Friday, December 28, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday number 3

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...

It’s an eye-catching sensation to watch thousand Dove flying around you. As we all know, Dove represent "Peace" what is needed in the world that would give us peace?

I feel, “Positive Approach”

If everyone starts looking only the positive side of other people/society definitely it would result in "World Peace"

Just a Small Test. Could you list out 10 random people name and write down their positive and negatives?

I guess, when you pen down the positive column, you stop, hesitate and re-think to put down in words. But just like a flow of river, you fill up the negatives. we are not ready to appreciate people's positive behaviour.

Just for one hour, look everything around you in a positive way and do post a comment how you felt it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Landmark Forum Review

One of my colleague encouraged me to attend a three-day weekend Landmark Forum. I was impressed by the tag line which quoted, “Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love”. On receiving upon positive testimonials like “it changes the way you think”; I decided to attend the Introductory course.

I searched in Google for Landmark Education review and my cup was filled with both Positive and negative feedback. Some reviews even said, it was a cult and spam. While few said, it enlightens the lives. Whatever it is I decided to give it a try and get my doubts answered by attending the “Special Introductions to The Landmark Forum”

The session started well by the graduates of Landmark who shared their experience of how they overcome financial problems, failed relationships, mommy issues after attending the Landmark Education training.

Definitely our behavior or attitude which was molded due to the influence of people, society and circumstance cannot be changed in a 3-day program. But they explained with a story.

Assume it’s Friday evening 8.00 P.M and you are about to start from your office. You are in Friday fever and have booked movie tickets at 9.00 P.M with your friends/family. You are passionate to watch the movie from almost a month and were dreaming about this outing/movie from morning.

When you are about to start from office, your Boss/Manager calls you. Definitely thousand thoughts will pop up in your mind. Why does he bugging me when I was about to leave? Will this guy spoil my mood by giving some crap work?

With these bombarding thoughts you step into his cubical. To your surprise, he appreciates you for the work done in the past month and offers you flight ticket to Hawaii. The offer also states that you are take 3 members from your family. Suddenly, you will be excited for the trip more than the movie outing. Even, while you are watching the movie, you will be dreaming about the Hawaii trip.

That’s what the Landmark people do say. The negative influence can be overcome with the positive thoughts.

PRONS Landmark gave people an opportunity to look at your issues from a different point of view.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to forget someone Death

A Boy & A Girl Loved Each Other Very Much….
Unfortunately The Boy Died………
Girl Was Upset Too Much & She Couldn’t Stop Her Tears….
She Kept On Crying Every Day……….
Many People Gave Sympathy But No Argument Could Stop Her Tears…………
One Night She Slept & Had A Dream……….
She Saw The Guy In Heaven With So Many Guys Of His Age…….
He Felt Relaxed…….
But She Noticed That Every Guy Was In Fairy Dress……&
Had A Lightened Candle In Their Hand……..
But Her Guy Had A Candle Which Was Not Lightened……..
She Asked Him:;”Why Your Candle Is Not Lightened?”……
He Said:-”Whenever I Lighten My Candle My Candle Your Tears Falls On It”

Please Don’t Cry For Whom You Really Love”
“Because They Dont Want You Too”♥

Monday, December 17, 2012

J.K Rowling - Secret of Success

My favorite motivational words from J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default."

The author didn’t miraculously become richer than the Queen of England overnight. Despite of her divorce and raising a child on her own, she wrote the first Harry Potter book on an old manual typewriter.

Twelve publishers rejected the manuscript!!

A year later she was given the green light by Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury, who agreed to publish the book but insisted she get a day job cause there was no money in children’s books.

What if she stopped at the first rejection? The fifth? Or the tenth?
The measure of success can be shown by how many times someone keeps going despite hearing only no. Lets take a pledge that we will succeeded despite failure and rejection.