Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello world . . I am Sanju. .

This is my first post and close to my heart....
This article was my inspiration to start a blog and underpinning to my author's Journey
The memories of my nephew' birth made me crazy and I wanted to preserve those memorizes in form of writing... 

Sanjith Raghav,

August 30 2007, Thursday

Doctor Confirmed "Our Cute Hero" /hihi will be delivered on Aug 30th. I went temple, pulled my friends to pray for my sister and kutty.

I was in IBM Training (Initial days) but my thoughts were around my sister.
As it was just 10 days I joined IBM, I could not get leave to be with my sisters. ☹

I was waiting for my dad's call to hear, New angel came to our family.
My Phone vibrated. :)
In training, I ignored the instructor and took the call. My dad said, Both are fine :).
I asked my dad to pinch him, and make him cry. (Enna oru Villa thanam). Do you think My sisters will let him to pinch tat kutty ???

pavam kolandha.. dont Pinch him." Call me When he cries ", I requested my dad,
I acted smart as if I am good chithi.I got a call, when tat kutty cried.
"Kuva., Kuva., ☃ " this is how he cried. Appa, cant express in words how sweet his voice was.
A. R Rahman, Vidyasagar has to get training from my papu for such a sweet voice.

ooops !!! i forget i was in training....
Object Repository . . Local Object Repository .. Share Objected Repositories the trainer started to blabber. All my thoughts were around hospital .
I opened Google and typedwhat kids like to play? What to gift a Baby?  /hmm

I imagined the baby would be pummpy and fatty as in movies. I started dreaming about our angel. I started Friday night, Bangalore to Erode, 5 hours travel (oh God),It was very boring and I felt the driver drives very slow. I ran to see the little baby,and it was crying for me "Chiti, Chiti, :)" My mom gave him, in my hand, cute baby yawned with his small mouth and opened his one eye and looked at me.He immediately went for sleep. It was very small, I felt my mom,dad and sisters are very big.

He punished me, by passing Chu chu (for coming 2 days late).Watching my sister's baby for the first time was one of the most beautiful things in the world. It was absolutely mind blowingly awesome and a moment that I will never forget My mom and dad were double happy and proud as they saw their grand child and daughters experience in IBM. I showed my IBM ID card to kutty and did so much over show.This is the little angel we love and gets all our time and attention

Now Our little dude is 2 years old doing all naughty things. ☺☺☺
Can you believe tat he said "Appa Happy birthday " to his dad today ???