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Book Review - The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Seems like it’s a book review week for me. I have completed 3 novels this week. :)

"The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian: A Thrilling Departure to the Romance Genre!"

Looking for a thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than Ravi Subramanian's latest novel, "The Bestseller She Wrote." Known for his gripping thrillers set in the banking industry, Subramanian takes a bold step into the world of love and romance, and the results are captivating.

In this unexpected journey, Subramanian proves that he is not confined to a single genre. He introduces readers to a different side of his writing prowess, delving into the complexities of relationships and the power of redemption. The author's ability to create suspense and intrigue remains unmatched, even in the realm of romance.

"The Bestseller She Wrote" revolves around the tale of Aditya, a successful author and professional, who seemingly has it all—family, friends, and an adoring fan base. However, as we all know, life's journey is never without its bumps. Enter Shreya, a determined individual from a small town, looking to prove herself in the literary world. Sparks fly, egos clash, and an unlikely relationship blossoms.

Subramanian expertly weaves a story filled with passion and ambition, as Aditya and Shreya embark on a journey to create a bestselling novel together. The chemistry between Aditya and Sanjay, his trusted friend, adds depth and complexity to the narrative, keeping readers hooked until the unexpected climax.

While the first half of the book may seem slow-paced and familiar, the real magic lies in the second half, where Subramanian's storytelling skills shine through. With unexpected twists and turns, the author takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving them breathless and eager for more.

It's worth noting that "The Bestseller She Wrote" was a labor of love for Subramanian, taking him a longer-than-usual nine months to complete. Although some may find themselves slightly disappointed with the story's overall impact, there is no denying that the author's dedication and talent shine through in every page.

If you're seeking a change of pace from Subramanian's usual thrillers, "The Bestseller She Wrote" offers a tantalizing escape into the world of love, betrayal, and redemption. Pick up this book and discover a side of Ravi Subramanian you never knew existed.

Who will enjoy reading this book?
All the bloggers and the writers aspiring to publish a novel will enjoy reading the book.

What is good in this book and why should one read the book?
  • Few dialog or the writing are impressive 
  • For the beautiful friendship between Aditya and Sanjay (I meant the first half of the novel)
  • To get inspiration from Aditya’s character. It inspires to be ambitious in both the fields. Either being a successful professional banking career or the writing career. His role is impressive. 
Book Details
Paperback: 392 pages
Publisher: Westland (19 October 2015)

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Book Review - Voice Mates by Anamika Mishra

Book Review - Voice Mates by Anamika Mishra

Just completed the novel “Voice Mates” by Anamika Mishra and straight away writing the review. Because I am extremely impressed with the novel and could not restrict myself from writing a review about the novel. In one word, It’s an excellent read.

If you love the singing reality shows, this book is a wonderful read. Even if you don’t love singing or music, still you will love this novel. Because it has an excellent, cute love story.

These days Bloggers are highly talented. I personally feel, a novel written by bloggers have more creative and interesting stuffs then the novels written by the top selling authors. The Bloggers cum authors write only want is needed. They don’t write for the sake of extending a normal story to 300 pages or more. The novel Voice mates is an excellent example to it.

Voice mates is really an easy and must read book. It has just 200 pages with extremely simple English. Even a person with little knowledge on English can easily understand.

The novel starts with the protagonist Tulip enthusiastically waiting to know the winners of a top reality show “Voice mates season 4”. Her anticipation, despair and tension for the results makes us to feel her love toward the contest not as a viewer but a passionate person who wants to participate in the show and win the contest. Then comes her parents, who hates the reality shows and yells at Tulip when she overreacts for the contest results. Her parents wants her to be an academic topper. Her parents are often rude and hardly speaks to her. How she overcomes her parents and achieves her dreams is the plot.

One will love this novel for Sam, the hero of the story. He is matured, easy-going, confident and professional. A guy whom a girl would look for. His characterization is making us to fall in love with him and long for a soul-mate like him.

Since it’s a singing contest, there are lot of songs mentioned in the novel. To be frank, I never heard the songs mentioned in the novel. But, the songs chosen at each round and the lyrics of the songs are beautiful. It made me to google the song, download and listen to it. While listening, it made me to imagine Sam and Tulip singing on the stage. That’s the success of the author.

The conversation that happen when Tulip feels that Sam might have realized her feelings for him was absolutely fantastic. One will really love that conversation that happens at the backyard garden.

I have not read Anamika’s first novel “Too hard to Handle”. But definitely after reading this novel, I am eager to read her first novel. Usually, I don't read a novel second time, but this book is tempting to read second time.

Haaaah, I forgot, the book cover is awesome!? Isn't? Soul-mate, college mate, school mate, coffee mate, cab mate sounds good. And now, the Voice mate also sounds good and amazing.

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Book Review: "Waves in the Sky" by Rakhi Jayashankar

There is an unparalleled sense of excitement in being granted the opportunity to witness a movie's premiere or delve into the pages of a novel before its official release. Just last week, I found myself holding a novel in my hands, savoring the unique privilege of experiencing its story before it was unveiled to the world.

Book Review: "Waves in the Sky" by Rakhi Jayashankar

"Waves in the Sky" by Rakhi Jayashankar is a captivating novel that introduces us to the blossoming talent of a writer, blogger, and critic. Rakhi's imaginative storytelling dances gracefully through the pages, leaving a fresh and unique impression on readers.

Debut authors often bring a certain freshness and surprise to their stories, and this novel is no exception. With the added advantage of the author's background as a blogger, the book promises to be a worthwhile read.

The success of a book often hinges on how effectively the author hooks the reader from the beginning, and Rakhi's accomplishes this. From the Author's note onwards, she maintains a captivating tone, ensuring that the narrative remains engaging throughout.

Initially planning to read the book over the weekend due to weekday commitments, I was drawn in from the prologue itself. Once I started reading, I found it difficult to put the novel down. Reading this kind of book comes with its disadvantages—you forget about meals, restroom breaks, and even sleep. Sometimes, a book needs to have a few boring moments to provide a natural pause or opportunity to rest. However, "Waves in the Sky" doesn't offer such moments, keeping readers completely engrossed.

Now, let's discuss the plot. Spoiler alert! The novel begins with a sense of anguish, but with each line, the anger begins to take on a purpose. By the end of the first paragraph, readers will find themselves admiring the confidence of the character Swathy. The prologue sets the stage for further exploration. Charu's character is well-portrayed, showcasing her compassion towards friends and her emotional struggles with her busy parents. The canaries in the story hold an interesting reason behind their names, an aspect worth discovering while reading. Each canary is unique and effectively portrayed. Avantika, who strategically chooses her friends based on their appearance to divert boys' attention, adds another layer of complexity. The story weaves through the lives of six canaries: Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika, Raihana, and Yami, connecting the dots in a satisfying manner.

Reflecting on the Author's note, where Jayashankar shares, "I started this book as a simple contemporary fiction. After writing the first two chapters, someone held my hands and made me write more and more," it becomes clear how the author's readers played a significant role in shaping the novel. This transformation from an article to a full-fledged novel is reminiscent of the author's previous work, "Touch of Mist," where reader motivation led to its expansion.

Now, let's explore the pros and cons of "Waves in the Sky" from my perspective.

1. The novel is less than 200 pages, making it an easy and quick read.
2. The language is simple yet well-crafted, with effective use of vocabulary.

1. At times, certain scenes feel slightly reminiscent of Bollywood films. For example, Neha winning first prize in multiple music competitions (light music, Carnatic music, Western music, group song, patriotic group song, and national anthem) may stretch the bounds of plausibility. While the novel transports readers back to school days and immerses them in the characters' experiences, these exaggerated incidents can feel jarring.

However, it's important to note that such filmy scenes are acceptable in a work of fiction, adding to the overall interest and entertainment value of the story.

In conclusion, "Waves in the Sky" is a good read filled with twists and intriguing scenes. With its engaging narrative, this novel showcases Rakhi Jayashankar's talent

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Bangalore #madeofgreat

Bangalore #madeofgreat

There could be enormous reason to fall in love with a person or with a place. Sometimes, there might be absolutely no reason to fall in love.  I always felt travel gives me lot of happiness and peace. A kind of immense satisfaction comes, when we travel or live in our favorite city. Favorite place depends on person and how emotionally we are connected to place.
For me, my favorite city is always the Garden City Bangalore. Within Just 30 minutes you could find Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden which is full of plants and trees that are spread around 100 acres of area. Not only that, even a small street would have a small park with a jogging track.
About Nice Toll (Source - News)
Another reason, Bangalore has lots of weekend gateways. My friends and I stick to one point. We work hard in the weekdays and bid bye to city during the weekends. We travel outside the city skirts and connect to the nature. It rejuvenate and makes the following week very colorful and refreshing. I would proudly say that the work stress or pressure won’t affect us. Because, Monday and Tuesday mornings are filled with the energy received from the nature and Thursday and Fridays we wait for the weekend zealously and explore the nature.

I am lucky enough to have a set of friends who are nature lovers and well as travel lovers and riders. Who said Women cannot have fun and Women are not daring enough to take risk and enjoy the adventure? We are the best examples.
Roads are important and it plays a vital role in making a person’s trip smooth and memorable. The Nice road (as the name suggest it’s one of the nice road in Karnataka), that connects the Bangalore and Mysore is one of the best place to drive and connect.
For people like me who experience the freaking Bangalore traffic during the weekdays, this nice road comes as a soothing effect. After all, who doesn’t love to drive on a road that has no annoying colorful signals that stops you everywhere and escape the horrible speed hump which gives you bungee jumping effect?

 One would absolutely love the design of the road. Currently it’s a four lane but it was designed to expand to six lanes in the future. This road was also designed to connect the Pune Highway and Hosur highways.
Drive, Design and connect

Here are the top 3 reasons for Bangalore to be a #madeofgreat place to Drive, Design and connect:
  • One State. Many Worlds. “One State. Many Worlds” It’s rightly quoted by Karnataka Tourism. I am not sure about the other cities in Karnataka. But Bangalore is the best example for it. I could see people in almost all the states and you get a chance to connect and explore their culture and language.
  • Garden City: The city is surrounded by Greenery. Tough these days it’s occupied with lots of IT hubs and giant buildings there are still few places with trees on either side of the road and plants at the middle of the road.
  • Climate - I am basically from Tamil Nadu where the sun showers with lot of heat. For me, this climate is a heaven
Picture Source - Tata Moter's Zica

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Delicious and Healthy: Sugar Free Natura's Vanilla Cake Recipe for a Guilt-Free Indulgence

"Happy Birthday, Appa," my father greeted my grandfather, bowing down to touch his feet in a traditional show of respect and seeking his blessings.

"Happy birthday, Tatta," my sister and I chimed in, offering our warm wishes to our beloved grandfather.

"Only wishes? No cake cutting?" my grandpa inquired with genuine curiosity. Despite his advancing age, he remained young at heart, and it was true that some people seemed to regain their childlike spirit after reaching their seventies. He was insistent on having a cake-cutting ceremony.

"Have you forgotten about your diabetes?" my father replied, his voice firm yet filled with affection. "We are genuinely concerned about your health. Cutting the cake would only tempt you to indulge, and it might have adverse effects on your well-being."

As my father's words reached my grandpa's ears, a shadow of disappointment washed over his face, dimming the spark of excitement that had been present just moments before.

All of a sudden Sugar Free Natura's Ad flashed my mind. 
"Dad who said grandpa should not eat sweets and cut the cake?"
I suggested the idea of preparing the cake by replacing the sugar with Sugar Free Natura. Everyone voted my idea and we prepared a delicious Vanilla cake within one hour. 

My grandpa face lit up with happiness. He cut the cake like a child and indulged happily. 

"Who suggested using Sugar Free Natura for the cake instead of sugar?" my dad questioned, surprised by the idea of a sugar-free treat.

"I did," I responded eagerly. The notion of preparing a delectable vanilla cake with the help of Sugar Free Natura had struck me, and everyone in the room quickly embraced the concept. In just an hour, we had a scrumptious cake ready to be enjoyed.

As the cake was presented before my grandpa, his face lit up with pure happiness. Like an excited child, he eagerly cut into the cake and savored each bite.

"This is the best birthday I've ever had," he declared, a radiant smile adorning his face. Below, you'll find the recipe for Sugar Free Natura's delightful vanilla cake, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.

 Ingredients for Sugar Free Natura's Vanilla Cake:
  • Butter, Fermented Cream, or Milk
  • Eggs
  • Sugar Free Natura (A Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute)
  • Maida flour
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Baking Soda and Baking Powder
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Milk
  • Tutti Frutti

Yummy Yummy Mixture is ready :)

Getting Baked :) 

How to make Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake:

Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake..
  1. Turn on the oven and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix Maida flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and beat well to a thick paste
  3. Take a bowl and batter the butter and egg. Now add vanilla powder and beat well. Add Natura's Sugarfree and mix well. Beat well for about 10 minutes. 
  4. Sprinkle the colorful tuity fruity on the mixture. 
  5. Keep the mixture in oven and bake it for about 30 minutes.
Now delicious Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake is ready :)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Pampers Premium care pants

I was watching Football match on TV at home and was suddenly interrupted my by wife with list of items to be purchased from the shop.
"You gotta be kidding", I laughed.
"No, I am Not" My wife said in a serious tone.
There was a silence in the air.
"You have to get this stuff today. No other option" She broke the silence
“It sounds crazy. It’s not gonna happen." I said firmly and tried to defend myself.
"Come, on. You are the father of the kid." My wife said and kicked me out of the house.
I again scanned the list of items that my wife wrote it on a piece of paper to be purchased.
"Item Number 3.  Diapers” My breath came out in shallow gasps as my eyes scanned the item again.
Oh man, how am I going to get this from the shop?  Won’t the hot lady in the shop find out that I have a kid? My thoughts were flattering in my mind and my phone vibrated. It was a call from my wife.
"It’s Pampers Diapers. For heaven sake, don’t change the brand.” She warned me again
“Yeah okieeeee.” I said and cut the call.
When it comes to kid, extra steps has to be taken while purchasing the items. The same brand has to be used from the start. Changing to other brands of Shampoo, soap, diapers would lead to rashes or cause allergic to kids.
When it comes to Diapers, I always rely on Pampers. Right from the baby birth we trust and use only the P&G products. All my relatives use this brand for their children for several years. Instead of trying new brands, I felt it was a wise decision to stick to tried and tested one. Ie Pampers.
I went to the shop and requested for a Pampers diaper.
“Pampers Premium care pants, or Pampers active baby pants or Pampers Baby dry pants" asked the guy in the shop.
I was confused altogether and was about to call my wife. The shopkeeper then stopped me and explained about the Pampers Premium care pants. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.
In order to keep the baby skin soft and to avoid the baby from rashes and irritation, Pampers have included 5 star skin care protection in Pampers Premium Care Diapers.

Pampers Premium care pants

  1. Up-to 12 hour dryness - Dryness even when used for up to 12 hours.
  2. All around softness-  It’s extremely gentle and helps to maintain the baby skin. 
  3. Wetness indicator – This is an excellent innovation from Pampers. An indicator, that indicates when to change the diaper for the baby. 
  4. All around Fit – Its available in different sizes. Small, medium, larger.etc. From new born to the age of four. 
  5. Lightweight and breathable material – Air flow is needed to keep the baby skin soft. And this new Pampers Premium care pants comes with breathable material. 

I thanked the shopkeeper for elaborating me broadly and purchased 2 packs of Pampers Premium care pants and returned home. I feel jealous of this generation who gets innovative products to keep them safe, protective and relaxed.

This post is a part of the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity at BlogAdda. Thanks to my uncle for sharing this story.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to get #SoftestForBabySkin naturally

How to get #SoftestForBabySkin naturally

I live in Bangalore, Karnataka with my friends due to work nature. I stay far away from my home. My sister family stays in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and from last 5 months, I was absconding every weekend. I was not available in Bangalore during the weekend.. Reason?

 Few months before, a new tiny angel arrived to our family. OMG. It changed my world completely. Its making me crazy with its naughty smile.

I eagerly wait for the weekend and fly to Coimbatore every weekend to see my sister’s new born. Watching the Cute baby sleep and playing releases all the stress and tension. Not only me, everyone loves to watch a baby sleeping, shouting, and crying. Each and every little thing about a baby is cute.

TamilNadu is known for its humidity and hot weather, throughout all the three seasons. Especially during the month of May and June, one could experience scorching weather. Even an elder person would not be able to tolerate the roasting heat of the sun. How could a new-born manage the burning heat?

The baby skin would be so sensitive to heat than the elders. Our tiny baby was exposed to irritations, sun burn and dry patches. Sometimes, the baby would cry out loud due to the heat. Keeping the baby under air-conditioned room is not advisable. The cooling environment caused by air conditioner would cause the skin to lose moisture and again the skin would result in dryness.

How to meet #SoftestForBabySkin naturally. Below are the tips:
  • Change the diaper as soon as it wet.
Babies doesn’t like when the Pampers are wet. Also wetness would cause itching. So, change the diaper as soon as its wet. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.
  • Massage with Olive Oil:
Massage the baby skin with Virgin Olive oil. Massaging the baby with oil helps the skin to get enough moisturizer and protects the skin from dryness. Before bathing the baby, gently massage the baby with olive oil and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Don’t expose the baby under the sun:
  • Use only the proposed Products:
Consult with the doctor on the products to be used. Use only the baby shampoo, soap and detergents.
  • Cotton Clothes:
Always choose the cotton clothes and change them often. Wash the clothes with baby Laundry Detergent liquids. This baby detergents has no harmful and reactive chemicals and nand is suggested by the doctors. It's absolutely safe for little ones

Babies are the gifts to our family. It’s our duty to protect the loved ones with utmost care. Achieving Soft skin makes baby happy as well. Afterall, who does not love that soft skin

This post is a part of the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity at BlogAdda

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Top Fashion Brands

Abercrombie and Fitch
J. Crew
Tommy Hilfiger
Marc Jacobs
Calvin Klein
Ralph Lauren
Anna Sui

Anya Hindmarch

Christian Dior
Jean Paul Gaultier
Louis Vuitton
Yves Saint Laurent


Dolce and Gabbana
Ermenegildo Zegna

Manolo Blahnik

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Daughter Mother Relationship

The easiest thing in the world is to hurt your mom and the hardest thing in the universe is saying sorry to your mom. There is no doubt; Mom is the only soul who loves us from the bottom of the heart without any expectation. But, we always take her for granted. We always blame them for most of our problems. We blame our mom for not gifting a wonderful past. We blame our mom for not offering the compassion we expected. We hate our mom for getting angry and yelling at us for our mistakes. We hate our mom, when she gives opinion,when she sets rules and controls our life.  

"Throw her out of the house, scold her and show all your hostility, she will never fail to love you back."

Yesterday, I had a bad argument with my mom that led to harsh exchange of words. Pretty sad, Isn’t it? Must say, my mom was quite. But she was extremely stressful and upset for not understanding her love.

If I look back, she offered me the best food, top class clothes(even though she had none), money when I needed. Above all a lap that I needed when I was down.

But, being a cruel human being I just saw her flaws. I just got angry at her for not offering me what I want. I got angry for not letting me to do what I wish. I got angry at her for not encouraging me in my achievements. I was not matured enough to understand that she just lacked basic encouraging skills. I was not ready to accept the fact, "what ever it is, she loves me at the end." 

Sound familiar isn’t it? We always look at the things that our mom does not offer us. Though I knew she offered me all the basic necessities of life like education, wonderful shelter, love, nursing, food, I just looked at what she did not give. It’s the human nature.  If you often get mad at your mom/dad, it’s time to pause and read below.
  •  If your mom is hurting you, remember she is not doing it willingly. She too has stressful days, demanding boss, jealously relatives that she needs to dealt with.
  • Not letting you to fulfill her wish? Putting so much of rules? setting up lot of expectations and annoying you? Demanding you to wake up early and do house works? That’s how she was raised by her parents. She was preached by her mother that a women child needs to be fostered that way. She is trying her best to show all the love under the earth with the knowledge and experience she has. 
  • They are human like us, which meant that they too have flaws and will make mistake. Just count how many mistakes we commit in a day.
  • See that little innocent child within her. After the age 50, parents are dependent child. Expecting just love and time from her child. 
  •  Learn to accept our parents as they are. It will open new door of happiness.
  • If she sets an expectation which in turn annoy you, getting angry is not the solution. Just explain her with facts and confidence. She will be happy to accept it. 
A mother always expect her daughter to be a best friend. Lets try our best not to hurt our mom.

3 day Bangalore Trip

3 Day Bangalore Trip

Dear Readers,
Looking for a blue print for a 3 day Bangalore trip? Below is a plan that I came up for a 3 day trip. 
  • Day 1:
Innovative filmcity/Wonderla:

If you are going for a trip with Friends then wonderla is the best place. If you are taking your parents or people aged 45+, chances are they will not enjoy the rides and water rides. In that case, Innovative film city is the best place. 

  •  Day 2 (all temple visits) Temple timings (9 A.M to 12 P.M and 4:30P.M to 9 P.M)

  1. From your place to Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, Kalena Agrahara.
  2.  Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple to OMKAR HILLS (15 KMS)
The below one is optional, based on your timings:

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple to Ragi Gudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Ragi Gudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Templeto Omkar Hill  (15 KMS)

3.       OMKAR Hills (via Kenchena Halli Rd)– Gopalan Arcade Mall – 5.1  KMS
4.       Gopalan Arcade Mall  -à Rajarajeshwari Temple, Kenchenhalli, RR Nagar. (1.6 KMS)
5.       Rajarajeshwari Temple, -> Sri Shanmukha Temple, RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560098  (3.4KMS)

Day 3 (Museum)
  1. From your home to KEMFORT temple 
    • Temple Timings – Open 24 hours.
    • Address of Kemfort Temple - 97, Old Airport Road, Behind Kemp Fort Mall, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017
  2. KEMFORT temple to HAL Heritage Museum-  10 min (3.4 km) 
    • HAL Museum Timings - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Address of HAL Museum - Varthur Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.
  3. HAL MUSEUM to Snow City Bengaluru (14.9 KMS)
    • Timings - 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
    • Address of Snow City - 5, Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, Opposite TV Tower, J C Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006
  4. Snow City to Visvesvaraya Museum  (4.1 KMS)
    • Visvesvaraya Museum Timings - 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Address of Visvesvaraya Museum - P. B. No. 5216, Kasturba Road, Beside Karnataka State Government Museum, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 
  5. Visvesvaraya Museum to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium - 6 min (1.8 km) 
  6. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium to Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain -  3 min (550.0 m) (Two Laser shows each lasting for about half an hour - between 7 and 7-30 PM and 8 and 8.30 PM are organized.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Real Togetherness

The “Kissanpur Discovering Real Togetherness” ad, an incident that happened recently flashed my mind.
It was my dream to start an agriculture farm at my home. Unfortunately, due to time and work pressure, I could not take any good step towards it. Then, there came up a turning point thought. I decided to plant at least one sapling for my birthday. I planted a Bamboo sapling for my birthday. With proper maintenance, the bamboo tree is now healthy and that one sapling was now divided into seven to eight trees now. My family members were inspired by this event.
Every year, for my parent’s and nephew’s birthday I never miss to gift something. For my parents, it would be some dress materials. Whereas for my nephew it would be toys.
This year I wanted to try something new that would bring my parents as well as my nephew and my sister family together. What would be the best gift?
Of course, I could gift them some travel package. But again it was bundled with lot of challenges like holidays, travel planning, and huge budget and so on. Then finally while watering my bamboo tree, a good thought struck my mind. I decided to plant a sapling for everyone’s birthday on a specific date.
On saying this news, everybody was as motivated. My sister son, who was just seven years old jumped in joy on hearing this news.
"Am I going to plant a sapling? That sounds cool" He roared out in joy.
"I wish to plant a tree that gives tasty fruits" replied my sister.
“I will choose Neem. It has so many good medical benefits” replied my mom.
Then we bought 7 saplings. Neem for my mother, Banyan for me, Mango sapling and Pongamia sapling for my 2 nephew, ficus for my brother in law. My dad picked mango tree and my sister chose Jack fruit sapling as she stressed on fruit trees.

Right from discussing the place and selecting the trees to plant we had a lot of fun and good time. My nephew and I were new to planting. Hence, my dad helped us step by step for planting. Right from digging the soil, putting fertilizer, placing the sapling, we had fun.
While digging the soil, few of my neighbors saw, got excited and joined us. We took a print of our names and hanged it to the sapling to encourage other people.
Now, we have a tough competition. Yes, we have a tough competition on whose tree will grow faster. Every day, we have lots of fun while watering it. When the sun comes, we rush to build a roof for the sapling to protect it from the over heat. This is new kind of joy that I never experience in my life. My nephew says the same. My parents too feel the same. My sister and brother-in-law share the same.

This incident thought me joy is 'Real Togetherness' 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Touch of Mist Free Download

Touch of Mist Free Download

Click here to download the Ebook of Touch of Mist

Click here to Read Online

Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 reasons for Google Nexus 5X to be a Champ

Here are the top 5 reasons for LG Google Nexus 5X to be a champ:

LG Google Nexus 5X comes with 2 GB RAM. None of the other standard phone offers 2 GM of RAM in this price range. RAM helps in running the operating system which in turn helps in processing the input and output faster. In Layman’s terms, it helps in running all the applications like What’s app, phone Calls, calculator and games. The higher the RAM, the faster the response. Still now, I was using a mobile with 512 RAM, where the response time is dead slow. I have to wait minimum 3 seconds in order to access my mobile and to get the response time.

I am impressed since Nexus 5X comes with 2 GB RAM. Furthermore, the touch comes with capacitive and hence the touch sensitivity will be so cool.

Rear Camera - 12.3-megapixel and Front Camera -  5-megapixal.
You may say, most of the camera offers that pixel. Then what's special in that? Even, that was the first thought that ran across my mind. But when my eyes scanned secondary Camera with 5 MP, I was totally dumbstruck. When I stay away from my family and friends, this 5 MP Front camera helps a lot in having Skype calls with very good clarity. I patter my back, when my friend who connects from laptop and says, "Hey, your video clarity is too good."

2700mAh Battery
8 out of my 10 friends always carries power bank with them. Its a 3rd hand for them these days. I really hate to carry power bank and thus LG Nexus will become my darling and is a champ when the battery is made up of 2700mAh battery. I guess, the battery would come for more than 3 days if it is used only for calls and message.

Wi-Fi standards supported -802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac
Everybody would look for a Battery quality, Camera pixel, price, RAM while buying a new phone. They hardly look at the specifications of wifi  If I have been a normal person, I would check whether the phone has 3G connectivity and not about the HSDPA.
Since I work in telecom domain I know the purpose and the job of 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac network access. This helps in the getting the higher internet connectivity for other mobiles.

Nexus 5X ships with 90 days of Google Play Music for free. 

This is another additional point for me to fall in love with LG Google Nexus 5X. Yes, This phone offers an additional feature of 90 days free goggle play music absolutely free.

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LG Nexus 5X The all around Champ

Gone are the days where people wait for new Iphone release and upgrade to the latest. With the Google Nexus smartphone, people have become addicted to the Nexus family. As per my knowledge, it could be because of the below 2 reasons.
  1. Price is affordable and it does not put us in loss during the upgrade.
  2. There is a drastic variation in between the older and newer release of LG Google Nexus. 

Still my love for LG Google Nexus 5 has not yet reduced, but after hearing the news and features about LG Google Nexus 5X, I could not stop myself from falling in love with LG Google Nexus 5X.
Internet access, touchscreen, crazy application, advanced operating system, Video calling, and good MP camers's are the features any smart phone would provide. LG Google Nexus 5X is yet another smart phone that would provide the same feature. If that was your assertion, hold on and please read the below.

Below are the 3 reasons to reinvent my smart phone experience with Google Nexus 5X:D

How do you feel when you look at the Luxurious BWM, Audi, Rolls-Royce cars? An Elegant, stylish and classic look. Isn’t it? The same feel I got when I looked at the pictures of LG Google Nexus 5X

Camera: Of course, I am a Selfie Girl:
Selfies and Panoramic are outdated. Panoramic selfies is the latest trend. This phone comes with 5-megapixel front-facing camera. This camear takes splendid photos under any light. What’s next? Upload the pictures in Facebook!? Again it’s old-fashioned.

Good battery backups, a week-up back up are the old news. Quick Charging is the latest news. Yes, no more taking nap while charging is required. Because LG NEXUS 5X  comes with reversible USB Type-C charger. It charges at lightning speed!!! thundering... sorry lightening speed. I am stressing on the word lightening, since the light travels faster than sound. Hence its charges

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Baggout - Fashion Shopping App

Baggout - Fashion Shopping App

How nice it would be, if a person or stylish keeps on recommending us the clothes and accessories based on our body type, skin color and style? Seems tempting and interesting right? But in reality it’s not possible to keep a personal stylist due to the cost they quote. But Baggout does that for us. Recently, Baggout has come up with a user-friendly fashion Shopping App. Just by answering three question, you get a personalized recommendations daily.
Install from Play Store

Sign up is as simple as that 

Innovative questions...

Love those pictures

Just 3 question, your stylist is ready :P 

My suggestions are getting loaded... 


Love that skip functionality... 

Cant miss this lovely handbag... 

I often hear complaints from my friends that Shopping apps occupy most of their mobile memory. Most of my friends have Flipkart, snap deal, craftsvilla, amazon apps.. on their mobile. How good it would be if all the mobiles apps are at one place? It not only save the phone memory but it saves the time as well.
I need this cutie... 
My mobile has just 512 RAM and when I installed Flipkart app on my mobile, my mobile started to hang often. I could not immediately migrate to 1 GB RAM due to the budget constraints. I had no other option than uninstalling the app. When I came across baggout where it provides all favorite apps in one place, I was little concern about occupying my memory.  To my surprise, after the baggout app install, my phone did not hang at all. it works smooth like butter. 50 Rupees got credited to my account.

Yes, with every new install you get 50 rupees cash back. Below are the few things I like about the Baggout Shopping App

  •  Exclusive Deals:
Sometimes, due to our busy schedule we will not be available in front of system for 24*7. Some exclusive deals launched by paytm or flipkart will be available only for 2 hours or so. Sometime, as soon as the deal is on, the product will be sold out immediately. This app would rectify all those concerns.
  • User friendly:
The success of app depends on how user-friendly the app is. No wonder, the Baggout app is very user-friendly.
  • Good Reviews:
It has a good rating of 4.5

Baggout - Fashion Shopping App - It’s an exclusive shopping destination!!!

My previous post regarding Baggout.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Sound of Heart beat - chapter 4

"............Bollywood, Ballet, Kathak, Pilates, Trap, Boogie-woogie, Rumba, Zumba, Samba, Salsa, Flamenco, Contemporary, Folk, hip-hop, Disco, Electro, Hard, Tap, Free style. Which dance style would you like to go for?" the man with a tonsured head in the admission room of Stepz dance studio bobbed his head enthusiastically and completed his sentence.
Meghna head started to whirl around, listening to the list of dance styles. She reached for the glass that was kept in front of her and gulped the water in a hurry.
"Are these really dance styles" she asked incredulously.
"Of course. We have separate serious enthusiast trainers for each dance styles."  He stressed on the word Serious.
"Out of the huge list you recited, just one dance style went into my mind"
"Was it free style?" the proprietor asked with an apprehension.
Meghna wanted to say yes, but she was worried whether he might recite the entire list from the beginning again. He took her silence as yes and opened his pedestal to take a brochure.
“Here is the list of dance styles. You can choose the one you like." the proprietor said pointing to the brochure.
God, please help me to find out the dance style that Karthick has enrolled. Can I go with trial and error method or pinky pinky ponky style?
"May I help you with selection?" the proprietor interrupted her thoughts.
"Could you please help me out in pointing out the one, which Kar....." before should could complete the name Karthick, her mind alarmed and brought her sense back.
"We do have..Kar..Kar… Karakattam.." The proprietor got excited and pointed out the fees details.
Meghana jaw got dropped with his answer. For sure Meghna knows that Karthick would have not enrolled for the ancient folk dance Karakattam. For the kind of style and attitude that Karthick possess, he must be into something like Salsa or Hip-hop.
"I need some time to decide upon the dance style. Most of the dance styles, I am hearing it for the first time" Meghna replied after a long pause.
The proprietor advised her to have a look or have a demo at all the different styles of dance classes and analyze her interest. This uplifted her energy. Her plan was to walk around all the dance class and find the one that Karthick has enrolled.  On observing the positive move, the proprietor gave her the application form to fill in all the details leaving the Dance style field column blank.
There came another shock. There was another field in the application form that stated Batch timings.
"You have different batch timings as well?"
"Of course. Students flexibility is our primary goal. We have morning 3 batches, evening 3 batches and 2 week end batches. Sounds so cool...right?" He replied with a grin.
Her mind rapidly processed few bad words to complement him for the different batch timings he was offering, but swallowed them instantly.
"I actually need lot to time to decide upon this. Will get back to you in a week" She got up from the chair and left the stepz dance studio.

"This is my 4th coffee" Shiva replied with a bogus irritation.
Meghna shifted her gaze from the entrance of the Stepz dance studio to his eyes and replied, "Still many more to go...."
"I really feel embarrassed. Hiding behind an oak tree from morning 6.00 and scanning for a man does not make any sense at-least to me."
"You are doing it for your friend. In return, if a son is born for Karthick and me, will name the child Shiva" she winked.
"Not needed." Shiva cupped his palm and started playing games in his mobile.
"Hey, concentrate on the entrance. What if I miss him?"
"Are you really gone mad"
"Kind of..Mad on Karthick" She blushed.
"Ufff...I have not seen him at all. Then how could I identify him even if he comes in front of me"
"Oh, you have a point. Wait" She took a mobile out from the pocket and showed his photo.
"This is the guy, look out for him now" She replied and observed Shiva still frozen on the fact of having his picture on his mobile.
"While scrutinizing his profile, I just downloaded few of his photos and copied to my mobile" she replied with a sheepish smile.
"Gosh!!!" He slapped his forehead and smiled broadly at her actions. “Hey what if, He was on leave today or he was into week end batch class.”  Shiva shared his scary thoughts and concern.
"We have to again wait for another day" She replied without taking her eyes from the enterance.
After sometime, she groaned a bit as her legs ached and sat down beside the tree, with her eyes still glued on the entrance.
"I love this dance studio.. Lots of pretty girls around" Shiva replied looking at few girls.
"Then fall in love with a girl, join the dance class along with me and help for my love. I will help for yours. Mutual benefit." She replied without giving a second thought.
"Hmm..I don’t want to get into this love trap." He said firmly.
"Shiva, can I ask you something" She went on to serious note.
"Go on"
"What will you do or how will you react, when a girl is following you like me."
He was astonished with her questions.
"No, I just want to understand men's perspective"
"It again depends on a particular individual Meghna. If I am not in relationship and if I like the girl as well, I may accept her love. If I am in a relationship, I will make her understand that and will avoid in order not to encourage further"
"What if Karthick was in a relationship? What if he doesn’t like me? There are so many ifs...How am I blindly believing it’s going to work out?” Her eye lashes turned wet.
"Come on, Meghana. Don’t over think a situation after you took a step. Go on, let’s see, what’s waiting for you...Above all, you like him. There is nothing wrong in letting him realize your love. If he does not accept, move on. You have millions of guys out there."
She pushed him back and started walking towards the other side.
"Meghana,...stop.. Did I say something wrong? "
"I really can’t move on Shiva. Do you think, it’s easy to move on or love another person, when you intensively love a person? I cant.."
"I didn’t mean to hurt you. If it’s a positive ending, I would be the first person to feel happy. But.."
She cupped his mouth with his palm and said, Let’s not look at the negative side please...
He was about to nod in acceptance, but she immediately dragged his hand to hide behind the tree.
"What.."  He asked in surprise.
"Shhhhhh.." she hushed and pointed to a bike at the parking area. "That's him Karthick"
"How do you say? He is with the helmet"
"I know his height and body features above all, my inner voice says…" Shiva unable to believe her words, focused his eyes carefully and waited for him to remove the helmet.
He parked his bike and removed the helmet and it was him.. Karthick!!!.
Shiva looked at her, still not able to believe her guess and inner voice that got right.
"So, its 8 to 11AM batch" She said looking at the watch and excitement in eyes. She requested Shiva to follow him to find the dance style he has enrolled for. He followed him and came out of the dance studio after an hour.
"He is into Salsa Class..." On hearing this, Meghna felt the entire surroundings went on mute and she listened to the sound of her heart beat that tuned to the music of love.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Letter by heart


Heart  ,
Right side,


The person whom I care the most.

Dear Deepika. How are you? Like every mother who cares and knows her child, I am mindful about you. At Present, you are happy. Sleeping till 10 in the morning, tasting all relishing foods like Pizza, burger, ice-cream, Paani Poori..etc. But, I must say
You are at risk.!
No, I am at risk.!!
Its not you or I, WE are at RISK!!! 
I can’t function without you and vice-versa.

I envy on body. Because, you are taking good care of it and absolutely ignoring me.

You are spending lot of time in applying face pack to get glow and spend lots of money in beauty parlor. Can I request you to take care of me? I am not asking you to cut down your beauty expense. But kindly invest some money for health as well. Grab a gym membership and do some work out. In turn, I will take care of your body as well. Please priorities spending on your health and fitness and not beauty.

Inner Beauty is a must to stay healthy. Inner beauty, I am mentioning here is is ME i.e HEART!!

Kindness makes your heart beauty.

Protection makes your hearth healthy.

So, kindly protect mE!!!

When stressed out, don’t sit to watch movie or serials. I know you have a pet at home, go play with it. Take the pet for walk.   Caressing the dog reduces stress and relax the mind.

When you are a child, your dad induced you to save money. He took you to the bank when he deposit money and thought you the value of money. Did you over learned that concept? And, that the reasons you depositing fat in your body bank?

Facebook and what’s app is not the necessary apps that needs to be installed on your smart phone. There are lots of apps designed for improving me. The app allows you to monitor your workouts and daily progress.. I am sure those apps give your enough motivation during the tough times.

The good part about me and the major risk heart disease are it does not develop in a day. It develops slowly over several years giving few symptoms. Example, no one will become fat in a day. We do give symptoms like dress getting tighter, but you ignored saying the dress shrink.

Like everyone, I know you wish to stay young and healthy. So, please take letter seriously and protect your heart.

I suggest you to take the Weight-Heart Test at - (a #ProtectHerHeart initiative) and take the necessary step towards a healthy heart with Saffolalife

With Love,
Your Heart.    

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