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Asus IndiBlogger Meet Experience

On January 24, I received an email from Indi-blogger, "It's raining Indi-Happy Hours in Bangalore - blog now to get yourself a Flipkart voucher worth Rs.1000!" This line did not excite me. But one line caught my attention. All IndiBloggers with approved entries will also get a special invite to the Asus IndiBlogger Meet 2015 at Bangalore."

Wow, Indi-blogger meet is back. My excitement roared to high. Because after many months, we got an invite for the Indi-blogger meet. Moreover, this is the first meet in 2015 and another interesting fact, it's in Garden city Bangalore. I concentrated more to crack the entry. Luckily my post got approved and I got a special invite from Indi-blogger.

The meeting was about to start at 5.30 and due to heavy Bangalore traffic I ended up reaching the venue only at 6.00.

The start of the meeting was welcomed with a cheer loud music after few followed by few ice-breaker sections. The program was well hosted by Anjoop.

The product manager launched the 2 products - ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040 and gave a brief introduction about the product.
Then came question and answer section and the bloggers were allowed to ask questions. All crazy questions like we are moving towards mobile, iPads do you think still PC and laptop has craze? How are you planning to manage the competition came up.

Finally, the group was divided into 4 teams and each team has asked to enhance an advertisement about blogging on the given theme. We got "300" movie as the theme. Every team performed its best in the given 10 minutes of preparation time.

Overall, It was an awesome experience to meet all the Bloggers and explore more about ASUS.

3 reasons why chat is better over a phone call

Three reasons why chat is better over a phone call

Though technology has developed a lot and people has become more social than earlier, we still prefer to have some privacy. When I got a Facebook invite or LinkedIn invite from my friends, I was hesitant to join though it was free. Because, I wanted my privacy not to be affected in any case.
I heard a lot about Quikr and in-fact advised my friend Abitha to opt Quikr for buying and selling during her Bangalore Shift. Everything about Quikr was good, but the only thing which was bothering me was the email id and mobile number was displayed public and anyone could see my number. But with Quikr NXT!  That issue has been resolved.

Below are the reasons why I would prefer to chat over a phone call.

1. Avoid lot of disturbance.

  • While travelling in bus or when in traffic signals, it’s really difficult to talk over the phone. If the buyer says 10,000 I may end up hearing it as 1000. To avoid all this, chat is always a better way. Also, I also don’t like people over-hearing my conversation. 
  • Privacy: When you are in the movies, malls or out with friends, you expect privacy. The buyers or sellers will not be knowing your availability or busy schedule and may end up calling at odd times. You may not be able to switch off your mobile, as you may get an emergency calls. With chat facility, you easily turn off the chat, without switching off the mobile and continue to enjoy the leisure time with friends. 

  • Avoids wrong perception: Sometimes, When I talk loudly in phone, people tend to conclude that I am aggressive. In chat, that problem will be rectified and if you add a happy smiley at the end, the deal ends smooth 

2. Tracked/Saved conversations:

  • Future Use The first thing I learned in my software career was to have written proof. When there is a bug/defect leaked to production from testing environment, the project team do an analysis. In the analysis, when I say it’s a valid one and it has been discussed in meeting and calls, people will toss a crap expression. They need written emails. Because people may change their statements based on circumstance. So, Chat will help us to have saved the conversation, which will help us in future use.
  • Share Image: Best option in chat facility which will not be provided in phone calls. I can ask the buyer to send all the angles of the products and share the image instantly. 

3. Can do multitasking:

  • Decide best option simultaneously: When you are talking on the phone, you need to pay attention to the caller. But In chat, you can do multitasking. I can chat with 5 to 6 people simultaneously and decide which the best option is.
  • Concentrate on beauty: When the face pack is applied on the face, you are not supposed to talk. When you talk, there are high chances of getting wrinkles. Being a girl, face pack can’t be avoided. This chat facility will help me to apply face pack and have a conversation with the dealers without talking. 
  • Make use of unavoidable situations:Can chat with the dealers, in a bored meeting or in uninterested training.
  • Listen to music and chat with the dealers. 

Above all, there is one more attracting feature in Chat, i.e Chat comes with Free of Cost. Phone calls come with a cost, whereas chat is for free.

This post is written as a part of Get Quikr NXT! contest organized by Indiblogger. 

If I get that Second Chance

If I get that Second Chance 

“The last date for income tax declaration is 03/02/2015.” My eyes browsed the dates and I ignored the e-mail since I have 3 more days for it. As I was about to shut down my system, my team lead came towards me and allocated a task.
“Sir, it’s a Friday evening. How do you expect me to do? I already got Friday Fever” I replied him and he gave a smile and left the place.
“Postponing the things” that the easiest and most lovable job in the world. As I stepped out of office, I saw a small kid begging. Whenever I cross her, I ponder something to do the child. But due to my busy schedule (really!?) I always ignored.
As I was about to catch an auto, a black car came towards me and hit me hard. I started to fly on the air like typical Bollywood movies and began losing the conscious. When I woke up later, I saw a guy dressed up heavily. He cross checked my face with his laptop and send a confirmation message in what’s app to someone.
“Is there any shooting going on” I asked with curiosity.
He got angry and replied, “I am Yama Raja”. He offered his hand as he said this. In the meantime, all the other people lord Shiva, Vishnu, Chitragupta joined us and I realised that I was dead in an accident and now in heaven (Hell!?)

Al of a sudden, I felt guilty for my tasks that was left untouched on the earth. I wished I could go back and fulfill my bucket list. I regretted for not completing my family responsibility. I had my passion burning that is yet to be achieved.

I went to Lord Shiva and pleaded, "Give me a second chance. Please. I would love fulfil my bucket list. I wish to live long"

Yama told in sarcastic voice. "Lord Shiva, she will never complete her wish list. Don’t give her second chance. She had just put off her works with lame justifications."
Silly Excuses... 
I replied Yama, "May be true. I have put off till yesterday because there were tomorrows. Since I realised that there is no tomorrow for me, I feel guilt for all those stupid excuses.”

Lord shiva thought for a while and said, "I will just give you just one more day to complete your top three stuffs that you have pushed off for the future”

I thanked Lord Shiva for offering me #SecondChance and the next moment I was on earth. I started to list the things that I have put off.

After making the above list, reality struck me. With just 24 hours I would not be able to fulfill all the things. So, I took one possible thing from each class that can be completed in a day.

  • Donate my organs:

Donating the organs was the easiest thing. Even though easy and its just 30 second task, I have been postponing it for years. I Launched Google and typed “donate my organs in India”. Research says that one person's tissue could save 8 people's life.
My life is achieved when at-least 3 people life is saved after my death. Thank you Blog Adda and MaxLife Insurance. Because of this contest, I have completed one of my wishlist today. :)

Google Search for Organ Donation 
My Organ Donation Registeration

  • Save/Protect my Family:
From past few months, I was planning to take a life insurance policy for myself and still planning, Planning, Planning....And, No more planning here after.
I am too young to take life insurance policy
I am healthy. Why should I take I take life insurance policy
Those are the answers I was happily giving in order to avoid taking an insurance plan.
But after the incident with Yama Raja, I understood that Life is a tale and it gifts us with un-predictable incidents. I understood that it’s a wise decision to forecast all the contingencies and take necessary action for it. I will research about Max insurance and will take a term insurance policy to cover my family and secure them financially

  • Sky driving:

This is the one I am going to do for myself. I am an adventure (or Crazy!?) person and love to crave my journey with all exhilarating reminiscences. Right from my childhood I wish to fly like a bird.  Sky driving is offered in Mysore, Karnataka. Though it’s just 143 KM from my home, I postpone every weekend. I would love to go ahead and try the Static Jump sky driving and float like a bird in the air with all the icy misty cloud around me.

The day got over, when I completed sky driving. As I was waiting for Yama Raja to take my life back, I heard a sound. It was so familiar to me. It was similar to “walk in the forest Alarm tone,” It kept repeating and increasing. My hands started to scan my bed for the mobile. I hit the snooze button and again went back to sleep.

An inner voice shouted,
“Future is not guaranteed and there is no #SecondChance. 
Wake up from sleep. . . 
Wake up from laziness. . .  
Wake up from Silly Excuses. . .  
Chase your passion and complete your bucket list. . . 
 Finish all the possible tasks by today itself. . . 
There is No SecondChance"

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

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A Cute Propose by Deepika Muthusamy

A Cute Propose by Deepika Muthusamy

This Video is submitted as a part of Cupid Games 2015 (#cupidgames) contest organized by "Close up" in association with IndiBlogger.

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Close-Up Cupid's Challenges:

THEME: (The Animal Attraction)
Get your furry friend to deliver a Valentine’s Day invite to your crush on your behalf! The more creative your manoeuvre, the bolder your move! 


Music Credits:

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ASUS EeeBook X205TA - I am loving it

Two weeks before, my laptop was behaving crazy and was displaying all multi-colors. When I took it for repair, it was out of warranty and hence I paid Rs.1000 for service and Rs.5000 for LCD replacement. My battery back-up is also not good these days. It hardly stays for 5 minutes. It has been 2 years I purchased this laptop and it’s time to buy a new one. I researched a lot for these past 2 weeks and found that ASUS EeeBook X205TA is very good and would adopt my lifestyle.

As the ASUS company tag line says “Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection”, all the ASUS products like mobile phones, desktops and laptops has innovation in it. The Chinese company are the best in manufacturing the motherboards. Since motherboard is the heart of a computer, it’s much essential to check the quality of the mother board. ASUS being a Chinese company would be best in manufacturing the mother board. And also, ASUS is the world's fifth-largest vendor after HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer.

Windows 8.1 Operating System with Microsoft Office 365:

ASUS EeeBook X205TA offers the full version of Microsoft Office 365 with one year subscription. It almost covers all the essential things like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and outlook that every software techie would be looking for. Here is the amazing and interesting news - ASUS EeeBook X205TA offers with 1 TB of online cloud storage. 

Asus WebStorage:
At times, I will not be able to carry my laptop, but would be in position to access the files. This Asus WebStorage helps me to sync all my files, so that I can easily access it from anywhere. It offers 2 years of  500 GB web storage absolutely free!!!

Portable and Weight Less:

I am an avid Trekker and love to explore more places. But I face lot of challenges when I go for a 3-4 day trekking. Technology has become so part of my life, that I can’t stay without Gadgets without a day. Though iPod and mobile are good to read at some extent, my eyes get strained while reading it in small screens. That's why I prefer a large screen to read and use. Already I would be carrying heavy luggage like 3 liter of water bottles, tent and back pack, so its a poor idea to carry laptop during travel.

Astonishingly the weight of ASUS EeeBook X205TA is less than 1 KG and only 17.5mm thickness. It’s easy to carry in shoulder bag. Even the power adapter is very compact, that I can carry it in my pocket.

Very Good Back-up:
When I go for trekking in dense forest, there is no option to charge the laptop. Hence, I always look for an excellent backup. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with two cell battery and can provide up to 12 hours of battery life.
Wow!!! That’s more than enough to browse all my emails and files before I got for sleep. It comes with VGA Web Camera, which would help me to connect through skype wtih all my friends and family when I am out of city

Built-in Speakers:
The ASUS EeeBook X205TA has Built-in Speakers and hence it would be helpful in playing music during campfire.

QUAD- CORE processes: 

QUAD Core processor which means it has 4 processing cores in a single chip.In layman terms, it has  four separate processors, which would help a lot during multi-tasking.

Service Centers in over 80 cities:
The service centers are over 80 cities. So no issues, in case of any problems too

Three reasons to choose ASUS EeeBook X205TA. Its versatile, simple and powerful.

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A Cute proposal on Valentine's day

A Cute proposal on Valentine's day
February 14th 
12.00 A.M
“Hi Karthick, Good morning. I am damn crazy about you. Can we meet sometime tomorrow?.” I called him anonymously.
I know for his attitude, he never considers even if someone proposes him directly. Is he going to take the blank call seriously?
“Well, thank you, But I have lots of work tomorrow and can’t meet you. Take care bye” He replied.
Beep. Beep. Beep.!!!
The call got disconnected. I am confident that, he will accept my love before the end of Valentine ’s day, because I had planned so well. The next day morning as soon as he got up, I knew he would come straight to the wash-basin to wash his face and brush his teeth. So, I had written “LUV You :) ” with close-up paste on the mirror.
Img Source - ilovecoffeebook
Karthick sister is my close friend and hence staying at his home was an easy task for me. As expected, Karthick ignored the writing on the mirrors concluding that one of his family members is playing pranks with him on Valentine’s day. His parents have gone out to the temple and only his sister and I were at home. I prepared a coffee with a heart art and offered him. He wished good morning, got engrossed into newspaper and started drinking the coffee without observing my coffee art.

But I had another chance, I have written “LUV You :) ” at the bottom of the cup. Plan 3 too got failed, since he left a few of the coffee drops in the cup :(
I am sure Plan 4 will succeed. He got ready to office and walked towards his bike. He observed a greeting card and a gift box placed on his bike seat. He opened the gift box and saw 2 platinum rings. A person who is playing pranks will not be spending so much. He felt something was serious and called his sister to enquire about the parcel. We both acted, as if we are unaware of it.

If Karthick gets doubt on me, I would consider myself lucky. But its human tendency to ignore the things which is near to us, and search something that don’t exist. Karthick did the same, he did not doubt me. He took out his mobile and scrutinized his call logs. I called him from a private number, how would he find the details of the call that he received at 12.00. With puzzled look, he kick started his bike and rushed to the office.

Before 6 Years.
“Hey Deeps, our seniors are looking for one person who is very good at dancing and I suggested your name since you were one among the top 10 contestants in the "Dance Machi Dance" show,” Evelyn said.
I gave her a bright close-up smile and went to my college auditorium, where they were practicing. A group of 3 guys and 2 girls were doing warm-up exercises. All of a sudden I was little nervous because all of them were my super-seniors. I snail paced towards the stage and among the three, one guy's dance style glued my eyes. I was immersed in his movements and did not realise the steps. My legs fumbled, slipped and fell on the floor. That’s is when I caught my seniors' attention and they came towards me for help.
After the help, Karthick (yeah, the guy whom I admired a lot) came straight to the point, “We have inter-College Cultural Fest in 10 days. With this leg, will you be able to dance.”
I was shocked, yet loved his attitude. On hearing my yes, he requested other to start the practice and narrated his conditions to me, “Well, we would be practicing day and night. I need your complete dedication for these ten days. Day scholar or hostel?” He did not wait for my answer. But continued, “If day’s scholar, please get a permission from our chairman to stay in the hostel for these 10 days. Past 3 years, we bag the prize for dance competitions and this year I want the same to happen”. 
I shook my head and then he played a song and requested me to choreograph and dance for it immediately. When my mind struck that he was keeping an audition for me, I told him, “I have been the top 10 in Dance Machi Dance show”
“So what? You did not win the title right? Every dance has its own style, and I want to check whether you are able to perform this dance style” 
What an attitude!!! I cleared the audition, but without my mind's knowledge my heart started developing a crush on him. He was my pair in the dance and I was pampered a lot, since I was the only junior in their gang.It was for a fusion of 5 songs and one of the song was for “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” 

Karthick started liking after seeing my dance styles and dedication. He was in the final year and hence in 4 months, he would be completing the college. I thought of proposing on the last day but I felt I was too young to do. May be I must finish college. I told myself. After that Kartick left the city for his higher education and no contacts between us.

I willingly became friend with Karthick’s sister. Every month Karthick’s mom used to travel to Tiruvannamalai temple (which is 250 kms from Chennai) to circumnavigate. I followed her 2 months and for the 3rd visit, she invited me and thus I become one of the family members.

I know Karthick would be expecting a call from me(that anonymous call) and hence I called him once he reached office.
“Hi Karthick, it’s me again. Hope, you are ready to meet now?”
“Hmm, tell me where I should meet you”
“VGP Golden beach. Please come before the Sunset.”

5.00 P.M,
VGP Golden beach,

As soon as he reached the beach, a guys of 15 people started to perform flash mob. After 5 minutes, the song "Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega" played and I entered with the same dance slow and romantic movements which I danced with Karthick before many years in our college. The sun was about to set and the song was about to get over. I observed karthick going down with a bent knee and he took my hand and slid a ring on my finger and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Before I could recover from the shock, he continued, “I was in love with you, the moment I saw you for the first time in the college. And after that, it was all my plan. I willingly excluded one of my seniors from the dance so that I can include you in my dance group. Rest all you know.”
“So, you know that I am following you for past 6 years.” He smiled sheepishly and said, “And I enjoyed every bit of it”
“You” I took my hand to give him a punch and he pulled me closer. Romance Filled the air

This post is written as a part of Cupid Games 2015 Happy hours contest organized by Indiblogger. 

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KURUKSHETRA | Krishna Udayasankar | Book Review

 KURUKSHETRA | Krishna Udayasankar | Book Review

KURUKSHETRA - the third and the last series of the The Aryavrata Chronicles Trilogy. The first two books in this trilogy are Govinda and Kaurava
It really took lot of willpower to get invovled initially wiht the story and the writer's style. The book revolves around the war. The good part about the book is all the characters shown in the movie are projected in a Gray styled. Meaning, None of the characters told in the story are either projected in a negative or positive way. Even, Shikhandin who has feminine qualities is considered as great warrior.
To be frank, I am highly disappointed with the book, since its the same Mahabharata told in the different way so called creativity

If you are a die-hearted fan of Mahabharata, I am sure you won’t love this book. Its just the edited version of Mahabharata,
If you are not familiar with Mahabharata, you will be wondering whether you landed in the world of Latin and Greek. and my kind advice don't ever think of reading the book, if you have not read the previous two books.

1. Complexity of the language.
2. The epic names has been changed.

Title: The Aryavrata Chronicles, Book 3 - Kurukshetra
Author: Krishna Udayasankar
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 978-93-5009-718-2
Number of Pages: 427
Price: 350 [INR]
Genre: Mythofiction


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How to Stop People Littering on Roads.

How to Stop People Littering on Roads. 

Yamaraja calls out Chitragupta who tracks the human being actions of deeds and evils. Chitragupta calls out the first person and says, “Yama Raja. He has done lots of deeds to you. He is LitterEswaran and has littered India with all his saliva and paan. Bacteria and virus have spread a lot and killed many people. Most of your burden's of taking away people’s life has reduced. He in-fact played a vital role in reducing population and there by contributing more towards the family planning government program"

Yama feels happy and sends LitterEswaran to heaven. Chitragupta calls out second person and continues, "Yama Raja, he is Litterkumar and helped a lot in solving Cauvery Water Disputes. He has thrown lots of plastics into the river and have contaminated the water. Since the water is polluted, the Karnataka Government nor Tamilnadu Government never fought for the share of water later"

Yama again feels excited and sends Litterkumar to Heaven. There comes another person Litter-not-inghania, Chitragupta feels angry on seeing his profile. "Yama Rama, this guy Litter-not-inghania never littered so far. Because of him people ended up manufacturing dust-bins, that too 3 cycled disposable bins. Brooms, mops was also manufactured and thus he has caused a major financial loss to India."

Yama burst out into anger and sends Litter-not-inghania to HELL!!!

Wait. Did I have a hang over yesterday? What am I writing?Supporting Littering? Of course, there is one thing that makes me angry to the core. i.e Littering our Mother India. I hate people who spit and throw non-degradable plastics on the road. Whenever I see people littering, I could not control myself and convey them not to spit on road as much as politely I can. But do you know what kind of response I get from them?

“What’s your problem?”
“Fu**  Off”
“Was it your road?”
“Mind your Business?”
"Its my mouth, My paan, I will do anything"
“unga appa pota road ah?” (Meaning – Was it constructed by your dad, to ask this?) 

Okay, some people keep quite. But give the following expressions. 

There is third category people too. Who don’t scold me in return; never show any off those faces too. But Push lot of saliva to the mouth and spit it with full force. 

Most of the walls, Subways, Public Toilets are littered by people who chew paan and betel leaves. Only dog piss, when it sees a wall or pole. Are you worse than the dogs which have only five senses? Spitting it on seeing the walls and poles? 

Three out of one bus are spoiled because of littering. They don’t care about the people on road. All they are concerned is to offer a free paan shower from inside the bus 

No one loves to say, avoid me. But I do.  Please avoid me. I never die so easily and if you throw me on soil, I can easily migrate dangerous chloride, heavy phthalates and contaminate the environment. - Plastics

Why don’t you consider me burying inside the soil rather than spiting on walls? I am a good bio degradable item.  - Paan

I am the Co-Founder of Bangalore-Hikers and never urge Smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption during the trekking. There is one more point, which I follow strictly. That is “No Littering”

Img Source - Bangalore Hikers

Nature has gifted us beautiful places. But we are simply spoiling it. 

Img Source -

Though every body knows, littering is not a correct thing. People love to do it. So, how to stop others from spitting? 

I don't think so, on placing a board “Don’t spit Here" signs everywhere will help. Because you know what happens? People get curious to spit, whenever they see “Don’t spit Here board”, See what happens in the below picture. 

When I saw the above The Great Indian Litterbug image, I was never surprised. Because I know there are lot of people who is thoughtless and insensitive and take these as their new resolution pledge too. So, how to deal with them? here are few tips to reduce littering. 

  • When you find a person spitting on road, appreciate him.
“Wow, that’s a good spit. I simply love the color of your paan. I love the force you gave. It’s simply awesome. I need a favor from you. I hate a person. Can you please spit on him. Please…Please.. I will give you 20 rupees.”
  • Throw some sand on the place he Spitted and gave him a smile, which would embarrass him and the next time he may think before he spits. 
  •  Install announcement systems all over the places and the traffic police can appreciate the spitting people in mike. 
"Hello Red shirt, standing with a yellow bag, scratching his head now. I appreciate you for spitting on the road. We are looking forward for more supports. We are in sort of paints, so I request you to eat more betel and paint the walls with your art. Keep Spitting. Keep littering!!!" 

The people around him can clap for him and award him the most litter award.

This post is written as a part of The Great Indian Litterbug contest organized by TimesofIndia in association with Indiblogger

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P.S: Though this post is to write about in favor of Littering (humorous take on The Great Indian Litterbug! ), I willingly added the dangerous of Littering.  I love my mother India and I respect it as my mother. So, till my last breath, I will fight against littering and will work for a clean India. 

The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity

The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity 

The story starts with Arya's Mission to kill the minister who was visiting the mountainous Temple town of Tirupati. When I scrutinized the Book title "Archers Revenge" and the sample chapters that was available on Amazon, my mind concluded that it must be a story of a guy Aryan who must be passionate to get a Olympic gold medal for Archery. The Minister must have played politics in his passion and hence he is trying to take revenge. (Tamil movies spoiled me a lot)

The first time when I received the book, I was double excited since it has only 136 pages. I was really taken back by the recent gift of A Passionate Gospel of True Love which has more than 500 pages. I started reading it immediately and finished the book in just 2 hours. It’s a very easy read and it keeps you glue to the story. The story just revolves around 3 characters. Arya, Divya and Guru. Since the story is about taking revenge, it’s understood that whatever plan they implement to kill the Minister would fail till the climax. But the way the author handled the story and failures are good. There were little fun elements between Arya and Divya which makes us to smile at few places.

The story starts with Chapter 0 (Prologue) and then Chapter 9,8...1 and then Chapter 1, 2 which was an excellent way to tell the past and present.
Like the Tirupathi hairpin bends there are lots of twists in between the story too and many motivating sentence as well.

1. Very Easy Read
2. Language used is Lucid
3. Nice twist at the climax.

Logic Loop Holes:
1. Guru loses his Minister Post and become a normal person. But during his Anniversary visit to Tirupati he comes in the same Ambassador emitting a siren noise. I believe the siren noise is used only for the people in post.
3. Divya was projected such a way that she was given full freedom to choose her path. If that is the case, will her parents force her in Bride seeing ceremony?
4. If the CBI officers are able to track his moves through GPS location, even the police officers should have found his whereabouts long back.

Overall, It’s a very good story from Debut novel!!!

Rating - 3.25/5  (3 For the Story and Twist, 0.25 for a nice plot from debutant author)


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A healthy child makes a happy home.

A healthy child makes a happy home.

Today I happened to clean my house and came across my personal Journal that I was maintaining from past 25 years. 

March 10th 1990. . .

Today there was a writing competition at my school Organized by Dabur India. The topic was "A healthy child makes a happy home" When I read the sentence, my mind flashed about my uncle Mr. Natarajan who was a multi-millionaire in 1970’s. He is known for his intelligence, Hardworking, good and kind-hearted nature. He had 2 sons - Pari Natarajan and Praveen Natarajan. As soon as he finished his son’s marriage, he divided his complete property into three and offered it to his 2 sons and took one share for him. He told his sons to lead thier own life and to start a business based on thier own interest.
With the money in hand, both Pari and Praveen started a new business. The eldest son Pari Natarajan started Alloy steels. Soon he was blessed with 2 female kids. His business grew and he succeeded like a hell. Mr.Pari recently gave an interview. What was his success factor? He said its because of his 2 beautiful daughters. "They are my inspiration. I go weird on seeing their positive energy and beautiful smile. Every morning, I play with them, go to swimming and the energy I get from kids is unexplained and it motivates the day."

Unfortunately, Praveen Natarajan too started Garments business. He succeeded rapidly than Pari uncle. He started to export the clothes and he started his business worldwide. Everything went smooth until. . .

One day he found his daughter fainted while playing. They took to the hospital and realized that she was having some problem with the heart. They took her to Bangalore. No use of treatments. They found the best hospitals in Singapore and stayed over there for her treatments. He joined his elder daughter in Ooty Convent School hostel, to concentrate on his Younger’s daughter treatments. Months passed. He lost his focus on his business. He was always stressed. He avoided family functions, since he was spending time for his daughter treatments. The business went on loss. I wonder whether god exists in the world. Because he took away the kids life. That point of time, I realized, how Healthy kids play a vital role in a family.

September  29th 1999:
I never liked my wife at the time of marriage. We had lots of conflicts in each and every decision. In-fact I thought of divorcing her. When our hardness was about to reach the peak, she was conceived. We thought its our fate to stay together. But after my son’s birthday, our love towards him made us closer and the intimacy between use us grew. I must say that if today me and wife are staying together it is because of my son's birth. No, its not with the compulsion. But we understood that we have similar interest for our son. Never knew, a happy kid would change a person's life.

August 19th 2013
Today I came from office with a severe head ache and stress due to office work and pressure. My 5 year old kid came running towards me with lots of love and affection. In fraction of second, all my stress wiped off.  That love and affection and his positive energy made me to forget all my stress and head ache.

December 14th 2014
My M.D is very bold and strong. He got a call in-between an important meeting. He excused us and went outside the meeting room to attend the call. All we could hear was a screech sound of our MD.
We are rushed to see what happened to him. He cried and shouted. It took 15 minutes to make him normal. His hands was trembling. We called back the same number and came to understand that his Son's school van met with an accident and his son was hospitalized. Though he was literally very strong, this incident shook him to the core. He sat at the corner of the hospital without knowing what is happening in and around him.

A bright smile lightened his face, only when the doctor said his son is safe and out of danger zone. Kids are very important to one person life and Kids play a vital role in Family happiness.

January 3rd 2015:
My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and doctor said its impossible to cure her. Since it was the duty to take care of my mother, my dad brought her to my home and offered all the medical treatment possible. My son started mingling with her and she started listening to my son naughty stories, his day experience and so on.

Soon, my grandma started walking and felt so active. I won’t say that she was saved from cancer. But yes, she is surviving more than the expected day. It’s all because of the magic of the kids.

When I finished reading my Dairy I learned the value of healthy children.

In-fact, taking care of kids is another sensitive thing. They don’t know what is good and what is bad. They tend to get wet in rain and play in water. They don’t know the impact of getting cold and fever due to it. Everyday freaking traffic, pollution and climatic changes affect the kids a lot. Kids also don't have immunity power as that of adults and hence bacteria's and virus love to go and rule a kids body. I was surprised to see a kid with 100% attendance in school. Its rarely 5 to 10 kids in a school of 10,000.

They eat lots of chocolates and ice-creams and tend to spoil their teeth. They take out their bi-cycle and race with their fellow kids. They are kids and all they know is to face the world without any fear.

So, was it not our duty to protect the wealth of our family the kid? Make sure you include Dabur Chyawanprash atleast twice a day in their diet plan. It has herbs like Amla the best antioxidants and gives you 3X of immunity. It increases Natural Killer Cells that is very much needed for immune system

This post is written as a part of "A healthy child makes a happy home" contest organized by Indiblogger. 

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5 Tips to make your husband help in Laundry

Recently I read an article "Is Laundry only a woman's job?" on BlogAdda and was curious to know about the survey result. So, I modified few questions and opened up the survey to my friends. To my surprise I got completely contradictory results.  Please find below my survey results.

Then I found my mistake. I should have opened up the survey anonymously. People feel safe in an anonymous environment and they open up truthful answers. I opened the survey again requesting them to answer anonymously and to my shock I got most accurate data matching against the Ariel's survey conducted by AC Nielsen. Below are the statics.

From the above survey one thing I understood. Even Men feel proud to say they help their mom and wife in Laundry. In other words, they feel little embarrassed to say they don’t help the women at home.  But do they really help women at home?
My dad helps my mom in everything and washes his clothes himself. But not every women is lucky enough to get a good person like my dad.
There are family where they believe Laundry is a woman's job irrespective of "Working woman", "Not well", "Tired" labels. How to change this inequality?.

Below are the few ideas that struck my mind. Thank you dad, for helping me out in this ideas. Please note, the goal is to provide useful tips for women so as to reduce the laundry burden. Each Experiment is designed for the novice, with comprehensive details of required materials, results and so on...
Experiment 1
Eat-Out Experiment
To make your husband help in Laundry.
Additional information
Its little expensive at the beginning, but its worth the result.
Required Items:

  1. Husband
  2. You 
  3. Kids (If Any)
  4. Restaurant 
  5. Little bit of acting skills 
Step-By-Step Procedure.

  1. As soon as he comes from office, tell him dinner is not ready because you did not find enough time.
  2. Husband will plan to take you out.
  3. Order as much as food you can and eat everything.
  4. Make sure bill cross 1000.
  5. Repeat for 5 days.
  6. Show the Expense report to your husband
  7. Husband will shout at you for crossing the "Monthly Budget"
  8. Tell him that, you were busy washing his clothes and did not have time to cook the dinner. 
Figures & Illustrations

You should act in such a way that you are feeling helpless for increasing the monthly bill
You husband will be scared to face the Monthly expense and hence he will opt to help you in laundry.

Your husband will be Washing the clothes and you can prepare the dinner.
Sometimes, you can swap the work as well.

Experiment 2
Rangoli - Dirty Holi Experiment
To make your husband help in Laundry.
1 day
Additional information:
If you are angry with your husband, take out your husband’s favorite dress or lucky dress.
Required Items:

  1. Husband Shirt 
  2. You 
  3. Holi water Gun. (Alternative – Water bottles – Put hole in cap)
  4. Colors – Pink and Deep Pink (No Alternative, since Guys hate pink and will work out more)
  5. PS. Keep children’s away. They may inform your husband. 

Step-By-Step Procedure.

  1. Spray the pink color holi powder and leave it for an hour. 
  2. As soon as your husband comes, scold him for spoiling his shirt. 
  3. Your husband will be wondering, how did the shirt spoiled. 
  4. In the meantime, offer him washing powder and lock inside the washroom with the shirt.

Figures & Illustrations

Your husband will wash the shirt, since it is his favorite shirt.
This is just a base. Keep motivating him and transfer the Laundry job completely

Experiment 3
Hide and Seek Experiment:
To make your husband help in Laundry. 
1 day
Additional information:
Rowdy Rathore movie to watch the tricks of a Thief
Required Items:
  1. Stealing Skills
  2. Hiding Skills. 
  3. You
  4. Your Husband
Step-By-Step Procedure.
  1. Steal all the entertainment items from the home and hide it in a place, where your husband cant find. Example - TV Remote, Bike and Car keys, Laptop, His mobile phone... etc
  2. Your Husband will come home to watch TV. He will not find the remote.
  3. He will search bike/Car keys to go out. He will not find.
  4. He will search laptop to work, again he cant find.
  5. He will search for his mobile, to chat or play. He will not find. 
  6. He may try to sleep. Before he goes to sleep, Offer him Coffee and Red-bull so that he will be so energetic. 
  7. Make sure you lock the door. Otherwise, he may go out for a walk. Basically house arrest him. 
Figures & Illustrations

Don’t hide the washing Machine by curiosity. 
Your husband will be damn bored and will beg you to offer some work. Give him Laundry job 
Your husband will help you in Laundry. 

Experiment 4
One-One Help Experiment:
To make your husband help in Laundry. 
Additional Information:
Dont invite Male friends. It will result in adverse effect. 

Required Items:
  1. Your husband's Girl Friend.
  2. You
  3. Your Husband
  4. Dinner Party
Step-By-Step Procedure.
  1. Invite your Husband office Colleague or his girl friend for a dinner party. 
  2. Please note: The office colleague has to be your best buddy as well. 
  3. Praise your husband that he helps in laundry in front of her.
  4. Your friend in turn,should praise your husband.
Figures & Illustrations

In turn, you should go to her home and do the same experiment, so that her husband helps in laundry. After all its Mutual understanding. 
To impress his girl friend, your husband will help out in Laundry
Your husband will help you in Laundry. 

Experiment 5:
This or That Experiment:
To make your husband help in Laundry. 
Additional Information:
It is very risky. 
Required Items:

  1. Your husband
  2. You
  3. Your son
  4. Duplicate mark sheet. 
Step-By-Step Procedure.
  1. Prepare a Duplicate mark sheet of your son/daughter with Zero marks in all subjects.
  2. Your husband will shout at you for not teaching the child.
  3. Tell him that you don't find time to teach your child, since you are busy with laundry job.
  4. Now, give him an option, Teach kid or Lanundry job.
  5. If he choose Laundry job, then fine the experiment ended smoothly.
  6. If he choose to teach kid, then offer him the toughest subject like Maths or General knowledge. He must be weak in at-least one subject. 
  7. Find that and offer him the subject. Your hubby will feel, laundry job is easy and will jump to laundry job. 
Figures & Illustrations:

Make sure he does not take the Progress report and go to school to meet Head master. 
You can see your hubby washing all the time, just to escape from kids question and teaching. 
Your husband will help you in Laundry. 

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”