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My Family role for my better and self-reliant person

My dad always believed that a person has to be equally good in academics as well as extracurricular activities. That’s why when I was a kid, he used to take me to a stadium which was 5 KMS from my home. Those days my dad had only Bi-cycle. In Bi-cycle, he used to pedal to and fro and make me to run 3 rounds in the stadium. He used to run along with me and always encouraged me to take part in all the Athletic competition that was held in my School and in my local village functions. He felt proud when I bagged victory in running competition. He made sure, I take part in Zonal level, District level events and all inter school competitions. Though schools give training and encourage students, parents approval to take the kids outside the School was very important. I know my friends who are talented, but never take part in Districts matches since their parents never gave permission.

In that way, I am very lucky. My dad always took leave to his duty and used to visit the place where the match was taking place. Even though parents was not allowed inside the school, he used to peep from the school compound wall. He used to discuss later with my friends and family on my participation and my performance. His proud for my victory boosted my confidence and increased my enthusiasm for sports. If today, I am a avid marathon runner, its only because of my dad.

At a Marathon with my dad

On the other hand, my mom wanted me to excel in academics. She was a working women, still she used to teach me with stories however dog-dead tired she was. She always encouraged me to read the newspaper and discuss about the positive sections of the newspaper. My parents equally encouraged me to send articles to newspaper.

No wonder, their motivation should have craved deep in my heart. Because of that, I never miss any Marathon that happens in Chennai and Bangalore. Because of the reading habit, I am blogger now and have also written a Novel – Touch of Mist.

After the completion of my School, my dad made sure that I take decision on my own and stand on my own. That’s the reason, he joined me in hostel for higher studies so that I could live on my own and learn things. Because of those 3 years hostel life, I learned to wash my clothes, wash my plates and managed my issues individually.

Even now, when my dad goes to bank, he takes me with him and ask me to fill the DD forms for him. In that way, In future I will do it without anyone’s help. He makes sure I attend all my relatives functions and marriage so that I will know about my relatives.

He always discuss the financial issues and family issues with me and look for my opinion and suggestions. If I give some wrong suggestion, my dad explains why it was not a good idea. I really feel confident because of my family members guidance.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bedtime Rituals with Pampers

During the first week of my sister’s son birth, the baby was sleeping peacefully for 18 to 20 hours a day. It was an awesome moment to watch a new born sleeping. I eagerly wait for the baby to wake up, so that I can play and enjoy with his cute moments. But it hurts when the baby wakes up at odd time and cry for milk.
Pampers Baby Dry Pants
Making a baby sleep is like an art. My sister was very scared of diapers thinking that it would cause rashes to the baby. Hence during the initial days, she avoided diapers for the baby. But it was affecting the other way. Since it was December month and the climate was chill, the baby used to urinate frequently. Every one hour it will urinate and wet the cradle. The baby will awake immediately as it feels uncomfortable, soggy and start to cry. It used to wake up minimum 4 times at night and spoils his sleep.
Next day the baby will not be active since it did not sleep properly. That’s when my sister decided to go for diaper. With the help of diaper the baby sleeps so well and wakes only once during the night time that too for milk. It is very important for the baby to have a sound sleep at night so that it wakes up fresh - the next day. It also helps the baby to stay active the next day.
Source -  Pampers Baby Dry Pants
    In order to make the baby sleep peacefully below are the things I do.
Offer the baby a hot bath in the afternoon, so that the baby sleeps well in the afternoon.It will wake up by 6.00 P.M. and I play with him till 9.00 P.M. Then I nestle the baby in my arms and start narrating stories. I am very bad at remembering my nursery stories and hence I need to Google to get the one-line story. After reading from Google, I narrate the story in a sing-song way by roaring if the story involves lion, chirrup and chirp if a bird is involved in the story. One could easily hear different sounds like roaring, barking, whooping, and whistling when they cross my home during night.
I make sure all the mobile phones, electronics items like laptop are outside the room, so that radiation does not affect the baby.
Image Source - 
I have brought the above picture recently and have attached it to the baby cradle. The Fishers price Precious Planet’s 2-in-1 Projection Mobile comes with a projector, Sweet soothing music and tiny toys like bear, whale, crocodile, lion, rabbit attached towards it. When it is on, the animals reflects on the ceiling and moves in a circular way. The baby lying on the cradle enjoys the animal moving around and talks with his own language. It tries to catch the animals that was on the ceiling and sleeps playing with those animals.

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Professional Courier Review - Worst courier service

Professional Courier Review - Worst courier service
Professional service is the worst courier service. If a parcel is sent to a person, the professional service doesn't offer home delivery. They say a stupid reason that it’s out of city. If that was the case, they should have informed the customer while placing the courier request. They keep mum, collect the amount from them and send it back to the same person who initiated the parcel request after 10 days. Though mobile number is written on bold letters on the parcel, they don’t even call and inform us. If they do so,  we can collect if from the headquarter. But the Professional service guys sends the parcel back without even calling the customer’s once. This has happened to me fourth time.

Some Idoits working in professional courier, eat the chocolates that comes with the courier. They unpack the parcel to see what’s inside. If there is something good, they steal it. Read more hereProfessional Couriers are highly unreliable and please beware of this courier pathetic service

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 5 things on my Bucket List

Below are the top 5 things on my Bucket List that I would do if I were #BefikarUmarBhar

Participate in Chennai Triathlon
Last year, I have participated in Vodafone Cycling Marathon and never miss any cycling event that happens at Bangalore. I am a big fan of running and never miss marathons that happen in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Salem. Pretty much, I explored cycling marathon, running and Swimming separately. But all the three flavors in a single day, I never tired. Hence, I would like to take part in Chennai Triathlon. But it really needs lots of will power, determination and constant practice. Because one has to swim 5 lapses of 300 meters each i.e 1.5 KMS and immediately get out of the swimming track and jump to cycle and then 40 kms of cycling followed by 10 km of trail running.
Educate a girl child
Whenever I see a child working in cement factory, crackers industry, house constructions and in hotels for taking away the plates and for cleaning the utensils at home, I get pissed off. I wanted to punish the owner for employing the children below 18. But I am not a strong person to fight against them and leave the place with heavy heart.
Few months before when I visited my aunt house, I saw a 12-year-old girl employed for house cleaning. I scolded my aunt for appointing her and requested her to send her back to her parents. On hearing our conversations, the girl began to cry and started pleading my aunt not to send her back. She told that her salary of Rs.600 would serve food for her family of 4. Just for present, she is spoiling her future without studying. That day I decided, I should offer an education for a girl child. Right from her schooling to her higher educations. Let her wish to study Engineering or Doctor, I wanted to sponsor her studies.
To do organic Framing
Last year, I started Organic terrace garden at my home and was successful in growing the easy survival plants like Green chilies, Bitter gourd and Tomatoes. The taste of the tomatoes when cooked directly by plugging the vegetable from the plant without any pesticide and synthetic fertilizer is lip smacking. Who doesn't love to eat the fruits and cook the vegetable, herb that is fresh from farm? I want to cultivate vegetable and crops and grow them in a natural way, preserve the seeds and circulate them without genetic change. Finally, I will sit inside the green crops and will write more.
To make a Short Film
To make one sensible, heart teaching video about human relationship and emotions. The video should at least change few people's mindset about the way they look at humans and take people's feelings for granted.
Also, I wish to take many one minute videos to create awareness about organ donation, eye donation, blood donation and about the trending social issue like preserving trees, avoiding plastics and much more.
Fifth One - Its a Secret wish list
I should go on a journey all alone. A journey that I decide based on my intuitions. No destination and no targets. I should forget my responsibility, my family, and all gadgets. I should go miles away and stay in that place for a month exploring the new people and new place.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Social media on mobile vs web how it has impacted my life

Social media on mobile vs web how it has impacted my life

I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore.

1. Birthday Reminders:
I get wrapped up in hectic schedules and hence my friend’s birthday date slips off from my mind. Forgetting a friend’s Birthday would result in conflicts, misunderstandings and hurts. Once, I called my friend at sharp 12 and sang "Happy Birthday" for 5 Minutes. She politely listened and as soon as I paused, she started throwing all bad (censored) words. I thought may be my voice was horrible and that’s the reason she was scolding. But later, I understood that I wished her a month before. I.e. Instead of June 10th, I wished her on May 10th. She cursed me for spoiling her sleep.

  • With the help of Social media on mobile, all the problems of forgetting birthday and wishing a month advance got resolved. 
  • With the help of Facebook Birthday Reminders, I am able to order gifts for my friends well in advance and plan their special events properly. I can easily post a cute personalized message on their wall paper and Share their memorable photos from last year. 

2. Promoting my book:
My book sales have been pretty decent, only with the help of social media. The below picture would say the rest.

3. Knowledge about the events:
I owe a trekking club and Facebook helps a lot in promoting an event. It also, helps me to track all the possible events that are in and around Bangalore. I am a big fan of Preethi Shenoy and I longed to meet her once in my lifetime. I was following her FB page regularly and one fine day, I received a notification about her book launch event. I send her an email about my interest and received an
invite from her for the event. So, social media has helped me in meeting Preethi Shenoy, Chetan Bhagat at Half girlfriend book launch event.

  • Social media help me to connect with like minded peoples like blogger, fictional Reader, Short story writers, film makers. 
  • Every day, I am getting more new visitors to my blog and it’s because of networking. 
  • I found my old school friends too. 

4. Helps me stay motivated:
There is nothing inspiring than starting a day with a positive quote. I follow the Positive & Inspirational Quotes, Positive Attitude Quotes pages in FB and the quotes which they share is a drive to keep me motivated throughout the day.

5. Stay in touch:
It helps me to stay connected with my friends and relatives who are in Singapore and United States. When my sister was out of country for 3 years, I never missed her since we were in constant touch through social media sites.

LinkedIn - 

  • LinkedIn has helped me in finding a job. It also, helped to connect with people of my technology. 

The embedded videos in Blog does not work in Web. It needs additional plugin to be installed. So, Youtube apps helps a lot.
  • It again helped me to promote my book Trailer
  • It has also made me a great chef. I always love watching Vah re vah cooking programs and try on it my own.  
  • Technically, the TED talk videos have helped a lot in budding professionally 
     Though many people crib about social media as its kills our time, its spoils relationship, it shrinks our thinking. I would say, it all depends on how you invest your valuable time and be cautious.

Social media on mobile vs web. Here is a funny conversation between them.

Mobile APPS - I am the best and smart. People can take selfies and instantly share it on FB, twitter, Whereas you are an Idoit. People need to open a browser, enter the url and wait for it to load, then enter the user name and password, navigate to upload screen and then share it in Facebook. By the time they complete the task with your help, I must have got 1000 likes and 10 shares.
It’s even worse if they are using you in system. People need to Search for Data cable or switch on Bluetooth, transfer it from me and then share on social media sites.

Web -People love me for multi-tasking. People can open Facebook, Pinterest,Reddit, StumbleUpon, MySpace, Scoop it, Youtube,  Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus+, Instagram, Tumblr in a single browser. But people need to launch separate APP's for each. Moreover, You occupy more device space. 50 MB for Google+, 24 MB for Gmail, 20 MB for YouTube. where as I (Internet Web browser) take only 2 MB of mobile space.

Mobile APPS - What is the use boss? I eliminate the need to type the url. Just by pointing the camera at the QR code, URL is launched.  I am more user-friendly, attractive and give the user a pleasant experience.

Web - But people need to download and install in order to use you. They need to download QR Code Reader, to use QR code scanner. It’s an additional task. Moreover, I can be used in Mobiles, as well as in laptops and desktops.  

Mobile APPS - I do come with offers. In order to promote their app, they offer free talk time and other offers when they install few apps.

Web -Yes, they give you free virus too. They can easily hack your accounts, with any app. When a mobile is lost, they can easily access all your data. Whereas, I don't reveal anything, other than your browse history. Because of you, people are always online. You spoiled relationship.

Mobile APPS - I did not spoil relationship. Indeed, made relationship smooth. With the help of what’s app, I made love proposal so easy and have coupled many people. Moreover, I always give them notifications about new post, status, comments. People never miss any news because of me. I have also been a good companion for introvert people.

Web -But I am professional. I tend to give them a decent image. In office, when people are playing FarmVille or Fishville or PetVille game, others think that they are working sincerely. Whereas, when
they are even reading news on mobile, people tag, "You are always busy with mobile"

Mobile - I am cute pies for students. They can hide me inside their text book and play candy crush and share the score in FB. Parents think that, their children is always studying and appreciate them with the neighborhood. Students on the other hand, share this existing moments in FB and get likes too.

Web - Hey you Tiny object...  you spoiled the vision of many people. But my screen is bigger and never strained their eyes.

Mobile - Lol. What is the use. I have given lot of jobs for many people. I have played a critical role their creative factor. Every day people are developing new apps and improving their existing social
media apps. I am integrated with many good apps like weight loss, Budget management and they can share their achievements in FB or tweet it or share with social media sites instantly.

Web -But, I am needed to develop you. Without me, you are nothing.

Mobile APPS - Just give some days. My fans would sort out that issue too.

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Little things to do to our parents

Little things to do to our parents.

Below are the little things to do to our parents who are around 60 to 70 years old. Due to circumstance, we are away from them and it’s tough to provide our 100% support.
  • Reduce their burden: Pay their home electricity bill, Telephone bills online. Recharge their mobile, DTH’s online. Decrease their pain of standing in queue for a long time. For us, it’s just a one click payment.
  • Whenever you go home, buy the things they want, and stock it up.
  • Educate them: Teach them the usage of mobile and what' app. Share the kids' photos and videos often via what’s up. They feel so happy to watch their grandchildren.
  • Though we have many advantages over mobile invention, it spoiled our memory. We hardly dial our beloved numbers and we never remember the number in mind. What if mobile gets lost, or someone stolen it or if they forget it. So, frequently check whether they could remember 5 important person number (life partner, office number, daughter, son number)
  • Call them and talk often:When they say they are not feeling well, it may be not possible for us to take them to the Hospital. But at least call them morning and evening call to inquire about their health. Though you may not be able to provide physical support, offer them emotional support.
  • Accept their emotions change:I know this is the most challenging part. Always keep in mind that they are getting older physically, whereas turning kids at heart. Their memory power is weakening and even our little different behavior would hurt them a lot.
They repeat the same sentence often. Learn to be patience.
They tend to forget thing and keep asking the same question 5th time. Learn to reply them politely.
They ask you how to use gadgets, DVD's infinite times. Smile and teach them as if you are teaching for the first time.

  • Shower with the things they love Show them their old photos often. Gift them the movies they love.
  • Surprise them on their special days:Never forget their birthday, anniversary, and mother’s day father’s day. Order something online and make them happy
  • Make them feel important: Before taking any decision, even if you are not ready to take advice from them, at least in form them. . Promotions, rewards, call them the same day and inform them/ don't wait to tell in person
  • Book a taxi for them:If your parents are able to drive a car and can go buy their own, ignore this point.Else book them a cab or get a driver’s numbers along with you. Whenever they are going for a hospital or for any long/remote marriages book them a cab and pay the money by yourself. Parents will not  accept as it costlier, but fight with them to accept it. 
And Friends, its your turn now. Please do post in comments section about your views 

Sound of Love

Sound of Love

This post has won the BlueStone #SoundOfLove contest.

I took a deep relaxing breath, after putting my sign in the candidate’s Signature field of the Medical application form. But my heart skipped a beat when my dad requested hostel application form and filled it. My house is just a 10 minute drive from the college, then why he insist to put me in college hostel?  With thoughts in my mind, I signed the form and submitted.
While driving back to home my dad said, “For quite some years, things are not working in between me and your mom. We decided to go on our ways finally.”
I could not believe what my dad said. So as soon as I reached home, I rushed to check with my mom. I could see my mom’s sarees packed in a suitcase. She said, “Your education was important to us and we felt our decision of separation would disturb your education. That’s why, we decided to separate once you complete your Schooling. I got my job transferred to Bangalore and you dad will still continue to work in Apollo Hospital, Chennai”
Tears rolled down to my cheek. I am the only daughter and hence could not discuss this issues with my siblings too. Every first Sunday, my dad would visit my hostel and my mom on second Sunday.
5 years passed. 
Final day of my college...
My parents came to take me to their home, but mom expected me to leave my dad and come with her and dad wanted the same. They started having arguments and finally without even knowing what’s running on my mind, they decided to share me(!?). First 15 days I would be staying in my mother’s house and next 15 days in my father house.
Months passed. 
One day, while I was driving my 2-wheeler a black car lost its control and rammed my Scooty. When I opened my eyes, I found my mom and dad standing together. I realized that I was in ICU for almost 2 days in unconscious state. I was advised by the doctors to stay in the hospital for another 15 days. My parents started having conversation about my health and medicines. But nothing more than that. They stayed together in the hospital. I also understood that those 2 days, when I was unconscious, they both were emotionally supportive to each other. The final day came. It was time for me to get discharged.
My dad helped in placing the luggage in my mom’s car and voluntarily replied, “Nothing can replace mothers love and you are the best in taking care of my…my daughter. So take her, to your home.” He said and headed towards his Elantra without waiting for my mother’s reply.
My mother shouted at him, “What? What you said? Your daughter.. Huh!? How could you say that? Wasn’t she our daughter?”
My dad did not turn back. He opened the car door and was about to get in. My mom rushed towards him, stopped and pleaded, “Tell the truth. Didn't you miss me for these 5 years? These 15 days, I felt your intense love for me. Didn't you feel my love? Didn’t you observe my pain of missing you? Didn't my heart beats tell you, how much I need you?." She knelt and started crying.
“Go and check your car dashboard” He replied firmly.
My mom rushed to her car, to check the surprise lying in the dashboard. There was a beautiful rose and a greeting card. “I can’t live without you anymore. I need you. Can we start a new life again!?”

The Greeting Card
My mom covered her face with the greeting card and began to cry. They looked at each other and exchanged a small hug.
“Mom, proposing with a Rose and a greeting card? A very outdated style of proposing ma. At-least for this reason, you should reject his proposal.” I teased them.
"How could you tease my hubby?" She hit me on my head with love, forgetting the injury on my head. Dad took me in his arms from wheelchair and carried to the car. When he slipped his leg, my mom said, "Careful sweet heart, we just got her back."
Their eyes met and it exchanged lot of emotions.

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Life Before Author Vs. Life After Author

Today I came across this interesting post by a Professional Blogger/author and I could easily relate to.

Here are my views:

I am against social networking sites. It’s nothing but own publicity. I will never post anything over there.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, Meetup, Flickr…is there any other networking sites through which I could promote my book?

Just 50,000 words. Give me a day. I can finish it.

Get writer's block and mind get struck at 10th word. (Your mind voice- "This scene seems to be similar to my earlier novel. This reflects my old post")

English - I am very good at.

Active Voice? Preposition? Homophones, weak words, pronouns, verbiage? Please give me a break. Did I really graduate from Convent school?

Writing a novel is tough, whereas publishing is easy

Writing a novel is easy, publishing is tough

Penguin India, Rupa & Co, HarperCollins India, Random House India. I am aware only about top 10 publishing house in India.

I knew a Publishing house and its guidelines that is even in Appuchi Kadai kuruku santhu (meaning: Small street too)

On looking at a book, the eyes roll over the title, author name, book blurb, book cover..etc.  Publisher? Why the hell I should care?

Turn the book ignoring all titles, authors and scan the Publisher first. Then google about the publisher, learn about their submission guidelines and in few days, the manuscript will be in that publishing house.

Debut author? So what, when it comes to market it’s a novel. The quality has to be impressive and creative.

Debut author know. Give her chance yaar. She will definitely improve in her upcoming. Go Read the first novels of William Shakespeare, Jackie Collins,  J. K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy

Romance, love making scene. Oh no,
I am against it. My novel is a family oriented script. 4 letter word?
How could I use that?

Publisher must be right. Just one page in 263 page novel na, nothing will happen if I include romance scenes.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Overcoming the Challenges of Being an Author in the Digital Age

 Problem Being an Author

You can’t Share your pain/Ask a Question:

  • If I share my disappointments, desires, hurts or pain, people conclude that I am just saying it to gather their reaction or taking some survey for a new post.
  • Whenever I say “I am not feeling good" or "I am down", instead of asking the reasons or convincing, my friends always trigger a question, "Was it your next novel title?”
  • Few of my friends will be always extra cautious in sharing their personal stuffs. They don’t speak, since they fear that I may pen down their incidents in my blog. 
  • Below is the one of the screen shot of a chat, with my so-called-Idiotic-friend. 
Chat History with my Friend

I will be cornered with my writings:

Friends tend to give advice from my own writings, when I look out for their advice or support. You can’t ignore their advice since it was my own writings.
Let me share an incident. I was very confused in choosing a decision. When I was looking for my friend support, he said "Follow your heart" as you said in your video. This is what happens if you are writer :(

There were extreme ends too, People trust me blindly and turn towards me for advice. They share their problem and expect me to offer a solution as well.

Expect to be a literate in English

People expect me to be perfect in English. When I do a mistake, I could hear the below Statements,
How did you manage to write such a big novel without knowing this word? 
Don’t you know this basic sentence of grammar?
 Don’t you know the meaning of this small word?
Must be her Story:

Though it’s fictional, People will think it happened in my life. 75% of the people asked me, whether the love between the protagonist in Touch of Mist was my life incidents. It’s absolutely fine. You have the rights to ask any question. But they don't believe, when I say "No" and educate them it’s an imaginary story.
If I write about a kissing scene, "Oh yeah, she must have kissed a guy."
If I write about a dating scene, "oh she must have for gone for a date."
I have written about committing suicide, “So I must have committed suicide :P ”.
I re-iterate, A person who writes about terrorism need not be a terrorist. I don’t have to be in love to write a love story.
On a funny note, I don’t think Mr. Perfect like Gowtham exist in the world. Mr.Perfect or Mrs. Perfect exists only in dream world and in movies.

Approach you for editing their content:
She is a writer. She should be able to write/Edit an article for me. I always write only when it makes me happy and if any incident touches my soul. I enjoy taking part in contest and that’s the reason I participate in contest

Writing is not my passion, I enjoy writing and its one of the thing I love. When people approach me for editing their content or to help them in writing out something, I really can’t do that. I am being forced to write. In that case, definitely my quality won’t be good.

OMG!! You are an Author:

All my friends whom they knew me before publishing a book, say “My friend have published a book.” For them, I am still Deepika with the same old tag “my classmate”, "my room-mate", "my college mate", "my colleague". It feels good to be in that zone.

But the people whom I meet new, there came lots of embarrassing situation.

When they stumble across my post or book and when they understand that I have written a novel they say, “Deepika, I never knew you are an author. Was I talking to an author? “

People don’t stop there. They ask, why are you so simple, being an author?

But Yes, thanks to all my readers and Friends. This is my 234th post and it would have not been possible without you. I thank each and every person/incident who has been my inspiration in writing.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Touch of Mist Book Review by Destination Infinity

Touch of Mist Book Review by Destination Infinity

Review by Destination Infinity

Touch of Mist is the first book written by Deepika Muthusamy. It’s about love, marriage, separation, and reunion(?). Frankly, I have not read many relationship-based books, and I was glad to read this one: it was like cool breeze in a perpetually hot Chennai!

What makes two people fall in love with each other? Why do they find each other so interesting during the relationship phase, and why does the equation change (sometimes immediately) after marriage? What is the reason for this change – are they internal or external factors?

These are the topics dealt with in book. Not directly – through a story. The story is good, and I loved the first 85% of the book. But the climax, and the scenes leading to it, could have been shorter. When you know what’s going to happen, a surprise might have made the story more memorable, or it could have been kept shorter.

The writing style of the author is good and there is continuity. I was able to create a picture of the story in my mind, as it happened – to the credit of the author. But certain scenes where the protagonists meet accidentally (on the way) could have been avoided as it felt like they were deliberately inserted to take the story forward.

Also, the scenes where someone talks to prevent people who have just attempted suicide to refrain from it, and they accept it immediately, was not convincing. Just when I thought undue  importance was being given to suicides in the story, the author makes one of the protagonist open a suicide helpline, and that was an impressive thought.

The author has brought out the relationship between the two protagonists very well. The conflicts have also been brought out well and I guess modern youth could easily identify with the protagonists. The Adam and Eve dialogues, giving out the differences in thinking between men and women, is very good.

Overall, this is a good read. I think it helps to read books in multiple genres as it broadens our perspective.

You can buy this book from Amazon in India. 

[Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. If you click on it and buy the product, I may get a small commission.]

Destination Infinity