Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage

“Hey I brought a new phone" I whispered to my friend with excitement
Does it have 3G? Touch? Wi-Fi ?Secondary camera options? Android software? His question went on
It took more time for me to answer his question than the time I took to research for buying a new phone.
Arrange marriage has now more or less become like this purchase of the phone in the market.
Does he earn 5 digit salaries per month? Does he owe a car? Does he own a flat? Is he thin? Fair?

This is how the current arrange marriage works. There are days where a bride and groom don’t meet until they the time of marriage. But this days, all it goes are with Outside and External Influence.
Just like the fairy Cinderella story where beautiful dress, shoes vanishes by night, The love between the couples gets faded out soon when they slowly realize their negative.
I am not against arrange marriage, but the arrange marriage in these century are more like business which deals only with money

This is a contest entry by Sony television conducted for the promotions of their new Hindi Soap Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things to do on your birthday

  1. Start your day with a Big smile on your Face
  2. Go for walking/Jogging/Running
  3. Play any sports - Badminton, Table Tennis
  4. Do Yoga
  5. Perform Skipping
  6. Meditate
  7. Visit Temple
  8. Plant a Tree
  9. Sponsor Food to a Child
  10. Donate Charity
  11. Send an Inspirational SMS to your friends
  12. Drink 10 liters of water
  13. Start learning New things/Join a Coaching class - Music/Technical
  14. Take a SPA message
  15. Read any inspirational/Self-helf books
  16. Donate your Eyes
  17. Start a New Aquarium
  18. Call someone and surprise them
  19. Start writing a Journal
  20. Visit a New Place
  21. Feed a Stray dog
  22. Visit NGO
  23. Capture your Photo and Frame it
  24. Write/Explore 5 Good things about you
  25. Thank the day

A Remarkable Birthday

Birthday !? - The day we Sense ourselves as Angels/Superhero’s.

I love it from my childhood days, when my mom and dad clutch my tiny hands along with the knife to cut the cake.
I treasured it during my school days, reason being color dress? Nah major reason, we were excused from scolding’s and beatings. Distributing chocolates to people residing in our neighborhood and getting excited on receiving Rs.5 and mom making a note in a notebook/dairy to return that Huge money back during their kid birthday. What a charming life we had those periods?
Time has distorted our minute happiness. Though we (our friends exactly) woke us at the stroke of the midnight to have fun and frolic and offering a cake facial along with the ingredients of colas, chips, and pizzas Will that fulfill the pleasure we had those days?
Yes, it will. I tried to celebrate this year birthday in a different way and it was my best birthday I ever had
August 10th 2012 is extra special not because I have completed 25 years of age in this gorgeous planet. But for 3 reasons

1. August 10th 2012 was Krishna’s birthday as well (Krishna Jayanthi)

2. I did 25 new things.

3. Started a New initiative

I wonder whether a small wish from our lovable ones makes a difference. But yes it does. Thanks to Sharmi who wished with a drowsy tone.

Anita -my colleague/Friend who sent a Sweet “Happy Birthday” message at 12. She is a step a head; she not only wished me, but wished entire contacts in her mobile. Yes, in sleep instead of forwarding it to me, she sent to group.

My Cheeewt friend Abi. A charming ever smiling and attractive. Abi my sweet friend whom I envied first, admired second, inspired now. My Hyderabad days were the golden moments in my life. Sentimentally I feel the reason was Abi. On the day I was departing Bangalore she gave me a beautiful bag and wished whole hearted from heart. Because of her wishes, whenever I smile, I thank her. I was urged to spend my birthday with her and thats how I landed in her house Thursday.
The best gift one could ever receive would be prayers for us. And I received that beautiful invaluable gift from Abi along with a book. we went for sleep at 12.45 after few historical story narration by abitha. I/We targeted to wake up by 5, but ended up by getting up at 6. After a refreshing Siplicious tea with artificial milk powder :) we went to park and played badminton for 1 hour. After Kayakalpa, Yoga and meditation She treated me with chapati and went to a temple.

Temple was rush because it was Friday, Aadi Friday, krishna janmashtami bla bla. I whispered my prayers to Nandi ears as I believed it will reach lord shiva. I covered its one ear and whispered in another ear as I don't want the wish to leave through the other ear. Lol

Overall, It was a remarkable birthday

Few wishes from my friends,
Happy Birthday
Many many happy returns of the day
May on this special day all your dreams come true and you be a golden fairy in a chariot
We thank the Lord for this day,
As we celebrate your special day,
It’s like only yesterday,
When we celebrating your birthday.

We thank the Lord for another year that gone by,
As time really does fly,
And again it's your Birthday
We pray that God will bless you in any way.
We thank the Lord for the precious blessing like you,
We see you grow in love, wisdom and care
And we know it’s really an answered prayer.
We may not give you the best in this world,
But we pray that you will richly bless by God’s Word.
Just trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And all thy ways acknowledge Him as he directs thy path.

Each year our birthday forces us to grow
Into the person whom we have yet to know
With circumstances that hopefully have made us wise
When we learn from our multitude of mistakes and tries.


 HI ,

A special greetings to my special friend. India celebrate Krishna jeyanthi and Deepika’s jeyanthi. Krishna’s birth happen in the past and the birth achievement know to the world. Deepika’s achievement will be know to the world. If there is achievement in your life time then only the birth to this world is meaning full. I know you will ..


Soak No More

This post had been written for a The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest on Indiblogger

    An ant can do anything and no matter what the situation is, it holds to its morale and rules. Most of us would have seen our legendary wall (RAHUL DRAVID) on TV and his disciplined attitude with which people recognize him. We need to take inspiration from the discipline that ants possess and our WALL Dravid using ants to symbolize this at most of the traffic signals. It’s no surprise that ants are the right representatives of discipline. It’s about maintaining traffic, discipline, grit and working relentlessly to achieve the goal constructively.

And on these grounds let me recap a story of ANT. Right from our childhood we have been listening to so many ant stories, anti-stories and in fact “aunty stories” too. Let me recap a short story of an ant by name SFT. It’s not the sft land( square feet) that we hear. Its name of an ant who was so inspired by ‘Charles Darwin’ theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and kept his name as ‘SFT’.
SFT is a tough customer and handles the entire critical situation with ease. It also has a liking to our so called ‘Social Culture’. It entered into our cultured society and spent 6 months. SFT was disappointed with this 6 months onsite opportunity. The major two observations that SFT was disappointed were:

1) “Culture has expanded wings but is so wild in nature to understand and digest” and

2) “Culture has become like English people who ruled us before independence”.

The only difference was that before 1947 people ruled people and now culture is dictating the minds and thoughts of the people. As we knew we had Gandhiji and other great leaders to bring independence, but SFT felt bad that now we don’t have Gandhiji to guide the people’s mind with the right approach and strongly believes that every individual should be strong enough not to become a slave to our culture. It also advises that we ourselves should have control to guide upcoming generations in right manner. So SFT is back to the ant community leaving a message "Enjoying the culture is always apprehensive but let's SOAKNOMORE into it. else will take a wild turn". So let each of us be good ANT (Always Nurturing Thoughts)