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A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 6 (From a Simple Cup of Coffee to a Lifelong Love Story: Our Journey Together)~ The END

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From a Simple Cup of Coffee to a Lifelong Love Story: Our Journey Together

"Karthik," Deepika's voice quivered with a hint of excitement, "I've been thinkin  about what you said. And you know what? You're absolutely right. No one can predict the future, but that doesn't mean we should let fear hold us back. Life is full of uncertainties, but isn't that what makes it an adventure?"

Karthik looked at him with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. Her words were a departure from his earlier response, and he could see a newfound determination in his eyes.

She continued, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, "So, how about we make a..? Let's face those uncertainties together. Let's embrace the unknown with open arms and write our own story. And who knows, our 'happily ever after' might just be an exciting roller coaster ride with a few bumps along the way."

His heart skipped a beat as he absorbed her words.

Karthik smiled back, a mixture of emotions swirling within her. "Deepika, you never cease to amaze me. Okay then, let's do it. Let's turn the uncertainties into our own adventure"

Their decision hung in the air, an unspoken agreement that carried a weight of possibilities. And just like that, in the midst of uncertainty, they found a newfound courage to face the future together.

As they walked away from the water stream, hand in hand, they shared a glance that spoke volumes. With every step, they were stepping into a new chapter of their lives, one that held both challenges and joys, but most importantly, it held the promise of their love story continuing to unfold.

Years later, as they sat on a hill station and reminiscing about their journey, Deepika looked at Karthik and said, "You were right, Karthik. Love doesn't fade away with time, it only grows stronger."

Karthik smiled and held her hand, "I always knew that we were meant to be together, Deepika. And I will continue to love you till the end of time."

Finally, They lived every happily ever..


Desiring a life companion is something that we all desire. We seek a partner to share in our joys, enjoy our shared moments, and engage in meaningful conversations. However, the selection of such a partner requires careful consideration and shouldn't be rushed.

Reasons like a junior colleague's marriage, the feeling of aging, elderly parents, or societal pressure should not serve as the sole reason for marriage. Opting for matrimony should hinge upon finding the right person, as this person will become your lifelong companion. Marrying due to external pressures does not guarantee happiness if the match isn't right.

It's important to have patience and trust that the right person will come along at the right time. Being in a successful and happy relationship doesn't mean that everything was perfect from the beginning to the end. There will be moments where we might feel hate towards our partner, but it's important to let go of those negative incidents and focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. Life becomes more peaceful and colorful when we do so.

Remember, a marriage is not just about falling in love, but also committing to a lifetime of togetherness. Don't rush into a marriage just because you feel pressured by society or age. It's better to wait for the right person who is a good fit for you rather than settling for someone who doesn't make you happy. When you do find your better half at the right time, the commitment and falling in love will come naturally and effortlessly.
~ The END~

A Journey of Discovery (A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 5)

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A Journey of Discovery

The following Sunday arrived with a gentle breeze that carried a sense of happiness. Deepika's phone buzzed, interrupting her morning routine. A smile tugged at her lips as she saw Karthik's name on the screen. She answered the call, her voice laced with curiosity. "Hey, Karthik. How's your day going?"

Karthik's voice, warm and familiar, responded on the other end. "Hey, Deepika. It's been good so far. Actually, I was wondering if you might have some time today."

Deepika's heart skipped a beat, her intrigue growing. "Of course, I do. What's up?"

Karthik's tone held a touch of excitement. "Well, I was thinking—remember that coffee shop where we had our first meeting? How about we meet there again today?"

A grin spread across Deepika's face, memories of that first meeting flooding back. "That sounds wonderful, Karthik. I'll see you there?"

"Absolutely," Karthik replied, his enthusiasm evident. "See you in a bit."

As they ended the call, a mixture of emotions swirled within Deepika. The coffee shop held a special place in their story—it was where their connection had first taken root. With a quick glance at the clock, she gathered her things and set off for the coffee shop, her heart fluttering with anticipation of what this unexpected meeting might hold.

Karthik was sitting at the same table, maps and hiking gear spread out before him. As Deepika entered the coffee shop, her eyes lit up when she saw him. He looked up from the maps, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "Hey there, adventurer."

Deepika's curiosity piqued as she approached the table. "What's all this, Karthik?"

Karthik's smile widened. "Well, remember how much you've been talking about adventure and wanting to go on a trek? I thought, why not make it happen?"

Her eyes widened in surprise, a mix of excitement filling her chest. "Wait, are you saying you've planned a trekking expedition?"

Karthik nodded, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "Exactly! I know it's a bit sudden, but I thought it could be a fun and adventurous way for us to spend some time together."

Deepika was at a loss for words, a rush of emotions flooding over her. "Karthik, this is... amazing. I can't believe you planned all of this."

Karthik shrugged playfully. "Well, I know how much you love the outdoors, and I wanted to do something special for you."

Deepika's heart swelled with affection for the thoughtful gesture. "You truly are something else, you know that?"

Karthik chuckled. "I'll take that as a compliment."

As Deepika took in the maps and gear, she realized the extent of Karthik's effort. Her excitement bubbled over, and she leaned in to give him a quick hug. "Thank you, Karthik. This means a lot to me."

He returned the hug with a warm smile. "I'm glad you're excited. We'll have a great time, I promise."

With the plan of an unexpected adventure, Deepika's heart raced with anticipation. The coffee shop once again served as the backdrop for a turning point in their journey. As they finished their coffee and discussed the details of their upcoming trek, Deepika couldn't help but feel grateful for the wonderful person who had entered her life, bringing with him not only love but also a sense of adventure that she had been yearning for.

                                                                                 ☕ ☕

It had been few weeks since they had met and they had come a long way from being strangers, forging a strong friendship built on shared experiences and bonding. They embarked on a trek along the path, their hiking shoes crunching on fallen leaves and pebbles after hiking for 13 km. The sound of a nearby waterfall echoed in the distance, contributing to the natural symphony of the wilderness.

"I can't believe we're finally did this, Karthik! Trekking through these mountains has been on my bucket list for so long."

"Haha, you caught me, partner in crime! Trekking these mountains with you feels like we're starring in our own action-adventure movie. Just remember, if we ever get lost, at least we'll have some epic stories to tell the rescue team."

"Absolutely, Karthik! This journey feels like our own little epic tale unfolding. And hey, even if we get lost in the mountains, at least we'll have each other for company. Ready to make some unforgettable memories?" 😊❤️

It was during that  with the majestic view of a distant waterfall cascading down the mountainside, that Karthik chose to express the depth of his feelings. He turned to Deepika, his voice earnest and eyes filled with a vulnerability he had rarely shown before.

In that moment, they arrived at the waterfalls, where solitude reigned, leaving only them enveloped by nature's embrace. Before them, the grandeur of a distant waterfall spilled down the mountainside, a cascade of magnificence painting the backdrop. Amid this awe-inspiring panorama, Karthik elected to bare the profound reservoir of his emotions. With a gaze shifted toward Deepika, his voice carried the weight of sincerity, while his eyes

"Deepika," he began, his voice steady "these past few weeks have been like I've never experienced. The connection we share, the way we understand each other—it's something I cherish deeply."

Deepika's heart fluttered as his words resonated within her. She looked at him, her gaze reflecting a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.

"Deepika," Karthik continued, his tone gaining strength, "I want to take this journey we're on to a new level. I want to walk the path of life with you by my side. Will you marry me?"

For a moment, time seemed to stand still as Deepika absorbed his heartfelt proposal. A swirl of emotions engulfed her—joy, fear, excitement, and doubt all tangled together. She glanced down at the ground, her mind racing as she struggled to make sense of her feelings.

Karthik, I want you to know that you are truly amazing and compassionate. You deserve all the happiness and success in the world. You are a wonderful person, and any woman would be fortunate to have you in her life. But.. 

"But what if it ends up as a relationship that doesn't succeed?" Deepika's voice quivered with a mixture of vulnerability. "I observe broken and unhappy marriages within my circle of friends. It seems like relationships bring pain, and the beauty is often confined to their beginnings. Even in literature and cinema, love stories lack the same enchantment they once held. The days of profound love appear to have faded. Our generation seems to prioritize different aspirations, and the concept of commitment and love isn't always readily embraced." 

"Well, Deepika, no one can guarantee a flawless 'happily ever after.' But fear not, I'll give my best shot at keeping those laughter lines on your face."

She articulated the concerns that had been gnawing at the back of her mind—the fear of heartbreak, the uncertainty of commitment, and the challenges that often came with love.

Deepika decided to have faith in Karthik, emphasizing that amidst all the reasons to hesitate, love stood as the single compelling reason to be with him. She could perceive the depth of her feelings for Karthik. She firmly believed that Karthik reciprocated those feelings just as intensely. With genuine sincerity, she implored not to let go of this chance and to conquer her apprehensions about embracing a new chapter with him.

For a prolonged moment, silence hung between them, heavy with unspoken thoughts. Just as they were about to shatter the silence with words, a snake slithered away from a nearby tree. Their unspoken thoughts were abruptly replaced with a sudden urge to escape, prompting them to leap into a nearby water stream. 

In the urgency of the moment, she instinctively held him tight, their closeness providing comfort amidst the unexpected turmoil. The snake disappeared into the underbrush, and as their heart rates returned to normal, they couldn't help but burst into laughter, finding humor in the unexpected twist of events. Sometimes, it's the unexpected moments that bring people closer, even when words fail.

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Jeem Boo Baa

There lived a happy and understanding couple who gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. The baby is intelligent, cute and kind-hearted.

Kutty Thangam was just one month old and loves to play with parents and grandparents. They always take the baby to the park nearby.

"meow..." The cats said.
"moooooo" The cows made a sound.
“Koo-Koo” The birds chirped.
"BuzzzZ" The Mosquitoes whined
"croak croak ... croak croak " the frogs cheered.
“Quack, quack, …Quackkkk” The ducks from the pond quacked.

The baby always enjoyed the birds and the animals sounds.

One fine day, Kutty Thangam's mom and dad were displaying the black and white Rabbit origami and the Rabbit texture.
Texture Prepartion with Cotton

Origami Rabbit 
The baby got so excited, as it was prepared by the sweet mother when the baby was inside the womb.
"Ma.. Ma....I never saw a Rabbit in the park...." The baby made a cute facial expression.

Mom got an idea and prepared a magical sword, swayed slowly on the rabbit by saying, Jeem Boom Baa”
Waah.. What a surprise…  Both the white and black Origami turned to a little tiny black and white baby bunny. The tiny rabbits cuddled Kutty Thangam and kutty Thangam felt the touch of Rabbit fur and sensed how soft it is... Like the baby’s soft skin.

The baby got excited and offered the colorful orange carrot. The baby, the black and white bunny were so happy, and they played together.

The two bunny rabbits were so stunned by Kutty Thangam intelligence, content and kindness. When asked about the secret, the baby proudly said, my mother used to take care of me from the time I was inside her womb.

My mommy was always happy, read positive books, took care of her diet and kept doing exercise. She was so glad that she found Happy Motherhood! Even my daddy was so supportive and used to sing songs for me. I used to sleep peacefully listening to my daddy's song and mommy's voice.

The kutty bunnies evidently saw how a parents can deliver a happy and healthy baby. The two baby bunnies got disappointed as their mommy Dam and the other animals don’t have Happy Motherhood.

Kutty Thangam thought for a while and promised the bunnies that when grown up, would study about Ethology and will start pregnancy class for expecting animals. The two tiny little Rabbit got delighted.

Years later, after Kutty Thangam and the rabbit grew up, they researched and came up with an innovative training for all the expecting animals.

2050, The world become so peaceful with all healthy, brilliant, positive human and animal kingdom.

Moral of the story :

 Happy Pregnancy =  Happy and healthy baby 
 Healthy Baby = Healthy Future