Thursday, August 10, 2023

Midnight Cake and Dance Parties: My Birthday Bliss

 A Birthday to Remember: Celebrating Life, Love, and Unexpected Surprises

It was August 9, and I couldn't help but feel the excitement brewing. This year, as I mentioned, it's going to be a milestone birthday. and I decided to take the day off on August 10th. 

My husband's plan was to lull my child and me into a deep sleep so he could decorate and surprise us at the stroke of 12:00 AM. But our son had some plans of his own. He chose to break his usual sleeping schedule, keeping the excitement alive until 11 PM, in contrast to his usual bedtime of 7:30 PM.  Zany...Birthday excitement was spreading through the house!

With the workday behind us, we hopped into the car for a night journey at 10 PM. Our goal was to get a birthday cake to cut at midnight and discover an ideal spot to welcome the new year of my life. After a 15-mile drive and scouting until 11:30, our cake quest hit a roadblock – no cake shops in sight! But just when it seemed like a cake-less birthday, fate intervened. We spotted a half-shuttered Baskin Robbins about to close. When we inquired about the reason for not closing the shop, he added, "The shop's regular closing time is 10 PM today, but I couldn't meet the targets, so I decided to keep it open. The main reason for only using the half-shutter is that the police could come by at any time."

We quickly nabbed a cake, revved up the car, and headed to a party hall. The party hall stretched out expansively before us, with the romantic glow of a lavish restaurant arrangement, and to our delight, we discovered that we were the sole occupants of this enchanting space. It was as though the universe had conspired to reserve it exclusively for our rendezvous.

We ordered tasty chicken, and at midnight, we gathered around to cut the cake, where my husband surprised me with not one but seven beautifully wrapped boxes! It turns out, they were all handmade Jewelry crafted with real flowers from leafy affair

The morning sun greeted us, and my little one headed off to school. My husband and I decided to spend some quality time together by playing a game of table tennis and reliving the joy of our companionship. The afternoon brought a unique excitement: a movie date. It was the first day, the first show, and my son, who was an ardent admirer of Rajinikanth, eagerly wanted a whistle. We arrived at the movie hall early and decided to pass the time by playing games at Timezone. My son aimed to buy a whistle with the points he had earned, but they fell short. We were prepared to purchase it, but the shopkeeper informed us that it could only be acquired with points. She suggested that we engage in a game that would earn us more points and encouraged me to participate in my son's games to accumulate more. After a few rounds and gathering enough points, we finally purchased the whistle, and it turned out to be an absolute blast! Playing with my son in the kids' section, felt like having another cherished memory. 

The day remained brimming with energy, and when we returned home, thinking the delightful surprises were over, I was pleasantly taken aback by yet another cake. This time, it was a thoughtful gift from my husband through FNP, and they presented it beautifully, resembling a bouquet. This surprise deeply touched my heart and added an extra layer of specialness to my day. 

Later, We went to dinner at Gold Rush, a cowboy-themed restaurant where the wide-open space offered a genuine taste and far away from the madding crowd. After spending a lot of time together, we finished dinner, and as we were leaving, we realized they had a dance floor. To our surprise, no one was there, and the DJ played songs just for us. Once again, the three of us enjoyed the music and danced like nobody was watching, celebrating the happiness that life brings.

As night settled in, I found myself on the balcony, lost in thoughts, the moonlight casting a romantic glow around me.It was in these quiet moments that I realized how incredibly fortunate I am, surrounded by the love of my family and the beauty of life itself.

Cheers to 36 and Beyond!

Guess what? Today, I officially turn 36! Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 

"๐Ÿคฏ36!? That's like, almost adult-adult." 

But, this year holds an extra scoop of special as it's believed to mark a turning point or significant transition in a person's life, much like 18, the transformation as teenage were over.

Well, Turning 36 is akin to obtaining a visa to another world, with an ultimate fusion package of maturity, wisdom and juggling of roles, such as parent, sibling, and spouse – all attained upon completing the 'Life Mastery Bootcamp'! But honestly, I'm still pestering the people around me to figure out what I should do on my birthday. ๐Ÿ˜‹

At 36, it feels like crossing a halfway point, and this journey has taught me that life is worth more than money, fame, positions, or the size of a house. It's about having a peaceful state of mind when you finally lay down to rest and can slip into sleep with a calm heart. It's a lesson to let go of the pressures that come from within and from the world around us.

Now, let's talk about those birthday goals. The big 3-6 is a prime time to set some fun and achievable targets for the coming year. Gazing at the horizon of 36, I considered transitioning from the "I-can-stay-up-all-night" outlook to the "I-need-eight-hours-of-sleep-to-function" mode, bidding adieu to junk food feasts and negativity. But wait, put down that slice of cake for a second (just kidding)! After all, we are aiming for a healthier me, not a cake-less birthday!

Life Lesson: So Far

I have learned something crucial in my journey: 

  • Life isn't always a bowl of ice cream on a sunny day. Sometimes, we had to deal with (mostly always) the not-so-sweet stuff – challenges, disappointments, heart breaksssss. 
  • Life is basically a rabbit race, but we can't keep doing the turbo sprint forever. Even in the famous rabbit story, the little rabbit took a nap to catch a breath. So just imagine, every now and then, the universe is handing a "pause" button and saying, "Hey, take a chill pill."  These timeout moments could pop up because we could be taking a maternity break (or just need a nap), or recovering from a love setback, or feeling the weight of financial turmoil. That's perfectly alright. What truly counts is the journey's destination we are striving for. ๐Ÿ˜ฟWell, even if you dont reach end goal, do a victory dance halfway. It doesn't matter whether we are sprinting, strolling, or taking a detour to see our crush. Each step adds a pinch of salt to the story we are scribbling.
  • People might not show up when we need them. But you know what? We learn to battle it alone, and discover that we are stronger than a caffeine-fueled ninja post the Biohazard coffee(the strongest coffee on Earth).๐Ÿ˜ช Look at where I stand today – resilient and ever-evolving. 
  • Choosing a Life Partner: No, you don't need a life partner in the grand drama of life just to reach a certain age and achieve those so-called 'special' milestones. Whether you encounter someone at 40, 400, or not at all, it's all A-OK. Love and compatability doesn't adhere to a timeline and it flourishes when hearts align. Cupid's arrow striking your soulmate in the vintage years is perfectly alright, and you can master the art of diaper-changing and nursery rhymes even at a ripe age.
  • If there's a person who's cramping and messing with your mental groove, remember that it's perfectly acceptable to slap on an invisibility cloak and keep on marching forward. Life's too short for toxic tango! So, chin up, smile wide, and let the good vibes be your compass. 
  • Now, now, now, don't take my above musings too seriously. The pearls of wisdom I just dropped might not be the perfect fit for your adventure. Your journey, is like that one-of-a-kind-fairy-tale, or a unicorn at rush– totally unique. So, if my ramblings don't sync with your dance moves, just toss them aside like last year's fashion trends. Your path, your rules!

Finally, as I approach the beginning of "Chapter 36," here's one final thought from me: Continue to welcome the chaos, find laughter in life's absurdities, and keep wearing that smile which could outshine a thousand candles. And a big Cheers to the protagonist of our own story! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ“š

Friday, August 4, 2023

Tickles and Tears

It was a seemingly ordinary evening when I decided to take my son out to play. Little did I know that a valuable, albeit painful, lesson and some damage awaited me.

As we were enjoying ourselves, small raindrops began falling on my cheeks, signaling that a heavy downpour was on its way. Realizing this, I urged my son to head back home, but he was determined to go to the indoor play area instead. I had no choice but to follow him.

The rain soon intensified, accompanied by strong gusts of wind that seemed relentless for a continuous 15 minutes. Panic set in as I remembered leaving my bedroom window open, and I live on a sky-scraping floor. The thought of my laptop and other belongings being flooded terrified me. I also questioned if I had closed the main living room door. Stuck inside due to the rain, those 15 minutes felt like an eternity under immense pressure.

When the rain finally stopped, I pleaded with my son to head home, but he was busy playing with his friends and refused. Seeing my distress, a kind friend offered to take care of him while I rushed back. However, upon returning, I found my bedroom in a state of chaos. All my laptops were soaked, the bed was completely wet, and precious books were now damaged. 

Initially, I felt anger towards my son for not coming with me when I asked him to, as it could have prevented this incident. But now, I realized there was no use dwelling on it; the damage was done, and cleaning up would take 45 minutes of my time. I had to prioritize picking up my son since my friend couldn't look after him for long due to other commitments.

On my way to get my son, I remembered that the incident was partly my fault too. I should have closed the window before leaving. It wasn't fair to expect a child to anticipate such occurrences, and closing a window for a short out might not be practical. My anger subsided, and I learned the value of postponing my reactions.

Upon reaching the indoor play area, I explained the situation to my son, hoping he would show some shock and decide to come home with me. However, with a big smile, he simply said, "I want to play."

At first, this frustrated me, but I managed to ask him politely to come with me. After 15 minutes of pleading and patiently waiting, he finally agreed to come with me.

As we reached home, he hurried to the bedroom to see the flood. On spotting the pool of water, he couldn't resist turning it into a splash zone! He jumped in like a dolphin, thoroughly enjoying himself. II reached for the mop to clean up, but he snatched it from me, eager to help. However, he ended up making an even bigger mess. 

During my busy working day, 45 minutes is precious time I can't afford to invest. I had important meetings to attend as well. Growing angrier, I requested him to hand me the mop, but he refused.Frustrated, I left the place and started cleaning up once he was done.

As a parent, I've always aspired to be gentle, opting for a friendly approach rather than raising my voice and yelling in frustration. However, I've come to realize that the children of today have an uncanny ability to test our patience and drive us to the edge of madness.

As tears welled up in my eyes, I couldn't help but think, where my parents never even bothered to support me for a day.

As I grappled with the urge to escape to a place where solitude reigned, my mind echoed a wise reminder: "While children may test our limits, it is essential to find a balance between firmness and empathy, We must learn to foster a loving relationship with our little ones, regardless of the challenges that come our way."

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Vimanam Movie Review : Journey of Love and Sacrifice

I had the privilege of watching Vimanam an emotional rollercoaster this weekend, a film that truly tugged at my heartstrings. The moment I read that it was an emotional film, I knew I was in for a heartfelt experience. But, I found myself continuously shedding tears throughout the movie. 

The film revolves around a parent's unwavering determination to fulfill their child's dreams. It's a story that resonates deeply, reminding us of the incredible lengths a parent will go to for the happiness of their children.

This movie is a gem that captures the essence of love, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of family. It teaches us the value of hard work and honesty, and it reminds us of the lengths parents will go to for their children. I highly recommend this film to anyone in search of a heartfelt and emotionally charged cinematic experience. It's a beautiful tribute to the love between parents and children, and it will stay with you long after the credits roll.

As a parent myself, I found a deep and heartfelt connection to the film, as it took me on an emotional journey that resonated with the unique challenges of parenthood. It's natural for parents to want to fulfill their child's wishes and make their dreams come true. However, it's important to remember that our children's happiness and well-being should never be tied to our own lives. While we should strive to support our children's aspirations, it's crucial to maintain a healthy perspective and prioritize their emotional and physical health above all else. Our love and guidance are the most valuable gifts we can offer, and our children's happiness should never come at the cost of our own lives. 

It's not selfish to prioritize our physical and emotional health because, only when we are strong and healthy, we are better equipped to provide the love, guidance, and support your children need to thrive.