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New year Resolution with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

New year Resolution with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

New year is know for Resolutions.
I am an avid Trekker and my Year resolution for the year 2015 is to do more trekking and explore more places. But I do face lot of challenges when I go for a 3-4 day trekking in dense rain forest or in any mountains.
The First and foremost problem that every trekker face would be the battery problem. It drains out so easily. We struggle to contact our co-trekkers in case they get lost and also call our family at least once in a day to inform that we are safe.
Second, its impossible to find the correct Trail and reach the top of the mountain. But I was so excited to know about the launch of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 recently. No doubt its going to be the best buddy for all the avid trekkers. Below are the top 6 reasons for me to choose Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and its gonna help me in fulfilling my new year resolution 2015.  
  1. Take More photos and upload in Face book and Share in Whatsapp.
  2. Easily track GPS location 
  3. Read more books during my travel
  4. Blog More and Participate in Indiblogger Contest. 
  5. Battery Backup 
  6. Capture More Videos
Take More photos and upload in Face book and Share in Whatsapp.
When I go for a trekking, I tend to meet many new people and the eclectic hills and bewitching beauty of the nature tempts me to take more photos and Selfies. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with 1 GB RAM and it will be helpful in capturing lots and lots of photos and upload it in facebook then and there. Another interesting feature it comes with 800x1280 pixels resolution. Do photo freaks like me need any other reason to grab the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 launch? It also comes with 2MP Front Camera, so I am going to get the selfie with excellent clarity and can share in whats app immediately to all my friends.. 

Battery Backup /Easily track GPS location 
I use GPS to locate the location exactly and for that a good battery back up tab is needed. I was so excited on hearing the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is with 4400mAh battery. Unbelievable!!! Which means 325 hours of stand by time and 6 hours of browsing time. In those 6 hours I can easily trek 2 mountains with the help of GPS :) It has Prioritized contact list and hence I can call my fellow co-trekker as soon as I get lost. Imagine yourself, getting lost in the middle of forest and you open up the phone to call your friend for help then you realize you need to scroll 100 contacts before you find your friend. Thanks Micromax for the Prioritized contact list option.

Read more books during my travel

One thing, I miss during trekking is books and blogging. Since it has 8 GB ROM and its also Expandable up to 32GB, I can preserve all the Ebook in Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and read it whenever I want to. Hooray, I can read while hiking, Eating, halting and when the whole world sleeps. I can read connecting to nature by sitting on top the mountain and accompanying the sun rise. 
I can even watch 127 hours movie while hiking to Blue John Canyon :P 

Blog More and Participate in Indiblogger Contest.
When ever I go for long trekking say a duration of 10 days, I miss the deadlines of all the Indiblogger contest. If Micromax Canvas Tab P666 was with me, I can blog my experience then and there. Before I go to bed I can post about the day experience and infact participate in all the Indiblogger Contest.

Capture More Videos:
Though Photos bring back the memories, nothing can replace a Video memory. In trekking, we do l lot of dance, chit-chats and much more. All the nature can be best captured in Videos. At the end of the Trekking, we make a beautiful video with all the photo and vidoes. Since Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with 1080p HD video recording and playback I love to opt for it.

Every year I make new year resolutions and break it in few days due to lack of motivation or encouragement. But Thanks to Micromax Canvas Tab P666 for its excellent features, its is sure going to motivate me to achieve my new year goals of Trekking as well as writing more books.

Want to Know more about Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Please click here to watch the Embedded Video. 

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Top 10 Reasons to Shave

Here are Top 10 reasons for you to shave.
  1. A guy with Beard is considered as uncivilized or a loutish guy.
  2. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you may be confused whether you are Human being or an animal. 
  3. People won’t let you inside the home. 
  4. It shows you Older
  5. The Bride will reject you
  6. Birds would Lie Egg
  7. Directors will select you as a villain instead of Hero
  8. Parents will tell their kids that you are a Ghost.
  9. Children won’t come near you.
A guy with Beard is considered as uncivilized or a loutish guy.
If you closely observe all the movies, the Rowdies and the Villains are shown with Beard. If the hero wants to be projected as uncivilized or a loutish guy, then he is supposed to grow beard for the movie.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you may be confused whether you are Human being or an animal. 

Choose the best and True answer

Who am I?

        • Chimpanzee 
        • Ape
        • Monkey
        • Polar Bear
Selfies won’t look good.  
Even if you try millions of selfies, it won’t look good If you are with a beard.

People won’t let you inside the home. 
If you are Pizza delivery boy, the person may not open the door for you thinking you are a thief. He may inform the police as well. 

It shows you older.
Ever wondered why those sweet teen girls are calling you uncle? Because Beard shows you older and thats why they think you are 40+ even though you are in late 20's.

The Bride will reject:
All your relatives will pass the following comment on seeing a guy with a beard. 
“Ah. I think he never baths. Always with beard.” 
“Guess, Love Failure” 
"Shabby Guy"

Parents will tell their kids that you are a Ghost. 

Mom, “If you don’t eat the food, I will sell you to that Beard Uncle."
“No Mommy. Please I will eat the food. He looks terrible than a Ghost”

Birds would Lie Egg
Birds will think it’s a bird’s nest and would lay an Egg on your Beard. Warning. If you still continue to keep growing the Beard, Birds will then incubate and will raise its young ones as well.

Directors will select you as a villain instead of Hero
Ever wonder why your photos are not selected by the Directors? Send a snapshot with a clean shave. Then you will get lots of movie offers. 

Children won’t come near you.
Kids wont come near to you, even if you load them with a bundle of chocolates and teddies, since the beard pricks them badly 

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Importance of Truth

Importance of Truth

At least once in our lifespan, everyone could have lied. It could be for someone’s happiness or with an intention of not hurting others.
When a person enquiries about the look of a new dress, we tend to say it’s awesome though it looks average on them with an intention of not hurting. 
We purchase an expensive phone and notify only half of its price to our parents just to escape from scolding’s. 

But being honest gives us Honorable respect and friends. When I told my friend that for her complexion dark colour suits better and suggested the new models, she followed it with little hesitant. But on receiving positive response, she was very happy and thanked me. From that time, whenever she goes for shopping she always takes me. Because I was honest and candid with her selection.
There was one incident in my life where telling the truth have saved a Job, saved a person. It taught me a very valuable lesson.

“Of Course, Truth hurts!!! But remember that’s the ONLY seed which bears tasty fruits in future”
I and my close friend Rithika were working in the same company from past 5 years. This year March, she lost both her mom and dad in an accident. She was the only daughter and it shook her to the core. She went to depression and we tried our level best to bring her back. But she did not take any step to come out of that incident. She didn't turn up to office as well. 3 Months passed, no progress. After our kind request, she joined the office to divert her mind. But every day she used to come very late. As a friend I knew the reason. She weeps whole night and sleep only by morning 4 or so and wakes up very late, missing the cab. Her mind was always clouded with her parent’s thoughts and hence she lost focus on work. She started making minor mistakes and missed the deliverables at work. Her performance impacted the client and they started sending negative feedbacks to her manager.
Emphasising her condition, the managers and senior managers ignored her first mistake, second mistake as well, of course third mistake too. But as days passed, she started making major mistakes and the escalations from clients roared high. But Rithika was not even in a position to realise the impact of those escalations and negative feedbacks.

Her Manager failed to explain the impact, since he thought it would push her to depression further. But I could clearly sense the vision.
December Month was about to approach and for corporate, its bonus and review time. Most of the corporate companies give bonus to their employees based on their performance. In my organization, an employee will be ranked as below based on his/her performance during the entire year.

  1. Extra Ordinary performance
  2. Successful Performance 
  3. Inconsistent performance

If a person gets Inconsistent performance, he/she needs to leave the organisation immediately. It’s a kind of termination. As per my organization policy one employee in a team has to get Inconsistent performance. Not only me, everybody had understood that this year Rithika is going to get Inconsistent performance in my team. But none of my team mates had the courage to give hints to her. Because we all felt comfortable on avoiding the truth. We all thought hiding the truth would make her happy for at least for the next few months. We were trying to be human (!?) sympathetic towards her.
Image Source - IndiesUnlimited
But every night, before I hit bed a guilty feel would kill me. I realized that I am not going to protect her for long, by hiding the truth. On recognising the consequence and her situation after 3 months, I felt hiding the truth is a crime.
The next day I took her to my home and told straight to her face.
“Listen Ritu, Your parents had fought so much ONLY for your welfare. Their happiness was to give you an excellent education and an understanding life partner. They did their part in offering you an outstanding qualification. Now, it’s in your hands to protect it and fulfil your parent’s second wish.  I don’t think so, you are heading towards it. In 3 months, if you don’t prove yourself at work, they will be terminating you. And your parents’ soul will see you losing a Job. Their gift of education to you will be gone waste”
She asked,“What’s the use in fulfilling their wish when they are not with me”
I explained her briefly about how important is her Job now and in future. I explained her the necessary of being happy so as to make her parents soul rest in peace.
She started sobbing with the anxiety of losing the Job. I hugged her tight and said, “See Ritu, if you keep on crying every day, your life will be surrounded only with negative force. You are killing yourself. Your brain won’t be active enough to concentrate in work. You had already become so fragile. Nothing is over my dear. Anyone can start a new beginning at any time. I know it’s impossible to forget the past. If you feel like crying, just cry. But immediately try to come out of it and start working. Remember one thing, if you don’t do hard work, you will lose the job in another 3 months and when you sit at home, again the past will haunt you. Your parents will be happy only if they see you happy my dear.”
I spoke all the truth and reality for another one hour. It did hurt her and she cried to the core. But the next day…
She came to office wearing a new dress. Her bright face projected her confidence. For the next 3 months, she worked day and night. In the initial days, she struggled a lot to focus. But as days passed she got diverted to work completely and started getting good name in office.

Decemeber – Review Month. 
Rithika came out of the meeting room. She ran towards me, hugged tightly and started weeping ignoring the CCTV camera. I got nervous without knowing how to console her.

She wiped her eyes and said, “Deepu, If you had not told about the real situation three months before, I must have had lost the Job today. On seeing my past performance, the mangers had decided to give me Inconsistent performance. But on seeing the hard work and my performance for the past three months they gave me successful performance. They also encouraged me to get extraordinary performance next year. I feel everything is coming to place now. Thanks dear.” She went back to her desk, opened her purse and looked at her parent’s photo. She closed her eyes and prayed.

At that point I realized telling lies for someone happiness is just a temporary solution. Though Truth seems like a Medicine which at first seems to be aversion, it is a kind of Vaccination which would be treating so many dreadful disease (incidents) which is lying a head.

This post is written as a part of "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein" (Purity in Every drop) Happy hours contest organized by in association with Kinley. 

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"Purity in Every drop" That's what every body expects in drinking water. Like wise, if everyone decides to be speak the Truth then there is No need of Court. 
Actor/Politicians/Businessman will declare their real salary and will pay taxes and people will be free from poverty and inflation and much more...

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Clean Shave - Will you Shave?

Clean Shave
No matter Darwin's theory is right or wrong, our human thoughts and actions are more or less similar to monkeys. To be a proof for the civilization, men started to shave the unwanted hair that grows in his face just to make sure that he looks clean. Then after sometimes this changed into clean shave which makes a man look majestic. Among all other living beings, Men look good when he shaves unlike lion or peacock. The majestic look of a shaved man can me compared to that of the lion.

Let us see how a clean shave paves a clean way for men to achieve his goals. Every man would like to look and live like a James bond in terms of style. Bond always looks clean shaved. Even when a man goes to interview, the recruiters can find if he is fit to the job by seeing his face reaction. If he has a thick beard or no matter a light one, the recruiter cannot see his face reacting to the questions which results in a failure. The same failure occurs once again when a photo shoot is taken for the men when he subscribes for matrimonial sites because no women would like to see a man who hides most of his face with hair. Women feels good if a man discloses his smile with a clean shave which actually looks like a glitter in his face.

Confidence in a person would lit up only when he feels he is clean enough to face the world. Being a father a having his face rubbed with his little kid can be possible only if a man has done a clean shave. No man would like to see his kidding crying just because of his beard hurting them. A clean shaved person is just like a clean slate which everyone would prefer to write rather than writing on a unclean slate. Verdict is that face is the index of mind, how clean a man is determined on how clean he shaved his face.

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A vacation with Teddy Travelogues

A vacation with Teddy Travelogues(Club Mahindra) | A vacation with Kid

During Summer vacation which is a duration of 8 weeks, my sister Apoorva engage her son Sanjith in Foreign language class, Handwriting class, Yoga & Aerobics class, Dance class, Skating class, Drawing class, swimming class (oh my god.. let me take a breath) and what not, in all the classes. So, I never get time to spend with the kid during summer vacations. 

But Half-yearly holidays that include Christmas holidays and New Year holidays is always a treasure for me. Since it’s just a duration of 12 days, my sister Apoorva will not have a chance to enroll Sanjith in any of those classes. More over Apoorva works in bank and hence she does not get 12 days leave and she badly needs someone to take care of Sanjith. She has only one choice. To leave Sanjith at Grandparents home ie. My home. Hurray!!!

I count my days for spring vacation and those 12 days are always rejuvenating experience. This vacation is the only thing I look forward in the entire year. Not because I am getting a break. But Sanjith the 5 Year old kid will be spending the vacation with me. He takes me back to childhood, and make me forget all my worries when I am with him. 

My neighbor house does not have any kids and hence Sanjith has only one option - To play with me, to stick with me for his time pass. I must say when the kid is around me; I go crazy and completely transform into a kid, enjoy playing with him. 

The Kid scatters all his toys, books and neatly arranged things from shelf, yet we loved enjoying the clumsy atmosphere.!
Walls will be scribbled with his drawings, yet that’s the most picturesque art. !!
All the talcum powder, Rangoli Powder will be sprinkled on the floor. Yet we love falling in that slippery floor to make him laugh.!!!
He will sit inside the bathroom tub and spoil the water and waste soap, Still we loved him for his naughty things!!!!

My day starts with waking him up with kisses and ends with narrating a story every time.
My brain becomes so creative to make him innovative dosa (heart shape ♥ , rectangle shape and so on). I become a teacher by teaching him cycle... 
Whenever, I go to shop for any purchase, before I take my scooty key Sanjith runs and sits in Scooty as to get one chocolate from the shop. 

Evening Sharp 6.00, I have to take him to Park. I have to help him and the other kids in spinning the merry-go-round. The kids playing on it are so energetic and their happy and positive mood spreads to me. I play teeter-totter with him, when he doesn't get a company. The toughest part comes when I need to vacate the park. He goes to the slide and says, "I will come home only after 15 slides."
I patiently wait counting and watch him playing. I willingly count wrong as to watch him enjoying his slide for more time. 

Who said beach trekking, massage would rejuvenate and relief stress and depression. Go to a park, and get around with kids, you will never get that mesmerizing experience anywhere. Trust me; playing wholeheartedly with a kids is better than going to a psychologist for treating depression. 

Kids add charm to our world. In turn, it’s our duty to ensure that kids have the best time during their vacation. We can take them to Zoo since Kids go crazy when they see cartoons and animals. So whenever Sanjith comes, I take him to Bannerghatta National Park. He compares duck with Donald Duck, talks like Scooby-Doo, acts like Pink Panthe and enjoys the most. After reaching home, he tries to say all the animal names that he saw in zoo to my parents’. He mimicry how it walks, eats and shouts. Their curiosity to learn new things and questions, make us learn things as well.  

Here are the suggestions to make Kids enjoy the vacation:
  1. Take them to Water parks and amusement park. Kids simply love it. 
  2. Take them to resort. 
  3. Take them to Elephant ride.
  4. Take them to a Boat ride. 

Yippeeeee!!!! Just one more day for the vacation to start :)

This post is written as a part of Teddy Travelogues Happy Hours contest organized by Indiblogger. 

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“Which is the most wonderful city to work?” Amitabh Bachchan triggered a question in the "Kaun Banega Crorepati" game show.
"Melbourne”, without second thought I gave him the answer for the prize money of Rs.10,000
“Computer-ji, lock kiya” Amitabh Ji said and gave me a puzzled look.

Sitting in the hot seat made me nervous but not this time. I am sure Melbourne is the answer and waited for him to applaud.
Melbourne... It’s the right answer” Amitabh Ji said with a big smile.

Before going to the next question I interrupted him.
“Sir, Most of your movies are shot in Australia. Could you please share me your experience? Why people say it’s an amazing place to live and work?”
 “I sign a movie even before hearing the story, if it is about to shot in Australia” Amitabh Ji said and laughed. The audience too laughed.
Amitabh Ji continued, “I have been to almost all the places in the world. But I always feel my heart and soul enlightened when I visit Melboure. Most of my movie scenes are shot in the charming beaches of Melbourne. The movie crew wait for the eye-catching sunrise and sunset and capture it with extravaganza views of the harbor and gorgeous pothole. We never miss water sports and bird watching.
My songs are shot in The Butchart Gardens and Butterfly Gardens. The Butchart Gardens is around 55 acres surrounded by immeasurable tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. It’s a breathtaking experience to both eyes and nose to sense different fragrances and colors. The soul gets rejuvenated with flamingos, rare tropical birds. A millions of butterflies will be flying around you. Keep dreaming about butterflies flying around you, we will go for a shot commercial break in Kaun Banega Crorepati sponsored by Tourism Victoria."

The ad resumed, “Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic, Melbourne has a passionate soul and a welcoming heart. From thrilling world class events and renowned architecture, to cafĂ©-lined streetscapes and verdant parklands, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in Melbourne.” 

The ad got over and the program resumed.
“What is the one thing you admire about Melbourne?” I asked
Amitabh Ji said, “Craigdarroch Castle Historic House Museum. By climbing 87 steps up the grand oak staircase, you can reach the Tower to get the arresting views of Victoria. It is a stunning example of Victorian architecture including exquisite stained-glass windows, woodwork and period antiques. I love to roam around the narrow passageway between buildings and shop in the art galleries watch movies in indie theatre”
"Sir, I had a lot about Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne. Have you tired it sir?"
“I never miss it when I go on a family trip. My wife Jaya and my children Abhishek and Shweta adore it a lot. Balloon flights depart very early in the morning so that you get the calm morning air and the beauty of the city. As the sun rise, one can enjoy a bird’s eye view of regional attractions like Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Rod Laver Arena, Flemington Raceway, Albert Park Race track. Have you been to Melbourne?”
“No Sir. If I win this show, definitely I will take my parents to Melbourne” I blushed.
“Good, Good, Don’t miss Whale Watching. It’s a thrill of a lifetime. Try safe marine adventure. It’s electrifying, very safe, and comfortable. Don’t forget to watch at-least one match in Melbourne cricket stadium. I heard about Victoria Hippo Tours from my son recently. Its Victoria’s new attraction which hits the road as well as the water. It is the Bus That Floats, offering you a land-and-sea tour in one destination. It travels around Victoria before splashing into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and heads into the Inner Harbour! You’ll experience the city like never before on these fully narrated 90 minute city tours. Don’t miss the Hippos tour it’s a City Tour with a Splash!
“Sure sir. I will make a note of it. Any place you desire to visit again in Melbourne?
“Yes. It’s a kind of Desire. I have seen movies in IMAX Victoria. The high resolution and its image clarity are spectacular. Powerful sound, gigantic screen are the magic of IMAX. It’s the most technically advanced theatre with visually stunning facts. My movie or at-least my son’s or daughter in law Aishwarya’s movie has to be screened once.  It’s the most immersive movie experience one can get in the world”
Dringgggggggg!!! The bell rang.
Amitabh Ji saw the time, It was 10. PM and the show has come to an end for the day. “We forgot the time discussing about Melbourne. Stay Tuned to discuss whether Ms.Deepika wins the show and take their family to Melbourne. Until then it’s Amitabh Signing off. Take care. Good Night”

Next day!!
9. P.M
“Hello Viewers, Welcome back to “Kaun Banega Crorepati" sponsored by Tourism Victoria” Amitabh cheered with warm welcome and asked me, “Deepika, All set to steal the show?”
“Yes sir, after the discussion about Melbourne yesterday I searched lot of information in google about Melbourne. I had fallen in love with Melbourne. I wish to watch thousands of Little Penguins make their way to shore every night in the Phillip Island. I also learned that Grey Nurse, Whale Sharks can be seen in Aquarium and 320 species like meerkats and orang-utans are in Zoo. Shark Dive Xtreme experience which is 30 minute underwater encounter at Melbourne Aquarium is a must that one should try. Now my aspiration to win the show has increased.”

Amitabh laughed and said, “All the best Deepika Ji. I wish you to win a crore and take your family for Melbourne trip” and started asking the question.

My mind was around Eureka Skydeck watching the awe inspiring view of Melboure.

The above post is purely fictional and is written as a part of Melboure contest(What's your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world) organized by Indiblogger.

Contest Details!

For all my readers there is a contest, winners will get some exciting goodies from Tourism Victoria. All you need to do is tell me, if you were to  Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why.

Leave your answer in the comment section below. The contest closes on 5th January 2015 and winners will be given Rs.500 gift Voucher. :)

Contest Winner

Thanks a lot for participating in the contest and taking your time to post your valuable comments. If given a chance, I would declare everyone who took effort to post the comment.
However, I am supposed to choose only one!!! Please note, I had eliminated the comments that were copy paste.

And the winner is,




Ramya Thangaprakash.  You will be receiving Rs.500 gift Voucher from Indiblogger soon.

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May their soul rest in Peace

God, please I just pray you for only one thing. 
Let cruelty and violence go away from this world 
Don’t give power to invent guns and dangerous bombs
Even after these disaster,  
we don’t have anything option other than trusting you,
May this incident not happen in future.. 
May their soul rest in Peace!
May their soul rest in Peace!!
May their soul rest in Peace!!!

Clean Shave

“Varun, your attitudes towards facial hair shows you are conservative. I don’t want my team member to appear as a slacker in front of client visit. A clean-shaven face is must. I hate your unclean stubble,” my manager screeched 10th time and left the conference room.
 “So, Varun are you going to come in ‘squeaky clean' avatar tomorrow”Deepthi asked curiously.
“Nah.” I replied her.
My manager opened the door and warned again, “if you come with sloppy image tomorrow, I am going to chuck you”
“You know some facts? Women are more likely to kiss a shaven man,” Deepthi added.
“Hah. Actually, girls find unshaven men sexy” I replied.
“Not all. 90% of girls finds shaven look as hot. So, come with a clean look” Deepthi said and left the room.

MY passport, driving license, PAN everywhere my photo identity are with beard look. Why the ****, I should shave? I love this scruffy style. It was my identity for past 4 years. I wonder why these corporate world frowns down on facial hair. But, I don’t have any other option other than coming in shaven look. Because, I need to deliver a presentation in front of clients tomorrow.


Next day @ office, 
The picture used above is just for (???  ). No Violence :P No Offence against simbu

“Wow, welcome my chocolate boy” everybody was stunned and welcomed with a warm smile and shock.
No wonder, my clean shaven look bowled my team mates!

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'.

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The Safe Habit

The Safe Habit 

Six years of friendship, 4 years of love has come to a heavenly destination. Sundeep's marriage was fixed with Priyanka. Initially Sundeeps's love was not encouraged by Priyanka's parents. It took another 3 years for Sundeep to convince her parents to accept for their marriage.  Sundeep was holding Priyanka's hand. A cute Mehndi design was engraved on her hands that symbolized that their engagement was just over.

The clock struck 7 PM; Sundeep remembered his promise to treat his friends for their engagement. He always forgets the entire world, when her love Priyanka was nearby. He bided bye and zoomed to the party. The enjoyment roared high and everyone was fully drunk. His mind depicted “No drink and drive"
He ignored and kicked his bike. He was lost and could not sense the lorry coming opposite to him.
Priyankana got a call from Sundeep's mobile. With love, she picked up the call. But just to hear the news from his friend that Sundeep died in an accident.

We have heard, number of stories like Sundeep. We knew drunk and drive will take our life. Still, we risk our life. We know wearing a Helmet would save us from accidents. Still we fee Helmet is heavy, uneasy and curse the people who makes it mandatory.

First of all I salute Nissan Motor Co., Ltd for opening up a contest for Safety Driving. I sincerely thank them for organizing Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities.

When I joined driving school my instructor thought me only one valuable rule, while you are on road remember “All the other drivers and pedestrians on road are FOOLS. Its only you need to extra cautious while you drive." By experience I learned how true it was.

Below are the most common mistakes we do and generate trouble to other motorists. Let’s pledge not to repeat these in future for the safety of our own and our brothers and sisters.

Driving with a Head set and with full volume

Most of the hero introduction scenes are in bike with headset on. Drunk and drive scenes are easily seen in movies. Never saw a scene with helmet while driving. Their fans try to imitate the same in their life.
Like the smoking disclaimer that is shown in movies before it starts, for every wrong or dangerous driving a disclaimer “This could kill your life” has to be flashed during the entire duration of a wrong or dangerous driving.
Driving with a Dog on lap
I agree dogs are more intimate than humans, but any time it may go weird. If it sees another dog on road, they may bark and try to get into action. So avoid taking pets while driving.

Driving with a Child on lap: 

Most parents commit this mistake. They keep their child on lap, and make the baby to move the steering. How dangerous it is. Parents please think before you do it. You are a proud parent only when you teach driving after 18 years of age. Not before.

Texting while driving/Applying Make-up while driving

I agree you are multi-talented and can manage everything. But remember, if you are texting then it means you are directly texting to Hell. Then Yama, Dharma-raja will be replying to your text.

Fall in love with a girl and don’t chase and show off.
I agree, Love is blind and it can come at any moment. But please refrain yourself from falling in love while driving. You want a garland from her for your marriage or funeral? 

Dupatta/shawl is not your butterfly wings. 
You are not here to make an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for world's longest shawl. Please tie it properly before you drive. Chances of Shawl entangling in two-wheeler’s wheel are high.

Vehicle Mirrors are not meant to admire you:
I know you are handsome, good looking. But please don’t admire yourself when you drive.

Don’t perform break dance and confuse drivers.

Even your performance was up to the mark, Zee Tv will not book you for Dance India Dance show. But yes, police may book you for a fine. Please keep your lane and put indicator whenever you want to shift the lane.

Roads are not formula one Race track:

You can compete in race not on roads. If you are racing then its nothing but you are driving in your own graveyard. Don’t horn and scare other drivers.

Do not over load.

Joint Family? But yes, doing like this may make your nuclear family. Think twice.

Social Issue:

Women drivers are teased and for Men their Ego hurt.
Guys overtake Women drivers rashly, making scary noisy and zigzag moves. If a woman drives slowly, horns blare at her warning to drive fast. This has to be avoided

  1. Car Company should provision to start the car only when all the passengers in the car wear a seat beat.
  2. A breathalyzer device should be installed in every car, and the person sitting in the driver's seat need to breathe. Only if the test is passed and confirmed that driver is not drunk, the car should start.
  3. No provision to drive a car more than 100KMS speed.
  4. Airbag was such an admiring invention. Why not invent something that could automatically sense if a vehicle is too close to another vehicle or about to crash into an object and give a warning sound or stop the car safely? 

I don’t know how far it’s possible. But I trust in a decade it would be possible

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mountain Dew - Rise above Fear

Mountain Dew - Rise above Fear 

Fear should be a crucial element in everyone’s life.
Success: If a student does not have the fear of “Failing in a subject” he/she will not prepare hard for the examinations.
Sincerity: If an employee does not have the fear of Termination, they won’t be sincere in their job.
Punctuality: If a person does not have the fear of missing a Train or bus, then they won’t be on time to the spot.
Self-control: If a diabetes patients does not have the fear of “Sugar Level“, then they won’t limit themselves from taking sweets or taking medicine at proper time.
Discipline: If a men does not have the fear of getting Humpty- Dumpty, then he won’t hit the gym or exercise to keep him FIT.
If a driver does not have the fear of accident, then they won’t be wearing helmets or follow traffic rules.
If we don’t have the fear of break-up, then there won’t be any genuineness in love life.

So, Fear is very much needed in-order to keep us dynamic towards the positive traits of life. It’s in our control to decide whether we can seizure those fear to a constructive growth or use those deadly fear to destroy ourselves.

When we are a kid, we did fell down from bi-cycle numerous times. Though we had the fear of falling down again, every time we fall down we got up with the willpower. We are an excellent drives today because we were not scared of those hurt. If we are perfectionist in any field today, it means that we had once overcome those fear.

There was one incident - a turning point in my life;
I had been killing myself from NOT chasing my passion due to fear.

"One has to take risks in life to succeed", My dad keep repeating every second and I did overcome that fear and achieved that Passion.

That Passion was to publish my novel. I want to see me as an Author. But I had so many Fears

  1. Fear or Rejection from Publishers
  2. Fear of Critics
  3. Fear of facing audience during book launch,
  4. Fear of Appreciation
  5. Fear of choosing cast and People for work
  6. Fear of my English Language. 
  7. Fear of Failure and the list goes on... 

Fear of Rejection from publishers:
This fear was my major road blocker that was stopping me from pursuing my dream. At one stage, I pushed myself hard to face any kind of rejection from publisher.

All I wanted was “at least” a reply from any publisher. Even if it is a rejection with harsh comments, I decided to work on those comments. JK Rowling and Chetan Bhagat had many rejections initially. My target was to make a publisher accept my manuscript at least in the 50th attempt. I started counting my rejection list First, second….third :) Hooray!!!, I was so lucky that, my novel was accepted by the third publisher “GoodTimes Reads” 

Fear of my English Language 
My manuscript was rejected by 2 publishers initially for my English language. They were afraid that my manuscript did not follow any rules that a novel should follow. At First, I was taken back. But, then I decided to improve my language.  I went for profession help. I did a proof read to gain my confidence. Now, I am actively participating in all Indiblogger contest, writing more post and short stories, reading more books to understand the language style used. Proof Read is must for any novel, but my motive is to reduce the number corrections in the future.

Fear of facing audience during book launch:
This fear stopped myself from having a book launch. I firmly said “No” to the publisher for book launch, dreading that I would not be able to face audience questions and my chief guest.. For me, that complete atmosphere would be an alien world. But after continuous request from my publisher and from my friends and family, I decided to prepare myself for book launch. I saw all the Book launch videos and prepared myself for the big day. I voluntarily participated in a “Speak-on” Forum (A forum that inspires people for public speaking), gave numerous guest lectures in non-profit organization and trainings in my organization to overcome the fear of public speaking.
I also had a fear whether someone would turn up for a debut author’s book launch. To make my book launch a hit, I launched photo contest competition and also give away contest in good reads.
My book launch went successful.

Fear of Appreciation: 
I get embarrassed when people talk something good about me. If someone says, my outfit is fabulous I don’t know how to react. When my book cover was released first, people cherished me in front of others. That was the most awkward moment. Later, to overcome this, I took the appreciation as it is for someone. In that way, I always reminded Miss. Cool.

Fear of choosing cast and People for work:  
As a part of my contract, I promised my publisher that I would be making a video (book Trailer) for book promotion. I was terrified to choose my cast, shooting location, cinematographer, Editor, back ground music. I was not confident to play a fair role in picking the best ones in all. Then I put so much time in researching. For choosing a cinematographer and Editor, I invested my time in reviewing their past works and collected the feedbacks. I googled and learned lot of things about Editing and photography.  It took a long duration, since I was an amateur in taking a video. Twice I failed in editing. But instead of screaming about it, I looked in for reasons and rectified. I keep a feather on my hat, whenever I see my debut video, because it taught me valuable lessons like confidence, approaching a stranger and appointing them for work, forming a team, creating a friendly atmosphere. For everything the base was to crack the Fear and get into action.

Fear of Critics:
Whenever a product is launched, a lot of people would be out there just to look the negative characteristic of it. It’s their money and it’s nothing wrong to expect it to be worthy enough.  I did had that fear.
People will not give another chance considering I am a debut author. If it goes to world, it will be compared against debut authors as well as top selling authors. But this fear, craved to standardize the content of my novel. Before my novel goes to the world, I took few professional critics help. I sent my manuscript for critics review and got mixture of both positive and negative remarks. This in fact boosted my confidence and decided to take each critics as a positive milestone in my author’s journey.
I requested few authors to review my book. Sincere Thanks to all the authors Prasanta Mahanta, Arjun Deep Singh Pahwa, Arpit Vageria, Mehek Bassi, Samarth Prakash and Robert L. (Rob) Bacon who invested their time and gave a wonderful review.

Fear of Failure:
It’s always the fear of failure push us to the next level and in fact teach us a valuable lesson. All I could recollect was, a decade ago I don’t know what is writing. If my dad request me to participate in a writing competition, I would just whizz off.

Before 6 years, starting a blog itself came with a package of surprise. I keep screaming that readers would post destructive commentaries. I postponed creating a blog. But yes, I quit that fear and created a blog one fine day. Thanks to my first post. Though it was damn, damn crap but that was definitely my base for my author building today.  My friends says my writing is getting matured day by day. So, Even if I fail today, after 5 years, I will be definitely a successful Author.

We can always find 1000 fears in life to reason for not doing something.  Take down a paper divide into 2 columns. Write down all your fears in one column and in the next column try to write down “The ways to overcome it” (Even Excel would do)
I am sure you will enter a new destiny, which will be FEAR FREE :)

P.S – This post is not for the girls who avoid junk and oily foods for the fear of “PIMPLES” and fear for the huge insect C….C…..CO….COCKROACH. (:P)

I recently saw this Mountain Dew ad in TV and simply loved it. The making was awesome. This video conveys Rise above Fear to achieve your desire. Its lovely. Click on the below video to watch in Tamil. Arya's Die hearted fans "Dont miss it". The back ground lyrics "Achamillai Achamillai" written by "Mahakavi Bharathiyar" gives goosebumps. Here is my Embedded Video for the same. 

Click here to watch in Telugu.

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Fear is a fact and one has to take risks in life to succeed. So tell us about the risks you have taken to overcome your fear and claim victory!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good hygiene and sanitation can affect India at large!

Good hygiene and Sanitation can affect India at large!!!

October 2nd 2014:
"As part of his Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi nominates nine Indians to begin the Clean India campaign." It was the hot topic in all the Television channels and my happiness drove to sky, imagining a good hygiene and clean India.

However, Rajinikanth was upset with Modi, as he was not nominated by him. As everybody knows, in a cricket match when 36 runs are needed in the last ball, Rajini hit the ball so hard that it broke down into six pieces each scoring six. This means, Rajini can do everything. He was also upset that the Swachh Bharat mission was accomplished with the vision of 'Clean India' to complete only by 2nd October 2019. The mission was targeted to complete by 2019, since its 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Though it had its own significance, Rajini wants to clean India right away. He took a deep breath, gust air from the lungs with a cool embouchure. That’s it. All the dust, unhygienic was thrown out and a clean India was achieved.

Suddenly, water flashed on my face and my mom ordered me to wake up from sleep.

Was it a dream? Disappointment shielded my face and eyes ducked up the flash news again. Reality struck my mind. Clean India cannot be achieved only by one person or in a day. Each and every citizen need to contribute towards it. Of course, those 9 Nominated prominent leads will put their 100% efforts. But, to make it a huge success, Collaboration is must. We should join hands with them and at-least take a baby step towards it.

New Year is round the corner, and let’s make it a New Year resolution.
This year, 2015, “Personal Hygiene is my first priority” crave it to your heart.  If a person, gives importance and take steps to clean her/him first, his house will be automatically cleaned, which will result in clean society. There by Clean India. 
How can we contribute from our End?

1. Hygiene begins at Home:
Kids are the future of our country. It’s our responsibility to teach them the value of personal hygiene right from childhood. In-fact, Kids have more neurons which helps in new connection. This helps them to learn new things incredibly fast. So, anything thought in the childhood, will stay with them forever. Schools should come forward and contribute towards it. Like Academic Excellence, Punctuality Award and Regular Attendance Award, a special award named "Cleanliness Award" has to be introduced in all schools and motive children’s towards it. Like Maths, Science, General Knowledge, a new subject "Personal Hygiene" has to be included in the curriculum in all schools with the syllabus like Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, Child Care, Oral Care, Grooming Routines and so on. Encourage them to cut the nails regularly.

 2. Personal Hygiene has to start from home.
Cleanliness is next to god. A very good hygienic house creates a positive mood and positive energy. Bathroom and Kitchen are the most used area and it also the area which would cause infection more. Since it’s a place where the disposed vegetables, are stored more. Wash the dishes every day; don’t sink it for long time. Wash the dishes once before you cook. Wash the toilet every day and Close the toilet lid and flush it since the fecal may fly into the air. Wash your clothes, bed sheets regularly. Wash your towel to avoid dandruff. Garbage collection needs to be recycled then and there. 

3. Choosing the right clothes:
Dress right to the season. Wear cotton clothes during summer season. Cotton absorbs sweat and it avoids rashes that are caused due to dry fit clothes. Tight and wet Clothes lead to infections and allergies. 

4. Prevention is better than cure. 
People should be educated on all Immunization vaccines. Corporate, schools, colleges and government office should regularly conduct Immunization camp. 

5. Avoid Mosquito repellent and use Mosquito net:
Poor sanitation are the good news for mosquitos, they easily spread dangerous diseases. Try to use mosquito net instead of repellent.

6. Contamination of water:
During rainy days, water may be contaminated by throwing away water bottles, plastics covers in lakes, beaches will pollute the water and in turn affect the health of the animals living inside the water.
People living in city Municipal water and it has to be cleaned frequently.  Relay on cisterns and private wells. Drinking un-contaminated water may lead to nausea vomiting and diarrhea.
Clean your water tank regularly

With increasing lifestyle change, people are having food outside at-least once in a day. The hotel utensils and plates are not washed properly and it was placed in the sink most of the time. sometimes, whole night. Most of the hotel kitchen is very pathetic. Rats, Lizards stay in those environment.  Have your ever wondered, why do we get food poison, when we have food outside our home

2 weeks before, 4 infants dead at neo-natal intensive care unit of government hospital. All the dead infants were between 2 to 25 days old and their mothers were in their early 20s, but were fragile and severely malnourished, claimed doctors.
Government hospitals are the worst: statistics back the grim reality. The highest number of newborn deaths — 1,072 of 14,699 live births — was recorded in Vanivilas Hospital.

According to them, 8 out of 10 children in Ghana do not have access to basic toilets, this it noted go alongside unsafe drinking water and a lack of hygiene services, contributes to three of the main killers of children: under nutrition, pneumonia and diarrhoea.

63,000 child deaths in Ghana since 2000 due to lack of toilets, overflowing sewage, open drains and generally foul-smelling environments.

Throwing bottles and plastics on roads. Everyone knows it’s wrong, but people do it for fun or laziness.
 Naran a young, very stylish and funky guy was waiting for his girlfriend in the bus stop. He has groomed well to impress his girlfriend.  He was busy listening to songs, shaking his heads to the rhythm of the music. He took out a  chewing gum and started grinding it to kill the time. 
The taste of the chewing gum had gone after few minutes and he was about to spit in on road. A voice from within popped up and asked a question. "Don’t you feel ashamed to spit it on road.!? You are educated." 
“It’s just for fun yaar. What the big deal” He replied to the inner voice and spit it on the road.

After a hour of wait, Nisha came and halted her scooty in front of him. Nisha has to pick him in her New scooty and take him for a date. That was the plan. on seeing her, his excitement rose to the peak and he did not witness the cow dung lying on the floor. He stamped on it and all he could see was Nisha weird expression on seeing his dirty shoes with Cow Dung. She requested not to come in scooty as it would spoil her new scooty and drove off. He felt a cow crossing him and saying,"“It’s just for fun yaar" 

It is rightly said, “What goes, comes around.” 

Like Naran, we knowingly or unknowingly doing all nasty things. If you are spoiling your surroundings, it means that you are digging yourself for a graveyard. You are contributing for welcoming new unknown disease.
So, let’s pledge today that. Even if I am not contributing towards clean India, at least I will not spoil my mother nation. It’s my mother land, I love it as much as I love my mom.

And Finally, as SRK says in Chennai Express, "Dont underestimate the power of a common man". 
We can do it!
We have the power to change!!
We can bring miracles!!!

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