Monday, August 24, 2015

Dedication for my sibling..

"Who is your best Friend?" My friends asked me curiously.
“Arjun” I answered and blushed.
"Who is your worst enemy?" She asked instantly.
“Well, again it’s Arjun” I said with a forced laugh and a natural blush.
"Who do you like the most?" She asked scornfully, glancing from head to toe.
“Of course, it’s Arjun.” I stated in an obvious tone.
“Whom do you hate the most?” She asked forcing anger into every tone.
“Well, again it’s Arjun”.
“Arjun!!! Who is that?" She asked, raising her eyebrow with a furious glare.
When smile and silence was the answer she left the place cursing me.
August 29 - Raksha Bandhan is round the corner.
What’s would be the most innovative gift I could give for my brother Arjun?
 Though he doesn’t expect those gifts from me, what could I give for the man who was my best pal from my child hood? A precious photo frame of us?
 All ladies having a brother would know and felt the relationship of Tom and Jerry. They fight like hell, pull down each other’s leg, damage each other’s property as well as physically, play worst pranks and goofs, yet they can’t live without each other. Arjun, though we had lot of rivalry in scoring the marks, hacking good name from parents he is always my best buddy.
Be it the Bollywood movie "Hare Rama Hare Krishna or Josh" or the kollywood movie Thirupaachi, I always admire the movies that depicts the affectionate bonding between a brother and a sister. I could easily relate the roles and incidents to my brother.

My brother Arjun is a mother when it comes to caring, an offensive teacher when I do a mistake, a possessive child when it comes to my parents. He loves and respects me a lot. He never let me down in front of others. He taught me how to dress and what not to dress. During my collage days, he protected me from all ragging and boys. He went for fight when needed. When my parents firmly decided to marry me at the age of 21, my brother Arjun stood up and motivated me to follow my dreams.

Arjun, Though you crashed my Barbie doll with your remote control toys, I still love you..
Though you blacklisted most of the boys in my life, tagging them “he is not a good boy”, I still love you..
Though you white-listed my pretty cute girlfriends in your heart, I still love you…
Today, I gained a sense of respect on all the men out there only because of you..
I still preserve the mobile phone that you bought me with your first salary, because I love you....

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kids dancing to the Colgate #MaxFreshMove song

Have you ever wondered, why do kids feels so happy all the time? Because they live to the moment and never carry any negative feelings. They explore each and every second and love the life to the core.
There was a contest organised by Blog Adda recently. This contest was different from other and was little innovative. Bloggers have to dance to the tune of  Colgate #MaxFreshMove and upload their dance moves in their blog.
“Wow. Dance,” my excitement roared to high and decided to participate. As I was choreographing to the song, 3 little kids entered my room. On seeing me dance, they asked me whether I am participating in any dance competition. I replied them, it’s for a contest organised by BlogAdda in association with Colgate Max Fresh. Their next question was, “Where? Can we also join in the contest?”
I was stunned by their curiosity. “Of course yes. You don’t have to go anywhere for this. I can record your dance moves in the camera and can submit online from our home itself.”
“Are you going to shoot us in camera?” They all got double excited.
“Yes” I replied on seeing their enthusiasm.
“Play the song”, they replied and took a position.
“You don’t want to practice?. You have not even heard this song before.?” I was about to ask, but decided to record their moves without any practice. Music can make anyone dance, and when it comes to kids? It can do wonders. I wanted to record their moves that comes out directly from the heart and mind. Also, when we put pressure on kids, it may look artificial. So, their natural moves would definitely look lovely.
I played the song and here is their dance moves.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

“This is the last time” My friend gave a severe warning and clicked my picture on my mobile. First day at office is always memorable. The moment we hold the ID card, we feel so proud and try to capture the moment. These days, the happiness gets doubled when we share it in the social networking sites. From morning I have been clicking my picture to upload in Facebook. Finally after clicking around 40 pictures or so, I was satisfied with the last photo that was captured. With the same happiness, I tried to upload the picture in the Facebook, but it failed again and again due to network issue.
I was assigned with a system on the first day itself. I transferred my photo to the system and opened the Facebook to upload the photo and share to the joy of my first day at office with friends.
But to my big disappointment, the application throwed an error. I was disappointed and checked for the issue. Then my eyes caught the warning message, that Facebook is blocked. I then browsed for Twitter, Gmail, youtube and realised that all social media was blocked in my office.

My friend, who is an employee in the same company and have been working since 5 years(who clicked my picture now, invited me for lunch.
Is all social media websites blocked in office? I ignored him and came straight to the point.
"Of Course. Yes. This is a financial industry. Security of the company data is important to them and hence they blocked everything."
"Oh my god. You should have told me earlier. Then I must have given a second thought for accepting this offer." Though I sounded funny, I was serious.
Smile was his answer.
“How you guys manage? What you will do when you get bored?” I was wondering how would I spend my days without social media.
"Previously it was. But now, we never miss anything due to the Fastest Network Airtel 4G." He replied instantly.
"4G or 3G?" I shooted him a question.
"4G Mam"
"Come on, In India 4G has not developed much. Still, its under blooming"
"Have you tried Airtel 4G?" 
"Then try Airtel. It’s the first telecom operation that introduced 4G in india and you know what. Its speed is incredible.  Its so fast that, we watch all the cricket "live" in our mobile phone itself. We download movies in our mobile and share with all our friends and colleagues. Because of the Fastest Network Airtel 4G, we feel we are downloading a song when we even download a movie. Its so fast......"
When laugh was my answer, he showed me the download speed of a movie in his mobile with Aritel 4G. I was dumb-struck and decided to buy a new Airtel 4G SIM.

Now, with Airtel 4G SIM,

  • I can watch all educational video in YouTube, 
  • Watch the movies instantly without downloading 
  • I can take record lots of dum smash videos and share with all my friends. 
  • Can take lot of videos and share in on my blog. 
  • Can watch and explore TED videos. 
  • Can download the videos of all my favorite songs
  • No more voice call with my friends and family. Only video chats. 
  • And much more....

Monday, August 10, 2015

30 Must-Experience to Check Off Your Bucket List Before Your 30th Birthday

On this birthday, I have come up with 30 items that I wish to achieve before I turn 30. As I make progress, I will keep this post (by strikethrough) updated. I experienced a profound sense of happiness, motivation, and appreciation for life upon completing this bucket list.

Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too and get inspired.
  1. Complete Chadar Trek 
  2. Go on an International vacation with my Family (Achieved: Malaysia, Singapore)
  3. Throw a dinner party for my friends and Family - (home Self-made meal)
  4. Learn to play musical instrument
  5. Offer my mom and dad a head massage.
  6. Reduce Weight to 52 KG/Achieve my ideal weight
  7. Sleep under the starts with my Entire family (Achieved)
  8. Spend whole day reading a novel  - No Network, No TV
  9. Grow Organic Garden
  10. Go bungee jumping 
  11. Join a New Club (Achieved)
  12. Finish 100 Books
  13. Perfect in One Yoga pose (Not Shavasana Pose :P ) : Update - Decided to be an expert in Padangusthasana 
  14. Make one New wise trustable Friend 
  15. Go to bed before midnight… and become a morning person - 6 am
  16. Spend in an Ashram for a month or at a new place
  17. Visit my old School CJMS
  18. Take up dancing
  19. Back pack across Kumara Parvata or Kudremukh
  20. Take part in a triathlon
  21. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone(Achieved To My Hubby and My Bestie Abitha)
  22. Do public speaking in front of 100 people (Achieved : Gave a Speech in front of 1000 people of various age group from  6 to 80 at Vethathiri Maharishi
  23. Get a Party make-up(Achieved)
  24. Take a Big Family portrait. 
  25. Meet someone whom I can only dream of meeting 
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Have my dream room (Achieved)
  28. Fly a Kite with friends.(Achieved)
  29. Swim a big distance
  30. Go on a cycling trip with friends
I am pleased to have accomplished the below items from my bucket list that I created a few years ago in addition to the above list.
  1. Plant a tree
  2. Dance in Rain
  3. Participate in Neeya Naana
  4. Donate blood
  5. Sleep on the beach 
  6. Go on a Road Ride
  7. Experience a sunrise/sunset

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Flipkart IndiBlogger meet Bangalore

Flipkart IndiBlogger meet

Adventures in Wonderland

The sky was the bluest of blue that I had ever seen and the grass was the greenest of green. There were strawberry creepers all around the footpath I was walking on and I could see chocolates hanging from the trees in shiny wrappers.

I was staring in amazement; when suddenly, a white rabbit, dressed in striped waistcoat and black pants, ran past me. He was muttering to himself, “Oh dear. Oh dear. I shall be late!” Burning with curiosity, I started running after him.

The rabbit was way ahead of me and soon, I lost him. There was an intersection of two roads in front of me and I didn’t know which way he went.

I was looking around when I saw a huge mushroom growing, on the field on my right side. I stood on my tiptoe and peeped on the top of the mushroom. There, I saw a big caterpillar smoking a hookah.
“What are you doing here?” said the caterpillar.
“I was running after a white rabbit. If you saw him, can you please tell me where he went?”
“Oh yes, I know where he went. But I will tell you about something else first” said the caterpillar.
“Okay”, I said hesitatingly.
“You gotta fight
For your right
To Party…
You gotta fight
For your right
To Party...

The caterpillar began to sing a song from Beastie-boy. I had no mood to listen to it, hence I made a move.
“Wait. I have fascinating news to share with. The most thrilled Flipkart IndiBlogger meet happened in Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore last Saturday. It began with a small presentation by Flipkart that beautifully conveyed the need for the ‘Image search’ feature on its mobile app. That video enlightened the mood of all the bloggers. Yet, to make it more memorable for the bloggers who made it to the meet on time that too on a Saturday early morning, the Indiblogger guys played  “You Gotta Fight For Your Right” and “Love yourself'".....
“Hey wait. Bloggers meet? Flipkart? Image search feature? Hard rock cafĂ©? I am a blogger too. How did I miss that?” I interrupted the caterpillar.
Yes, it’s an event only for the bloggers with a special invite. That’s the trending news among the bloggers now”
“Trending topic?Which one? Image search!? or Bloggers meet!?”
"Both." Here, the caterpillar stopped, smoked for some time and said, “Now, find the cat.”

“Cat? I am trying to find a rabbit, not a cat. And you said you knew where the rabbit went. Above all, my curiosity arose now. Tell me what happened in the Flipkart IndiBloggers meet”, I said angrily.
“Keep your temper and find the cat” said the caterpillar. And I couldn’t get anything else out of him.
So, I looked around and found some cat paw prints and started following the track. It led me to a big tree. I looked up the tree and there, on one of the branches, a Cheshire cat with a big grin started appearing slowly out of thin air.
 “How are you getting on?” said the cat with the big grin.
“I was running after a rabbit. If you saw a rabbit passed by, can you please tell me where he went?” I asked.
 “I did and I shall” said the cat. “But first, I will tell you about an extempore game that was played in the bloggers meet last Saturday. After the stupendous drinks, the bloggers were divided into a team and was assigned with an “Image search” task. Two people from each team have to volunteer for captain and Vice-captain. Each team has to come up with an innovative name for their teams. I remember the teams naming, "Vyapam", “FlikRock” i.e a portmanteau of blending the words Flipkart and Hard rock cafe.

Cheerful bloggers...

The game goes like this.. The bloggers have to go around and click a picture of other bloggers fashion accessories on their mobile. It could be anything but related to fashion category like belts, handbags, tops, shoes, earrings. This new image search feature had amazingly displayed the similar product in the Flipkart App.

The team who finds the maximum products within 10 minutes with the same color, pattern or style would be declared as the winner. Team 5 with a maximum of 32 exact match has won the game. There is no chance of cheating/bribing/corruption here since the results were cross checked by the Flipkart team.

Best tweet contest were happening simultaneously and the tweets of all the bloggers were projected in a big screen. The best tweets grabbed Flipkart vouchers too.

The Big Screen that displayed the Bloggers tweets... 

Then, a song began to play loudly and the Hard Rock Cafe's staff start to dance and it mesmerized the entire bloggers.

All the bloggers were then cheered with a photo session and an autographed copy of "Ten Love Stories: An IndiBlogger Selection"  a book which is a collection of short stories of some of the best writers registered on the IndiBlogger platform."

After completing his story, the cat started disappearing; his grin remained visible for a second longer than his body.
“Oh, this is just getting curious and curious’er!” I cried out in surprise.
Suddenly, someone shouted behind me. “There is that cat! Off with his head! Off with his head!”
I looked back and saw the Queen of Hearts running towards me, or rather the disappearing cat, and her soldiers of Hearts were following suit.
The Queen of Hearts, who had stopped running and was standing next to me, said, “Who are these awful Oompa Loompas? Off with their heads!”
“Hey, you can’t do that. Oompa Loompas are not awful. They are very nice little people in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory” I said.
After hearing what I said, the Queen first blinked in disbelief that someone could talk back at her like that and became so angry that I could almost see a vein throbbing in her paper face.
“Soldiers, arrest her! Off with her head!” shouted the Queen, pointing her flat finger at me.
The soldiers charged towards me but I stood my ground.
“I am not afraid of you. You are just pack of cards” I said swinging my hands around at them.
Then, my right hand hit the wall at the side of my bed and I woke up. My phone alarm was ringing
“You gotta fight
For your right
To Party…
You gotta fight
For your right
To Party...

I hit the alarm and it hurt to think that it was a dream. Hey WAIT!!!
I found "Ten Love Stories: An IndiBlogger Selection"  book on my bed next to the teddy bear. I realized I dozed off last night reading the book. Indiblogger can make the dream of bloggers come true!!! I reminisced the past Indibloggers meet that happened in the luxurious places like Hard Rock cafe, Big Pitcher, The Zuri, ITC Gardenia......
I thanked Indiblogger and Flipkart gratefully for making another memorable event. I washed my face and opened my blog to pen my Flipkart Indiblogger experience.

Hell Yeah!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Sound of Heart beat - chapter 3

Meghna woke up to the aroma smell of a freshly-brewed coffee and the scorching sun rays that fall on her face peeing through her bed room window. She realized that her laptop was still on with Facebook opened in the browser. She had slept off in the study table itself. 

Friend’s sometimes (or most of the times?) offers the worst idea in the world. Shiva suggested her to search Karthik in Facebook adding a bullshit point that even a newborn baby whose name has not decided yet has a Facebook page and twitter account. Though we scream that technology has dumped face-to-face interactions, it’s also true that with these technologies one can find and get information about any person under the sun. This idea cost her entire night. Karthik is not a rare name to be found easily on the Facebook. The moment she typed Karthik in Facebook search and hit enter, it listed 10 karthik profiles that was associated with her friends list itself. Out of 2 Tamil movies, one movie will definitely have the hero name as Karthik.
“Is Karthik such a common name?” She bit her nail and continued browsing the profiles.
“Karthik or Karthick? How does he write his name?” She has to browse thousands of profiles only to realize that few people even spell it as Kartik.
Karthik, Karthick, Kartik..
Is she going to find him in Facebook without knowing the proper spelling of his name or the Surname and not even one common friend.? We all know, it’s highly impossible, but people in love are driven in those fantasy worlds which according to them are "If you really love a person, universe will help in conquering.” Their mind just revolves around with such high positivity. Even if someone says, Karthik must have called off the marriage as he would be in some relationship, her mind would say, a big NO!!!. When they are in love, they believe that their body survives due to loveabolism and not because of metabolism.
     To some extent, it’s true as well. Since after the call-off incident, Meghna was unable to concentrate on anything. She had a long hot soak. The prospect of finding Karthik in a social setting filled her with a sense of tremor of excitement and kicked off her metabolism. But the entire night search did not help her in finding him out. She felt void and null. Meanwhile, Meghna's mom entered her room with coffee and Meghna closed the laptop with a slight disappointed.
"What a surprise!? Did you take any oath that you will follow good habits or was it my dream?" Her mother got excited as soon as she observed the bed sheets neatly folded in her room.
"Ma, I just slept off in the table itself" Meghna replied and want to brush her teeth.
"Hmm..I know, how I could expect good habits from you... Anyway don’t forget to return early from office today. We have to attend Narmadha aunt daughter marriage." Her mom reminded her again.
"Okay Mom. You told me enough times" she brushed her teeth with dismay. All of a sudden her face lighted up with a bright idea.
She rushed towards her laptop with white foam bubbles around in her mouth and opened the Facebook to search "Divya Bharathi"  
It’s in the wedding of Divya Bharathi, Karthik's mother saw Meghna. She gave her a friend request and started scrutinizing Divya Bharathi’s friends list.

"Found my man. :) " she messaged Shiva in What’s app.
It’s not Karthik. It’s Karthick. That’s how he writes his name :)
uff...okay did you message him?
No..I did even send him friend request
He may think, I purposefully searched for his profile 
So, What’s ur plan then?
Planning to Join Stepz dance institute.
gonna impress him with a dance?
Ufff. Bad joke. .From one of his photos I observed that he is going to that Stepz dance institute. Actually, he works at Amazon. definitely, I can’t clear Amazon recruitment process :P and get into Amazon. But dance class, I think I can. 
Oh..I, u are gonna make a scene that, you are naturally meeting him at the dance class.
of course yes!
Handle it carefully. One wrong move and it can slip, slicing the relationship. 
Shiva gave another warning before they end up the chat.

The rules of a relationship are simple.
If you like them…let them know...
If they say no… let them go...
People think the former is easy and the later is tough. But the truth is later might be easy but the most difficult part is letting the person you love them. Will Meghan succeed?