Saturday, July 22, 2023

Tents and Thrills: Jungle Trailz Resort in Bangalore

"Travel is not always about going far away; it's about finding the right escape to rejuvenate your soul"

I always believed that a perfect travel plan should involve going a minimum of 200 kilometers away from the place where we are currently staying. After all, who's gonna spend heftic 5k per day on a resort to stay in their own city? That's like paying to be a fancy local! Well, this travel gave me a different perspective.

In the midst of relentless 18-hour workdays, vanishing weekends, office politics, and unyielding pressure, life had become an overwhelming struggle over the past month, leaving me utterly burnt out. The time had come to acknowledge the toll it was taking on my well-being and grant myself the respite I so desperately needed. 

So, this morning, my family and I spontaneously decided to take a nearby trip, finally giving in to the idea of exploring a resort in Bangalore. After some quick research, we settled on "Jungle Trailz Bangalore."

When I called the resort to check for room availability, I was informed that all cabin rooms were booked, leaving only tents as an option. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if my young son, Hethvick, would be comfortable staying in a tent.  Ah, it's August – a month filled with breezy winds and rain showers making camping in a tent a less desirable option.

But then, I realized that life had been monotonous lately, and trying something different might be exactly what we needed. We booked the tent without a second thought, hoping for the best. If the worst scenario pops up, our backup plan is to return home in the car.

We packed cozy bedsheets and pillows to stay warm inside the tent. However, in the excitement of the trip, we accidentally forgot to bring them along.

Our journey encompassed a total of two hours— an initial hour through the inevitable traffic followed by another hour navigating on NICE road.

Our day was packed with thrilling adventures like the Burma bridge, Log walk, and Bali swing and we discovered that the resort we chose was an absolute hub of excitement, bringing a whole new dimension to our trip! We had a blast on the longest zipline, spanning an impressive 1 kilometer, taking us on an adrenaline-pumping journey through the forest treetops.

Swimming @ Nature Pond 

Another fantastic highlight of the resort – natural pond where we could enjoy a refreshing swim! But wait, here comes the real jaw-dropper – the pond's depth was an incredible 18 feet! On top of that, the thrilling water zipline at the resort offered us an exhilarating experience as we ran, jumped, and plunged into the refreshing embrace of a natural pond. Believe me, the memories we made here will be etched in our hearts forever!

In the evening, we enjoyed rain dance and explored the beauty of nature trails. As the night fell, we gathered around a cozy campfire, sharing laughter with other guests. 

Our very first family tent adventure:
Immersed in the splendor of nature's embrace, we savored every moment of living in our cozy tent. The symphony of water flowing gently in the nearby pond added a delightful touch to the experience. After our son fell asleep, my husband and I took a leisurely walk around the tent. It was a much-needed moment of connection and relaxation for us, enjoying each other's company in the peaceful surroundings. In the wee hours of the morning, at 3 am, we finally hit our cozy tent for some well-deserved rest.

As I lay inside the tent that memorable night, my preconceptions about resorts in Bangalore changed. The experience was an absolute delight, offering relaxation without the hassle of long travel. It was a gentle reminder that travel isn't solely about venturing far and wide; it's about discovering the perfect spot to rejuvenate, even if it happens to be right in our own backyard. 

As I closed my eyes, eager for a restful night's sleep, the serenity was shattered by blaring music that jolted everyone awake, including my young son, at the hour of 4 am. Apparently, a group of bachelors was extending their party even in the early morning hours, unconcerned about how their actions disrupted the peace for others.

We politely requesting them to lower the volume. But now my son insisted on hearing a bedtime story to whisk him off to sleep. With a sprinkle of creativity, I weaved a tale with the current situation involving a courageous lion and a cunning tiger. Tired and sleep-deprived, we attempted to find solace in sleep again, but the bachelor were playing carom games, and mindless chatter from the group continued unabated. Sleep seemed like a distant dream.

In a bid to escape the noise, we decided to take an early morning walk around the resort at 4 am. It was a moment of revelation as we strolled in the stillness of the night. Eventually, the unruly group retreated to their tents, and we were able to grab some much-needed rest. 

The next morning was filled with anticipation as we prepared for a trekking adventure. Despite a somewhat restless night for my son, we managed to wake up at 6 am, enjoy our coffee, and feed him milk. The tiredness lingered, making it a bit challenging to rouse him fully. We set off for the trek but encountered a small setback - we couldn't find our trekking group or the designated route. Nonetheless, with the helpful guidance of the resort manager, we set out on an alternative path. Although we couldn't complete the trek as planned, we made the best of the situation. Pausing at a scenic spot, we soaked in the breathtaking views, cherishing the natural beauty around us, and then gracefully made our way back, turning an unexpected detour into a memorable experience. 

On our way back, we decided to add a touch of fun and adventure to our journey. Spotting a tractor passing by, we couldn't resist the opportunity for a unique experience. With excitement bubbling within us, we hopped onto the tractor, feeling the wind in our hair as we enjoyed the bumpy ride. It was an unexpected twist to our trekking trip, making our return journey more memorable and adding a charm to our adventure.

On reaching resort, we couldn't resist the thrill of zip-lining once more. After another exhilarating round of soaring through the air, we finally decided to head back, with a refreshed view on life and a newfound appreciation for the beauty within reach.

Friday, July 21, 2023

The Silent Killers in Our Lives

Beware the Silent Killers: Toxic Life Partners

In the labyrinth of life, the choice of a life partner can be a critical determinant of our happiness and overall well-being. While some bring boundless strength and unwavering support, others can unwittingly become silent killers, sowing seeds of doubt and misery in the depths of our souls. This compelling article delves into the shadows, exposing the perilous reality of toxic life partners who may wear a facade of care and compassion, only to inflict profound emotional harm behind closed doors. Join us as we shed light on this crucial issue and explore the signs, impact, and steps to break free from the clutches of toxicity, empowering ourselves to embrace healthier and happier relationships..

Deceptive Encouragement:
One of the tactics used by silent killers is deceptive encouragement. They may pretend to support our ambitions and dreams, but then subtly discourage us from pursuing them. For instance, they might convince us to prioritize personal life over career, leading us to doubt our abilities and give up on professional aspirations.

Body Shaming and Emotional Abuse:
Silent killers can also resort to body shaming, making us feel insecure about our appearance and self-worth. Instead of offering constructive support, they subject us to emotional abuse, damaging our self-esteem and leaving us feeling broken.

Fake Public Persona:
In public or among friends and family, these toxic partners may wear a mask of kindness and charm. They excel at projecting a positive image while concealing their harmful behavior behind closed doors. This act of deception can make it difficult for outsiders to recognize the pain we endure.

Manipulative Isolation:
Another dangerous tactic is isolating us from our support networks. Toxic partners may subtly alienate us from friends and family, leaving us feeling more dependent on them. This manipulation prevents us from seeking help or realizing the severity of the situation.

In the worst cases, silent killers may resort to physical violence. However, they are skilled at denial and often deny any wrongdoing, making it harder for the victims to break free from the abusive cycle.

It is crucial to be vigilant when choosing a life partner and to recognize the signs of toxicity early on. Silent killers can break us emotionally, leaving scars that may take years to heal. Remember, a healthy relationship should be built on love, support, and mutual respect. If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, don't hesitate to seek help and support from friends, family, or professionals. Your well-being and happiness are worth protecting, and breaking free from a toxic life partner can be the first step towards reclaiming your life.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Trapped in Darkness: A Thrilling Survival

Struck in the Lift

As I stepped into the lift, a sense of unease washed over me. Thoughts raced through my mind, filling me with worry and fear. Ignoring these feelings, I pressed the button to go down to the ground floor, unaware of the ordeal that awaited.

Suddenly, the power went out, leaving me in complete darkness. Panic took hold as I realized I couldn't see anything. I reached for my phone, hoping to find some light or a way to call for help. But to my dismay, there was no signal. I was cut off from the outside world, alone in the darkness.

Time stretched on, and my panic grew. I tried shouting for assistance, but there was no response. The lift remained still, refusing to open its doors. I felt isolated and helpless, with no way to escape the terrifying situation.

Fear consumed my thoughts, flooding my mind with dreadful possibilities. What if the lift was broken and it would take hours for anyone to notice? How would I survive in this confined space for so long? These thoughts weighed heavily on me, intensifying my anxiety.

Just as despair threatened to consume me, a flicker of hope appeared. The lift jerked back to life, slowly opening its doors. Relief washed over me, and I felt a surge of adrenaline. It was my chance to escape from the suffocating darkness.

I stumbled out of the lift, grateful to be back in the outside world. Though I still had a pounding headache and my heart raced, I was filled with a sense of freedom. Overcoming my deepest fears, I realized the strength within me to face adversity head-on.

My terrifying experience of being trapped in a broken lift taught me the power of resilience. No matter how dark or uncertain a situation may seem, we have the ability to find the light and emerge stronger than ever.

Friday, July 7, 2023

The day when even my coffee needs a coffee!

"Friday Friday, Party night, Party night" - After a week of tireless work, we indulge in a Friday night filled with singing, rocking, and devouring chicken feasts, while sipping on refreshing Coke and immersing ourselves in an epic movie marathon. It's the perfect way to recharge and reward ourselves for our top-performing efforts.

But today wasn't the right moment to celebrate the end of the workweek. Just like me, some of us feel a jumble of emotions on Fridays, especially when the pressure of deadlines and responsibilities becomes too much to handle.

For the past month, I had been tirelessly working on a project, which forced me to sacrifice my weekends. The exhaustion had taken its toll, and I woke up that morning wishing I could have slept forever. The feeling was akin to torture, and anxiety began to seep into every crevice of my being.

As I battled my own inner turmoil, I noticed my son pleading with us, "I don't want to go to school." His innocent plea caught my attention and tugged at my heartstrings. In that moment, I realized the impact of my stress was having on him. 

In that moment of realization, my super-parenting instincts kicked in. I decided to turn the situation around and transform it into a positive experience for both my son and myself. So, I gently reminded him of my unwavering commitment to attending school every day, proudly mentioning my perfect 100% attendance record.

Meanwhile, my mindvoice whispered, "Ah, the Oscar-worthy performance of my stomach pain drama, a classic tactic to secure a day off from school." 

But my son, in all seriousness, started pleading with earnestness in his eyes.

To lighten the mood, we made a promise to our son. We would let him go to school for only half a day and skip daycare afterward. His face lit up with joy at the prospect of an unexpected adventure. He agreed, on the condition that we only packed one snack box, instead of the usual two. When it came to daycare, he firmly believed in the mantra of two lunch boxes

With our compromise in place, I dropped him off at school, eagerly awaiting lunchtime when I would pick him up. As the clock ticked away, and when the time finally came, I rushed to pick him from school.

With a beaming smile plastered on his face, he came out of school reveled in the bliss of skipping half a day of daycare. The satisfaction on his face was simply priceless.

My thoughts turned inward. I pondered over the question, "Who can help me free my pressure?" 

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Discipline Dilemma : The Parenting Circus

When I reminisce about my childhood, it's hard to forget the strict discipline and physical punishments. As 90s kids, how could we ever forget the memories of our parents employing severe beatings, utilizing a variety of tools like belts, Myir Kothi (a traditional tool to remove entangled hair after hair wash), mashers,  dosa palta, and even a comb that transformed into a weapon of discipline?
Stuides and experts are now against using such approaches and advice shouting or beating children rarely yields positive results and can lead to adverse effects in terms of their behavior or long-term discipline. 

Experts emphasize the importance of open communication and active listening in parenting. However, let's be honest, in today's fast-paced world, do we even have the patience to engage in lengthy conversations with our kids? In my case, after a whopping 60 minutes of trying to communicate calmly, I admit that it's often my final shout that manages to grab my son's attention.

According to studies, shouting at a child for neglecting their homework can lead to a negative attitude towards studying. However, in my amusing observations, whenever I encourage my child with positive words, he magically takes 4 hours and 5 breaks to complete just 1 page of homework.

But when I keep a stick next to him and say the stick will speak if he doesn't finish, he miraculously completes his work in the blink of an eye. Yet, deep down, I can't help but wonder if I'm unintentionally creating an aversion to his studies through this tactic.

Ah, the struggle of parenting! It's like a battle between wanting to discipline my children gently and feeling the frustration  when those attempts don't deliver instant outcomes.

In these exasperating situations, it's hard  to juggle from angry Bhadrakali to calm Zen master.

But let me tell you, from my own experiences, being a cool and composed Dhoni-like parent all the time is quite a challenge. Isn't it? There are moments when shouting becomes inevitable and we're human, after all, and parenting can push us to our limits. 

My friends, is shouting at times okay? Do you find yourself raising your voice at times when dealing with your children?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your inputs in comments. 

Coming back to the topic, As parents, it is our responsibility to raise well-disciplined and emotionally healthy children. While the traditional methods of shouting or beating may seem tempting as quick fixes, they are not productive in their long-term development. It may be challenging at times, but with dedication and perseverance, we can raise responsible and respectful individuals without indulging in harmful disciplinary measures.

One final touch, Children are like tiny explorers in this so called life. They thrive when they have clear boundaries and expectations set by their parents. It's like giving them a treasure map to navigate through their daily adventures. As parents, we should establish crystal-clear rules in a friendly tone.