Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plan for Ratha Sarithram :)

I was surprised to see "Ratha Charithram" movie getting released in IMAX. Since we have 2 big Surya fans in our gang we decided to watch it however worst the movie is ;)
Namma Vadivel solldra madiri "edha chengalum plan pani dhan seyanum". Enga plan idho :)

Sunday 8:30 ku Ratha Sarithram polama...!!!!!! i wish everyone will come to movie.kandipa ellarum varanumnu ethirparkirean :) :) :)

Note(optional):PPL who dnt want to see Ratha Sarithram movie,can plan for an animation movie on the same day & time. :p.
Pinkurippu:Indha planai arrambithavarr namadhu Thanaiya thalaivi Selvi.Deepika :)

Remainder mail!!!!!!

Wipro madam ku yellam MS exam iruku nu ninaikure,Hope neenga yellam nyabagam vechurupinga nu???
So enge irundu povinga????
HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Enna ma nisha!!!!!
Resign pannu na dhum sending mails from official id ;) ;) ;)

Chumma try panni pakalam daan!!!
Yevalo nero daan rules ah follow panradu.Aduvum yen aal padatha pathi ,ada control panna mudiyale :)..........
Break the rules!!!!!!

Dai Nisha,
Un aal padathu ku dhaan porum ... adhu ka ga Signature red color ah ya use pannanum ;)

Yen aal padathuku yetha madiri amuchruke !!!!!
Ratham kalanda signature Ratha Sarithram kaaga......................

+Adding Kalpana periasamy...
ok..samu voda mailbox full ayyiditchi so ava reply panna mudiyadhu...
Sakthi oda microsoft idya add panraen...
Shiva Akka-->naanga ellarrum mae varrom ka(fyi..all r gals ) so 8.30 PM ku onnum illa ka....Deepika uyirra kudutha vadhu ungala kapathiduvoom ka :p / Akka naan kuda signature vatchi irrukaen ka :(
Nishath:Our exams will get over by 5PM,so 8.30ku enga schedulela onnum illa...adhukaga thaan unga allu padathukku pollam nu othukittaen :)
Shobana:1 tkt unnaku kandipa irrukku da...illa na operatora thookittu unna ukkaravatchuduvom.....
Vidhya:will expect ur reply after 6.30PM
Sakthi:Maunnam sammathathukku airrikurinu eduthukkurrom....
Kalpana:Unnaku fridayku appurram shift illuthu pottu thoongamma enga kuda varra...
Thanaiya thalaivi Selvi.Deepika:Ticketa book pannuma(once its confirmed)
Note:Animation movieku thaan naan varrugiraen ...en kuda companyku yaaratchum irrukeengala?????

yennada unnoda sound eh kano nu parthe,ippo daan terinjudu ni uyir kudutu mail type pannitu irundenu.
hey yen thalae padatuku polam nu sollitu ,last line le note le appadiye mathitiye................
Samu kandippa varuva ninaikure,yena avalo Surya fan....Akka no kaala varifying,u coming!!!!!!!........Viji sonna madiri Deepika uyir ah kudutavudu ungule badrama kondu varuva.....
Samu and shobana:
Na resign pannite ,unga rendu peru ku daan na sollale,samu unnoda number illa so couldnt inform,soppi kannu unna tirupi pape nu ninaiche solraduku but pakala.
To rest of the girls ,na iruka poradu konjo naal daan inge ,i hope everyone will have a get together.
Sentiment le avudu othupinga nu ninaikure!!!!!!

Piria pore manasoda kettukolvadu ungal Nishath!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its time to Cheer Up and Geer Up :)

   FUSION + 2010

My organisation, UnitedHealth Group is going to conducted a "Fun Filled Event" on various categories like Sports, Cultural Events, Floor Events, Expo and Email Events. Its my time to show my sports talents and Creativity.

Events like Decor On, Cricket, Chess, Table Tennis, Ad Zap, Un Scramble, Rhyme n Time, Splash, Total Re call, Clueless, Bingo, Pirates Treasure, Decor on, Group Dance,
Q-Zone, Apprezzare, Induco, DNA(Distributed Network of Applications) are going to be conducted from Oct 4th to Oct 8th.

I am eagerly waiting to blog my experience on Fusion Plus 2010 . . .

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sanju

Today is my Sweet Sanju Kutty Birthday :) :) :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inidhu Inidhu - Happy Days

Inidhu Inidhu. . . My First movie in Hyderabad with my sweet friend Nisha. Tamil movies getting released in Hyderabad is "Once in blue Moon". Even you may get hike in your organization, but Tamil movies wont get released in Hyderabad. Since it was a remake of telugu's smash hit movie "Happy Days" we never had second thought. And also its my favourite Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies Production.Instead of going to INOX, the driver took us to IMAX and from there again we reached INOX.

The movie was completely shot in the campus of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore. The infrastructure of the college was really fabulous.The movie begins with Sidhu, Tyson, Vimal, Shankar, Madhu, Jiya, Umar and Appu who steps into their college life (oops Same Telugu movie name). Expect Sonia Deepthi (Shravs) everyone is new.

Defintely whoever has enjoyed their college life, this movie would be a treat.Atleast in one of the scenes, you would relate yourself to the movie. "Indhu Inidhu" songs lasts in our mind. Madhu is very beautiful with colorful costumes :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day – Its time to celebrate

Today marks the sixty Third anniversary of India's independence...

Of almost all the independence day, This year was a most remarkable one. It was my pleasure to be a part of United Health Group and that’s the reason I had a chance to be a part of Freedom Ride 2010 which was conducted by "Hyderabad Bicycling Club" in association with the Atlanta Foundation.

I got up at 5:30 today (Mid-Night) and reached Novotel & HICC Complex at 6:15. I was the first person in my company to reach the venue.

This was my first Cycle ride with a team of 250. I realesed ballons with Tri-colors and stared my ride. It was a pleasent ride and I have to be bit consicious becaused My cycle was not having breaks ;)

Happy happy independence day to all. .
       Freedom in the Mind,
       Faith in the words..
       Pride in our Souls..
       Lets salute the Nation on 64th Independence Day. . .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miracle or Coincidence ?

What you would say this? A Miracle or A Crazy Coincidence?

Today was the day I Joined IBM before 3 years, and today is the day I got Full and Final Settlement from IBM.

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Month @ Hyderabad. .

Hooray. . I have completed 1 Month in Hyderabad and in United Health Group. .

The first day  I stepped into Hyderabad, I asked myself a Million times "whether I did a mistake?"
Now, I Feel, This decision is one of the best decision in my life.

All these days I find myself very happy and comfortable. Foods are really yummy here. (Not my hostel Food). Mid-Night Briyani. . Bowling in SVM. . Week-Ends with Nisha in Hyderabad Central and KalaNikenthan. . .Enjoying the events Conducted by UnitedHealth Group. . .Relishing the taste of Tamil Nadu Food @ Anjappar Hotel. .  Lots and Lots are there.

The above sentence does not mean there is nothing negative in HYD,
Here goes the other side,
  1. Only Sun TV is tele-casted here. Rest all are Telugu channels.Though all my Room mates are Tamil people, we are Punished to watch all the programmes in Sun TV.
  2. Very tough to get into Auto  or Buses at Peak time.
  3. At some Places, Its tough to manage without Telugu or Hindi.
  4. Miss my home Badly . . I get a chance to go once in a month only. Travel is really hectic
Still . . . I enjoy Staying at Hi-Tech city more than Garden City . . .

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Retirement Dad. .

A special dedication to my dad. . .

I honor my dad who is getting retired from his 37 years of service. . . 

We are always a child to our parents.Likewise, We always feel our father as young hero. I could not believe myself that he is getting retired.

He started his career immediately after his graduation and got government posting within a month. 

My dad always believes “Silence is more eloquent than words”. He is a Miser, but yet spendthrift in love.As George Herbert said "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters" I learnt to speak, walk, eat , etc, etc from you. .

The commitment you show towards your work, the patience you show towards a situation, the love you show on us is always admired by me.

Dad, Retirement is
“A chance to do the special things

You always wished you could.

Retirement is a special time

For is good.”

Today, there was a farewell in his office and all his colleagues and friends came to our home evening to give sendoff.
They asked my mom to take "aarthi" and welcome him. It was a heart touching moment and it was touching moment when everyone wished him. we arranged a dinner party at home and all his colleagues gave him adieu.

My grandma, sister, sanju everyone welcome him with a warm smile. I could see a small feel on my dad's face. :) :) 
I wanted to say, Dad you enjoy your life, I am there to take care of you. But I remembered "puli pasichaalum pulla thingaathu". You feel more happy only if you are not dependent on any one.

Here are my few words for you. .

you are a simple man with simple are my are very smart..

Congratulations on your Retirement. . .

I love you Muthus. . .

Friday, July 9, 2010

Joined UHG . .

Joined UnitedHealth Group today.

Fear in my heart and dreams in my eyes I got up at 6.00AM. My parents was also ready by the time.I touched their feet and received their blessings. Ramya akka Said "All the best".

My Sanju kutty Kissed on my cheek and said bye bye.

The company cab came sharp at 8:00 to the hotel.

To my surprise, I met a Tamil person in Quality Inn working for UHG. He helped me in getting Temporty ID card and properly guided the direction to the HR.

Hmmm, Another suprise, I met an IBMer(I dont want to add EX-IBMer) from bangalore who is staying in Quality Inn. Both our Client, Last working day, Building was same. !!!
Everything was comfortable. Since, it was Friday they said my induction Will start from Monday.
We both roamed all over UHG, and meet another Ex-IBMer.

I remember the next day I joined IBM was a national holiday(Independence day). Similarly, Its a holiday tomorrow :) :)  as it is Saturday :)

Planning how to spend the weekend in Hyderbad with my family members :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My First Flight Journey

People say "First love is always unforgettable." What about First journey in Flight? That too First Journey in Flight with our parents, Sister and sisters son???

July 7th I was in a hurry to get blessing from my periyamma,Meet Sharmi, Shopping and Packing. Yes.. I am moving to Hyderabad tomorrow.Its my first Flight travel (Coimbatore to Hyderabad) with my Mom, dad and sister.

The flight was scheduled at 10:45AM. We reached Coimbatore airport and was busy in check in formalities. During the security check, the bomb detector was shouting when they checked my DAD. He kept removing Mobile Phones, key chains. still It showed Red-light and shouted "Bee,Bee" . The security officer gave a look and said something is wrong sir!?. Then we started scanning him and found a metal token (an acknowledgement given when bike is parked in bike stands)

Then we waited in Boarding room. I kept answering Sanju's repeated questions, "when will the flight fly?" Oh god I must have answered him at lest 500 times :(

Luckily my sister and myself got window seat but they were above the wing. So the view was quite restricted.I made my mother to sit beside window as my dad has already explored the window view twice in Kingfisher and Jet Airways. I was not excited much as I was wondering whether I am stepping to the right path (Re-locating to HYB). My mom and sister were excited about the flight journey. Crap sanju slept during the flight take off :(

My dad was instructing us on how to put the seat belt, as he travelled twice.When the flight accelerate up the runway, I felt quite nervous and holded my fathers hand. We landed up Rajiv Gandhi international airport. We collected our bags and stated moving out as the CAB driver was waiting for so long time.

The cab driver was holding my name in name plate as if i was the boss for the company. My eyes focused on "Muthusamy" rather than "Deepika". I showed my dad his name. Opps Mother name should also include in our name.
Overall, its was nice to see my parents enjoying the journey. My dream is to take my periyamma in flight once

Here are my few clicks while travelling

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last day at IBM . . .

"A journey is best measured in
Experience rather than miles"

14th August 2007, the day I joined ACE gang (IBM). Lot of dreams, passions in everyone's eyes. Damn sure, the excitement towards IBM logo and the BOOM gifts received from IBM are preserved like diamond @ everyones home

Today is my last day of employment at IBM.

Why should I say "Its My last working day at IBM".. Hmmm... Rather I would love to say "Going on long vacation"... who knows I may be back to IBM as a CEO ;)

2 years 10 Months, , Lots of cries, RCM exams, Dis-appointments, fight with managers, Initial Bench period, , was this my experience in IBM????

Yup, I need to think a year to write my happiest moment @ IBM.

Its not the experience, The lesson learned in each pain. I should definitely thank IBM sorry sorry , My team for giving me such a wonderful lesson.

Its always the First job leaves lasting memories. . . Yes, Still I feel a Feather in my cap when I say "I was an IBMer".

Finally, Thank you Reshu and Suchitra for everything. I can definitely say that if you both were not there, I would not be in a place where I am today.

Santhosh, My little brother, Mr.Perfect, gave such a wonderful send off.

Oh god!!! How can I forget my friend Abitha. What I am here is only because of her.

Stepped into IBM with a dream of Deepika M.S., But signing off with Deepika MBA.,

The only only only happiness I had these IBM period was my MS mates and PESIT College.I never even had a dream of studying in one of the TOP institutes in KARNATAKA .

Fighting, comments, advices, class room sleepizzzing, Break time chats. My eyes wets with memories. Anitha, Aabitha, Ramya, Swathi, jayashree, Layanya, Malar, DeepaShree, I must have not got those good friends without IBM. Thanks IBM!!!

And also,Today is my last day in Bangalore. I am moving to Hyderabad. A Completely new state, New language, new job,etc etc,,, Nothing is old apart from me.

I have been in Bangalore for 2.10 years.

I wish myself for a new world , , "All the BEST DEEPU"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Precautions To be taken before watching Vijays Movie

Some Things are not in Our hand. Though you decide NOT TO WATCH vijay's movie circumstances may make you to watch his movie. If your time is bad, definitely some how you may be forced to watch his movie.
In that case follow the following precautions to save your life

  • Note down the "Emergency Exit" as soon as you  enter the cinema hall, So that you can run easily.
  • Always carry head ache balm (Tiger balm is preferable),head ache tablets, fever tablets
  • Avoid bringing kids as they may get scared by watching his movie.
  • Always prefer Morning shows rather than night shows (Padam parthu paithiyam pudu chirichu na) 
  • After watching vijay's movie, visit church and ask "Pava Manipu" and visit Rameswaram for your mistake.
  • Never watch his move in buses. You may think it is a Theater may jump from the bus.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

MA Happy Mothers DAY . . .

Mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. God could not came to earth to feed and take care of every child. So, he send ‘Mother’ in its form.

“I did not want to buy her a gift because I think something handmade shows the love and care that goes into the effort, and that it’s not just a formality,” says Zainab.

Make her feel great this day. 

Yes, I wished her by kissing her in Fore head.

Came across this poem , sent by a friend ...
Do you have that person / people in your life for whom you feel whats conveyed in this poem ? Check it out !!
Is that me or it is you? When I am upset, there is a tear in your eye
When I am happy, there is a smile on your face
I am not sure who resides in me
Is that me or it is you?
You have sleepless nights when I work till late
You too stay hungry when I'm not in a mood to eat
You get worried when I get hurt
You look fresh when I sleep for long
I am not sure who takes care of me
Is that me or it is you?
Sadness touches your heart before it comes to me
Happiness brings a twinkle in your eyes before it brings a smile on my face
Words come out of your mouth before thoughts enter my mind
I am not sure who has my heart
Is that me or it is you?
I was upset and was crying
Wanted to spend some time with me
But I missed you when I was with myself
I am not sure who did I want
Was that me or it was you?
I have asked a thousand times to myself
Who is my life?
Is that me or it is you?

My answer is "ITS MY MOM" . .

To My MOM. . .

I was a just-born and she was Twenty-Five,
Though we were we, we were one.
I would cry out in Latin and she would respond in Greek,
I would learn nothing but she never got tired to teach.

I was surrounded by monsters eager to pull my cheek,
but they would vanish the moment I was wet and weep.
She would come running and hold me in her arms,
as if I had won the contest of the charms.

Now I was able to walk and chew,
and hey, I was two.
I and she could now understand each other,
I was her everything and she needed no other.

I would try to walk and fall down,
But knowing she was with me,
the fear of getting hurt was now gone.
We still could not converse that effectively,
But she would understand my needs so easily.

I could now roam about free,
because now I have turned three.
I was ready to join a new world,
my academic life was now gonna mould.

She would dress me as best as a prince,
but when I would come back,
she would need at least an hour to rinse.
I was now able to talk,
I was a ferry and she was my dock.
I still remember the child, whose shirt I had tore,
Hey buddy, I have turned four.
I now came home a little late,
Nevertheless finding her waiting at the gate.
She would hug me and carry me in her arms,
it felt like flying through the farms.
We now did the homework together,
I would spoil the home and she used to work.

Years passed and now I was fifteen,
and with each year I would forget to lean.
I wouldn't care for what she said,
because now I had become mean.
She would ask me to study for a good future,
but I was busy in a different culture.

I changed a lot which she did not teach,
She would try to hug me but I was out of reach.
She still waited for me at the gate,
but I would look at her with utmost hate.
She would be awake till late in the night,
because I wasn't home, I was in a fight.
She had so much to scold, but she never did say,
hoping to find me better the next day.
Time went on and now I am grown,
lost in the world of my own.

I and she, between us have a river,
I have left her for my career.
When I was young, for me, she sacrificed her ambitions,
but I don't care, I now have my own mission.
I am not with her now, I am in a different city,
she is so old now but I don't even pity.

She needs me now but I am nowhere to find,
in the race for appraisal, I have become blind.
In a few years from now, I will be two,
there will be in my life someone new.
Then I'll forget even to bother,
I am her daughter and she is my 

Friday, April 23, 2010

MOMs Love

When you were1 year old, she fed you and bathed you.You thanked her by crying all night long.

When you were 2 years old, she taught you to walk.You thanked her by running away when she called.

When you were 3 years old, she made all your meals with love.You thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor.

When you were 4 years old, she gave you some crayons.You thanked her by coloring the dining table.

When you were 5 years old, she dressed you for the holidays.You thanked her by plopping into the nearest.

When you were 6 years old, she walked you to school.You thanked her by screaming, “I’M NOT GOING”.

When you were 7 years old, she brought you a baseball.You thanked her by throwing it through the next-door-neighbor’s window.

When you were 8 years old, she handed you an ice-cream.You thanked her by dripping it all over your lap.

When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons.You thanked her by never even bothering to practice.

When you were 10 years old, she drove you all day from soccer to gymnastic to one birthday party after another.You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back.

When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies.You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row.

When you were 12 years old, she wanted you not to watch certain TV shows.You thanked her by waiting until she left the house.

When you were 13, she suggested a hair-cut.You thanked her by telling her she had no taste.

When you were 14, she paid for a month away at summer camp.You thanked her by forgetting to write a single letter.

When you were 15, she came home from work, and looking for hug.You thanked her by having your bedroom door-locked.

When you were 16, she taught you how to drive her car.You thanked her by taking it every chance you could.

When you were 17, she was expecting an important call.You thanked her by being on the phone all night.

When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation.You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn.

When you were 19, she paid for your college tuitions, drove you to campus carried your bags.You thanked her by saying “GOOD_BYE” outside the Dorm so you wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of your friends.

When you were 20, she asked whether you were seeing anyone.You thanked her by saying “Mom, it’s just my business”.

When you were 21, she suggested certain careers for your future.You thanked her by saying “I don’t want”.

When you were 22, she hugged you at college graduation.You thanked her by asking whether she could pay for a trip to Europe.

When you were 23, she gave you furniture for your apartment.You thanked her by telling your friends it was ugly.

When you were 24, she met your fiancé and asked about the plans for the future.You thanked her by glaring and growling “Muuhh-Ther.. Please!”.

When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you.You thanked her by moving half way across the country.

When you were 30, she called with some advice on the baby.You thanked her by telling “Things are different now”.

When you were 40, she called to remind you of a relative’s birthday.You thanked her by saying you were really busy right now.

When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her.You thanked her by reading about the burden parents become to their children.

And everything you never did came crashing down like thunder on YOUR HEART.

If she’s still around, never forget to love her more than ever. And if she’s not, remember her unconditional love and pass it on.Always remember to love you Mother because you only have one Mother in your Life Time!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dr Vijay Vs Interviewer

Dr. Vijay   : Ngna vanakkam ngna .

Interviewer : Pakkaraduku, Ondipulli senthil maadiri irrukiye…Nee yaaru?
Dr. Vijay   : Tamil naatu la enna pathu yaaru nee, nu ketta mudal allu nee than…
Interviewer : Dei paannada.. Idhu Bangalore da venna…
Dr. Vijay   : Sorry sir. My name is Dr.Vijay..

Interviewer : ‘Dr’ na… Enna MBBS ah?
Dr. Vijay   :  Illa saar… Ennaku vekkama irruku sir… (vijay started crying)

Interviewer :  Appo Compounder padichitu doctor aniya …
                   Enna ____ ku kudutaanga da unnaku Dr pattam?
Dr. Vijay   :  Theriyangnaa… Theriyala… [Music – Thenpadi Semmaiyile… ]
Interviewer :  Dei… Dei Dei.. Nillu.. Idhalaam naanga ‘Naayagan’ le paatutoom… Pudusa eddavudu  try pannu…
Dr.Vijay    :  Anna Pudusa????.... I hate the word na...

Interviewer: Dei.. Kaduppu ethhada da.. Where are you from?
Dr. Vijay   : Naan porandahadhu Sivakasi, Vallandadhu Triupachi, Beeer adichadu Madurai la, Moore kudichadhu
Thirumalai la…

Interviewer : Dei.. Un Ooru pathi keta, ellam flop padam peru sollitu irruke? Seri.. Any great men were born in this village?
Dr.Vijay    : No, sir.. Only small babies..

Interviewer : SSLC fail ana passangalakku llama Dr. pattum kudukuraan paaru.. Avan na serupaala adikkunum…
Dr. Vijay   : Sir, Ennoda adutha paduthukkaga punch dialogs prepare aaitru . Plz kelungale

Interviewer : No Let me ask question...Nadika varala na neenga enna aayirupinga?
Dr. Vijay   :   Naan IAS aayirupen sir…
Interviewer : Nadika dhan varlaye… Appuram en IAS aagala…?
Dr. Vijay   : ?

Interviewer :  Nee naadicha, oru hit padam peru sollu..
Dr. Vijay   : Sir… Yenna neega Out-of-syllabus laam kelvi kekarenga?
Interviewer : Sollu da panni payalle..
Dr. Vijay   : Once more sir…
Interviewer : Nee naadicha , unnku pudicha , oru nalla padam peru sollu..
Dr. Vijay   : Sir, Once more sir…
Interviewer : Dei pannada.. lodu mandaya.. Nee naadicha oru padam peru sollu..
Dr. Vijay   : Sir, Once more sir…
Interviewer : Oh.. Nee sonadu andha “Once more” ah? [Peru ah paaru.. Thu..Thu..]

Interviewer : Seri.. Next enna pannalaam nu irrukinga?
Dr. Vijay   : “Sura” nu oru padam panitu irruken sir?
Interviewer : “Sura” va.. Appo puttu pannalaam…

Dr. Vijay   : Sir… “Sharks” sir “Sharks”………
Interviewer : Enna Socks ah.. Theatre Naarama irrunda seri… Ok…. Ok…. Eppo Releaseu? Pongal ah / Diwali ah?
Dr. Vijay   : Naan solla mateen… sollave matten…
Interviewer : Why? En release date ah solla matringa?
Dr. Vijay   : Sagara Nal Therinjuduchu Na Vazhra Nal Naragamaidum sir..
Interviewer : Thevidiya naaye.. Punch kuda neeye solla maatiya da.. [Thu thu… ]


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dr Vijay Vs Cricket Team

 Stadium Scene

Vijay       : Hi Dhoni… Haaw aaar u.
Dhoni     : Hi.. I’m fine.. Ok.. Thanks
Vijay       : Hey… Sorry ennaku Englipish theriyaadu..
Dhoni     : Dei… Ennaku unnaiye theriyadu da… Apporam ekkududa English laam..

Vijay       : I’m a great star in south you know…
Dhoni     : Appadiya.. Hey Balaji, you know this guy.. Apun ko ‘star’ bolttha hain saala..
Vijay       : Vannakam naaa.. Enna theriyala ya?
L.Balaji  : Dei.. Unna ennga yo paatha maadiri irruke?

Vijay       : Nallavela.. Neega enna paathu “Yaaru da nee” nu kekala.. Illa na oru periya dialogue sollirukkanum…
L.Balaji  : Dei.. Santhi theratre la… rockets, mutta, thaakaali laam, poriki seconds la vikaravan maadiriye irrukiye…
Vijay       : Illa ngaa, naa nijammave oru star!

L.Balaji  : Nambaramadiri yedavudu sollu da perika mandaya..
Vijay       : Anna… Neenga Thirupachi, Sivakaasi, Madurai, Thirumalaai laaam paaturikeenglaa?
L.Balaji  : Dei pannnaada, line ah ooru perula solluriye.. Nee yenna bus conductor ah?

Murali     : Machi.. Inda payala engayo paatha maadiri irruku, aana evan facekum pechukkum sambandame illaye….
Vijay       : Deivaamee.. Naan than na ‘Dr.Vijay’
Murali     : Nee doctor ah… Loyola la kuppa kutturavaan maadiriye irruke….
Sachin   : Dei.. Enna padichirukke?
Vijay       : Ada ponga na… Naanga SSLC fail la…

Sachin    : okie.. Say a punch dialogue we will agree!!!
Vijay       : Kaadu naa na puli…
Murali     : Dei paanniku porranda naaye.. Nee pulli ah?
Vijay       : Ammmangana… Idhu la yenna  sandegam?
laji  : 1 Question – Nee kotta edutha puli ah, illa kotta pudungadha pulli ah?

Vijay       : [Crying] Vendamm…
Murali     : Seri.. seri.. Allada.. Continue…
Vijay       : Kaadu naa naan singam, Kadal na naan sura, vaanaam na naaan minnal
Dhoni     : Veedu naa nee TOILET
Sachin   : Roadu naa nee DRAINAGE
Bhaaji    : River naa nee KOOVAM, ‘natham’ summa suthi suthi adikkum.

Vijay       : “Once More” chance kudunga na…
Sachin   : Kya re saaalee… Haamen maaja ah raaha hai.. Bool… Bool saaale bool…
Vijay       : 1 song    – Kuruvi Kuruvi Paarandha… Kuruvi Kuruvi Paarandha… [Music]
Sachin   : Dei.. Mudala “Kuruvi” ah Ooda sollu.. Apporam rakka kaati parakalaam….

Vijay       : “Once More” chance kudunga na…
Bhajii      : Saleee.. M** ka ***t.. Bollo re.. Kya….
Vijay       : Then Then Then, un .. la.. la.. la.. [Music]
Bhaaji    : Paen Paen Pean… un thala yellam paen. Enga thalaya aarukaama oodi poidu…
Vijay       : Last chance sir..

Vijay       : Sir, I want to talk to my Faatherr..
Dhoni     : Fat`too saala… Baath kar…
Vijay calling his dad SAC
Vijay       : Appa, enna inga CSK romba naara adikiranga pa…
SAC        : Feel panna kudadu… Ok.. Daddi solluren la.. Evvalo asingapatu irrukom… Idhu laam jujube!

Vijay       : Appa.. Romba kalaaikiranga paaa…
SAC        : Beta.. Nee onnu pannu.. Unnoda padam DVD annupuren… Adha pottu kaaami..
Vijay       : Aiyo appa.. Adhu dhaane Director Gautham kuppa thotti la odachi pottutaru..
SAC        : Maaganee, un apppan unnakaga oru backup eduthu vechirukeen da…
Vijay       : En pa.. En…
SAC        : Yen na unnaku pennadi vaara Sangathigal,  idha paathu, purunji nadandhukku vanga..
Vijay       : Dhanks pa… Neenga romba naalaavaaru pa… Adhutha janmaam nu onnu irundha naa unga maagan ah than
SAC        : Aiyoyo.. [Phone clicks]

Vijay turning to audience

Vijay       : Yaaru adicha pori kellambi boomi aadhiradhu kannula theriyido avvan than da Vijay! Naan than Vijay..

L.Balaji  : yaru nadichi DHARANI padam kuda flop aagutho…….
PRODUCER kanla pori kalangi thanni varudo…….
Avan danda Vijay….. Ivan than da andha Vijay..

Maar do saaalee ke kuthee…
Murali     : Adingda aavnaaa, kekuravan Vijay fan madiri maakana irundha KURUVi oscar pogum nu solluingalae da

[Vijay gets beatings from all cricketers + 9thara] – Censored!

___________ Home Scene___________

Dr. Vijay : Ennadi seerial pathutu aluthukitu irukka …….
Wife        : Dai nalla paruda, ithu namma kalayana c.d ……
Dr. Vijay   : …?? ?????????????????????

___________ Studio Scene___________

Raghuvaran :        Enna Arunachalam, 30 nallu la 30 kodi ya eppadi selavu pannapore?
Rajini :      Hee. He.. He..
Raghuvaran :        Enna pa sirikire?
Rajini :      Jujubeee… Vijay-a vechi oru padam edupen!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vijayai verupor sangam

Doctor 1 : enna aachu?
case failure'ah?
Doctor 2: Yes! suicide atmpt.
poison ah irunda kooda kaapathirukalam but payan vivarama "vijay" padatha fulla pathu irrukan :)

Bharathiyar Feelings :
In heaven:
chellama - Aiyaiyo..!! ennanga panringa?
Bharathiyar - patha theriyala thooku mattikren
chellama - Naamthan already sethutome!!
Bharathiyar - kanda naai ellam enna mathri vesham potukutu villu powerfullu nu punch dialogue pesumpothu ennaku marupadiyumsavanum polla iruku


Russians: We are living in 48 deg cool temp we are great

Africans: We are living in 48 deg heat v are great

Tamilan: We are living even after seeing 48 vijay films. Goyala yarkitta......

3.Blue cross:

Blue cross has put enquiry on vijay because lot of kuruvi has attempted suicide for mis using their name.

4. Bus comedy:

Doctor - Ennappa eppadi adi pattuch
patient - Bus-la porappa 'vijay' padam pottanga,Theatre-nu ninachu velia vanthutten


5. Cricket Introduction:

vijay wants intro with CSK players.
vijay: Hai i am one of the top actor in tamil cinema.
Hyden: Ah Gud joke...Appa macha ntini neeyum hero thanda
Dhoni: Machi... ntiniku santhosatha paaru... balaji do u know him??
Balaji: Theriyala machan theatrela tea kudukara payan mari irukan..
Vijay: sathiyama naan actor than da.
Morkel : Thambi joke adichacu podum.... poi tea eduthukutu vaa.
Fleming : Enaku sakara jasthia.
vijay(crying) : Dai naan actor than da nambunga da... Appa paru panaba matrenganunga.
SA: Vidu magesh babu padathaium un padathium pottu kattu kandipa nambuvanunga
6. Chess comedy:

Ajit - chess vilaiyaada povom varingala?
vijay - neega pou ground la wait pannunga naan shoe pottutu varean
vijay rocks
7. Pava manipu:

Reporter: Oru padam mudicha piragu neenga enna pannuveenga?
vijay: Simple chruchla poi pava manipu kaepean.

8. Best comedy:

Vadivel : Nan than periya comedian
Vivek: Ella nan than periya comedian
Santhanam: Dai methuva peasunga pakkathula "vijay" irukkaru

9. National anthem:

Viajy to prabhudeva: Indha patu superah Iruke idha Namba Padathula Remake panalama
Prabu Deva: Dei nasama ponavane Adhu Desiya Geetham da
10. Easy way to die:

Easy way to die:
1. Smoke daily - u will die 10 years early
2. Drink Daily - u will die 30 years early
3. Love a girl truly - u will die daily
4. But see vijay poster u will die suddenly
Yena koduma sir ithu

Difference between kamal & vijay:
Kamal acts in 10 diff role in one film(original).
but vijay acts in same role in 10 different dupping films.

Director comedy :

Director - Vadivelu podalama, Illa karunas podalama

Vijay - Comedy kuda nane pannuran sir

Director - Comedy neenga than panringa nan hero yara podalamnu think panran


13. Doctor vijay:

Dr. vijay sslc goes 2 a shop & shouts where is the free gift with this mineral water.
Seller: There is no free gift with this
Vijay: But on the lable its written bacteria free. I am doctor u can't cheat me
Enjoy non stop doctor vijay comedies

Driver - Sorry sir petrol mulusa dry aagidichi , inimel oru adi kuda munnadi nagarathu
Dogtor vijay - Hmm.. sari reverse edu veetukavathu pokalam
14. Exam hall:

Ajith & vijay writing semester exam:
vijay : Thala konjam answer kattunga
Ajit: Hindi paper da idhu unnaku tamil exam da
vijay: Parravala adha kattunga na tamila remake pannikuraen
Thala: Idhuku picha edukalaam
vijay: yevalavo panrom idhu panna maatomaa......

15. Exclusive vijay comedies

Exclusive vijay comedies:

1. How a police can wear boot cut and have style hair?(pokiri)
2. How to go to final match after losing semi finals?(Gilli)
3. How to become boxer in 1 day & 1 song? (adri)
4.How to do uncle job perfectly?(shajahan)
5.How to come alive even after dying?(puthya geethai)
6. And finally having a long jump record for a half a KM in kuruvi.... Still to be continued :-) enna koduma sir idhu....

16. TV special:

Customer. Intha TV velai enna?

Salesman: 1,00,000 sir

Cus: Appadi enna special?

Salesman: Tv la "vijay" program vanda aduve thana vera channel maridum

17. Suntv:

vijay : Namma suntv mela case podanum

Manager : Ethukku sir

vijay : Ennoda aduthapadam hit aagumnu sonnatha vilayatu seithil la pottu irukanga


Mahesh Babu & Dr. Vijay are writing Interview exam:

Vijay  : Mahesh… konjam answer kattunga

Mahesh Babu    : Telugu paper da idhu, unnaku tamil paper da
Vijay    : Parravala adha kattunga, naan tamila REMAKE pannikuraen
Mahesh Babu       : Idhuku picha edukalaam
Vijay    : Yevalavo panrom idhu panna maatomaa……


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Iniya Tamil puthandu nalvalzthukal

Our Ancestors said, What we see on the first day of the new year has to be pure, auspicious and signify abundance and good fortune.So People start their day by watching auspicious things like gold, silver, betel leaves, fruits, vegetables, flowers, raw rice and coconuts.Usually Fruits include guavas, jackfruit bananas and  yellow cucumber.

All the waste in the house is gotten rid of and cleaned and made pure. Homes are cleaned and painted in anticipation of the oncoming new year.

Women decorate the entrance of their house with colorful kolam patterns.Lamp (Kuthuvillakku) is placed at the centre of the kolam which people belive that it brings light to house. 

With Family, People visit Temple and pray for the happiness and wealth for the upcoming year

A coconut would be broken exactly in half, and set one on either side of the mirror with a whole yellow lemon in it. Care should be taken that the lemons are as fresh as possible with no flaws or eyes. I am guessing the lemons and coconut signify prosperity and good tidings.

There would be smaller silver cups filled with silver coins, gold coins etc. Gold coins are symbols of monetary affluence, as well as cultural and spiritual wealth, which the elders of the family must share freely with the younger generation.

Paiya Review

Paruthiveeran hero Karti + successful filmmaker Lingusamy = ‘Paiya’.

The story can be just framed in a line "A journey from Bangalroe to Mumbai".
The movie Starts with the Garden City -Bangalore. I agree that the movie revolves around bangalore but is it necessary to cover all bridges,  Malls, Flats and so on :)
First time, Karthi in a charming and handsome role with colorful dresses.Ha ha He dances in teh moview too. Karthi is absolutely fantastic in this movie. Karti must have accepted this movie to bridge the gap of Paruthiveeran.
"Thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyai vanthaley" song lasts in our mind and the picturization of the song was awesome.
First half its full of fun and excitement. But the next half "Bhagavas"
The movie is just one-time watch. But for Kartic, the movie can be watched 100 times.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

அங்காடி தெரு - Angadi Theru - Must Watch Movie..

I am lucky !!! Tats what I realized when I saw "Angadi theru" Movie. Hats off to Vasantha Balan for such a beautiful poetry. . .

The movie was my inspiration to realise that Luxurious car and House is not life. I realised Life is not hanging for salary rise.

I am ashamed of myself for yelling at salesman for not displaying variety of clothes. I Understood the struggle and challenges of salesman whom I meet everyday. I Wont yell at the Salesman From now.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Men are Always MEN

After thousands of years of male dominance, we now stand at the beginning of the feminine era, when women will rise to their appropriate prominence, and the entire world will recognize the harmony between man and woman
-- The Rebbe

During an Argument with my Team- Mate  he said, I want my wife to quit the job after marriage. She should stand or Sit when I ask her to do so. Whats this??? Why women are not given an option ??  Why My team mate dint say "It depends on her interest??". The Reason behind  "Working women have EGO". She wont respect a Family.  

How Good Will it be if guys learn to accept a girl as they are, without trying to change them or order them.
 Please Guys, Learn to appreciate and support women. If you cant Please don't de-motivate her.  

I should not blame MEN completely.  Because I am able to write an article today because of my dad who made me to study and gave freedom to work and choose my career as I like.

Not all MEN are dominating, I have a friend who suggest me to do reach heights. I believe ’’If you are good, all are good’’ .

Monday, March 29, 2010

We’ll remember always, thats Graduation day!!!

M. Deepika., MBA.,

A milestone passed, new things begun, dreams as shining as the sun, a goal achieved, a victory won! That’s post graduation. My results of Final Semester MBA has announced today. I have Completed MBA with the score I expected.

I was dis-appoinment as my total score was 69% when the result was out. Later We came to know it was a data entry by our study centre.

I am double - happy as I completed MBA and scored the percentage which I targeted. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

An outing with Testing Champions

Patel's Inn

I had a wonderful Friday today. My Team organized one day Team outing to "Patel's Inn". It was almost a year we had fun by going outing.

We all planned to meet in office then start our journey. After reaching the resort we were treated with a Welcome Drink - "Lemon Juice" :-(

I Enjoyed playing shuttle, Tennis, Badminton and cricket and Snooker  too.

Followed by yummy Lunch we went swimmming pool just to watch cute kids who came for Summer Camp.

The most impressive thing in my outing is "Karting".One shoule not miss the thrill of "Karting" while Visiting Patel's Inn,. Most of my Team mates got injured, by placing their hands on Engine mistakenly - which made us to scare for driving Karting. Me, Anitha, Vanisree, Harsha we all four girls took the Track. My aim was not to come first, but not to dash any corners. I enjoyed the ride and I came 2nd.

we wiped our day with an evening snaks and memorable incident of "Go Karting". Of course with many good friends.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Mesmerizing trip to Nandi Hills

"A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step" - Lao Tzu

I have been staying in Bangalore for last 2 years and have never been to Nandi Hills (summer palace of Tipu Sultan.). Me and my friends decided to get up early and go to Nandi Hills in the morning...

We searched in google, and found the bus to Nandihills departures at 8:30 AM from Majestice. We reached Nandi Hills by 11:00 AM.

By the time we reached the footstep of Nandi Hills, it was very sunny. As as we started climbing up, we saw monkey (our ancestors) coming and taking the foods, Pepsi from our hands. Even we lost our snaks pack :(

First thing we saw in Nandi hills was Tippu’s lodge. An very old lodge. It was like my grany house. we saw many cute baby monkey . Forgettable incident is "Shiv Parvathi Temple" whic has very small enterance. Even sanju has to bend to go inside.

We reached "Brahmashrama" cave which is being said that Sage Ramakrishna Paramhamsa meditated here once upon a time.

I took a photo near to "Danger Board" . D for Danger. D for Deepika :). We roamed around aimlessly for almost an hour in search of Nandi god. At last we reached "Nandi bull".

After taking a few walks away from Nandi bull we arrived a spot called "Tipu's Drop" from where Tipu Sultan used to throw his prisoners who were sentenced to death.

It was a bit disappointment for me, as I imagined a foggy, cool climate like ooty. But Enjoyed being out with friends after so many years. I planed to take my sister for next visit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Am I lucky or Un-Lucky???

How many people get a chance to go college while working ? But i don't know whether its a varam or sabam??

Yes!!! PESIT, Top 1 Institute in Karnataka. People dream to study in those college. I, sorry We(ACE) students got a chance to study in that college.

Whenever I think of something which happened MS class.. I don't forget to laugh or atleast a smile visits my face. Anitha, Abitha, Lavanya all there are equally good in cracking jokes. Malar who always enters like police at the last and question us, hey please repeat from the starting.
Passing paper,drawing a buffalo's face and narrating my friends name next to it!!!
Tying to knot the shawl of 2 people, criticizing sir, eating Biscuits and playing games in classroom we never missed any fun.kiddish!!! isnt it??

But It pains a lot when I think of MS. Could any one study with criticism like,
MS course is not valid. we are into 5th sem, yet we dint get first sem mark sheet.
Everyday getting up at 5 to go college and traveling 2 hours to reach college.

I dont know when a solution will be given to it.

Will MS qualification add to my name ? ? 


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Software Engineer ??? Huh !!

"A person without any aim in life is like a rudderless ship"

My aim is (WAS) to become
  • an air hostess When I was a kid.
  • Sports player when I came district 2nd in 100mts dash.
  • A scientist when I came across the inventions of Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur
What Next +2? - The question that bothers all students in +2.

I used to escape by answering,

"A chemistry teacher" to chemistry Sir .
" A Maths teacher" to Maths sir.
"Tamil Miss" to Tamil Sir. :-)

Great people Say, before you choose an aim answer these 3 questions:

1) what do u feel like doing?
2) what are u interested at?
3) which subject can u do better?

My answer for all the three were

1) Anything, but not a Software Engineer
2) Anything, but not a Software Engineer
3)Anything, but not a Software Engineer

My desire was to become an Mathematician.
My dad too encouraged by saying, you are good at Maths, you can go a head.
As always Maths Lecturer are in demand in all Engineering and arts college, I joined Bsc Maths by negotiating BE-ECE seat in KSR college.

My inspiration - D.Vishwanathan (DV) sir, who teaches maths relating to Real world.
Staffs encouraged me to do MCA after Bsc by seeing the marks. Everybody in my class Joined T.I.M.E and Brilliant Tutorials.

I asked myself . . Why am I not pulled towards IT Field??? Why MCA craze was not with me??

my focus was on MSc Maths. Days Passed.
5th Sem study holidays. As usual watching TV and sleeping.
I received message from my class mate "Campus interview for HCL on OCT 18th"
Simply I took Written Test and was short listed. Interview was scheduled next day - Oct 19th -2006.
My mom advised, At any case you should not feel bad in case you are not selected.
I shook my head and attend without any dream.
:-) :-) I was placed in HCL.

Later in HCL, IBM and Wipro.

I remembered the days with Kiruthika. We both used to sit, think and note down the points for "Drawbacks of software engineer"
After that day, I reversed the paper and started writing the advantage of "Software Field"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

90 / 10 Principle -It will change your life (at least the way you react to situations).


10% of life is made up of what happens to you...

90% of life is decided by how you react.

What does this mean?

We really have no control over 10% of what happens to us.

We cannot stop the car from breaking down.

The plane will be late arriving, which throws our whole schedule off.

A driver may cut us off in traffic. We have no control over this 10%.

The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%.

How? By your reaction. You cannot control a red light., but you can control your reaction. Don't let people fool you; YOU can control how you react.

Let's use an example.

You are eating breakfast with your family.Your daughter knocks over a cup of coffee onto your business shirt. You have no control over what just what happened. What happens when the next will be determined by how you react.You curse. You harshly scold your daughter for knocking the cup over.

She breaks down in tears. After scolding her, you turn to your spouse and criticize her for placing the cup too close to the edge of the table. A short verbal battle follows. You storm upstairs and change your shirt. Back downstairs, you find your daughter has been too busy crying to finish breakfast and get ready for school. She misses the bus. Your spouse must leave immediately for work.

You rush to the car and drive your daughter to school. Because you are late, you drive 40 miles an hour in a 30 mph speed limit. After a 15-minute delay and throwing $60 traffic fine away, you arrive at school. Your daughter runs into the building without saying goodbye. After arriving at the office 20 minutes late, you find you forgot your briefcase. Your day has started terrible. As it continues, it seems to get worse and worse. You look forward to coming home, When you arrive home, you find small wedge in your relationship with your spouse and daughter.

Why? Because of how you reacted in the morning. Why did you have a bad day?

A) Did the coffee cause it?

B) Did your daughter cause it?

C) Did the policeman cause it?

D) Did you cause it?

The answer is " D".

You had no control over what happened with the coffee. How you reacted in those 5 seconds is what caused your bad day. Here is what could have and should have happened.

Coffee splashes over you. Your daughter is about to cry. You gently say, "It's ok honey, you just need, to be more careful next time". Grabbing a towel you rush upstairs. After grabbing a new shirt and your briefcase, you come back down in time to look through the window and see your child getting on the bus. She turns and waves. You arrive 5 minutes early and cheerfully greet the staff. Your boss comments on how good the day you are having.

Notice the difference? Two different scenarios. Both started the same. Both ended different.

Why? Because of how you REACTED. You really do not have any control over 10% of what happens. The other 90% was determined by your reaction.

Here are some ways to apply the 90/10 principle. If someone says something negative about you, don't be a sponge. Let the attack roll off like water on glass. You don't have to let the negative comment affect you! React properly and it will not ruin your day. A wrong reaction could result in losing a friend, being fired, getting stressed out etc.

How do you react if someone cuts you off in traffic? Do you lose your temper? Pound on the steering wheel? A friend of mine had the steering wheel fall off)

Do you curse? Does your blood pressure skyrocket? Do you try and bump them? WHO CARES if you arrive ten seconds later at work? Why let the cars ruin your drive? Remember the 90/10 principle, and do not worry about it.

You are told you lost your job. Why lose sleep and get irritated? It will work out. Use your worrying energy and time into finding another job. The plane is late; it is going to mangle your schedule for the day. Why take out your frustration on the flight attendant? She has no control over what is going on. Use your time to study, get to know the other passenger. Why get stressed out? It will just make things worse. Now you know the 90-10 principle. Apply it and you will be amazed at the results. You will lose nothing if you try it.

Moral of the Story: Be thankful for what you have.. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively.

When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep the faith and drop the fear.

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling…

And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!

Enjoy your day with a heart of gratitude.