Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday - What women really want from men.

TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday - What women really want from men.
And here it is... my entry for TOUCH Thursdays no: 3

Here's the prompt -
Anjali is a character in the book. She has dated 6 men and rejected all of them. She is still looking for Mr.Right. She feels it is hard to get what she is looking for. Her friend Sriram Surve, would say the same about women--that it is hard to understand women. If you are a guy, write  3 things (or more!) that you really want from women. If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more)  that you really want from men.
I always believe expectations lead to giant disappointments. But still, I could not stop myself from having an expectation for my better half. After all, who does not dream of their man and envision daily?
Though Love is not a catalogue which is to be crossed checked against our partner, I pray god for the below in my life partner.
  1. Who can find my sorrows behind my fake smile
  2. Who can Ignore my negatives
  3. Accept me as I am
  4. And finally small silly fights followed by unconditional love

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zoom to Mekedatu

Zoom to Mekedatu.

We all decided to meet at Banashankari petrol bunk sharp at 6.00 AM. I felt hesitant, when my alarm sounded sharp at 4.30 and disturbed my sleep.
 “Sunday 4.30?” I pushed myself so hard to get ready. But I never knew at that point, an array of rafting (kind of), open-top bus tour, trekking, Mountaineering, biking is waiting to treat us. 24 members gathered at Banashankari by almost 6.30 AM and after our introduction section, we zoomed to kanakapura to escape from Bangalore traffic. We were requested to turn on the fog lights, to identify our bikes. Since there were no traffic at that time, the road was totally engaged only with the BTC member’s bike. Almost 15 bikes with fog light roaring on a misty road – Phewwww it was an awesome view.
We were fortunate as it was drizzling till 4 AM and the surface of the roads were build up with coating of water. After having breakfast at kanakapuram, we kicked off our journey.
As I closed my eyes admiring the greenery and blue sky to capture the gentle breeze kissing on my face, I realised a hot blow on my face. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was a complete dark, black cloud. I could not see anyone in front. I made sure I was not wearing goggles (wondering that might the reason for gloomy). But to my dis-appointment, still it was complete dark. After racing few distance, we realised it was lorry spewing black smoke.  Then we crossed a village and 3 hair-pin bends. We trooped the bikes to capture a snap in front of a hill view. The Hills were still partially covered with the fog and cloud.
We reached Sangama River and to reach Mekedatu, we need to cross the river. Since the water level was little high, we took bowl shaped coracles to reach the other end. Followed by my destructive questions, "What if the woven bamboo sticks in the coracles broke of?” we all got into coracles.
Once we crossed half of the river, the boat man jumped into the river as the water level was low and started walking in the water, by pulling the coracles
After crossing the river, we saw a bus which will take us to Mekedatu. If I could had have a chance to chat with my Grandparents’ grandparents, they might confirm, they have been in those buses during their child hood. Yeah, the bus was very very old. We sat on the top of the bus and had bumpy ride for 4 KMS. Someone had a question, how this buses could fill the petrol and check the air in the tyres? We travelled without making any Noise and as soon as someone crosses, we started shouting as high as we could and scared the people who were trekking on the road.
Finally we reached Mekedatu and was lost with the beauty of the stone designs. A gang of monkeys decided to start a war against us by exposing its teeth and tried to grasp our bags from the hand. But we all united and fought with the monkey to save our bags. The monkeys ran away with disappointment. After that, we splashed water on each other face and had good fun. Sorry not splashing, we actually poured dirty water  by filling the water that was stored in between the rocks in water bottle and drenched everyone. One person who tried to escape from drenching his head, started running and slipped his leg and fell into a big pit and got completely wet.

We started to descend down and crossing Kanapura the rain started cats and dogs and few of our people rushed to bus bay and few had shelter in the petrol bunk. We finally reached Mysore road after enjoying the drizzle along with drenching in rain and bid bye to all of them.
From now on, Sunday are not to explore the dreams under bedsheets till 10 AM. Sundays are to explore the nature..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

When Life puts you down..

When life puts you down because of 2 reasons– either your boyfriend has screwed or your husband has left you. The person whom you trusted or thought can hold his hand till your death bed is not with you now. And as a woman, you are made-up to wear different hats: Wife, Sister, Colleague, Mother, Girlfriend, etc…

Forgive yourself:
The biggest mistake we do is to punish our-self for selecting the wrong person. Hold-on. Every experience in our life, is only to make us better. Forgive yourself and believe that this bad experience is going to shape you.

Take a Break:

Switch off your mobile. Carry a Notebook and pen and amble away to a place where you get some free space. It could be a park, Beach or temple. Just scribble whatever comes to your mind. Want to curse him? Write it. After sometime you could feel relaxed. Then tear the paper and take a fresh page and write down your wish list. Things you love to achieve in your life. And what are the steps you need to take. This will rejuvenate you and will see things from a different perspective

Trust God

Sometimes, it’s okay to surrender yourself to god and pray for the best. It may sound silly. But, when none of your friends and family are not in position to help you due to circumstances or their busy schedule. It’s okay to trust him and lay down under his arms (will write a separate post on how Divinity and thoughts are linked)

Time Answers Everything:

And always remember, it takes time to cure. Don't expect recover in a day or week. Just keep your mind and heart open for new life, new love and new adventurous..

And as the Raja Rani Movie tagline declares...

There is Life after love failure... 
There is love after love failure...

Keep smiling and Focus on your life ....

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