Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day @ UHG

Leaving a job is always difficult, especially when you are comfortable in it. There are lots of things at UHG and NDB which I am gonna Miss.
Freedom Ride, Fusion Plus Events,Sports Tournament, Crosswords, Jumbles, IRM Events, UDW tag comparison, WFH, Innovative Floor and Cubical decorations, Thursday HYD Team meeting…But more than all above, its my awesome team whom I am definitely gonna miss.

Trilochen, Sashi and Nitin's Support, Gurpreet's Guidance, Mahesh admirable patience, Kiran's curd rice with Cashew Nut, Rati's Inspiring Good Morning Mails, Pratyusha's timing sense of humour, Balli – who talks to me in Tamil, but I always end up in searching for a translator thinking its Telugu, Nag - Who advice/Fights/Argues with me more than talking.Thumma - who saves me most of the time with my language problem,Bhavya's affection, Shilpa Who talks whatever feels and makes us laugh, Babji's Clean and Perfection, Satinder, Fareeda, Sumit, Ramita, Praveen, Nishi and Pooja.

Each person in NDB are a beautiful Flower in my garden of my life.
Before you delete my ID from OC, do save my personal ID.
Thanks a lot for all your support and guidance


"It’s a Small World and UHG is rapidly growing Bigger , So Meet you again sooon in Same NDB/UHG"

With love,