms of another? Can the couple overcome their differences and rediscover the love they once shared?

Their journey takes them through a rollercoaster of emotions—pain, grief, success, and moments of humor. Along the way, they encounter unexpected twists and turns, ultimately leading them to a destination that carries a powerful message—a message of resilience, hope, and the importance of cherishing life.

"Life is to live" is a gripping tale that explores the fragility of relationships and the resilience of the human spirit. With its captivating blend of emotions, this novel will take readers on an unforgettable journey, leaving them with a profound realization: no matter how fast life moves, the strength to overcome and embrace the present moment lies within us all.

Discover the transformative power of love, the resilience of the human spirit, and the importance of embracing life without succumbing to despair in this thought-provoking and inspiring novel, "Life is to live."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage

“Hey I brought a new phone" I whispered to my friend with excitement
Does it have 3G? Touch? Wi-Fi ?Secondary camera options? Android software? His question went on
It took more time for me to answer his question than the time I took to research for buying a new phone.
Arrange marriage has now more or less become like this purchase of the phone in the market.
Does he earn 5 digit salaries per month? Does he owe a car? Does he own a flat? Is he thin? Fair?

This is how the current arrange marriage works. There are days where a bride and groom don’t meet until they the time of marriage. But this days, all it goes are with Outside and External Influence.
Just like the fairy Cinderella story where beautiful dress, shoes vanishes by night, The love between the couples gets faded out soon when they slowly realize their negative.
I am not against arrange marriage, but the arrange marriage in these century are more like business which deals only with money

This is a contest entry by Sony television conducted for the promotions of their new Hindi Soap Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things to do on your birthday

  1. Start your day with a Big smile on your Face
  2. Go for walking/Jogging/Running
  3. Play any sports - Badminton, Table Tennis
  4. Do Yoga
  5. Perform Skipping
  6. Meditate
  7. Visit Temple
  8. Plant a Tree
  9. Sponsor Food to a Child
  10. Donate Charity
  11. Send an Inspirational SMS to your friends
  12. Drink 10 liters of water
  13. Start learning New things/Join a Coaching class - Music/Technical
  14. Take a SPA message
  15. Read any inspirational/Self-helf books
  16. Donate your Eyes
  17. Start a New Aquarium
  18. Call someone and surprise them
  19. Start writing a Journal
  20. Visit a New Place
  21. Feed a Stray dog
  22. Visit NGO
  23. Capture your Photo and Frame it
  24. Write/Explore 5 Good things about you
  25. Thank the day

A Remarkable Birthday

Birthday !? - The day we Sense ourselves as Angels/Superhero’s.

I love it from my childhood days, when my mom and dad clutch my tiny hands along with the knife to cut the cake.
I treasured it during my school days, reason being color dress? Nah major reason, we were excused from scolding’s and beatings. Distributing chocolates to people residing in our neighborhood and getting excited on receiving Rs.5 and mom making a note in a notebook/dairy to return that Huge money back during their kid birthday. What a charming life we had those periods?
Time has distorted our minute happiness. Though we (our friends exactly) woke us at the stroke of the midnight to have fun and frolic and offering a cake facial along with the ingredients of colas, chips, and pizzas Will that fulfill the pleasure we had those days?
Yes, it will. I tried to celebrate this year birthday in a different way and it was my best birthday I ever had
August 10th 2012 is extra special not because I have completed 25 years of age in this gorgeous planet. But for 3 reasons

1. August 10th 2012 was Krishna’s birthday as well (Krishna Jayanthi)

2. I did 25 new things.

3. Started a New initiative

I wonder whether a small wish from our lovable ones makes a difference. But yes it does. Thanks to Sharmi who wished with a drowsy tone.

Anita -my colleague/Friend who sent a Sweet “Happy Birthday” message at 12. She is a step a head; she not only wished me, but wished entire contacts in her mobile. Yes, in sleep instead of forwarding it to me, she sent to group.

My Cheeewt friend Abi. A charming ever smiling and attractive. Abi my sweet friend whom I envied first, admired second, inspired now. My Hyderabad days were the golden moments in my life. Sentimentally I feel the reason was Abi. On the day I was departing Bangalore she gave me a beautiful bag and wished whole hearted from heart. Because of her wishes, whenever I smile, I thank her. I was urged to spend my birthday with her and thats how I landed in her house Thursday.
The best gift one could ever receive would be prayers for us. And I received that beautiful invaluable gift from Abi along with a book. we went for sleep at 12.45 after few historical story narration by abitha. I/We targeted to wake up by 5, but ended up by getting up at 6. After a refreshing Siplicious tea with artificial milk powder :) we went to park and played badminton for 1 hour. After Kayakalpa, Yoga and meditation She treated me with chapati and went to a temple.

Temple was rush because it was Friday, Aadi Friday, krishna janmashtami bla bla. I whispered my prayers to Nandi ears as I believed it will reach lord shiva. I covered its one ear and whispered in another ear as I don't want the wish to leave through the other ear. Lol

Overall, It was a remarkable birthday

Few wishes from my friends,
Happy Birthday
Many many happy returns of the day
May on this special day all your dreams come true and you be a golden fairy in a chariot
We thank the Lord for this day,
As we celebrate your special day,
It’s like only yesterday,
When we celebrating your birthday.

We thank the Lord for another year that gone by,
As time really does fly,
And again it's your Birthday
We pray that God will bless you in any way.
We thank the Lord for the precious blessing like you,
We see you grow in love, wisdom and care
And we know it’s really an answered prayer.
We may not give you the best in this world,
But we pray that you will richly bless by God’s Word.
Just trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And all thy ways acknowledge Him as he directs thy path.

Each year our birthday forces us to grow
Into the person whom we have yet to know
With circumstances that hopefully have made us wise
When we learn from our multitude of mistakes and tries.


 HI ,

A special greetings to my special friend. India celebrate Krishna jeyanthi and Deepika’s jeyanthi. Krishna’s birth happen in the past and the birth achievement know to the world. Deepika’s achievement will be know to the world. If there is achievement in your life time then only the birth to this world is meaning full. I know you will ..


Soak No More

This post had been written for a The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest on Indiblogger

    An ant can do anything and no matter what the situation is, it holds to its morale and rules. Most of us would have seen our legendary wall (RAHUL DRAVID) on TV and his disciplined attitude with which people recognize him. We need to take inspiration from the discipline that ants possess and our WALL Dravid using ants to symbolize this at most of the traffic signals. It’s no surprise that ants are the right representatives of discipline. It’s about maintaining traffic, discipline, grit and working relentlessly to achieve the goal constructively.

And on these grounds let me recap a story of ANT. Right from our childhood we have been listening to so many ant stories, anti-stories and in fact “aunty stories” too. Let me recap a short story of an ant by name SFT. It’s not the sft land( square feet) that we hear. Its name of an ant who was so inspired by ‘Charles Darwin’ theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and kept his name as ‘SFT’.
SFT is a tough customer and handles the entire critical situation with ease. It also has a liking to our so called ‘Social Culture’. It entered into our cultured society and spent 6 months. SFT was disappointed with this 6 months onsite opportunity. The major two observations that SFT was disappointed were:

1) “Culture has expanded wings but is so wild in nature to understand and digest” and

2) “Culture has become like English people who ruled us before independence”.

The only difference was that before 1947 people ruled people and now culture is dictating the minds and thoughts of the people. As we knew we had Gandhiji and other great leaders to bring independence, but SFT felt bad that now we don’t have Gandhiji to guide the people’s mind with the right approach and strongly believes that every individual should be strong enough not to become a slave to our culture. It also advises that we ourselves should have control to guide upcoming generations in right manner. So SFT is back to the ant community leaving a message "Enjoying the culture is always apprehensive but let's SOAKNOMORE into it. else will take a wild turn". So let each of us be good ANT (Always Nurturing Thoughts)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 “Are you sure its 13 lakhs?” Sanjeev asked with his mouth dropped open in shock.
"Yup", Karthick shook his head
"Was it 13 lakhs or 30 lakhs" Sanjeev asked completely nonplussed
“One’, Three’ – Thirteen’” Karthick stressed on each word
“Its unbelievable dude. Villa in Chennai for just 13 lakhs?”
Karthick replied “Yes” Sanjeev. “Because, people believe ghost resides in this house. And because of the ghost rumor no one is willing to buy this residence. The current owner of the house is indeed of money, that why he sold for cheaper price.”
“Ghost?! Does your wife Shalini knows about this?” Sanjeev questioned
“No way. Don’t let her know about it. She must have not agreed for buying it”. “Actually this house was constructed before 5 years. On the day of betheroal ceremony, both husband and wife died in an accident. Then the house was taken over by one of their relative. Who ever buys the house; they will be either killed in terrific accident or by some disease. So people believe the house owner’s ghost exists here” Karthick explained to Sanjeev who was admiring the new demon (house) which Karthick brought recently.
“Ok. Even I don’t believe in Ghost. All are Bloody rumors. Anyway all the best for your new beginning” Sanjeev congratulated him and left the house.
Karthick and Shalini had been married one month before. Their marriage was a perfect arrange marriage. Karthick was very bold, tall and easy going guy. Shalini was from village trying to adapt to city culture. Today is the first day they are going to stay in the house.
Shalini came running towards him and started shouting “Let’s vacate this house. Please let’s go away from here”
“Hey Shalu, what happened?” Karthick tried to chill her
“People in the neighbor house reacted odd when I told them we have brought the house. They say it’s a demon jungle. They advised us to vacate the house as soon as possible” Her eyes were in fear and she sounded worried.
He pulled her close towards him and asked “Ghost? Hah?.” He opened Google and typed “Existence of Ghost in Earth”. He showed her some research paper which proved that ghosts are fake. She was relaxed bit after reading those papers.
He continued, “My dear Shalu. There is no ghost in the world. We are so lucky because of those rumor we have brought this luxury residency at low price”
Suddenly the room was illuminated by a bright light. It was lightning. Shalini got scared and hugged his husband. The thunder started roaring heavily and the lightening flashed continuously. Power got cut. Shalini went to Kitchen to light a lamp and observed that power was gone only in their house. Abruptly she heard someone shrieking in store room. But before she could realize the situation some one thump her from behind. The lamp which she lit was off. Karthick came rushing from balcony on hearing the strange noise. But he couldn’t see her in the darkness.
Karthick rushed to bring the match box to light the lamp. Before he could light the lamp, the power was on. Shalini slowly regained her conscious.

She requested in slow voice, “Lets vacate. I saw a devil right here.” She pointed to the store room where she heard the shriek.
“Shalu, first understand one thing. There is no ghost. You must have seen some object in dark.” he replied and started caressing her hair. That day passed.
Next day Night…

Karthick was not yet back from office and Shalini was all alone in the DEMON. The window swung back and forth due to wind and created a messy terrified sound.




Shalini bolted entire window and started preparing dinner.



The windows again swung back and forth. The power was gone. Again it happened only in her house. She screamed and started running towards the road. She dashed someone hard and fell down. She lifted her head up and saw someone standing with a large, solid axe in hands. She could not see its face as it was completely covered with black cloth. She backed away from the unknown figure and started running towards her house locked the front door and started screaming



She heard some one knowing the door. She cried out loud for help.

“Hey Shalu, It’s me Karthick”. She Peeped through window to confirm whether it’s was really Karthick voice. He was standing cheerfully whistling his favorite song to himself. She opened the door for him. As soon as he stepped in She said, “I am not going to stay here any more. I am going to my mother’s place.” Without waiting for his reply she took the luggage from inside and started moving out. But as she reached the gate, heavy wind blow again and made her walk tough. The sound of the wind grew louder.

Karthick coupled her near gate to convince her.
A screech came from inside the house. The Screech came again, louder. An odd blast of air blew through the house with a strange stuffy smell, like the dust in a graveyard.
“I am Raj Shekar. This is my house. You bloody trespassers are not allowed in my house. If you continue staying in my house, I will put you to death” a threatening male blood-chilling voice roared. They heard thud-thud-thudding sound of foot steps and back door slam - close with a bang. An Axe appeared from NO where and the sharp edge of the axe blade struck exactly in between their foot.
To Read More - click Here

Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 12 Dialogues of Teachers

  1. Silence, is this a Class or fish market?
  2. Why are you laughing?. Tell us We Also Laugh.
  3. Why do you come to School, when you don’t like to study.
  4. If you want to talk, Please go out and talk. Don’t disturb others.  
  5. Show this talent in studies. You will grow.  
  6. Is this what your parents send you for school? Tell me. 
  7. Why are you Absent yesterday. Bring your parents tomorrow. 
  8. Speak loudly. Don’t you have breakfast.
  9. I am talking to you only. Why are you looking back? 
  10. Don’t lie. Do you think teachers are Fools? 
  11. What you did whole day? Why dint you do homework? 
  12. Last but not least, your juniors are better than you  

Friday, June 22, 2012

07. Life : Live - ♥ Love Makes Life Beautiful ♥

Life : Live

♥♥ CHAPTER 07♥ Life Makes Love Beautiful♥♥

     Love is a Not only a package of care, commitment, responsibility, understating, respect and trust but also a fusion of Anger, Fight, Sacrifice, Mis-understandings, arguments and conflicts. The Moments after a slight fight or misunderstanding with our loved ones is always special. Fights are universal among lovers, and the reasons behind those fights are always crazy and stupid. As long as that Crazy fight doesn’t results in war it’s healthy and acceptable.
Two Years passed,
In these 2 years, Gowtham got an offer from another organization as Team Lead and moved to another company. They had fights (which usually has no meaning), cared, loved each other.

     Hey Buddy, Congrats Man. We have nominated you for BRAVO Award and it has been approved.  Thanks for your excellent contribution Man and keep up your good work.

Gowtham felt so happy on hearing the news from his manager and wanted to communicate to Reena. Immediately, he got a call from her.
Hey Sweet heart, one good news he answered the call with enthusiasm.
First tell me who is Aswathy?
Aswathy? My Team mate. Why?
Why did you add her in face book?
Reena, please I am in happy mood. Don’t spoil it with little upset voice
First tell me, why you added?
I dint add. She sent request. I just accepted.
You can reject her request right?
How can I? I know her.
First un friend that Aswathy from your list. Then talk with me.
I can’t. You know my password right. You go a head and remove. He replied irritably and cut the call.

Evening they met in Restaurant,
I told I have good news. Remember?
I told you to un friend that idiot Aswathy from your profile. Did you remember?
Reena Please. don’t start again.
Who is she? Commenting "So Cute" on your profile?
I dint comment on her photo right? I can’t be answerable if someone comments on my photo.
It’s your photo. So need to be accountable.
If i dig into your facebook, it will be more horrible.
None of the guy comment "so cute" ok?
But you have more number of Boys in your profile. Did i question you any day?
They are my college mates.
And she is my team mate.
I was your team mate once upon a time. Don’t I turn into your Girl friend. Similarly she will also turn your lover one day right?
He could not control his anger, and hit his hand hard against the wall. Blood started flowing. She dint expect this behaviour from him and rushed to bring first aid box.

Sorry Gowtham. You can show anger on me right. Why did you hurt yourself? She asked while dressing the wound.
I am not that strong to hurt you Reena. Trust me Reena. I won’t think of any other girl other than you. I will delete my facebook account today.
Chee Not Needed. I trust you.

(Adam o-> : You girls torture us so much by naming it as possessiveness
Eve o-+ : Hanlding this situation is very simple; Whenever we fight for these kind of reasons, Just make us feel you are my only love
Adam o-> :What Non-sense?dont you know that?
Eve o-+ : We Know. But you are not going to loose anything by giving that feel again right?
Adam o-> :If it is once, twice ok. Everyday its not possible.
Eve o-+ : Why Not Possible. It makes us happy. Then whats wrong in giving that feel?
Adam o-> :If you don’t fight for these silly things, it makes us double happy. Do you girls stop that?
EVE o-+ : OMG!!! You guys never understand girls.
Adam o-> : Same to you)

Few Months passed,
Reena Please, Its bachelors party i can’t avoid as I am hosting the party.
(Yes their marriage Finally fixed with both Family acceptance.)
No Way Gowtham
Just 2 Peg.
ok 1Peg?
Half Peg!?
Quarter peg?
Don’t you feel shy to beg?
Don’t you feel you are cunning by not approving my request?
ok drink
Thanks honey.
One condition
Just one condition ? Put 3-4 Conditions. I will do anything for you darling.
Is it!? while drinking just forget Reena i sgone from your life.
He got aggravated on hearing the above statement. Stop blackmailing for this small issue Reena. Earlier, every week end, I used to booze, But after you came into my life, I stopped drinking. Only during unavoidable situations, i drink that too if you agree. Simply creating scene for small things.
He called his friend and shouted at his friend, Party cancelled to-night.
After 1 hour,
Silence was his answer.
Gowtham…. Reena called him again.
Fine. You can drink today.
Not needed Reena. Its ok.
Hello, if you do over show, its you who is going to lose.
Since you are begging this much I will obey your command
Adinga. call your friend again and inform that Party is not cancelled.
Reena, Actually I dint call my friend sometime back. I know you will agree if I start acting as if I am feeling bad. My plan worked out. He twinkled and ran away from her. She started chasing him to beat.

Monday, April 30, 2012

01. Touch of Mist - Love @ First Sight ♥♥

Touch of Mist 

♥♥ CHAPTER 01: Love @ First Sight ♥♥

Bangalore, Karnataka
Spring was in the air. The busy city, with its arid, dusty streets, 
garbage laden sidewalks and leafless withering trees seemed to have 
come to life in a way that made children laugh and play; lovers hold 
hands and even make wrinkled old women smile at one another.
Reena woke up earlier than usual, took a quick bath and wore a 
maroon salwar. She glimpsed her reflection in the mirror and was happy 
with what she saw and appreciated herself for the choice of clothes 
and accessories. She packed Sidney Sheldon's Memories of Midnight 
and Programming Android book into her bag which had an Applz 
logo. The bag was given to her complementary by her new company 
at the time of joining. She proudly took her company ID card, kissed 
her picture with a grin and zoomed to the bus stop.
Today, the day she had dreamt of for a long time. The day she 
started her course - B.E (Information Technology) in the best university 
in India, her aspiration was to get placed with Applz Inc. The placement 
statistics reports, disclosed it to be one of the best and toughest 
companies to be hired by. Reena cleared 12 rounds of interviews to get 
the wonderful job offer and endured further rounds of interviews to join 
the project. After a successful completion of hard-hitting trainings and 
exams given by Applz, she was adorned into a new project at a new 
branch and today, she was on her way to her first day of her new 
The light breeze, bringing in the fragrance of fresh blooms, teased 
her soft hair and the dupatta. It was getting late, but Reena was enjoyingthe soft sun and the light breeze, so she didn’t mind waiting. A brightly 
coloured ball rolled and stopped at her feet. Smiling slightly, she picked 
it up and rolled it back towards the two little boys who were playing 
with it.
She boarded a bus and found an empty seat opposite to a guy, a 
complete stranger, just like any other day. Never in her wildest dreams 
had she thought that this stranger would one day, mean the world to 
her. He is Gautham, a tech savvy Software Engineer with eye-catching 
looks and resembles any supermodel. Gautham is a big cricket freak 
and has always experimented with his hairstyles based on the cricket 
players’ hairstyle trends. Last year, he grew a long mane to match with 
that of Dhoni, whereas this year, his hair is short and spiky, to get that 
Virat Kohli look. Next year!? Only our Indian cricket team can decide! 
His accessories include a Rolex watch, Woodland shoes, Hugo Boss 
sunglasses and Stars & Straps’ belt. If ‘Apple’ launched a new version 
of the I-Phone, he would definitely swap with his I-Phone 5S version 
for the latest one!

(Readers: Trendy guy! Doesn’t he owe the latest Suzuki’s Hyper Sports bike?
Author: Undoubtedly, he does own a latest sports bike. But he 
prefers traveling in a bus for three reasons. One, he doesn’t want to 
waste PETROL for riding to his office without a girlfriend on his bike.
Reason 2, he is a typical software techie who returns home at mid night and hence prefers his company transport while coming back on those late, strenuous nights.
Reason 3, he doesn’t want to get caught by the infamous Bangalore traffic police and pay them bribes even having showing them the mandatory documents.)

Reena flopped down in haste as the bus was about to make a move. 
He didn’t observe her as he was engrossed in listening to music. To her 
he seemed a bit crazy. She took out the book and got completely
immersed into it. After a few minutes of travel she finally broke the 
silence, “Could you please inform me when the First Technology Park 
Gautham pulled out his mobile from his pocket to pause the song he 
was listening to and confirmed in an American accent “FTP? Yup”
“Thanks!” she replied and delved into the book again and soon got 
engrossed in her book again. But Gautham was taken aback by her 
striking yet serene beauty. He could not take his eyes off her. There 
was something about her that attracted him. She possessed a stylish 
feather cut hair which added an extra delicacy and enhanced the beauty 
of her neck-line. Her petite nose, luscious lips and drop-dead gorgeous 
eyes were mesmerizing and they captivated his eyes like a magnet. 
Her nails were neatly shaped, manicured and polished in a shade 
complementary to her red lipstick. A string of tiny pearls were on her 
right wrist and a watch on the left one. He tried focusing on the road, 
but ended up checking her out again. Her hair had been caught by the 
light breeze of the A.C and was flying out behind her. Her beauty 
exponentially increased, as the minutes passed. He felt a catalyst 
speeding up a chemical reaction within his heart. He wanted to interact 
with her but controlled himself.  She was still buried under the Sidney 
Sheldon book without even noticing his continuous gaze.
(Eve:      Oh God! Why did you create us beautiful? These guys fall in love at first sight.
Adam:     Excuse me. There are millions of good looking girls in 
this universe. Are we falling in love with each and every of those million 
Eve:        Not exactly. But you don’t fall in love with an average looking girl.
Adam:       See, there is no term called good looking and average 
looking. Everyone looks beautiful to someone or the other. Actually, 
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. To me you look very beautiful
and attractive. I get a special feeling the moment I see you. So, I have fallen in love with you. You may not be beautiful to others.
Eve:      Oh! So you say I am ugly to others?
Adam:       I did say you are beautiful and attractive to me already.
Eve:       You indeed said that there are millions of good looking
girls in the universe.
Adam:       Chill. Let me clarify. I said there may be millions of 
good looking girls, but only you seem to be beautiful to me my dear Eve.
Eve:        No. It’s the other way around. I am ugly to others. And you feel there are millions of good looking girls.
Adam:     You girls can never pick up the positive part of a sentence. You just pick up the negative part and fight.
Eve:      You guys can never speak out a positive sentence. Always queue it up with negatives.)

FTP stop was about to arrive and he felt the adrenaline down his 
spine as he now had  a chance to talk to her but before he could do so, 
the conductor over took him and questioned her, “FTP? This is your 
“Gosh, how many people did you keep posted to notify about FTP?” 
Gautham was a little annoyed since he was about to knock Reena but 
She conveyed thanks to the conductor, got down and started walking 
towards the gigantic steel, glass and aluminium clad edifice - The Applz 
Inc. building. Gautham also got down and started following her like the 
most obedient disciple.

The FTP campus was built over 200 acres, dotted with 165 software 
companies like Infosys, Microsoft, Dell, Google, Accenture, Capgemini, 
Wipro and so on. All the companies had been constructed with unique, 
vibrant styles of sprawling architecture. Reena admired the ravishing 
beauty of the glass pyramid, spectacular egg shaped and grandly built 
Beep, Beep!!!
A young man on a bike, suddenly braked on noticing Gautham. He 
was a strikingly handsome man, in his twenties, tall, with chiselled 
features and  a head of curly hair. He is Kishore, Gautham’s best buddy 
from graduation and roommate. He is of the type who can just turn any 
stone for the sake of their friends. Kishore’s presence is liked and 
entertained by Gautham for the very reason that he has matured and 
balanced attitude.
Kishore offered him a lift, “On the way to office? I will drop you buddy. Come on!”
“You carry on dude; I couldn’t manage time for my morning walk. Will join you at the office,” Gautham said, annoyed at being disturbed while he kept eye on Reena.
"When were you so health conscious and had you ever gone for walking? Sick with your jokes! Now come and Sit.”
Gautham, exasperated with Kishore’s helping tendencies, sat on the bike. The bike zoomed pass Reena. He quickly took a snap of her with the camera in his eyes, and saved it the memory of his brain. Reena was not bothered about him, in-fact she hadn’t even noticed as she was preoccupied with her thoughts about her first day at Applz and she kept walking towards her destination.

At office, Gautham's cubical...
The walls were painted in lime green and mint green alternately, to 
visually stimulate and boost the mood and enhance their associate’sproductivity. Gautham’s cubical was covered with pictures and posters 
that were supposed to inspire work. A print out of his application topology 
that projected the layout of ‘How a different critical application in an 
enterprise connected to each other’ was embarked on the wall panels 
of the cubicle. Few trophies like “Best Innovator of the Year”, “APL 
Man of the match”, “Excellence Award” and “Spot Award certificate” 
were arranged neatly.
However, Gautham could just not concentrate on work today as he 
kept recollecting and pondering over her pretty face, those bewildering 
pair of eyes, those rosy lips and that soft smile at the corner of her 
beautiful lips.
“Good morning buddy,” his team lead said, pulling him out of his dream without warning.
He turned towards his right but to his alarm, all he could see was 
the face whom he had so deeply admired in the bus. He laughed at his 
madness and for a second he felt that as if he was in a deep slumber.
“Gautham, You there?”  The team leads voice echoed again from his left side.
He turned towards the voice and saw Varun his team lead standing to his left. He is about 28 years with sharp features but a serious-look. Varun initiated the introduction, “She is Reena Balasubrahmanyam, Graduate Trainee, joined our project today.”
Reena, his dream girl was standing towards his right. “Reena, he is Gautham Sridharan”
She exchanged the same mystified look that had overshadowed his eyes too and could only utter, “Hi!”
“Hello, Welcome to our team,” he said
He took her hand and gave her a firm handshake.
Varun continued, “Gautham had joined this organization as a graduate
trainee, and will be completing 2 years by December. For the time being, you will be reporting to him.”  He completed the introduction and allocated her seat right to Gautham’s place.
Reena was surprised to see colleagues sitting on bean bags instead of the standard ergonomic chairs. Initially, it looked very uncomfortable to her but, she soon realized how comfortable they were and how they created an informal, friendly ambience at the office.
Once Varun left the place, Gautham launched front camera in his 
phone. A huge smile stretched across his face. The smile mirrored his 
strangely satisfying look. This heart whelming happiness mixed with his 
newly felt ardor provided him with a snap he had never had earlier. He 
turned his face towards the monitor that was currently displaying a 
screensaver with a blue color tooth brush image and a famous quote, 
“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else 
use it and get a new one every six months.” He pressed the “Enter” 
key to exit from the screen saver and absently started typing R E E N A 
in the password text box instead of his password.
“The username or password is incorrect” he read the error message which was displayed and realized a trifle late that he has typed her name by mistake.
“Excuse me sir…” Reena called him gently. “Sir? Call me Gautham”
“Okay Sir…” Reena replied “Sir again?”
“Sorry Sir”
“Oops. Do I look like your school teacher? Did I teach you any subject, for which you are addressing me as sir?”
Reena stood speechless.
“Please call me Gautham. In the corporate world, we don’t
encourage employees to address others as “sir/madam”. I hope that during your induction you attended the session campus to corporate,” he said, trying to project his attitude as much as possible.
“I agree sir. But I am uncomfortable addressing my seniors by name.” replied the annoyed and surprised Reena.
“How did you address your seniors in college then?”
“In the first year, during ragging period we were ordered to address them as sir & madam. After that we called them brother. Can I call you brother then?” she asked innocently.
His heart skipped a beat.
“What? Brother? Then would you address the Manager as uncle? And the, CEO who is around 50, as grandpa?” He continued with an ordering tone, “Call me Gautham!”
“Ok,” drawled the reluctant Reena. 
“Tell me now. What do you want?”
“Could you help me in setting up a mail server?”
He helped her in completing all the formalities most willingly since it gave him an opportunity to get closer to her.

(Eve:      This is too much Adam. He likes her so much, then why can’t he be a little polite and nice?
Adam:     If we are nice to you girls, you will call us flirt. If we 
speak out just what is needed, you will call us rude. What do you want 
us to do?
Eve:      Try to deliver only what is needed.
Adam:    How to know, what is it?
Eve      : That’s your business. You need to research on that)

Lunch time...
Gautham thought of inviting Reena for lunch, but was held back as he didn’t want to appear like a flirt. At the same time, he didn’t want to miss a chance of talking to her.
He went nearer, caressed her hair and said, “Settled into the new 
“Trying to!” she replied in a lot of excitement. 
“Five minutes dear!” Reena replied.
“What 5 minutes? You come right now,” he started dragging her. “Ok, alright. Let’s go.”

They both went away chatting and smiling at each other.

Gautham had to be blissful at the above incident. But he was 
disturbed and shocked, since the last conversation was not between 
him and Reena. It was with some other guy and Reena. He was 
absolutely bewildered at the pandemonium within his heart as he wanted 
to bring back the butterfly which fluttered away from his grip leaving 
behind an awestruck child.

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