Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Surviving LKG Admissions

I heard rumors about parents camping overnight just to hitch that golden ticket—the LKG admission form. I thought those were jokes until we had to camp out at night for my son's LKG admission form.

A chilly night, sleeping bags, and a campsite those are the mental images that pop up when I think of trekking. But today, here we are camping outside the school gate, navigating the wild terrain of kindergarten admission.

It was 5 AM, and we queued up in a line longer than the first-day, first-show ticket queue for a Rajinikanth blockbuster. Please forgive for comparing a valued education with that of a movie star – but, hey, kindergarten admission waits for no one, not even Thalaiva! 

The admission counter swung open its doors promptly at 9 AM, and we were sorted into neat rows by classes—LKG, UKG and so on. As there were limited availability of application forms, our early rise proved fruitful in swiftly navigating through the initial hurdle of acquiring that document. With the prized application form secured, it was time to gear up for the next level of this academic game.

Now, we braced for the first hurdle—shortlisting. The school invested an entire month meticulously reviewing and shortlisting the submitted application forms. Guess what? We cracked the code, and the school hit us with the silver ticket – an interview scheduled for Nov 21. 

Interview Day:

As parents, we naively assumed the preschool interview would be a breeze—just the basics, you know, like name, age, and maybe a casual "hello" and "goodbye." But we never thought would've thought that getting into preschool would be as intense as a job interview for a CEO position. 

While other parents were arming their toddlers with flashcards and rehearsing the ABCs, we took the laid-back approach. "Let my little one perform from the heart," we thought. Oh, how innocent we were.

But then we decided and prepped our little prodigies with the crucial life questions: "What's your name?" "What is your mom name?" "What is your dad name?" and for some extra credit, "What's your grandparents' names?" Genius, right?

The day arrived, and we were the first ones to reach the school at 1:00, even though the interview was scheduled at 1:30. They let us inside first. Our kiddo walked into the interview like a mini rockstar, and the teacher started with the first three questions, confidently answering them. We were mentally high-fiving each other, feeling like the we cracked the preschool prep. But then came the twist: the teacher pulled out a sheet with questions and marks and said, "Let's get into the interview."

Wait what—no, a question paper! Fifty marks worth of questions, if you can believe it. Ten for math (yes, math for LKG!), ten for colors, ten for speaking(Generic questions), ten for moral values, and ten for shapes. 

Then they handed my kid a bunch of crayons and said, "Go Hethvick!" The task was simple: the teacher called out a color, and my little artist had to pick that color and paint it inside a designated box labeled with the color name. They threw ten colors at him, and my boy nailed every single one.

Then, the interview took a cosmic turn. They asked him, "What comes in the morning? What comes in the evening? And if the moon shows up, what's do you do?" Seriously, who knew LKG admissions would require a strategy for lunar encounters?

Surprisingly, my little one responded to all the questions. It was only later that I realized this was an ICSE admission interview, and that's why they asked most of the questions with a twist.

But lo and behold, my son aced every question thrown his way. That's when it dawned on us—the incredible power of his observations. Even when the questions took a twist, my kiddo didn't miss a beat—answering them with ease and leaving us in awe of his adaptability.

But the twists didn't stop coming. Next up was a challenge to identify numbers from 1 to 10 on a mysterious scale. They'd call out a number, and my son had to pinpoint it amidst a tight cluster of numerals. Then, just when we thought it couldn't get more interesting, they threw in shapes like circles and rectangles, asking him to showcase his shape-spotting prowess. It was like a mini-game show, and my little contestant was stealing the spotlight! 

Finally, when the marathon concluded, the teacher spun around and aimed the spotlight on us, launching a barrage of questions. "What's your purpose? How will you teach your kids when you're both working?" It felt like we were on a reality show, and the prize was our kid's admission. Once the inquisition was over, the teacher gracefully transitioned into explaining the fee structure and admission process, as if we had just survived a quirky game show episode. 

That's when the wave of confidence hit us like a kindergarten success tsunami! But, alas, for the final result we had to endure an additional month of anticipation. It's not just about academic prowess; there are bonus points for being a Christian, having a preference for teachers in the family, alumni connections, and the list goes on. Fingers crossed we ace these criteria too; it's like navigating a maze of admission intricacies! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Expiry Date of Women's Dreams

Dreams are the threads weaving our aspirations and desires. For women, these dreams often carry the weight of societal expectations, family obligations, and the influence of traditional norms. Despite our dreams, we sometimes feel steered by the hands of our spouses, in-laws, or our own families, subtly dictating the course of our aspirations.

Once, there lived a woman who had a little dreams. Her journey wasn’t straightforward but a struggled maze. Witnessing her struggles, the universe presented her with two choices: one leading her towards pursuing her dreams and other an immedidate growth. The chance that universe offered to pursue her aspirations, was a path strewn with challenges, uncertainties and demanding unwavering determination. 

Regrettably, her family proved to be unsupportive, each engrossed in their own pursuits, casting shadows on her chosen path. Torn between the secure conventional route and her dreams, she felt shattered under the weight of expectations.

In that vulnerable moment, a realization struck her—she alone held the reins to her dreams. However, the societal whispers and judgmental fingers held the power, influencing her subconsciously.

Amidst the chaos, seeking solace in a place of worship—a temple, she clutched two chits, one bearing her dreams and the other promising immediate growth through the conventional path. Seeking divine guidance, her heart brimmed with anticipation as she drew a chit.

The divine message suggested the familiar conventional path, promising immediate growth. Yet, in that moment, a silent but potent realization echoed within.

She felt disheartened by the choice presented by the divine forces, as it also appeared unsupportive of her aspirations. Had even one person, perhaps her life partner, offered support saying, "Pursue your dreams, I am here for you," she would have fearlessly embraced her aspirations.

Finally, a small chit emerged as the architect of her destiny.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Love Takes Over

As I sit down to write this letter, you are just a 4-year-old boy, eagerly preparing for a 10-day stay at grandparents' house for the Dussehra holiday.

Happy Family Enjoying an outing Together
Happy Family Enjoying a Picnic Together

When I first made the decision to send you to grandparents' home for this holiday, my uncertainties lingered. Your uncle had plans to pick you up from Bangalore, and I wondered if you would willingly join him and enjoy the 10 days without us.

But you were so eager and enthusiastic about the idea of spending time with grandparents, aunt's family, and cousins Raakshit and Sravantha. I watched you pack your little bag with such care, and every night, you slept with it right beside you. Your excitement was infectious. You even prepared pizza for your uncle, saved chocloates, cleaned the house, and made the beds for him, and it made me smile to see you so independent, even at such a tender age. 

Infographic with Parenting Tips and Advice
Getting ready🌴 My little explorer carefully packing #FamilyVacation #TravelPrep

As a parent, I consciously made this decision because I wanted to teach independence through this. Above all, I want you to embrace the unconditional love that your grandparents and aunt's family are showering upon you and kindle the bond with cousin.

I will miss you for these ten days, but that's how life goes. I know, as a parent, I must be prepared for this. And then, when it is time for your graduation, you might have dreams that take you across the ocean. I will admit it or probably cry at the thought of you being so far away. But I must be strong, remembering that you are pursuing your dreams and becoming the person you want to be.

Again, One day, you will stumble upon the love of your life, tie the knot, and spread your wings. The thought of you leaving the nest is a hard pill for me to swallow, but I'll bear it because I realize it's a life's slice and crucial for your happiness and personal growthπŸ˜„. Hence, As mother and son, we must learn to live independently, embracing life's core values like finding happiness within ourselves. Whether we stay with our loved ones or venture to new places, we should be adaptable.

Thinking about all this, I was hoping that when you wave bye now, I would be over the moon, thinking I would finally get a break from your mischief with the sensation that "pondati oorukku poita" (wife has gone to her maternal home), and I would be scream "my son oorukku poitan" (my son has gone to his grandsparents home)! πŸ˜‚ #MomLife

But when I waved you goodbye and returned home, it was like a ghost town. The floors were as dry as a desert, missing your magical ability to turn them into a water wonderland. The walls cried out for your artistic touch, and I yearned for our heartwarming chats with your sweet, eye-blinking reactions. The house stood frozen in time, akin to a museum exhibit, with everything perfectly in its place. πŸ˜„πŸ‘ We missed the sight of you rushing to the doorbell, eagerly anticipating a parcel or a visitor. The shelf I had tidied up remained shockingly neat, defying your playful nature. I always caution against bed-wetting, but when the bed stayed fresh, spotless, and fragrant, I couldn't help but miss youπŸ˜„

My dear, hey, wait, I am the one missing you here! Do you really miss me? You have been so happy for the past week, not showing any signs of missing me. Of Course, every kid will go crazy when they have zero restrictions to dive into mounds of chocolate, binge-watch shorts on mobile devices, and, best of all, revel in maximum pampering! πŸ˜„πŸ«πŸ“ΊπŸ›‹️. So, I know you might not miss me! πŸ˜‰ And I understand you were probably trying to escape from this "super spy strict mom." πŸ•΅️‍♀️πŸ˜‚

However, as you bid goodbye, I glimpsed your face, and for a brief moment, it bore a wistful expression. It spoke volumes of the love you hold for us.

With all my love,

Your mamma

Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Gift of Wings: Our Family's First Flight Journey

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In this article, I will share the story of how my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my son, Hethvick, embarked on their first flight journey, creating memories that will be cherished.

Birthdays are a time for celebration and surprises. This year, I decided make my husband's special day truly unforgettable. 

As the clock struck midnight, the stage was set for a momentous surprise. After unwrapping all the gifts, I presented him with an oversized box. The big box seemed to raise suspicions, and he thought it was a prank. He then began to carefully unwrap the large box. Little did he know that inside the box lay a surprise that would take his breath away. 

As he finally opened the box and gazed inside, nestled within the confines of the box was a flight ticket. The seconds seemed to stretch as we all waited for his reaction. The surprise, carefully concealed within the box, was now out in the open. His eyes sparkled with a mix of astonishment, gratitude, and sheer joy. That's how I revealed his birthday gift: a flight journey for his parents and our son.

Waiting for Their First Flight Journey

Hand in Hand, Embarking to the Airport

My Son Thrilled for Upcoming Trip!

Our journey began with a thrilling secret. As per our plan, we headed to Bangalore airport without revealing to my father-in-law that we were going to travel by flight. It was all part of the grand birthday surprise! We had our boarding passes ready and were eagerly waiting for the moment to spill the beans. After we had our boarding passes in hand, we excitedly informed our father-in-law that this surprise trip was his anniversary gift.

However, just when we thought everything was going smoothly, I received a call from the airport. There was an 'unrestricted item' in our suitcase, and after some suspenseful moments in front of a virtual camera, they opened our suitcase to discover the culprit – a simple power bank! It may have been a minor hiccup, but it added an unexpected twist to our adventure.

The flight attendants warmly welcomed us onboard, and we took our seats. As the engines roared to life and the plane taxied towards the runway, there was an undeniable thrill in the air. 

My son, on the other hand, was in absolute awe. His wide-eyed wonder and infectious enthusiasm were heartwarming. The view from the window was like something out of a storybook for him. He pointed out the tiny houses on the roads below, the fluffy clouds outside, and the seemingly endless expanse of sky.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law, despite their initial apprehension, were soon drawn into the magic of the flight. They marveled at the fact that they were soaring through the sky, above the clouds, and heading to a new destination.

What surprised me the most was when we were about to reach Chennai, I could see the breathtaking beauty of the ocean as we were flying above it.

After landing, We met Ganesh Anna and took his car and embarked on a journey along ECR (East Coast Road) with its breathtaking views until we reached our destination.

As my primary focus was on planning the trip and I had conducted thorough research, I ended up booking a room at Coco Retreat Farm Mahabalipuram based on the appealing photos I saw online. Furthermore, all the hotels were fully booked for Saturday night and this was the only option I was left with. 

However, upon arrival, we were met with a rather disappointing surprise. The room was located deep within a forest, and the atmosphere was quite eerie. The quality of the bedsheet left much to be desired.

Just as I was feeling disheartened, thinking that this was not the way to conclude my husband's birthday celebration, we quickly decided to look for another resort. Fortunately, we found an available option for the following Sunday. Since we were tried we made the necessary adjustments and decided to fly to the new resort the next day.

The next day, we stopped at a tender coconut shop to refresh ourselves. While discussing our travels, the shop owner mentioned that the place we stayed last night wasn't in Mahabalipuram and it's too far from it. 

Well, it sounds like that I might need a geography lesson along with the coconuts! πŸŒ΄πŸ˜‚

Though, I felt disappointed about being misled by the resort staff, I quickly decided to focus on enjoying the present moment.

Arriving at Chariot Beach Resort:

Once we reached resort, we decided to spend the entire next day exploring the resort. Our accommodation was at the stunning Chariot Beach Resort, which offered a beautiful golf view room opposite the beach. We checked in and had an electric cab at our disposal to navigate the resort's vast expanse.

Exploring Mahabalipuram:

After a bit of relaxation, we headed for lunch and enjoyed some quality time at the resort's swimming pool. Our first destination was the India Seashell Museum, just a short walk from our resort. The museum left us in awe with its astonishing shell collections, some so lifelike that they resembled real creatures. 

Next up, we ventured to the Mamalla Fish World, where my in-laws indulged in a unique fish spa experience. The Mini Asia and Mineral Museum were equally fascinating, with intriguing displays to explore. The luxury inside the Pearl Museum made me wish I had a costly pearl to adorn myself with!

For a thrilling experience, we visited the Horror Museum, where my brave in-laws found more amusement than fright in terrorizing the ghostly inhabitants. Pancha Rathas, an architectural marvel, captivated us with its intricate stone carvings and historic significance. 

As the day wound down, we relaxed at the beach, and my husband and I took a leisurely walk, hand in hand. The serene waves and the starlit sky created a perfect backdrop for a romantic end to the day.

The next day, we spent some more time swimming and then checked out for the day.

My husband's birthday trip and his parents' anniversary trip to Mahabalipuram were filled with surprises, adventure, and quality time with loved ones. It's amazing how a simple power bank mishap can turn into a memorable part of the journey. Mahabalipuram's hidden gems, from the Seashell Museum to the Pancha Rathas, left us in awe of India's rich heritage. This birthday celebration was a reminder of how travel can create lasting memories and bring families closer together, one adventure at a time.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Flying High with Loved Ones : A Journey of Love

When it comes to celebrating the special people in our lives, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. For me, that special person is my husband, and I have always believed that a gift should be unique, memorable, and filled with love. 

Party like it's your day

Having previously presented him with 33 diverse gifts for his 33rd birthday, each with its unique meaning, I found choosing this year's gift to be quite a challenge. Moreover, he had already set the bar high for my own birthday celebrations. Hence, I was determined to create a birthday experience that he would cherish forever.

The Idea Takes Flight:
While I was brainstorming ideas for the perfect birthday gift, a conversation sparked by watching the movie "Vimanam" ignited his deep desire to take his parents on a flight journey at least once in their lifetime. That is when it hit me – his birthday gift would be a surprise flight experience for his parents!

The Planning:

With this exciting idea in mind, I started planning our journey. I knew that I had to keep this a secret from my husband to make it truly special. His parents were due to visit us in Bangalore around Grandparents' Day on September 9th, but they had not confirmed their travel plans yet due to thier work commitments.

Selecting the Destination:

Selecting the perfect destination was of paramount importance. I had to meticulously select a place that not only offered comfort but also catered to their health requirements, ensured timely meal arrangements, and a shorter travel duration. With just three days remaining, the timeframe was relatively short, and flight ticket prices were on the rise, while most resorts had already been booked. 

With these challenges, my plan was still wavering between various flight journeys, including options from Bangalore to Goa, Bangalore to Chennai, Bangalore to Coimbatore, or even Bangalore to Mangalore. However, since Goa and Mangalore were relatively unfamiliar to us, I decided to stick with the familiar route Chennai or Coimbatore.

I considered the itinerary which involved traveling from Bangalore to Coimbatore via flight and then reaching Erode via cab, but I had concerns that the trip might feel too short for the grand birthday celebration I had in mind.

Finally, after a lot of contemplation, I settled on the Bangalore to Chennai flight route, striking the right balance for our trip. But there was another decision to make – the destination. Should it be Chennai, Mahabalipuram, or Pondicherry?

The Surprise:

As soon as their parents confirmed their trip to Bangalore, on September 6th, I took the plunge and booked Air Asia flight tickets for all of us, including my 4-year son, who would be experiencing his first flight journey. I was thrilled but nervous, knowing that I had to keep this a secret from my husband until the big day.

Making it Extra Special:

Our flight was scheduled to land in Chennai at 5:15 PM, and the next item on my agenda was to arrange for transportation for our commute. When I attempted to rent a vehicle, I found that most rental services required us to go to their office to pick up the car and return it afterward, which would eat up a significant amount of our precious time. 

That is when my brain decided to sprinkle on some extra surprise and excitement. I reached out to the one and only Ganesh Anna for some expert advice. And guess what? He came up with this gem of an idea - "Take a pit stop in Mahabalipuram, a wonderful place" 

And just to show how grateful we were for his "world-class" expertise, we convinced him to lend us his car for a two-day. He was such a sweetheart that he showed up at the airport, car keys in hand, ready to hand over the keys for our ride!

So, here is the master plan, folks! The Itinerary goes like this:

**Saturday: ** The big day! At 12 o'clock sharp, I will unveil the surprise to my husband. The next day book us a cab to whisk us away to Bangalore airport. Our destination: Chennai. From there, we will head straight to Mahabalipuram for a peaceful night's stay, where we can kick back and bask in the coastal beauty.

**Sunday:** After a leisurely morning in Mahabalipuram, we'll either make our way to Pondicherry or decide to stay and explore Mahabalipuram itself (which we lovingly call "Pondy Junier."). 

Then, on Monday, we will return to Erode or Bangalore. 

Birthday surprise: Mission accomplished

As the days drew closer to my husband's birthday, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. The anticipation of the surprise and the joy of creating this special memory for my husband and his parents filled my heart with happiness. Sometimes, the best gifts are not material possessions but experiences that bring loved ones closer together, and I couldn't wait to see the smiles on their faces as we embarked on this unexpected travel. Stay tuned to find out how the surprise unfolds and the memories we create along the way!

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Managing Motherhood and Work

 We all have been there – juggling our roles as professionals and moms.

Picture this: We are in the middle of an important client meeting. You have prepped, engaged and are totally ready to nail the pitch and have practically put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your forehead. And then, it happens – the door creaks open, and your little one walks in, wide-eyed and curious.


You have laid down the ground rules as strict as a military boot camp and requested no interruptions, declaring a state of  "No Interruption- No-Entry Zone!" 

But kids have their own sense of timing, don't they? They barge in, like a volcanic eruption, shouting with boundless enthusiasm and energy. In that moment, a surge of emotions washes over you – a mix of frustration, embarrassment, and even a tinge of guilt. You shoot a quick glance toward your child, silently pleading for them to understand the gravity of the situation.

But here's the thing: your child's innocent entry isn't a sign of disregard for your work or your instructions. It's actually a beautiful display of their love and their longing for your attention. Their little hearts don't understand the intricacies of corporate meetings or deadlines. What they do understand is that their mommy is in that room, and they just want to share a moment, even if it's brief.

You might have caught that glimpse of sadness on your child's face as you gave them the stern look, and in that moment, something profound hits you – the realization that in our quest to excel as professionals and parents, we might unintentionally be hurting the ones we cherish the most. As young moms, we often find ourselves walking a tightrope, trying to strike that elusive balance between our demanding careers and the endless demands of motherhood.

So, what can we do? How do we manage these conflicting worlds without sacrificing our own well-being or the happiness of our children?

Communication is key. As your child grows, involve them in your work life to the extent that they can understand. Share stories about what you do, and explain why those meetings matter. This can create a sense of connection and even pride in what you achieve.

Consider setting up dedicated "mommy time." In the midst of your busy day, allocate pockets of time when you can give your undivided attention to your child. These moments, even if short, can work wonders in reinforcing the bond between you.

And finally, let go of the guilt. Remember that you are doing an incredible job – you are not just a mom, but a role model showcasing the essence of dedication, hard work, and love.

So, the next time your child interrupts a meeting, pause for a second. Take in their innocent smile or the sparkle in their eyes, and remember that these fleeting moments are the ones that create the cherished memories. Embrace the journey of being a young mom, with all its ups, downs, and unexpected interruptions. After all, it's these very interruptions that might just be the most beautiful part of your day.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Midnight Cake and Dance Parties: My Birthday Bliss

 A Birthday to Remember: Celebrating Life, Love, and Unexpected Surprises

It was August 9, and I couldn't help but feel the excitement brewing. This year, as I mentioned, it's going to be a milestone birthday. and I decided to take the day off on August 10th. 

My husband's plan was to lull my child and me into a deep sleep so he could decorate and surprise us at the stroke of 12:00 AM. But our son had some plans of his own. He chose to break his usual sleeping schedule, keeping the excitement alive until 11 PM, in contrast to his usual bedtime of 7:30 PM.  Zany...Birthday excitement was spreading through the house!

With the workday behind us, we hopped into the car for a night journey at 10 PM. Our goal was to get a birthday cake to cut at midnight and discover an ideal spot to welcome the new year of my life. After a 15-mile drive and scouting until 11:30, our cake quest hit a roadblock – no cake shops in sight! But just when it seemed like a cake-less birthday, fate intervened. We spotted a half-shuttered Baskin Robbins about to close. When we inquired about the reason for not closing the shop, he added, "The shop's regular closing time is 10 PM today, but I couldn't meet the targets, so I decided to keep it open. The main reason for only using the half-shutter is that the police could come by at any time."

We quickly nabbed a cake, revved up the car, and headed to a party hall. The party hall stretched out expansively before us, with the romantic glow of a lavish restaurant arrangement, and to our delight, we discovered that we were the sole occupants of this enchanting space. It was as though the universe had conspired to reserve it exclusively for our rendezvous.

We ordered tasty chicken, and at midnight, we gathered around to cut the cake, where my husband surprised me with not one but seven beautifully wrapped boxes! It turns out, they were all handmade Jewelry crafted with real flowers from leafy affair

The morning sun greeted us, and my little one headed off to school. My husband and I decided to spend some quality time together by playing a game of table tennis and reliving the joy of our companionship. The afternoon brought a unique excitement: a movie date. It was the first day, the first show, and my son, who was an ardent admirer of Rajinikanth, eagerly wanted a whistle. We arrived at the movie hall early and decided to pass the time by playing games at Timezone. My son aimed to buy a whistle with the points he had earned, but they fell short. We were prepared to purchase it, but the shopkeeper informed us that it could only be acquired with points. She suggested that we engage in a game that would earn us more points and encouraged me to participate in my son's games to accumulate more. After a few rounds and gathering enough points, we finally purchased the whistle, and it turned out to be an absolute blast! Playing with my son in the kids' section, felt like having another cherished memory. 

The day remained brimming with energy, and when we returned home, thinking the delightful surprises were over, I was pleasantly taken aback by yet another cake. This time, it was a thoughtful gift from my husband through FNP, and they presented it beautifully, resembling a bouquet. This surprise deeply touched my heart and added an extra layer of specialness to my day. 

Later, We went to dinner at Gold Rush, a cowboy-themed restaurant where the wide-open space offered a genuine taste and far away from the madding crowd. After spending a lot of time together, we finished dinner, and as we were leaving, we realized they had a dance floor. To our surprise, no one was there, and the DJ played songs just for us. Once again, the three of us enjoyed the music and danced like nobody was watching, celebrating the happiness that life brings.

As night settled in, I found myself on the balcony, lost in thoughts, the moonlight casting a romantic glow around me.It was in these quiet moments that I realized how incredibly fortunate I am, surrounded by the love of my family and the beauty of life itself.

Cheers to 36 and Beyond!

Guess what? Today, I officially turn 36! Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 

"🀯36!? That's like, almost adult-adult." 

But, this year holds an extra scoop of special as it's believed to mark a turning point or significant transition in a person's life, much like 18, the transformation as teenage were over.

Well, Turning 36 is akin to obtaining a visa to another world, with an ultimate fusion package of maturity, wisdom and juggling of roles, such as parent, sibling, and spouse – all attained upon completing the 'Life Mastery Bootcamp'! But honestly, I'm still pestering the people around me to figure out what I should do on my birthday. πŸ˜‹

At 36, it feels like crossing a halfway point, and this journey has taught me that life is worth more than money, fame, positions, or the size of a house. It's about having a peaceful state of mind when you finally lay down to rest and can slip into sleep with a calm heart. It's a lesson to let go of the pressures that come from within and from the world around us.

Now, let's talk about those birthday goals. The big 3-6 is a prime time to set some fun and achievable targets for the coming year. Gazing at the horizon of 36, I considered transitioning from the "I-can-stay-up-all-night" outlook to the "I-need-eight-hours-of-sleep-to-function" mode, bidding adieu to junk food feasts and negativity. But wait, put down that slice of cake for a second (just kidding)! After all, we are aiming for a healthier me, not a cake-less birthday!

Life Lesson: So Far

I have learned something crucial in my journey: 

  • Life isn't always a bowl of ice cream on a sunny day. Sometimes, we had to deal with (mostly always) the not-so-sweet stuff – challenges, disappointments, heart breaksssss. 
  • Life is basically a rabbit race, but we can't keep doing the turbo sprint forever. Even in the famous rabbit story, the little rabbit took a nap to catch a breath. So just imagine, every now and then, the universe is handing a "pause" button and saying, "Hey, take a chill pill."  These timeout moments could pop up because we could be taking a maternity break (or just need a nap), or recovering from a love setback, or feeling the weight of financial turmoil. That's perfectly alright. What truly counts is the journey's destination we are striving for. 😿Well, even if you dont reach end goal, do a victory dance halfway. It doesn't matter whether we are sprinting, strolling, or taking a detour to see our crush. Each step adds a pinch of salt to the story we are scribbling.
  • People might not show up when we need them. But you know what? We learn to battle it alone, and discover that we are stronger than a caffeine-fueled ninja post the Biohazard coffee(the strongest coffee on Earth).πŸ˜ͺ Look at where I stand today – resilient and ever-evolving. 
  • Choosing a Life Partner: No, you don't need a life partner in the grand drama of life just to reach a certain age and achieve those so-called 'special' milestones. Whether you encounter someone at 40, 400, or not at all, it's all A-OK. Love and compatability doesn't adhere to a timeline and it flourishes when hearts align. Cupid's arrow striking your soulmate in the vintage years is perfectly alright, and you can master the art of diaper-changing and nursery rhymes even at a ripe age.
  • If there's a person who's cramping and messing with your mental groove, remember that it's perfectly acceptable to slap on an invisibility cloak and keep on marching forward. Life's too short for toxic tango! So, chin up, smile wide, and let the good vibes be your compass. 
  • Now, now, now, don't take my above musings too seriously. The pearls of wisdom I just dropped might not be the perfect fit for your adventure. Your journey, is like that one-of-a-kind-fairy-tale, or a unicorn at rush– totally unique. So, if my ramblings don't sync with your dance moves, just toss them aside like last year's fashion trends. Your path, your rules!

Finally, as I approach the beginning of "Chapter 36," here's one final thought from me: Continue to welcome the chaos, find laughter in life's absurdities, and keep wearing that smile which could outshine a thousand candles. And a big Cheers to the protagonist of our own story! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ“š

Friday, August 4, 2023

Tickles and Tears

It was a seemingly ordinary evening when I decided to take my son out to play. Little did I know that a valuable, albeit painful, lesson and some damage awaited me.

As we were enjoying ourselves, small raindrops began falling on my cheeks, signaling that a heavy downpour was on its way. Realizing this, I urged my son to head back home, but he was determined to go to the indoor play area instead. I had no choice but to follow him.

The rain soon intensified, accompanied by strong gusts of wind that seemed relentless for a continuous 15 minutes. Panic set in as I remembered leaving my bedroom window open, and I live on a sky-scraping floor. The thought of my laptop and other belongings being flooded terrified me. I also questioned if I had closed the main living room door. Stuck inside due to the rain, those 15 minutes felt like an eternity under immense pressure.

When the rain finally stopped, I pleaded with my son to head home, but he was busy playing with his friends and refused. Seeing my distress, a kind friend offered to take care of him while I rushed back. However, upon returning, I found my bedroom in a state of chaos. All my laptops were soaked, the bed was completely wet, and precious books were now damaged. 

Initially, I felt anger towards my son for not coming with me when I asked him to, as it could have prevented this incident. But now, I realized there was no use dwelling on it; the damage was done, and cleaning up would take 45 minutes of my time. I had to prioritize picking up my son since my friend couldn't look after him for long due to other commitments.

On my way to get my son, I remembered that the incident was partly my fault too. I should have closed the window before leaving. It wasn't fair to expect a child to anticipate such occurrences, and closing a window for a short out might not be practical. My anger subsided, and I learned the value of postponing my reactions.

Upon reaching the indoor play area, I explained the situation to my son, hoping he would show some shock and decide to come home with me. However, with a big smile, he simply said, "I want to play."

At first, this frustrated me, but I managed to ask him politely to come with me. After 15 minutes of pleading and patiently waiting, he finally agreed to come with me.

As we reached home, he hurried to the bedroom to see the flood. On spotting the pool of water, he couldn't resist turning it into a splash zone! He jumped in like a dolphin, thoroughly enjoying himself. II reached for the mop to clean up, but he snatched it from me, eager to help. However, he ended up making an even bigger mess. 

During my busy working day, 45 minutes is precious time I can't afford to invest. I had important meetings to attend as well. Growing angrier, I requested him to hand me the mop, but he refused.Frustrated, I left the place and started cleaning up once he was done.

As a parent, I've always aspired to be gentle, opting for a friendly approach rather than raising my voice and yelling in frustration. However, I've come to realize that the children of today have an uncanny ability to test our patience and drive us to the edge of madness.

As tears welled up in my eyes, I couldn't help but think, where my parents never even bothered to support me for a day.

As I grappled with the urge to escape to a place where solitude reigned, my mind echoed a wise reminder: "While children may test our limits, it is essential to find a balance between firmness and empathy, We must learn to foster a loving relationship with our little ones, regardless of the challenges that come our way."

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Vimanam Movie Review : Journey of Love and Sacrifice

I had the privilege of watching Vimanam an emotional rollercoaster this weekend, a film that truly tugged at my heartstrings. The moment I read that it was an emotional film, I knew I was in for a heartfelt experience. But, I found myself continuously shedding tears throughout the movie. 

The film revolves around a parent's unwavering determination to fulfill their child's dreams. It's a story that resonates deeply, reminding us of the incredible lengths a parent will go to for the happiness of their children.

This movie is a gem that captures the essence of love, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of family. It teaches us the value of hard work and honesty, and it reminds us of the lengths parents will go to for their children. I highly recommend this film to anyone in search of a heartfelt and emotionally charged cinematic experience. It's a beautiful tribute to the love between parents and children, and it will stay with you long after the credits roll.

As a parent myself, I found a deep and heartfelt connection to the film, as it took me on an emotional journey that resonated with the unique challenges of parenthood. It's natural for parents to want to fulfill their child's wishes and make their dreams come true. However, it's important to remember that our children's happiness and well-being should never be tied to our own lives. While we should strive to support our children's aspirations, it's crucial to maintain a healthy perspective and prioritize their emotional and physical health above all else. Our love and guidance are the most valuable gifts we can offer, and our children's happiness should never come at the cost of our own lives. 

It's not selfish to prioritize our physical and emotional health because, only when we are strong and healthy, we are better equipped to provide the love, guidance, and support your children need to thrive.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Tents and Thrills: Jungle Trailz Resort in Bangalore

"Travel is not always about going far away; it's about finding the right escape to rejuvenate your soul"

I always believed that a perfect travel plan should involve going a minimum of 200 kilometers away from the place where we are currently staying. After all, who's gonna spend heftic 5k per day on a resort to stay in their own city? That's like paying to be a fancy local! Well, this travel gave me a different perspective.

In the midst of relentless 18-hour workdays, vanishing weekends, office politics, and unyielding pressure, life had become an overwhelming struggle over the past month, leaving me utterly burnt out. The time had come to acknowledge the toll it was taking on my well-being and grant myself the respite I so desperately needed. 

So, this morning, my family and I spontaneously decided to take a nearby trip, finally giving in to the idea of exploring a resort in Bangalore. After some quick research, we settled on "Jungle Trailz Bangalore."

When I called the resort to check for room availability, I was informed that all cabin rooms were booked, leaving only tents as an option. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if my young son, Hethvick, would be comfortable staying in a tent.  Ah, it's August – a month filled with breezy winds and rain showers making camping in a tent a less desirable option.

But then, I realized that life had been monotonous lately, and trying something different might be exactly what we needed. We booked the tent without a second thought, hoping for the best. If the worst scenario pops up, our backup plan is to return home in the car.

We packed cozy bedsheets and pillows to stay warm inside the tent. However, in the excitement of the trip, we accidentally forgot to bring them along.

Our journey encompassed a total of two hours— an initial hour through the inevitable traffic followed by another hour navigating on NICE road.

Our day was packed with thrilling adventures like the Burma bridge, Log walk, and Bali swing and we discovered that the resort we chose was an absolute hub of excitement, bringing a whole new dimension to our trip! We had a blast on the longest zipline, spanning an impressive 1 kilometer, taking us on an adrenaline-pumping journey through the forest treetops.

Swimming @ Nature Pond 

Another fantastic highlight of the resort – natural pond where we could enjoy a refreshing swim! But wait, here comes the real jaw-dropper – the pond's depth was an incredible 18 feet! On top of that, the thrilling water zipline at the resort offered us an exhilarating experience as we ran, jumped, and plunged into the refreshing embrace of a natural pond. Believe me, the memories we made here will be etched in our hearts forever!

In the evening, we enjoyed rain dance and explored the beauty of nature trails. As the night fell, we gathered around a cozy campfire, sharing laughter with other guests. 

Our very first family tent adventure:
Immersed in the splendor of nature's embrace, we savored every moment of living in our cozy tent. The symphony of water flowing gently in the nearby pond added a delightful touch to the experience. After our son fell asleep, my husband and I took a leisurely walk around the tent. It was a much-needed moment of connection and relaxation for us, enjoying each other's company in the peaceful surroundings. In the wee hours of the morning, at 3 am, we finally hit our cozy tent for some well-deserved rest.

As I lay inside the tent that memorable night, my preconceptions about resorts in Bangalore changed. The experience was an absolute delight, offering relaxation without the hassle of long travel. It was a gentle reminder that travel isn't solely about venturing far and wide; it's about discovering the perfect spot to rejuvenate, even if it happens to be right in our own backyard. 

As I closed my eyes, eager for a restful night's sleep, the serenity was shattered by blaring music that jolted everyone awake, including my young son, at the hour of 4 am. Apparently, a group of bachelors was extending their party even in the early morning hours, unconcerned about how their actions disrupted the peace for others.

We politely requesting them to lower the volume. But now my son insisted on hearing a bedtime story to whisk him off to sleep. With a sprinkle of creativity, I weaved a tale with the current situation involving a courageous lion and a cunning tiger. Tired and sleep-deprived, we attempted to find solace in sleep again, but the bachelor were playing carom games, and mindless chatter from the group continued unabated. Sleep seemed like a distant dream.

In a bid to escape the noise, we decided to take an early morning walk around the resort at 4 am. It was a moment of revelation as we strolled in the stillness of the night. Eventually, the unruly group retreated to their tents, and we were able to grab some much-needed rest. 

The next morning was filled with anticipation as we prepared for a trekking adventure. Despite a somewhat restless night for my son, we managed to wake up at 6 am, enjoy our coffee, and feed him milk. The tiredness lingered, making it a bit challenging to rouse him fully. We set off for the trek but encountered a small setback - we couldn't find our trekking group or the designated route. Nonetheless, with the helpful guidance of the resort manager, we set out on an alternative path. Although we couldn't complete the trek as planned, we made the best of the situation. Pausing at a scenic spot, we soaked in the breathtaking views, cherishing the natural beauty around us, and then gracefully made our way back, turning an unexpected detour into a memorable experience. 

On our way back, we decided to add a touch of fun and adventure to our journey. Spotting a tractor passing by, we couldn't resist the opportunity for a unique experience. With excitement bubbling within us, we hopped onto the tractor, feeling the wind in our hair as we enjoyed the bumpy ride. It was an unexpected twist to our trekking trip, making our return journey more memorable and adding a charm to our adventure.

On reaching resort, we couldn't resist the thrill of zip-lining once more. After another exhilarating round of soaring through the air, we finally decided to head back, with a refreshed view on life and a newfound appreciation for the beauty within reach.

Friday, July 21, 2023

The Silent Killers in Our Lives

Beware the Silent Killers: Toxic Life Partners

In the labyrinth of life, the choice of a life partner can be a critical determinant of our happiness and overall well-being. While some bring boundless strength and unwavering support, others can unwittingly become silent killers, sowing seeds of doubt and misery in the depths of our souls. This compelling article delves into the shadows, exposing the perilous reality of toxic life partners who may wear a facade of care and compassion, only to inflict profound emotional harm behind closed doors. Join us as we shed light on this crucial issue and explore the signs, impact, and steps to break free from the clutches of toxicity, empowering ourselves to embrace healthier and happier relationships..

Deceptive Encouragement:
One of the tactics used by silent killers is deceptive encouragement. They may pretend to support our ambitions and dreams, but then subtly discourage us from pursuing them. For instance, they might convince us to prioritize personal life over career, leading us to doubt our abilities and give up on professional aspirations.

Body Shaming and Emotional Abuse:
Silent killers can also resort to body shaming, making us feel insecure about our appearance and self-worth. Instead of offering constructive support, they subject us to emotional abuse, damaging our self-esteem and leaving us feeling broken.

Fake Public Persona:
In public or among friends and family, these toxic partners may wear a mask of kindness and charm. They excel at projecting a positive image while concealing their harmful behavior behind closed doors. This act of deception can make it difficult for outsiders to recognize the pain we endure.

Manipulative Isolation:
Another dangerous tactic is isolating us from our support networks. Toxic partners may subtly alienate us from friends and family, leaving us feeling more dependent on them. This manipulation prevents us from seeking help or realizing the severity of the situation.

In the worst cases, silent killers may resort to physical violence. However, they are skilled at denial and often deny any wrongdoing, making it harder for the victims to break free from the abusive cycle.

It is crucial to be vigilant when choosing a life partner and to recognize the signs of toxicity early on. Silent killers can break us emotionally, leaving scars that may take years to heal. Remember, a healthy relationship should be built on love, support, and mutual respect. If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, don't hesitate to seek help and support from friends, family, or professionals. Your well-being and happiness are worth protecting, and breaking free from a toxic life partner can be the first step towards reclaiming your life.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Trapped in Darkness: A Thrilling Survival

Struck in the Lift

As I stepped into the lift, a sense of unease washed over me. Thoughts raced through my mind, filling me with worry and fear. Ignoring these feelings, I pressed the button to go down to the ground floor, unaware of the ordeal that awaited.

Suddenly, the power went out, leaving me in complete darkness. Panic took hold as I realized I couldn't see anything. I reached for my phone, hoping to find some light or a way to call for help. But to my dismay, there was no signal. I was cut off from the outside world, alone in the darkness.

Time stretched on, and my panic grew. I tried shouting for assistance, but there was no response. The lift remained still, refusing to open its doors. I felt isolated and helpless, with no way to escape the terrifying situation.

Fear consumed my thoughts, flooding my mind with dreadful possibilities. What if the lift was broken and it would take hours for anyone to notice? How would I survive in this confined space for so long? These thoughts weighed heavily on me, intensifying my anxiety.

Just as despair threatened to consume me, a flicker of hope appeared. The lift jerked back to life, slowly opening its doors. Relief washed over me, and I felt a surge of adrenaline. It was my chance to escape from the suffocating darkness.

I stumbled out of the lift, grateful to be back in the outside world. Though I still had a pounding headache and my heart raced, I was filled with a sense of freedom. Overcoming my deepest fears, I realized the strength within me to face adversity head-on.

My terrifying experience of being trapped in a broken lift taught me the power of resilience. No matter how dark or uncertain a situation may seem, we have the ability to find the light and emerge stronger than ever.

Friday, July 7, 2023

The day when even my coffee needs a coffee!

"Friday Friday, Party night, Party night" - After a week of tireless work, we indulge in a Friday night filled with singing, rocking, and devouring chicken feasts, while sipping on refreshing Coke and immersing ourselves in an epic movie marathon. It's the perfect way to recharge and reward ourselves for our top-performing efforts.

But today wasn't the right moment to celebrate the end of the workweek. Just like me, some of us feel a jumble of emotions on Fridays, especially when the pressure of deadlines and responsibilities becomes too much to handle.

For the past month, I had been tirelessly working on a project, which forced me to sacrifice my weekends. The exhaustion had taken its toll, and I woke up that morning wishing I could have slept forever. The feeling was akin to torture, and anxiety began to seep into every crevice of my being.

As I battled my own inner turmoil, I noticed my son pleading with us, "I don't want to go to school." His innocent plea caught my attention and tugged at my heartstrings. In that moment, I realized the impact of my stress was having on him. 

In that moment of realization, my super-parenting instincts kicked in. I decided to turn the situation around and transform it into a positive experience for both my son and myself. So, I gently reminded him of my unwavering commitment to attending school every day, proudly mentioning my perfect 100% attendance record.

Meanwhile, my mindvoice whispered, "Ah, the Oscar-worthy performance of my stomach pain drama, a classic tactic to secure a day off from school." 

But my son, in all seriousness, started pleading with earnestness in his eyes.

To lighten the mood, we made a promise to our son. We would let him go to school for only half a day and skip daycare afterward. His face lit up with joy at the prospect of an unexpected adventure. He agreed, on the condition that we only packed one snack box, instead of the usual two. When it came to daycare, he firmly believed in the mantra of two lunch boxes

With our compromise in place, I dropped him off at school, eagerly awaiting lunchtime when I would pick him up. As the clock ticked away, and when the time finally came, I rushed to pick him from school.

With a beaming smile plastered on his face, he came out of school reveled in the bliss of skipping half a day of daycare. The satisfaction on his face was simply priceless.

My thoughts turned inward. I pondered over the question, "Who can help me free my pressure?" 

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Discipline Dilemma : The Parenting Circus

When I reminisce about my childhood, it's hard to forget the strict discipline and physical punishments. As 90s kids, how could we ever forget the memories of our parents employing severe beatings, utilizing a variety of tools like belts, Myir Kothi (a traditional tool to remove entangled hair after hair wash), mashers,  dosa palta, and even a comb that transformed into a weapon of discipline?
Stuides and experts are now against using such approaches and advice shouting or beating children rarely yields positive results and can lead to adverse effects in terms of their behavior or long-term discipline. 

Experts emphasize the importance of open communication and active listening in parenting. However, let's be honest, in today's fast-paced world, do we even have the patience to engage in lengthy conversations with our kids? In my case, after a whopping 60 minutes of trying to communicate calmly, I admit that it's often my final shout that manages to grab my son's attention.

According to studies, shouting at a child for neglecting their homework can lead to a negative attitude towards studying. However, in my amusing observations, whenever I encourage my child with positive words, he magically takes 4 hours and 5 breaks to complete just 1 page of homework.

But when I keep a stick next to him and say the stick will speak if he doesn't finish, he miraculously completes his work in the blink of an eye. Yet, deep down, I can't help but wonder if I'm unintentionally creating an aversion to his studies through this tactic.

Ah, the struggle of parenting! It's like a battle between wanting to discipline my children gently and feeling the frustration  when those attempts don't deliver instant outcomes.

In these exasperating situations, it's hard  to juggle from angry Bhadrakali to calm Zen master.

But let me tell you, from my own experiences, being a cool and composed Dhoni-like parent all the time is quite a challenge. Isn't it? There are moments when shouting becomes inevitable and we're human, after all, and parenting can push us to our limits. 

My friends, is shouting at times okay? Do you find yourself raising your voice at times when dealing with your children?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your inputs in comments. 

Coming back to the topic, As parents, it is our responsibility to raise well-disciplined and emotionally healthy children. While the traditional methods of shouting or beating may seem tempting as quick fixes, they are not productive in their long-term development. It may be challenging at times, but with dedication and perseverance, we can raise responsible and respectful individuals without indulging in harmful disciplinary measures.

One final touch, Children are like tiny explorers in this so called life. They thrive when they have clear boundaries and expectations set by their parents. It's like giving them a treasure map to navigate through their daily adventures. As parents, we should establish crystal-clear rules in a friendly tone.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Work-Life Gone Wild

Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected challenges at us, especially when we think we have everything under control. Like a fearless circus performer effortlessly tossing balls through the air, I prided myself on the balancing art of juggling between personal life and professional life.

As fate would have it, the week that followed turned into an endless cycle of never-ending meetings. Since morning, I had been sitting in front of my laptop, experiencing back pain. As the night approached, the walls appeared to spin around me, engulfing me in a whirlpool of conversations, presentations, and deadlines.

Amidst the chaos of extended work hours, my laptop became the stage for a peculiar performance. Java coding, usually familiar and comprehensible, now danced before my eyes in a foreign language, leaving me bewildered. 

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more chaotic, my son's cries. In a mad rush, I hurried to his side, desperately trying to calm him down and soothe his distress. The exhaustion from work merged with the exhaustion of parenthood, creating a cocktail of fatigue that threatened to overwhelm me.

In the midst of this whirlwind, a message unexpectedly popped up on my screen. It promised a source of income, stating that by allowing a tower to be placed on my house, I could earn an impressive sum of money. In that moment, I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. It felt as though the weight of the world was already on my shoulders, so why not add a tower on my head to complete.

As I pondered the madness that had become my daily routine, a thought crossed my mind. Why do we work ourselves to the bone, day and night, sacrificing our well-being for the illusion of success? 

While outsiders may perceive my work as glamorous, only us "ITians" truly understand the glamorous chaos that lies beneath the surface.

In the eerie depths of the night, as the clock shamelessly struck the hour of 1 am, I found myself standing on the balcony, observing the bustling city as it fell into a hushed stillness on Friday. Even the party hard people must have succumbed to a deep slumber. The highways continued to showcase a few buses and cars. 

Suddenly, the piercing wail of the ambulance siren reached my ears, slicing through the air. My mind warned me that if I continued on this path, I would likely meet my graveyard, succumbing to a heart attack at the ripe age of 36.

In the midst of my own self-reflection, I happened to observe a woman making her way to work. She was a house cleaning lady, starting her work at the crack of dawn, there were countless individuals like her, toiling away silently and tirelessly to support their families. It served as a humbling reminder that I was blessed with an extraordinary amount of privilege.

The sound of the team's meeting ringtone blared through my laptop speakers and I logged into yet another meeting. 

Yes, Life has its way of shaking us out of our comfort zones and balancing work and personal life is a constant struggle, but amidst the pain and laughter, we discover our own strength and resilience. 

Monday, June 26, 2023

Stuck on the Loading Screen-Overcoming Depression

My Mood has a skip Intro button, but I am struck on the loading screen.

One of the challenges of dealing with depression is that it is not always visible to others, making it difficult for them to recognize and understand what you are going through. In this article, we will shed light on depression and provide some practical steps to help you overcome it.

Depression can be a lonely battle. Sometimes, those around you may fail to recognize the signs of your suffering because Depression symptoms doesn't leave visible scars. It is crucial to remember that their lack of understanding does not invalidate your struggle. Some people may even dismiss depression as a mere fancy term or a way to escape from responsibilities. However, it is essential to recognize that depression is a genuine mental health condition that requires support and understanding.

Depression treatment options:
While friends and acquaintances may be occupied with their own lives, it is essential to seek support from your loved ones. Although they may not fully comprehend what you are experiencing, their presence and willingness to listen can offer solace during difficult times. However, relying solely on family and friends may not be sufficient to overcome depression entirely. It is crucial to explore additional avenues for support.

Depression causes:
To effectively deal with depression, it is important to identify the underlying causes. Depression can occur even in individuals who seemingly have a luxurious life or when everything seems to be going well. 

Often, depression stems from a deep-seated dissatisfaction or unfulfilled goals. If you find yourself overly fixated on a particular goal that remains unattainable, it can lead to feelings of despair and hopelessness. Identifying these triggers is a crucial step towards finding a way out of depression.

Seeking Professional Help:
While there are numerous resources available, such as counseling centers and helplines, it is crucial to remember that no single solution works for everyone. A qualified therapist or counselor can help you explore the root causes of your depression and develop coping strategies tailored to your specific needs. They can provide a safe space for you to express your emotions and guide you towards a path of healing.

Self-Care and Healthy Habits:
In addition to seeking professional help, practicing self-care and adopting healthy habits can significantly contribute to overcoming depression. Engaging in activities you enjoy, practicing mindfulness or meditation, maintaining a balanced diet, and getting regular exercise can all have a positive impact on your mental well-being. Building a support network of like-minded individuals who understand your struggles can also be beneficial.

Depression is a challenging condition that requires understanding and support. Remember, it is not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of. By seeking support from loved ones, understanding the root causes, and seeking professional help, you can embark on a journey of healing and recovery. Remember that you are not alone in this battle, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. With perseverance and the right resources, you can overcome depression and regain control of your life.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Title: "The Balancing Act: Navigating Work and Parenthood Amidst Chaos"

Parenting vs. Professional Life: The Art of Multitasking and Managing Energetic Kids

Life is an intricate dance between responsibilities, and for those of us juggling a demanding career and a rambunctious child, the struggle can feel overwhelming. As a frazzled parent caught in the whirlwind of multitasking, I know firsthand the challenges that come with trying to maintain order in the midst of chaos. In this heartfelt article, I invite you to step into my shoes and experience the trials and triumphs of attempting to strike a delicate balance between work and the ever-so-energetic presence of my beloved son.

The Notebook Nightmare:
As the sun rises and the world awakens, I embark on my professional journey with zeal and determination. But alas, fate has a peculiar way of throwing curveballs our way. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that my meticulously crafted notebook, a repository of a year's worth of hard-earned knowledge, had fallen victim to my son's artistic endeavors. His tiny hands had transformed my carefully penned notes into an abstract masterpiece, leaving me speechless and my dreams of organized brilliance shattered.

Walls of Whimsy:
In the world of parenthood, no surface is safe from the boundless creativity of our offspring. It seems that my son, with a paintbrush in hand and a devilish gleam in his eye, found solace in adorning the walls of our home with his vibrant artwork. Each stroke of his crayon unleashed a riot of colors that now graced every corner of our living space. The once pristine walls became an expression of his uninhibited imagination, turning our home into an impromptu art gallery.

Toy Tornado:
Toys, oh, the toys! They multiply like rabbits, spreading across the room like a tidal wave of plastic and imagination. With every play session, my son's enthusiasm knows no bounds. He delights in the chaos he creates, scattering toys haphazardly, leaving a trail of miniature vehicles and action figures in his wake. As a parent, my role transforms into a master of organization, diligently tidying up the toy tornado each day, only to witness its rapid return before I can even catch my breath.

The Great Laundry Caper:
Folding clothes—a simple task, one might think. But in the presence of a curious and vivacious child, even the most mundane activities can turn into an epic adventure. As I diligently fold each garment, my son's eyes light up with mischief. In a blink of an eye, the neatly arranged piles become a battleground for his untamed energy. Shirts fly through the air like kites, socks become secret weapons, and the once peaceful laundry room becomes a chaotic battlefield. I sigh and embrace the challenge, knowing that the chaos is a small price to pay for the joy he brings to my life.

Waterworks Extravaganza:
Water, a source of life and refreshment, holds a particular fascination for my son. Whether it's a cup of juice or a freshly drawn bath, he possesses an innate ability to transform the simplest liquid into a watery wonderland. In his world, every drop is an opportunity for exploration and experimentation. Spills, splashes, and soaked surfaces become a testament to his insatiable curiosity. Armed with towels and mops, I navigate the watery aftermath, all the while cherishing the laughter that echoes through our home.

While the struggle to balance work and parenthood may seem insurmountable at times, it's important to remember that these challenges are part of a larger tapestry of love and growth. In the midst of scribbled notebooks, decorated walls, scattered toys, and water-soaked adventures, lies the beauty of raising a child—a journey that requires flexibility, resilience,

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

From Baby Bump to Bonus Belly

Throughout my pregnancy, I joyfully embraced the extra weight, knowing it was necessary to nourish my growing baby. After my little one arrived, I continued to prioritize breastfeeding, not paying much attention to my own weight gain. However, as my child approached 2.6 years old and weaning stopped, I realized it was time to focus on my own well-being. On Jan 2022, I was 68.8 Kgs and I determined to shed the extra pounds. 

High on Success: With sheer determination, I dedicated three months to transforming my body. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, I incorporated regular exercise and made mindful choices about my diet. 

The results were remarkable as the numbers on the scale steadily decreased.
All those months chasing after gym and healthy food have paid off. Even the models are jealous of my sleek figure now! 

I felt confident, my energy levels soared, and I even noticed a radiant glow on my skin. It seemed like I got an unstoppable force and can never regain those extra pounds. However, life had a different plan in store for me.

The Unexpected Setback:
Life became more hectic, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of stress, and emotional upheaval. Unknowingly, I slipped into a state of depression and turned to food for comfort. The healthy habits I had cultivated were slowly replaced by mindless eating and neglecting exercise. 

In an attempt to distract my mind, I  resumed my travels, only to find myself falling into the tempting of unhealthy food once more. 

Just like my boyfriend who couldn't resist my irresistible charm and came crawling back after a few months my weight has boomeranged right back to 68, and those sneaky scale numbers can't resist increasing 0.10 grams every single day. It's as if my weight missed me so much, now it's determined to make up for lost time!

The Agonizing Heel Pain:
To make matters worse, my body began to rebel against the weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle choices. I started experiencing excruciating pain in my heels, especially in the mornings when I first stepped out of bed. It felt like sharp, stabbing sensations that made each step a torment. It didn't take long to discover that I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, a condition I had never encountered before.

My dress has joined the "tight and uncomfortable" fashion trend once again. And let's not forget the unexpected arrival of back pain. With this extra weight around my stomach, it feels like I've become a human mountain range! Forget about hiking trips—I've got my own built-in landscape right here.

Through this painful experience, I have come to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond just reaching a specific weight goal. 

No matter how hard I try to shed those extra pounds, it feels like my emotional eating game is on a winning streak. And just when I think I've conquered the cravings, my relatives swoop in with an array of sweets and snacks. With each passing day, my stomach grows stronger, as if it's engaged in a battle between me and the mountain. My belly is now ready to take on the title of the world's most highest peak!

Despite the ongoing struggles and constant battles in my mind, I hold onto the hope that one day I will rise victorious . reclaim my ideal weight. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

From Cuddles to Crayons

My dear Son,
As you set foot into school on your first day, a whirlwind of emotions floods my heart. Considering NEP's mandatory requirement for children to be at least four years old, your dad and I have engaged in numerous discussions and decided to enroll you in Nursery instead of LKG. We believe that this choice will provide you with a strong foundation and it holds good for your long-term growth. 

Growing up Fast

We selected a preschool intentionally veering away from mainstream options. The driving force behind this decision was to create an environment where you wouldn't have to wake up at 7 am, endure a one-hour commute through the traffic of Bangalore, and return home feeling exhausted. This phase of your life is meant to be cherished and my dear son, we aim to preserve your childhood innocence while embracing the promising opportunities that await you.

Balancing Friendship, Academics, and the Pursuit of Happiness

As you step into the world of Nursery, as a parent, I choose not to burden you with expectations and want to break the mold and be unique in my approach. However, I couldn't resist the temptation to give you a friendly suggestion.
M lil one at School

While I want you to enjoy your time with friends, excel in academics, and participate in extra-curricular activities, there is one important lesson I want you to remember: Never get carried away with the rat race of life.

Surround yourself with kind, supportive, and genuine friends who bring out the best in you. Cherish these friendships and make an effort to be a good friend in return. 

Education is important, and I want you to embrace the opportunities that come with it. Study diligently, engage with your teachers, and explore subjects or activities that ignite your curiosity. Do not study solely for the sake of marks or competition, but do it to expand your knowledge. Education is a lifelong journey, so foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Participating in sports and extracurricular activities is an integral part of your school experience and just like mom, you should participate in them. Engage in activities that interest you and bring you joy. Whether it's sports, music, art, or any other pursuit, give it all. Participating in these activities will not only help you develop skills but also teach you important values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Remember the Bigger Picture:
While it's important to strive for success, remember that life is not a never-ending race. Do not measure your worth solely by grades, trophies, or external achievements. Take time to pause, reflect, and enjoy the journey. Find balance in your life, make time for hobbies, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Focus on personal growth, emotional well-being, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today marks the beginning of a beautiful journey and as your parent, we will be there to support you, guide you, and celebrate every step of your unique journey. 

Love you My Son.