Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Experience Participating in the Neeya Naana Show

My Experience Participating in the Neeya Naana Show: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Thought-Provoking Conversations

The journey began when I received an unexpected call from Vijay Television inviting me to be a part of an upcoming episode. Excitement and nervousness coursed through my veins as I prepared myself mentally for the intense yet enlightening discussions that awaited. The topic for the episode was "Health or Beauty?"—a subject close to my heart, considering the significant impact it has on our lives today.

Stepping onto the set, I was immediately struck by the vibrant atmosphere and the anticipation buzzing in the air. Meeting the other participants, all of whom had their unique opinions and life experiences, further fueled my eagerness to engage in meaningful conversations.

As the cameras started rolling, the charismatic host Gopinath introduced the topic, setting the stage for a lively debate. 

As I reflect on my experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the Neeya Naana show. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How much should you drink every day?

How much should you drink every day?

If you type the same in google, you will get 1000 of suggestions. Few will suggest drinking 8 liter of water is only good for health. Few others would suggest, if you drink more water, your kidney will keep functioning and fail soon (WTH!?)
But one thing is clear; drinking 8 liters of water is really dangerous. I feel, an 8-ounce glass is only interpreted as 8 liter of water.

Lack of water may lead to dehydration and excess of water intake may lead to kidney problems. Drinking right amount of water is extremely crucial. There are various factors needs to be considered .Your Age, weight, height and your living location like tropical or cold.
Here is an excellent website from H4H initiative to let you know how much water you should intake in a day. just input your weight, Height, Age, County, Consumption details, and few more details and click on "Set your liquid intake". It will display your accurate water intake

Know your water intake and drink accordingly.  That's a very simple step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Also, Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body
(Below information From A Cardiac Specialist!)
  • 2 glasses of water after waking up - Helps activate internal organs
  • 1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal -Helps digestion
  • 1 glass of water before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure
  • 1 glass of water before going to bed - Avoids stroke or heart attack
Happy Drinking!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happiness is

Happiness is seeing my book displayed in other's website :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Power of Being you...

During my Teenage,
  • When I applied oil to my head, I was tagged “old-fashioned”
  • When I said not to tease my juniors, I was tagged “a person who doesn’t know to enjoy college life”
  • When I went library instead of movie, I was called dramatic queen.
  • When I asked doubts to the staffs, I heard comments that “I am putting soap to staffs.”
  • When I completed assignment’s well ahead of others, I was called, “Scene party”
  • When I did not spend money on un-necessary things, People said I am Kanjus.(miser)
Finally at the end of my college days, It was only me in my class got placed in a Multi-national company.

During my Adult,

  • When I voiced out my ambition, people said I am a day dreamer.
  • When I avoided people who back- stabbed me, People said I am dis-respecting them. 
  • When I suggested people not to use Plastics or not throw waste on roads, people said I am abnormal. 
  • When I stood for justice, (ie when I voiced out when a girl/child is abused), people said I am bothersome or over-reacting. 
  • When I gave the real justification for my mistakes, in other words, when I did not please them with a lie, people said I am an attitude person. 
  • When I did not encourage people who disparage, they said I never adjust. 

I agree, people who are jealous, back-stab and adjust (I mean who fit into that people's mindset of hurting, criticizing, discouraging others) have thousands of people around them.
The Power of you..
Of course, I have fewer friends and they can be counted.  But they are extremely valuable and they just do anything for me. After all, Diamonds can be bought in less number whereas sand or mud will be available enormous.

I also learned that people who are so stereotype in their views will keep on hurting you. Each person is unique and they have their set of customs. Its their life, their thoughts. Its your life and your thoughts. You can't match all the people's criteria. If you don’t match their criteria of religious, educational systems or believes, don't change for them. People who are broad minded enough will accept as you are. They will always fit into your puzzle and will never think bad of you.

Being different is beautiful and accepting difference is even more beautiful. If you are one among the person who always criticize good or different things, pleaseee its time to think and change. ... 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 Ever time Lessons I learnt from my mother.

10 Ever time Lessons I learnt from my mother.

  1. Dream Big and Stay strong.
  2. "Silence" is the best medicine to avoid bitter relationship.
  3. Commitment - Even if it’s a sweeping, do with commitment and dedication.
  4. Trash all the Negativity - when I say negativity it means all those Resentment, jealousy etc..
  5. Smile at least once in a day. Make at least one person smile a day. 
  6. Look at the brighter side - Everyone has their own problems. Count your blessings. If something’s is not meant for you, it’s for your welfare.
  7. Never leave your reading habit. That’s the food for your soul.
  8. Exercise regularly and do one physical habit. That’s the food for your Body.  
  9. Value and love the people not money. 
  10. In your life journey, you may find monster's, cheaters etc. Stay Strong and cautious!!! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ever Time Rememberence

Pages from my #MemoriesOfMotherhood

4:00 A.M 

“I should have opted for surgery for my daughter. I could not see my daughter suffering” I could hear my mom's talk even though I was screeching in pain. I could feel a sense of respect in my husband's eyes that was getting increased. My sister was in temple from the time I got the labor pain. My dad to overcome his tension, he was reading newspaper. But only god knows whether the news are getting into his mind or getting slipped off from his mind.

“Come on Push further,” the doctor replied.
“No, I am not able to take it up anymore. I want to give up. I am tired of struggling and baring the pain” I could not even reply. I slowly stopped responding to the doctors and become unconscious.

08.00 A.M

My brain could sense some sensational fondle. With all my left over energy, I struggle to open my eyes and what I saw gave me the energy and hope to the rest of my life. The baby’s skin was as soft as the petals of the Lotus flower.
My , My, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ arrived. I was searching for a word to fill that blank. My angel, my world, my confidence, my life, all those words seems to have no value to express about my baby's arrival.
"It’s has the look of the mother. See the sharp eyes and nose. Its cute" Someone was deliberating. Tears welled up my eyes but it was fixed with an emotion of gratification. A smile lit up my face before the tears could reach my ears.
"My baby my.. BABY arrived" I whispered and realized that’s the best word to fill that blank. When I said that, I felt goose bumps puffing up across my body.

The baby was wrapped in towel and with the help of nurse, I feed my baby. Only women will know and realize how lucky to get that wonderful feeling of feeding their baby. The baby then went back to sleep, wiping all my labor pain by his (her!?) innocent face.

After a while, something struck my mind and I asked my mother, "Was it a baby boy or girl"
Every one broke into a big laughter and shot the question back to me, “Well, what you want?”
I blushed and replied, "Boy or Girl doesn't matter. But After 9 months of wait, I am now curious to know. Please tell me" I almost begged and my hands reached the baby's towel to let slip the secret.
My sister caught my hand and warned, "You need to guess the sex of the baby and if your guess goes wrong, we will take the baby with us."

I looked at my husband for any clue but as usual he put me on spot and gave a smile. I recollected the interaction that I had with my baby for these nine months and the response of my baby when I touch the womb. I looked at the baby. The rose cheeky baby was in deep sleep. Some inner voice gave the answer.  I felt my baby was helping its mother or it could be my intuition too. I said, “It’s a baby boy”




“Yes, I was right” :)

Thank you my sister, for sharing your wonderful #MemoriesOfMotherhood. I hope this post will reminisce you to the journey of mother hood.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tips to De-Stress Super Moms

This post has won the Parachute #StressFreeMom Contest

Tips to De-stress your Mom.

Outside the Home:
"Your daughter is still not married. She is already 24"   ~ Ms.Assassination.
"Is your son still jobless"   ~ Ms.Bossy
"You don't own a house yet” ~Ms.Cunning.
"This saree color does not suit you" ~ Ms. Jealous

Inside the Home:
"Mom, Understand. I did not like that groom. I can't get married for the sake of your relatives. And please don’t bring this topic again and NOW' please leave me alone"
~ Daughter
"Ma, Need 1000 rupees and I told you to iron my shirt. You didn't" ~ Son
"You forgot to pay current bill. You do that every time. How many things I can take care of?" ~ Husband
"Sorry ma, my daughter not feeling well. Need another day leave" - Maid
"Your performance is not up to the mark" - Manager @ work.
"Did you get those medicines?" - Father in law
"Your never keep the house clean." - Daughter in law.

Mom is the person where all the family members vent out all the pressure. Isn't?

"Mom are you not fed-up on tolerating our frustrations? Are you not stressed out by cooking and working for us?" I asked my mom once.

Her answer was, "Everything gets wiped out, when I see my children and family happy. I get stressed out only when you guys are not happy."

Mom, she lives only for her family. In her life span, she never gets time to take care of her. She never even shows her pain or illness outside.

A Mother's Life cycle:

In the above life cycle’ a mom does not have time to take care of herself. So, it’s our responsibility to give her that time and distress her.
Below are the five tips to make your mom#StressFreeMom this week:

  1. Give her a break. - Clean your home. Cook and surprise your mom. (Side Effects - Mom will get sick or food poison by eating the food you prepared)
  2. Take her a vacation (Side Effects - all her thoughts would be around her home and house hold duties. She will not enjoy the vacation)
  3. Offer her soothing music (Side Effects - lol, she will never ever open the CD cover. She would feel much happier when you offer the remote during her favorite serial, but again serial would put her in pressure again.) 
  4. Say, "I love you mom" and offer a kiss. (Side Effects -She will get doubt that you did something wrong. Her reply on hearing I love you would be, "What mistake you did now?" "Are you in love with someone" "No, I can’t approve for outing with your friends")
  5. Take her for a walk. (Side Effects - At night - She might need bed rest or her leg must have clotted after walking for so long")
So at the end MISSION FAILED!!!

What is the only feasible, easy, convenient one to #StressFreeMom.?

When she is done with all the cooking and while taking rest follow the below steps.

Request your mom to close the eyes and massage her scalp in deep circular movements and offer her a wonderful rejuvenating oil massage with Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil. This oil contains herbs like Lavender, Rosemary & Bergamot. Lavender is known for Antidepressant properties and it treats insomnia and anxiety. The aromatic rosemary is widely used for healing and purification. It stimulates the brain and improves the memory. The Bergamot oil reduces the body temperature and acts as a good relaxant. A peaceful Massage with these herbs is a proven method to reduce the stress and it will improve the overall mental and physical performance.

Getting a massage from daughter/son would give a double benefit than getting at a luxury spas, since this massage is mixed with love and comfort.
Have you not felt mother’s food taster than restaurant foods?

What are you waiting for? Offer her a long relaxing massage today and observe how deep and relaxed she sleeps today. 

If you want to offer a massage for neck pain or back pain, its better to consult a trained Massage therapy expert.            

 “I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Women in Leadership - EMPOWER, ENGAGE, ELEVATE

This article was shortlisted and published in

Women in Leadeship
Women in Leadership

With the successful female entrepreneurs like Rajashree Nambiar, Naina Lal, Manisha Lath Gupta, Chanda Kochar, Priyanka Aggarwal,..Etc. it’s evident that women are overcoming the obstacles and reaching heights than anticipated. The situations are getting improved when compared to the decades and the percentage of women in leadership roles are substantial increasing. But does that not mean that, all women are proving themselves?. There are women who still settle for less or give up in the middle of their career journey.

How can organizations develop an environment to Empower women? Here are my views:

Revise the organization goals:

When the organization goals are scrutinized, it’s obvious that they focus only on the financial goals and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, an individual success are measured based on the individual deliverable. This needs to be revised. For a manager, the success factor has to be determined on how far they motivate their women sub-ordinates towards leadership goals. And for an individual, it should be determined based on how far they are preparing themselves for the leadership progression.

It’s a sad truth that men don’t prefer to work under a female boss. And the saddest truth, even women don’t prefer to work under a female boss. Female bosses are considered as dominant, vengeful and at times an assassination. Just because a person has had a bitter experience with a women leader, it’s not necessary that all the women will be the same way.

Organization should highlight the pros of having a female leader to both the genders and should train their women leaders to deal with employees. They should be taught that “Leadership position” is a highly influence position for others.

Organization can tie up with other organization and can appoint a mentor who would help and guide the women leader.

Re-define the definition of success:

Most of my friends believes that success of a woman is only when they have a good understanding life partner and kids. They are in fact tagged with the below formula.

Understanding Life partner + one caring daughter and one lovable son +financially well-settled = 100% success of a women.

Most of the women do not have a separate dimension for their professional life. A woman needs to be taught about the values of success in their career as well. They need to be trained and motivated towards leadership skills

Reasons for failure:

Every woman when born is so ambitious. Even when I joined the corporate, the corporate success journey of my Managing Director from an ordinary woman to an extraordinary leader was my inspiration. I aspired to become like her. But as the journey moved on, I tend to give up.

Women tend to give up their ambition easily due to the politics and criticism. Women are imposed to many myth from the childhood such as,

 "Success in corporate means No personal life." 
"High achieving women don’t respect their husband and family"

These myths make men to take a back seat in encouraging their women at home towards career ladder.

Also, we are tuned that Men are credible, focused and can handle situation and deadlines well when compared to women. Whereas women are too emotional and tend to give importance to family than career. Though these stereotypes are getting changed, men don’t acknowledge women and leadership traits that easily. The mindset of both male and female needs to be changed.

Finally, to all my dear sisters overs there, don't settle for less. Try something new every day. Keep experiment yourself everyday!!!

Nature gifted women with the bliss of Motherhood not only to nurture and inspire their own children, but to inspire and nurture many people through the Leadership...

Be an inspiring woman that every men would look for...

Written for  #EveryWomanIsALeader campagin.

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3 Reasons to Install My Airtel App

3 Reasons to Install My Airtel App

Remembering passwords and the payment dates of land-line or broadband bills, DTH, postpaid bills are always challenging and if you are the head of the family, you are in a position to manage all the payments.  It would be a blessing, if all the payments comes in a single app and offers you a hassle-free experience. And for people like me, who travels a lot and have selective amnesia of forgetting the payments dates, an application that helps me to manage all my Airtel services would be a boon.
Yes, I am referring to the My Airtel app. I recently installed Airtel app in my mobile and here are the three prime features for which I prefer an Airtel app.  

1. I want to Feature:
The Airtel app offers "I want to feature", where I have an option to buy DSL smart byte, top-up my mobile and recharge my friend’s pre-paid mobile in just one go. With this feature, I can easily access the information that I am looking and it’s indeed reduces the search time that I spend in my PC.

  • The Order feature, that helps me to order games and movies. 
  • It also allows to pay postpaid mobile bills, land-line bills and broadband bills at anywhere, anytime conveniently in just one click. In this busy techie life, it’s often possible to forget the deadlines of the bill due dates and when an alerts about the reminder of payment comes at the last minute, it would put us in pressure. This "Pay" option comes in handy and reduces half of the burden of remaining dates. 
  • Record a channel - with this option, I can record my favorite channel and view it numerous times. I have option to View the DSL data consumed and DTH Account balance instantly. I can also get the details of postpaid data consumed without calling or querying customer care. 
  • It also list the details of prepaid recharge HISTORY and Prepaid talk time balance. The prepaid balance helps us to recharge on the right time. 

2. Surprise Gifts:
With every recharge, food and movie coupons are offered and since I am logged into the application all the time in mobile device, the offers that are announced by Airtel will not be missed and will be notified then and there.

3. Notifications:

  • Push Notifications: I get instant notification about the music, sports and much more from the Airtel subscriber for the free of cost. 
  • With the advancement of technology and apps, people get notifications about a person’s birthday and you get lots of wishes on the special day. Though it has its own disadvantage, getting a wish from a person whom you met once, always brings a cheer and smile on our face.The Airtel has a feature, where in you need to share the birthday detail and email id. On the day of your birthday, I not only get a wish from Airtel, but also a special surprise gift from Airtel. 

Lastly, if you have a mobile device and a netizen, still using web or mobile browser to pay your airtel bills, I am sure you are missing lot of compatibility, good performance and ease. Considering the mobile and its apps revolution in the past few years I feel Airtel app with its user-friendly and congenial design would occupy a place in every one’s handset.

Image Source - Screen shots from my Mobile

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A letter to my mom...

A letter to my mom...

December 21st 2004,

Dear Mom, how are you? I miss you so much ma. Well, I am getting used to this hostel life. Exam preparations are going full-fledged and I am little nervous since it’s my first semester.

Done with “Complex Algebra” exam yesterday and it was pretty easy. Hostel life is best during semester exams. Students are studying till late night, which motivates me to stay late night for preparation. Tea and coffee is supplied till late night. :P

Ma, I observed few of my class mates are copying from other people and carrying bit papers to exam halls. I am tempted to do the same as I am worried that I would get marks less compared to them.

Deepika :) 
Love you always... 


February 15th 2005 
Hello Mom,
Life is good. We bunk the class yesterday and went to Surya’s movie. (With girls only).
In the last letter you said, I should never ever think of cheating not only in exams but anywhere in my life. You indeed said, “Be honest. That the only piece of advice that you would offer me anytime and anywhere.” But, you know honesty does not pay anything ma. Well, Exam results are out and I just scored 72 percentage in the first semester. All my friends, who cheated scored about 85%. I am really upset ma.

Deepika :) 
Love you always... 

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

March 3rd 2008,
Mom, I am sorry that I am not able to write you often. Got busy with placement training's and project works. Just 6 more months to go, then college will get over. Mom, I just have 86 percentage and am little bothered that companies will give preference to students who have a better score. Remembering formulas were quite challenging and at times I thought of taking a short cut of carrying bit papers. But, I am not that brave to take bits to examination halls and hence never did cheating or copying. But, I feel bad now. If I had taken those short cuts, I must have had a good score now and it would have been helped.

Deepika :) 
Love you always... 

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

June 10th 2008. 

Mom, Good new. Yes, I got placed in IBM. In last letter, you did mention not to think or feel bad for not copying and my honesty will be rewarded in future. Indeed, I got angry and trashed the letter. But you are right ma. Those hard preparations and honesty helped a lot to crack my interview. The people who used the short cuts are not placed in any company yet as they were not technically strong. Honesty pays good returns. Love you always ma.

Deepika :) 
Love you always... 

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

August 30th 2008. 

Ma, just reached Hyderabad ma. Training's just kicked off. Nisha and I are sharing the room and she is outstanding in cooking. Yesterday, we purchased groceries from a seller and I offered him 50 rupees note, as the bill was around Rs.42. The seller thought I gave him 100 Rs note and gave 58Rs in return. For a moment, I thought to zip my mouth and escape with the money. With 50Rs, I can have 2 ice-creams.
But in my entire life and in my college days, all your letters preached only one word. That is “BE HONEST”. Hence with hesitation and my dreams of having ice-cream getting melted, I gave him Rs.50 back informing that I gave him only fifty rupees. The seller was so happy. You are true ma, the smile and gratitude on his face brought a pleasure in myself and still I appreciated myself for that proud moment.
You always thought me only one valuable lesson. “Be honest in your life!!!”
Agreed ma. At times honesty may hurt us. But the feeling of being honest and its consequence is magnificent. I will teach my kids the same valuable lesson. Take care mom. Well, There is a surprise for you my with first salary. :)

Deepika :) 
Love you always... 

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Sweet Mom.

Mothers love are the one which is always true and comes till the end. She is a person who stands with us during the tough times. She laughs when I smile. She gets mood out when I cry. I can always feel confident that when the whole world leaves me, still I have one person left behind and that would be by mom. She taught me confidence and positive memories.
I still remember one incident in my life which I remember till date and which changed my life and my family life for ever. It came with lot of sacrifice, commitment and hard-work.
My mother was a games teacher and she had done B.PEd. She was a very good teacher and has made schools to win many medals and competition. But being just a graduate, her package was just limited. One day her school principal called her and gave her an offer to do higher studies at Alagappa University. It was an excellent offer, because doing higher education would promote her to higher level in schools and it would be very much helpful in her career. But those days, I was very little just 4 years old and was going to school and my sister was at her 5th standard. My mother firmly rejected that offer considering both our position. Those days there was not so good telephone connection and bus facilities. Still my dad encouraged to do higher studies and she traveled so far leaving us behind. Before going, she did everything that was needed for those 2 years. The plan was to visit home every six months and hence done all the necessary possible arrangements that can be done. She left my home and joined hostel. So, talking with mom every day would not be feasible. But letter helped us a lot. Every week, she used to post us letter and those letter will contain lots and lots of her love. It was like a guide that kept me motivated.

Addressing my name in the letter would make me so happy. Being a Child, I know only to read alphabets. My dad used to show the letter and explain me what is was about.
The letter had advise that my sister at her age has to follow. Her inspiration and her decision kept her and my family members moving forward. After her education, she was promoted further.  

Today is Mothers day and I wished her with a gift. I took out all the letters that was preserved as much as a diamond and gave it to her. It brought us back all the memories and we have a lovely time together. Her decision at those age inspires to take any bold step now.

There is one thing I Still remember. That is, she has not changed yet. She is still the mom, that I saw in my child hood. But her roles has been changed. She was a Friend, strict teacher, care taker, independent person and now a dependent child. Mom, I am sure I will take care of you

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Choosing the right Eye wear

Choosing the right Eye wear 

Whoo!! Summer is back!!! Holiday's just kicked out!!! I could always hear kids screaming and playing at my apartment. Since I got a bunch of holidays it’s time to plan for a long vacation with my family. Though there are many advantages, there are few horrifying disadvantages with summer too. Preventing sun burn and protecting eyes from hazardous sunrays is a must during the summer. Eyes are the most striking feature of a person and it could be easily protected with an eyewear. 
 Choosing the right eye wear is extremely important, since it adds charm to the face. One should choose an eye wear based on the occasions and their age group.

  • If a person is going for a honey moon or out with boyfriends then bold colors would be appropriate. 
  • If you are going to wear it during your sports, possibility of getting hit and glasses broken are more and hence choose Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. These lenses are thinner, resistant and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • If your purpose of eye glasses is to solve your vision problem, then your priorities has to be on the lenses first and then on the frame size and shape

I personally believe eye wear should be a trend setter for others. An unusual larger shape with freaky color shows you not only trendy but it also projects that you are a fun-loving person. Be as much as creative with your fashion. To look glamorous, choose a frame with multi-color. To be a sporty person, choose pink or light blue colors with broad frame.

Always remember below few points before choosing an Eye-Wear:

  1. Never invest too much in eye wear. Fashion always goes in cycle and hence today’s trend may be an out dated style tomorrow. 
  2. Though a stylish eye glasses is important, getting comfort is equally important. If you are not confident or comfortable in wearing a strange design, choose a one that you would be comfortable with. 
  3. Always take suggestion from your friends.     
  4. Check for the Warranties, scratch-proof and anti-glare options. 

Summer is not only meant to rejuvenate, but it’s time to revamp your eyewear!!!

Kapil Dev's Ek Nayi League

Kapil Dev's Ek Nayi League

Img Source - EK Nayi League
Kapil Dev – the remarkable legend of Indian cricket and India's first-ever World Cup winning captain; He is one of the all-rounders that people would remember till date and is an inspiration to many people. India reached the pinnacle of 1983 ICC Cricket World Cup only due to his great caption ship and his exhorts to his team mates.

Over the years there were many youngsters and amazing cricketers who are extra ordinarily brilliant like Sachin - the God of Cricket who is known for his success along with his character and discipline and MS Dhoni - who is known for his right decisions, leadership and captaincy. But these legends are trademark of these generations and in the late 70's Kapil was one of the fast splendid bowlers and he was at the peak. Hence, I believe Kapil is the God father to all and he was the hall mark of success in late 70’s and early 80’s. When I was a kid, before I was introduced to the word "Cricket" I was introduced to the word "Kapil" 

These days there are numerous training's available for all sports. But in those days, where training are restricted, achieving would require a great deal. The Success stories of Sachin or Dhoni or any other Cricket players are available in Internet in the form of interviews, analysis, autobiographies. Unfortunately, Kapil Dev interview's are not available in Internet. He is not in social media websites too.

If I would ever get a chance to explore more about a person or offered to have an opportunity to have a coffee with a personality it would be “Kapil Dev”. His experience would definitely be a guide to all the youngsters like me. His success mantra would definitely be helpful for me in order to grow both professionally and personally. Moreover, his success strategy would be helpful even today and for all the players around the world.

Hence I yearn for Kapil presence in social media and my wish was fulfilled when I saw the IBN news today. Yes, I came to know that Kapil Dev has joined Twitter. Thank you so much Kapil for your decision and your presence is much needed for Twitter.

His official twitter id is -  @therealkapildev

Curious to know, what was his first tweet? Login to Twitter and find it :P

I have another interesting thing for my friends and readers. Watch all the videos embedded in the this post and share your views or thoughts about #EkNayiLeague. You have a chance to win Rs.1 Lakh! Yes, submit your innovative answer on and grab Rs.1 Lakh!

Here are my thoughts about #EkNayiLeague:

Image Source - EK Nayi League
It could be something like VLOG, where Kapil would post his videos about his opinion on the current affairs and would send his messages, wishes through video to all the celebrities he wishes to convey. For example in the video “The message to Sania video” Kapil says, "Saniya is very good and playing from heart". In another video he appreciates Yuvraj. In one of his tweets, he congratulates our P.M Narendra Modi for his contribution towards Nepal.

This is an excellent initiative where his followers who hates reading, would be conveyed with video. This would also be an encouraging factor to all the celebrities.

To know more about #EkNayiLeague watch the below videos about EK Nayi League

Kapil Dev's message for Dhoni:

Kapil Dev's message for Sania Mirza:

Kapil Dev's message for Yuvraj Singh:

Reading the interview of successful people like him and others would definitely mold us better. Thank you again Kapil for such an initiative. Early waiting to know more about EK Nayi League