Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Betrayal in Relationship

Betrayal in Relationship 

"I was engaged to a man and we had period of 8 months before the wedding. Seven months passed ecstatically by exchanging lot of love, care, future dreams and plans. He made lot of promise regarding the marriage and kept iterating every now and then that I was his better half. One fine morning, he called only to inform that he needs to end the relationship. 
Even the last night, he was talking to me with lots of love and I had no premonition that our relationship is going to end the next morning. All of sudden, 7 months of hope and love came to an end for no reason" Her cheeks spilled over with tears. She hugged me tight and sobbed, her shoulders shaking until her eyes drained of tears.

I always go blank when I see my friends in such distress. I had no words to convince her. All I did was hug her back and say things will get alright.

When the dreams of leading a colorful life with a person you loved gets shattered in a moment, the emotional trauma is unbearable. All the promise they made collapse like popping of a balloon. You feel shell-shocked and cried out loud, without even knowing the reason for break-up. You reminisce and realize that you had given 100% effort in the relationship and the only mistake you did was loving them truly from the bottom of the heart.

In my friends case, we realized that he left her for another woman whom he found recently.

Betrayal in relationship!!!

My friend started to punish herself for trusting him so much and stared to blame herself. She started disconnecting from the world. This post is for the people who are in my friends situation.

To all those Prince and Princess out there, 
Remember, one ultimate rule of relationship. If a person loves you truly, he/she will never let you go or slip out of their hands, irrespective of the situation.
So, if a person decides to leave you in the middle, remember that this is best thing happened in your life. If a relationship comes to an end due to betrayal or broken promise, you have only one choice left.


People betray and its sad truth that the victim have to deal with chronic pain. Family might be there to give emotional support. But you tend to make them relax by saying, "I’m fine" and act as a strong person. Friends might be there to help you out, but its you who have to deal with this situation and come out.

How to Cope up with Betrayal:
  • Don’t spend time/energy on meaningless relationship. If a relationship has ended due to betrayal, don’t invest your productive time in convincing or unnecessary conversations. 
  • If a person is living happily after betraying you, why should you suffer just because you loved truly? I know it hurts. But it hurts to heal you. Down the line, you will feel happy that they are gone from your life.Don't think about Revenge or hurting them back. They don't even deserve your revenge. And, If you love(loved) them truly, you don’t even think of wounding the person. 
  • They have not realized your worth. But, I think you know your worth. So go out and pamper yourself.  Thank them for making you realize that there is a beautiful life outside them.
  • During the beginning stage, it’s a normal to feel void and empty, but remember universe or guardian angel has made your life empty to fill it with all the beautiful love in the future. 
  • Don’t get into relationship another new immediately. During this healing process, a person feels so fragile. So, until you feel strong and love yourself more, don’t ever get into another relationship. 
  • Get into the things that attract you more. To find out, what attracts you more, take a pen, paper and sit at quite place. Spend some 15 minutes and write down all the things you love doing. Whether it is small or big, don’t hesitate to put in words. When you are done or exhausted, chose top 3 things from the list. Start doing it for 66 days. Make that as an identity based habit. After few days, you will see lot of positive vibes flowing every day.
If you look back the history, betrayal has made a person only stronger. I am sure, after few months, you will be surprised to see a new version of you.

Final Note, What if the person who betrayed comes back for forgiveness? Again, you have only one choice left.
Because, it’s not worth another shot!

Don't settle for a playmate, when God has a soulmate waiting for you - unknown 

P.S Soul mate is not life. It’s just a part of life. Just be patience for few days. Soon you will find one and that day, you will thank the person who has betrayed you. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Birthday to remember

I realized someone hitting my head with pillow. Though the pillow was soft, the hit was hard. I tried my best not to open my eyes completely with an intention of not losing the sleep. But a guttural female voice made me to wake-up. I saw a cute figure standing next to the bed. She was neatly dressed in a red chiffon saree. It was none, other than my lovable wife Priyanka. Her face was red, might be the reflection of saree.

I reached to her hand, pulled her towards the bed and wrapped her in the bed sheet. She reacted instantly and got out of the bed.
"Her face is red in anger; Not due to reflection," I confirmed.
With anger, she offered her mobile phone and requested me to take her a snap. She does that everyone, while wearing a new Saree.
“Hey Sweetie, Looking damn hot in new Saree. But, what special today? Hmm,.. Ethnic day at your office?" I asked clicking her picture. Before I could open the gallery to check the captured picture, the mobile flashed a name "Preethi”

Preethi - My Wife’s  bestie from childhood. I was about to attend the call, but my wife snatched the mobile and started talking to her. Over hearing female conversation is fun at times; hence I engrossed my ears on their chat.
“He hasn’t even wished. As usual he forgot my birthday" my wife was complaining to Preethi
 Then it struck my mind, today was her birthday. As always, I missed to wish on her on right time. People say the best way to remember your wife birthday is forget it once. But it has been 5 years now; I never forget to forget her birthday. I can remember the day India won Cricket World Cup and all those complicated dates. But my wife's birthday I never remember.

"Can you take off from your work and be with me today?" she pleaded in a soft voice. I could sense from her eyes that she was expecting a yes answer.
“I have an important conference to attend, can’t avoid it." "You could have informed me a week before right.” I said in a sterner tone
She did not flailed out in anger but left the house in silence. I dropped a message apologizing and promising that I would be back to home early and surprise her with loads of gifts.
But the day we plan to leave early from office is the day we get bombarded with works. By the time, I completed the work and checked my mobile I had 15 missed calls and lots of what’s app notification. Priyanka has requested for a dinner, which I failed to make it again. Because, it was 10 PM. I called her to check, whether I can get a parcel but she was done with her dinner already.

Finally, I decided to celebrate her birthday with a cake cutting, but all the shops were shut by sharp 10. I roamed another 1 hour to find a bakery shop. It was just a small shop and there were no candles or the plastic knife available. Whatever it was, I just took the cake and left. By the time, I reached home, she had slept.

It was 11.55.
I lighted the cake with a big candle that I had as a backup at my home in case of power cuts. I woke her up and blushed as If I was giving her a big surprise. I gave her the real knife insisting, “No fake things in between us”
She must be now used to all my worst behaviors. She snatched the knife and tried to cut the cake. The cake was so hard that even with a real knife, we could not slice the cake. Understanding the rigidity of the cake, she went inside to get a bigger knife. After repeated attempts, the cake was still in its shape, but the knife got broke. The disappointment roared in her eyes and it was 11.59. Still I have not wished happy birthday or surprised her. Leave about surprise, I kept disappointing her from morning. She was about to leave the place and without a second thought, I pulled her closed, kissed on her forehead and said “I love you birthday baby”.
The clock stuck 12:00 and tears flooded her eyes. I opened my mouth to apologize, but she clogged my mouth with hers.

Who said expensive gifts, or surprise only would make a person happy? Sometime, a tight hug and a Love you said from the heart are more powerful.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

lobby behind the scenes

What does the Phrase "Don’t think I did not lobby behind the scenes for you"


It means, Don’t think I did not support you and speak on your behalf for you