Monday, April 17, 2017

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Ramachandran, a farmer with an unwavering love for agriculture, faces the harsh realities of farming - unpredictable weather, mounting debt, and a life that seems to offer little hope. Despite the many obstacles, he refuses to give up on his dream and clings to his fighting spirit. As the challenges mount and his situation grows more dire, Ramachandran must choose whether to give in or keep pushing forward. Will his passion be enough to see him through the toughest times, or will he be forced to abandon his dreams and surrender to the forces working against him? Follow Ramachandran's inspiring journey in "Fields of Passion".

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This film aims to highlight the struggles of farmers and acknowledge their importance in our society. Imagining a world without them is a frightening thought, and this movie seeks to honor their vital role as the backbone of our nation's agriculture.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Colgate Magical stories - Welcome to MARS

It’s never been a better time to be a space enthusiast, as more and more countries are unveiling space programmes and it seems like a new mission is launched or announced just about every week.
~~By Hamish Johnston

"It’s never been a better time to be a space enthusiast, as more and more countries are unveiling space programs and it seems like a new mission stories are launched, created or announced at BlogAdda just about every now and then by Bloggers and the creative kids.

Finally, the wait to go to MARS is over! Yup you heard me right! Last week, I received 3 Colgate Packs from BlogAdda out of which one had the Space theme. I know my nephew Sanjith, who is keen to become an astronaut, would love this pack. As soon as I received this pack, I went to my Sister home. My nephew was super excited about this particular pack that had Space theme. I stated that I would give him the space themed Colgate pack only when he weaves a superb magical stories out of it. Kids are so creative these days and he came up with this beautiful story in just 5 minutes.

In the next paragraph, my nephew will take you to the #ColgateMagicalStories space station and let you explore the mysterious MARS.

Martian returns from Space and shares his amazing experience with his girlfriend Megan Morse.

Martian: Oh Megan! You should have been there. It was an amazing experience! All MARS enthusiasts had an extra ordinary experience.
Megan Morse: wow. That sounds amazing. What did you do there?
Martian: We explored, explored and explored.
Megan Morse: Tell me more about it! What happened in the Space?
Martian: We were ready to depart at 12:00 AM.  It all started when clock was ticking Tick Tick Tick at 11:59 P.M . 60 seconds for the space ship to launch. I was nervous as well as excited. I buckled my belt and count down started… 60—50—40—30—20—10—9—8—7—6—5—4—3—2—1.
Boom! And I along with my fellow astronauts was in the space! With our captain Spike Spiegel setting up the rules - What to do and what not to while we are in the spaceship.
Megan Morse: Nice. Tell me more.
Martian: Our space scientist Mysterons started with an inspirational speech on the previous Journey inspiring all of the crew members for an amazing journey ahead! He elaborated about the struggle they faced to survive in Mars.

Megan Morse: aha, Inspiring and cool. What next!
Martian: You would love this section Morse!
Megan Morse: is it! Bring it on Boy!
Martian: After the inspirational talk there was an amazing test to test our abilities to speak with Aliens
Megan Morse: Speak with Aliens! What are you talking about?
Martian: Spike Spiegel divided the members into 2 teams and we spoke about Aliens feelings and maternal affection and much more topics assuming we are talking to Aliens. It was amazing.
Megan Morse: wow
Martian: My team spoke well and won the title of "Guardians of the Galaxy!"
Megan Morse: I am thrilled by all this. It took me into the virtual world of MARS.
Martian: Next time you are coming too. I am going to invite you.
Megan Morse: Yeah. Absolutely. I would love too.
Martian: Good, I appreciate your interest.
Megan Morse: Amazing. I am already thinking of landing in MARS, speaking to Aliens and winning the title "Guardians of the Galaxy!"
Martian: Welcome to MARS.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Salem Marathon 2016: A Memorable Event in My Hometown

The Salem Marathon 2016, the highly anticipated event, finally concluded on February 19th, 2017 after several delays. As a resident of Salem, I eagerly awaited this marathon, which held special significance to me. Despite being a small town, the event drew an impressive crowd of more than 3000 participants, organized by the Rotary Club of Salem Galaxy to raise awareness about organ donation. In this blog post, I'll share my personal experience and highlight some memorable moments from the marathon.

The Journey:
Initially scheduled for November 13th, 2016, the Salem Marathon had to be postponed multiple times due to unforeseen circumstances. Delays in obtaining permission pushed the event to January 29th, 2017. However, the rescheduled dates faced further setbacks as a result of massive statewide protests over jallikattu, a traditional bull-taming sport. Finally, the marathon found its tentative date on February 19th, 2017.

A Homecoming Run:
As a resident of Salem, this marathon held special significance for me. I had been eagerly waiting for this event, which allowed me to run on my very own land. While I didn't expect a massive crowd or extravagant banners due to Salem's small-town charm, I cherished every step I took during the marathon.

The Enthusiastic Participation:
Despite the initial uncertainties surrounding the event, more than 3000 individuals participated in the Salem Marathon. It was heartening to see such enthusiasm among the runners. The Rotary Club of Salem Galaxy did an exceptional job organizing the marathon, marking it as the 5th Edition of this annual event. I couldn't help but feel disappointed for having missed the previous four editions.

Categories and Start Times:
The marathon offered different categories, including a 10Kms and 5Kms run. While I cannot confirm the exact number of participants, I estimate that around 400 individuals took part in the 10Kms category. The reporting time for all participants was set for 5:00 AM, with the 21.5 KMS category flagged off from the Gandhi Stadium at 5.30 a.m. The 10Kms and 5Kms races commenced promptly at 5.45 AM and 6:00 AM, respectively.

An Unforgettable Experience:
Unlike larger marathons in cities like Bangalore, Salem's marathon lacked the grandeur of extensive spectatorship, big sponsors, and lively musical performances. Nevertheless, every stride I took during the race felt more meaningful because I was running on my home turf. The Salem Marathon offers an experience that every runner from Salem should embrace and cherish.

An Inspiring Moment:
Among the many memorable incidents from the Salem Marathon, one stands out: a 101-year-old man completed the 5Kms race. His determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. May he continue to live a peaceful life for many more years to come.

The Inspiration...

The 5Kms race witnessed an incredible feat as a remarkable 101-year-old man crossed the finish line. The photograph below captures this inspiring moment, and I feel fortunate to have been captured in the frame alongside this extraordinary man.

Its my luck to get clicked with this inspirational man :)

Another Inspiration

Uncontrolled Traffic: A Safety Concern in the Salem Marathon
One aspect of the Salem Marathon that left me disappointed was the lack of traffic control. Despite the early hours of the event, buses and hazardous lorries continued to operate alongside the runners. This created potential risks and dangers for the participants. I couldn't help but wonder why the organizers didn't address this issue. Some of the routes even passed through residential areas, where I found amusement in observing the curious expressions of dogs along the way.

Looking ahead, I am confident that the Rotary Club of Salem will once again organize the 6th edition of the Salem Marathon in 2017. Scheduled for November, I encourage my readers from Salem, Erode, and Namakkal to take a break from their daily routines and consider participating in this remarkable event. Running a marathon at least once in your lifetime is an experience that holds great value and is truly worth the effort.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer: Unveiling Concerning Ingredients and Safer Alternatives

When it comes to purchasing lip balm or any beauty products, conducting thorough research on the ingredients is crucial. Recently, during my purchase of Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer, I was taken aback by a warning message on the product that stated, "If swallowed, contact Poison Control Center right away."

Concerns and Further Investigation:
Although it's unlikely that anyone would intentionally consume lip balm, there is a higher possibility of inadvertently ingesting a small amount while drinking water or eating. Naturally, this warning raised concerns for me, prompting me to dig deeper into the ingredients used in the product.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisture:
Ingredients: Octinoxate 7.5%, Oxybenzone 4%, Castor (Ricinus Communis) Seed Oil, Corn (Zea Mays) Oil, Ozokerite, Petrolatum, Beeswax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Paraffin, Stearyl Alcohol, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera) Wax, BHT.

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients in Lip Balm:
In any lip balm, it is crucial to avoid certain ingredients. These include:
- Parabens
- Petrolatum or Petroleum
- Chemical Dyes
- Mineral Oil
- Octinoxate
- Oxybenzone
- Avobenzone
- Cinnimate

Analysis and Recommendation:
Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer contains three potentially harmful ingredients: Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, and Petrolatum. Consequently, it is advisable to avoid using this lip balm due to these concerning additions.

When selecting a lip balm or any beauty product, understanding the ingredients is essential for making informed choices about what we apply on our bodies. In the case of Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer, the presence of certain ingredients raises valid concerns. By being aware of what to avoid, we can make safer choices for our lip care routine.

Monday, February 6, 2017

How To Throw The Perfect Oscar Party

Roll out your own Red Carpet and invite your friends to a night to remember at your classy Oscar Party. Renowned for its glitz and glamour the Oscars bring out the latest fashions and party trends for A-list guests, so why not give your crowd a magical evening that gives them the opportunity to wear their finery, eat, drink and be merry in a manner befitting celebrities and film stars.


This fun infogrpahic offers hints and tips on how to achieve your party's success that deserves its own Oscar! Starting with the invitations, which should reflect the occasion, get your guests in the Oscar mood with a taste of what your sophisticated evening will be like.

We've also included some suggestions for activities and fun games that will ensure your party is the glitziest and most glamorous in town without being starchy and boring; after all who wants to be a party-pooper or wall-flower when dressed to impress at the most sort after night on the social calendar!

A night for social glamour and grandeur, take a look at the recommended drinks selection we've included in the piece below, this is a night for champagne bubbles, and film star themed cocktails, not pints and cider! Be inspired by the Oscar and host a party that all your friends will want to be invited to this year.

P.S : This article is a guest post by Louiss Dixon 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

7 Places in India Best Visited in Spring

India is a vast country and it enjoys a varied climate. Here the summers are hot, winters are cold and the monsoon wet. That leaves us with spring which is an exceedingly pleasing, enjoyable and vivacious season. Nature is reborn after a cold winter lull. It is the best time of the year for people to go around places in India.

Hundreds of beautiful and spellbinding cities and towns are at your disposal to visit and enjoy here. Among them 7 places can be listed as being best visited in spring.

1. Gangtok
Photo by Giridhar Appaji Nag Y, CC BY 2.0
Situated in North East India Gangtok the capital of Sikkim has a fascinating landscape and is home to the highest mountain peak Kanchenjunga. High altitude meadows, pristine white glaciers, steep valleys and path leading to the hilltops are really mesmerizing to the eye. In spring, many kinds of wildflowers that grow here come to bloom. As you are on your way to the Buddhist monasteries this scene is really a treat to watch. The cool winds of spring bring thousands of visitors to Gangtok and it is a place best visited in spring.

2. Kullu-Manali
Himachal Pradesh, positioned at the foothills of the Himalayas, has a stunning scenery. Of particular mention is Kullu-Manali, the hill station set in this small hilly state. The apple and plum orchards are in full bloom and pose a real attraction. It is a delight to watch them come to bloom and enjoy the sweet fragrance emanating. Occasional snowfall may be a surprise for the honeymooners who prefer the twin towns to other places to start their marital life. The enthralling trekking destinations attract the adventure enthusiasts equally.

3. Darjeeling

Photo by Jamey Cassell, CC BY-SA 2.0
 Another place that needs mention in this list is Darjeeling. This town in West Bengal is the darling of the honeymooners. Placed among the hills of the Himalayas it draws people from across the globe all around the year. It is most captivating during spring owing to a variety of flowers blossoming during this season. Clear sky, pleasant weather conditions, enthralling view of the mountains, and the fragrance of the tea estates attract thousands of visitors to Darjeeling during this time. Never forget to taste the best cuppa of the best tea while at the mystically beautiful Darjeeling.

4. Valley of Flowers
Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0
Uttarakhand is a small hilly state located in the slopes of the Himalayas. This national park situated here has a variety of species of alpine flora. The hills come alive during the spring what with the flowers being in full bloom at this time of the year. This sight is spellbinding and fascinating and relieves you of all the stress. It is also home to some endangered species of animals like snow deer, musk deer, Asiatic Black Bear etc. The park presents a gripping sight in the rugged hilly wilderness to the visitor.

5. Tulip Garden, Gulmarg
Photo by Abdars, CC BY-SA 3.0
Visiting Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir during the spring season gives you a feel of a visit to Switzerland. Spread over 12 hectares the garden cradled among the gentle inclines of the Himalayas offers an absorbing view of the famous Dal Lake of Kashmir. The golf lovers can enjoy a stint of the game at the lush green golf course situated to the north of the garden. The parallel running rows of multi-coloured tulips in full bloom here presents an eye riveting scene for the beholder. Not only tulips but also the other hybrid flowers of multiple hues hold you in awe and you come back really spell-bound.

6. Coonoor
Photo by Jon Connell, CC BY 2.0
Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu are towns that are best visited during spring. Temperatures in Tamil Nadu start soaring even during spring but these towns are comfortably cool during this time of the year. This is the ideal time to visit these hill stations that house several British era churches and other monumental buildings. The Sim’s Park that is home to a variety of flowers is in full bloom during spring. Other places of interest near here are Lambs Rock, Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint, Catherine Falls and of course the tea estates.

7. Thekkady

Photo by Kerala Tourism, CC BY-SA 2.0
Kerala, the God’s Own Country is a gorgeous place and worth visiting at any time of the year. Especially during the spring, it has a pleasant to comfortable cool climate and attracts many tourists from all over. Thekkady, a small town in this state is home to evergreen trees. The verdant mango groves are in full bloom and exuberate a mild fragrance. This draws many a tourist to them. The animals also come out of their hiding places during this time offering a surprise view to the visitors.

Hope this guide is helpful for the tourists planning to go places during spring. And the spring in the coming years is sure to keep you engaged.

This article is a guest post by Rohit Agarwal. 

Author bio:
Go through the travel experiences jotted down by Rohit, a traveller and blogger, on and know about the different places all over the world that are worth visiting and also the best time to visit them.